How Should The Walking Dead Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary

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There is no secret now that season 10 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead has been delayed until the fall due to the ongoing pandemic that halted the post production process. What also came with this is the second airdate delay of The Walking Dead: World Beyond as it was set to debut right after the season 10 finale and also at WonderCon 2020 which would have been the world premiere as well. The sixth season of Fear The Walking Dead stopped filming too as it was also affected. With these delays and pushbacks, it is a sad time for the entire The Walking Dead franchise. However, one idea that was brought to my attention was to have a special event for the franchise this fall.

Twitter user ConnectedVG came up with the idea for The Walking Dead universe to celebrate their ten year anniversary as a special event on the day that the first episode aired. This could be possible, but October 31st is on a Saturday this year so it could most likely air the weekend of New York Comic Con as it did it previous years. By that time, some restrictions should be eased which would give time for the studios to finish the post production.

This idea might also work due to Fear launching sometime in August, according to star Danay García. So if Fear premieres in mid to late August, then the mid-season finale will air before the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead. Then after that episode, World Beyond can make it’s long awaited debut. This also must mean that all three of these episodes should not be on AMC Premiere a few days prior to the airdate. Another idea that was brought to me is if they could also air all three of the episodes in one night in the movie theaters just like it did during the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead and the season 4 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead at the time.

Nicotero explained the post-production process to Entertainment Weekly: “You have to edit the episode, then you do sound effects, and then you do music, and then visual effects, and then colour timing to make sure all the colours in all the scenes match, and then you have to do a quality check to make sure nothing is messed up.” The post production studio of The Walking Dead is in Los Angeles and with the current lockdown, it is not possible to finish the post production since it takes an entire team to do this. Rotating the team would not be a good idea as everyone has to be there to finish the post production at the same time.

During my recent interview with star Melissa McBride, she had this to say about what can we excpect from the finale: “It’s going to be a really good finale and we are going to give everyone something really good to look forward to because, I know the finale is amazing. There was a lot of work done on that when we shot it last fall. But it will be something that people will remember and look forward to in the next season as well so I am grateful for the work that we have done.”

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Puzzles for the Pandemic & Actress and comedian lliza Shlesinger Partner To Help First Responders & WHO

Actress and comedian Iliza Shlesinger has partnered with Ad Magic‘s to launch her own puzzle, with part of the proceeds going to help first responders & WHO during this pandemic.

Iliza Shlesinger currently has 5 Netflix specials available to stream. She starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in Spenser Confidential and she recently launched The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show, both of which can also be found on Netflix. To help those coping with sheltering in place, she and her husband, chef Noah Galuten, have created Don’t Panic Pantry, a daily cooking show broadcasting live from her home every day at 5pm PST.   

About Ad Magic:

Ever heard of Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies? Of course you have! The company that prints those ubiquitous card games is Ad Magic. During a time when many business are shuttering their doors, laying off staff and the future is uncertain, Ad Magic is thinking way outside of the gamebox and has pivoted to another incredibly popular past time during the quarantine: puzzles. But no ordinary puzzle — puzzles that can help in the COVID-19 fight.

Puzzles For The Pandemic:

Ad Magic has an innovative new puzzle line using playing cards instead of puzzle pieces. These Playing Card Puzzles can be made from any photo and come in both 54 card and 108 card sizes. The front is a picture puzzle while the back is a traditional deck of cards, offering double the fun. They can also create a customized 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. Anyone can send in a photo and have it made into a puzzle and deck of cards! You can see how it’s done with this Youtube video.

In addition, to help raise money for those fighting COVID-19 – frontline responders and the WHO – Ad Magic has partnered with UTA for PuzzlesforthePandemic.comCelebrities and influencers have their photo made into puzzles that their fans can buy for $20 – $25. A minimum of $5 and maximum of $10 per puzzle is donated to the charity of their choice.

Iliza’s Puzzle:“Spend hours gazing upon Tian Fu and me just as I spend hours staring at her!”

  • Iliza’s puzzle is entitled, “Unrequited Gaze,” a picture of her and her fur baby! 
  • This puzzle is available in: 54 card puzzle, 54 card puzzle with playing card pips, 108-card jumbo puzzle, and 100-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • $5-$10 from each sale of her puzzles will be donated to frontline responders and WHO



The Alpha and Exchange Are The First Two LIGHT STRATEGY Games Offered By The Legendary Brand That Require Skillful Thinking To Achieve Victory

NEW YORK, NY (May 5, 2020) – Today, The United States Playing Card Company, manufacturers of the leading playing card brand, BICYCLE, is announcing its first ever offering of light strategy board games: The Alpha and Exchange. These new games join the GAMES BY BICYCLE™ growing portfolio of titles – Tattoo Stories, It’s Blunderful and Shuffle Grand Prix. Both games, The Alpha and Exchange will be available to consumers on June, 16th, 2020.

In The Alpha, players control a wolf pack, and they lead the wolves on a search for food. The Near Forest includes easier to catch, but lower value prey. The Far Forest has larger prey that are more difficult to attack, but if successful can result in a great reward. You will lead your wolves through four stages of the hunt which include the STALK where you send your wolves to hunt in various regions of the forest and outnumber rival packs to become dominant in the area. The CHASE where you roll the dice for the region to determine the success of the hunt. RESOLVE has you enter a conflict and decide whether to fight or share food with other packs in the region. Finally, ADVANCE where you can move your wolf on the food track to indicate the amount of food secured during the hunt. At the end of five rounds, the wolf pack with the most food will be declared The Alpha. 

The innovative prisoner’s dilemma mechanic of fighting or sharing food brings thrilling and heart pumping excitement to The Alpha. The original art was hand-painted by a park ranger, bringing a beautiful authenticity to the flora and fauna represented in the game. This exciting light strategy game is for three to six players and is for ages 10 and up. The Alpha will be available June 16th, 2020 with a suggested retail price  of  $29.99.

“We are always looking for ways to expand our product offerings and the light strategy game category introduces the brand to an ever expanding and intriguing audience” said Michael Slaughter, President of The United States Playing Card Company. “Both The Alpha and Exchange are games that are unlike any others offered by us or by competitors in the market today.”

In Exchange, you are a securities trader competing for the highest net worth on Wall Street. Players will carefully plan their strategies over five rounds, trying to cash in big in a constantly changing market. The only thing harder than trying to predict the market is anticipating the actions of your opponents, sitting at the table with you. In the end, the player who corners the market and has the highest net-worth will win the game and the title of the best trader on the Exchange. 

The game lasts a total of five rounds and each round consists of three phases. Phase 1: Select a security; Phase 2: Buy or Sell; Phase 3: Influence the Market. If you really want to get ahead, you can pop the market bubble. If a security increases above the highest value or drops below the lowest value, the Market Bubble “pops” and the price of that security will flip to the other side of the board, resulting in a huge shift in price. The market is constantly changing so each player will need to manage their securities carefully if they want to come out on top in Exchange. Previously self-published, the game has been upgraded with completely new art and high-quality components that improve game experience. Exchange is for three to six players and is for ages 10 and up. Available for the MSRP of $29.99, Exchange will also be available to consumers June 16th, 2020.

With the release of The United States Playing Card’s first two light strategy games, the company will continue to validate its reputation of producing products that connect people through cards and games. Both The Alpha and Exchange will be available online at on June 16th, 2020 for the suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information on Bicycle Cards please visit, or follow us on Facebook @bicyclecards and Instagram @gamesbybicycle

About The United States Playing Card Company:

The United States Playing Card Company is the leader in the production and distribution of premier brands of playing cards, including BICYCLE®, BEE®, AVIATOR®, and KEM®. BICYCLE cards have been the bestselling playing card brand for 135 years. Founded in 1867, the company manufactures and globally distributes a broad portfolio of traditional playing cards, card games, board games, accessories, and casino gaming products. 

Amazon Prime’s Upload Season 1 Review

Greg Daniels, former director and author of The Simpsons and The Office, and the co-creator of Parks & Recreation, appears to be like to replace his stellar resume along with his newest present Upload, which he has created, written, government produced, and directed six episodes of. The narrative is ready in a futuristic world of 2033, and revolves round Nathan (Robbie Amell), a software program entrepreneur who will get borderlined killed in a automotive accident. His girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) goads him into signing an settlement; as an alternative of getting operated on to reside an incomplete life, he consents to be an ‘add.’

An ‘add’ is a programmed extension of a human into an synthetic world of their selection. If they might select, they’ll be ‘uploaded’ to the world they agree to pay for. Nathan is a middle-class American but his uber-rich girlfriend insists to sponsor his ‘afterlife.’ He will get uploaded to Lakeview, an afterlife for the extremely wealthy. He can nonetheless talk with the world he leaves behind through audio or video name. And if they’ve the cash, his mates or family members can go to him with using a digital reality-style eye set. Right from the phrase go, Upload is a deliriously fascinating world. It advantages from each the graceful VFX and the imaginative writing of the present. But for a present with a wealthy imaginative and prescient of what a man-made afterlife would appear like, the storytelling appears a bit dated, not just for 2033 but for now as properly.

It takes as many as eight writers (all of which, save Daniels, have written just one episode) to develop a present that’s as disoriented as its protagonist concerning the route it ought to head in. At instances, it’s a fish-out-of-water slice-of-life drama the place the protagonist is discovering a day within the lifetime of an add. This is the place the narrative is probably the most surefooted, and the creator’s grip on the story appears to be tight. But at different instances, it’s a romantic comedy involving Nathan and his angel (that’s what the caretaker in Lakeview known as) Nora, performed by Andy Allo. It turns into a love triangle between the the real-life girlfriend Ingrid, the virtual-life angel Nora, and the person actually caught between, Nathan, an add. In the arms of a talented editor and one decisive author, Upload may have been only a movie. But the eight writers, and the three administrators, stretch the narrative until it snaps. Though the primary half of the present is extra thrilling, the world-building takes too lengthy to get the ‘plot’ began.

What maintain the present going regardless of the underwhelming long-form writing are the performances. Amell, who was earlier seen in The Flash, will get a well-deserved improve because the main man. He is honest, and has disarming allure. While the clunky writing disappoints him, he hardly ever looses grip on the battle of his character. But he shouldn’t have been lowered to merely an object of want, and will have been allowed to inform a narrative of is personal. He is as helpless to the circumstances within the present as is his character within the bigger narrative. Allo makes for a parallel protagonist one can root for. She channelises the destiny of her character with relatable fragility precisely but additionally shows sufficient endurance for the viewers to root for her misadventures. Edwards additionally does full justice to her rich-b*tch persona, and offers the viewers one thing to take into consideration by difficult their notion of her in direction of the tip of the present.

Technically, the present does significantly better in retaining stuff much less strained, and but sufficiently layered. Production designer Rachel O’ Toole doesn’t go all The Jetsons on Upload, and makes Lakeview an correct depiction of what such a world may appear like 13 years down the road. It has been designed as a technologically superior type of a seven-star resort. The resort workers, created by Artificial Intelligence within the present, feels as inaccessible because the overly formal workers on the plush resorts of immediately.

Costume designer Kathleen Felix-Hager and music director Joseph Stephens maintain their contribution consistent with the present style quite than pondering ‘fashion-forward’ and turning to techno cliches. Simon Chapman’s cinematography works in tandem with the VFX division to paint a seamless entire. The technical prowess and the ingenious world-building assist to make Upload much less synthetic. But given how the narrative strikes forward and stoops down to conformity, it ceases to be persistently clever.

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