Godzilla Ruler of Earth #1 Roars in with a 3 out of 5!

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood


I grew up on Godzilla movies, I had hand me downs of the Shogun warriors Godzilla and Rodan toys. I cried when I thought Godzilla died in the Volcano at the end of Godzilla 1985. Godzilla and comics have a strong heritage together; my favorite memory would be Godzilla against the Avengers.

The only thing I ever hated was to sit and watch the old films and see people talk when all I wanted to see was giant monsters fight! Godzilla Ruler of Earth combines that all into one. Solid storytelling and some really good art.

The people we follow are actually there to help the reader along to the monster fights and in this first issue they hit almost every monster known to human kind. I cannot wait to issue two so we can see Godzilla mix it up!


I give Godzilla Ruler of Earth a monstrous 3/5

Godzilla Rulers of the Earth #1
Writer: Mowry, Chris
Artist: Frank, Matt
On Sale: June 26, 2013
Publisher: IDW
Diamond Id: APR130313
Format: COMIC
Price: PI
UPC: 82771400467000131

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The Legends Begin Here

Godzilla Legends #1 now in stores, First of five monster spotlight issues

IDW Publishing is proud to launch the first issue in a new mini-series, GODZILLA LEGENDS. The series features five self-contained stories, each centering on one of Godzilla’s fearsome foes. Beginning with Anguirus in issue #1, each issue focuses on a Toho monster that has never been closely examined in comics—ever! Through its action-packed run, GODZILLA LEGENDS will treat readers to all-new stories of Anguirus, Rodan, Titanosaurus, Hedorah and Kumonga, each spotlighting in their own issue. This miniseries will also offer stunning interconnected covers by Arthur Adams.

In GODZILLA LEGENDS #1, drawn and co-written by Matt Frank, Anguirus, the  perpetual underdog, goes toe-to-toe with one of the most devastating monsters of all time-Destoroyah! This is a classic tale of David vs. Goliath… monster style!  Writers Jeff Prezenkowski and Matt Frank keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire issue. Readers are encouraged to ask their retailers about a variant Matt Frank cover, as well as a unique hand-sketched Matt Frank cover.

The action continues with GODZILLA LEGENDS #2, coming in December. Writer Jonathan Vankin and artist Simon Gane create a sure-fire hit featuring the master of the skies—the mighty Rodan! In January, Titanosaurus headlines his very own comic, courtesy of writer Mike Raicht and artist Tony Parker for GODZILLA LEGENDS #3. February brings GODZILLA LEGENDS #4 and the first-ever fight between Hedorah and Mechagodzilla, with writer Chris Mowry and artist E.J. Su. This epic series closes in March when the government asks renowned, retired adventurer Bryson Allworth to do the impossible – climb Godzilla! Helmed by writer Bobby Curnow with artist Dean Haspiel, GODZILLA LEGENDS #5 is a fittingly thrilling end to this must-have series.

Each issue will feature covers by renowned Godzilla artists. In addition to the interconnecting, series-long covers by Adams, Bob Eggleton will create covers for issues 1, 3 and 5, with covers from Chris Scalf for issues 2 and 4.