Transformers botbots

GREASER GANG: These greased up and chilled out rulers of the food court put the fast and fast food.

BACKPACK BUNCH: A band of brainy bots who are cooler than school and sharper than a freshly sharpened pencil.

JOCK SQUAD: A crew of super sporty bots who love to win and are always ready to gear up and get their game faces on.

SHED HEADS: The tough-as-nails team of no-nonsense tools, plants, and home and garden bots.

SUGAR SHOCKS: A squad of sweet treats and fun-to- eats who share their own unique sugar rush and kick things into overdrive.

TOILET TROOP: A clean-up platoon of bathroom defenders who take care of business by cleaning the bathroom and beyond.

TECHIE TEAM: The cutting-edge crew of gotta-have-it phones, gadgets, electronics, and gamer gear.


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