Episode 11 of Scrolls of Eternia

Episode 11 of Scrolls of Eternia folks!

Here’s a quick backstory to the events before the Masters of the Universe relaunch in 2002! Your host Jukka will be covering the Mike Young Productions He-Man 200x cartoon and if you are not familiar with it, this video will help!

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Masters Comic Cast 06

Masters Comic Cast 06: Man at Arms

Welcome to Masters Comic Cast – the podcast that covers all new Masters of the Universe comics!This time the gang of Rob, Jukka and Joe take a look at DC Digital #2: Man-At-Arms!
With special guest Dylan Cook (from “What the Shell” podcast!) giving his views on how Man-At-Arm ssurvives an adventure at the Knoll-Clan’s Temple!
(Spoiler Alert) We talk SDCC toy reveals !!!

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