NYCC 2011: videos of Yaya Han

Cosplay visionaire Yaya Han was all over NYCC 2011. Sadly we missed our chance to speak with her, maybe next year?

None the less, she has been interviewed by a bunch of other websites. so in respect to one of the greatest cosplay masters here is Yaya on film!

check out Yaya’s website  you can also follow her on twitter @yayahan


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This video is from YouTube: acksonl’s Channel

NYCC 2011: Dark Horse panel pics

cover to Dark Horse Presents (DHP) #2

new artwork by Mignola for Hellboy

new Avatar the Last Airbender comics

Rotten Apple by Scott Green

The Massive by Brian Wood

Conan: Queen of the Black Coast by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan

Tom Morello

Cover to Orchid #1 written by Tom Morello art by Scott Hepburn


NYCC 2011:Aniplex of America

By Cass Pineda

Speakers: Hideo Katsumata, Koichiro Natsume


Renowned anime distribution and production company Aniplex had quite a number of exciting announcements to make at their panel on Friday, including some re-releases that will excite fans of old classics and streaming deals that will thrill fans of new shows.

Streaming anime online has become more common in recent years, and Aniplex announced that they several of their shows will be available on Hulu, Crackle, Crunchyroll, and Niconico. This includes their hit series Blue Exorcist, which just wrapped up this month, as well as Star Driver, Oreimo, and the much anticipated Type Moon prequel Fate Zero will begin simulcasting on with subtitles this month.

They also announced the DVD releases of several series, new and old. Action classic Rurouni Kenshin (known by some as Samurai X) is due out on Bluray, along with the movies and OVAs. Limited editions will be available, but you’ll want to reserve your copies online, since they’ll no doubt sell out quick. Blue Exorcist will be coming out on DVD, released in four parts. Magical girl favorite Madoka Magica will be released in three parts, beginning in February 2012. The limited edition box set will contain the Bluray, DVD, soundtrack, booklet, poster, and of course, a coveted collector’s box. Pre-orders begin on October 17th.