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Choco Egg Opening #12 - スーパーマリオ

Bruce Lee Figurine Review - DyDo Coffee

Positively Nerdy's Legomaniacal #0

Welcome to an all-new chapter of entertainment from Positively Nerdy! It’s the brand new show: Legomaniacal! Since this new series is starting during the Christmas season, what better set to take a look at then the Holiday Magnet (set #853353)! This is hopefully the first in a new series of videos taking a look at all Read more...

Marvel Universe Choco Egg: Silver Surfer / マーベルウニバース・チョコエッグ

Rad Review: Una Verse: Novi Stars

Novi Stars Follow Suine on Twitter @Suine_Hallock  

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Toy Fair

IAmElemental to Reveal New Female Action Figures at Toy Fair NY

IAmElemental (, creators of the first female action figures designed specifically for children, will reveal the company’s newest collection, Series 2/Wisdom, at Booth #5853 at the North American International Toy Fair on February 13-16, 2016. Suitable for ages 4+, Series 2/Wisdom is a collection of seven 4” articulated action figures based on the “Elements of Power Read more...

Mezco Presents Mez-Itz Suicide Squad 5-Pack

Mezco Presents  Mez-Itz Suicide Squad 5-Pack Mezco Presents Mez-Itz Suicide Squad 5-Pack In the DC Universe, when a job is too dangerous for even a hero to handle there is just one group to call: the Suicide Squad. Based on Warner Bros upcoming action adventure film of the same name, the Suicide Squad is comprised of a team of Read more...

Mezco Toyz: pre and post Toy Fair 2015

Toy Fair 2015: the Play list of all videos

Here is the complete collection of all the video coverage that we have done at Toy Fair 2015. each video has two entries a walk through and a gallery (when we were able)  

Wicked Cool Toys To Introduce Girl Scouts Cookie Oven and Role-play Toys Based on Iconic Girls’ Brand

Wicked Cool Toys introduces a delicious baking experience with the first-ever Girl Scouts Cookie Oven™, as well as a line of role play products, inspired by the preeminent girls’ leadership organization in the U.S.  The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven will feature mixes inspired by some of the most popular Girl Scout Cookies®, such as Thin Read more...

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Radical Retro Turtles Toy Talk

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! #78- #82: Shell On Earth Tour

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! #82: Peace, Love, & Lizards! – Shell On Earth Tour P.5 Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! #81 – Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go! – Shell On Earth Tour P.4 Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! #80: The Other Metalhead! – Shell On Earth Tour P.3 Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! #79: Six String Swordsman! Read more...

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! #78: Shell On Earth Tour P.1 - Anapsid Anarchist!

Kicking of the 2012 Shell On Earth Tour on Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk, here is Punker Don! Hit me up w/any comments on Twitter @Suine_Hallock

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kraang Review

One of the enemies from the new TMNT series will be the alien race known as the Kraang! Take a look at one of them here!   Follow Suine on Twitter @Suine_Hallock

Nickelodeon TMNT April O'Neil Review

Now that we’ve seen how the Turtles upgrades went, let’s check out the evolution of some of the other TMNT mainstays! Here’s the brand new April O’Neil! Follow Suine on Twitter @Suine_Hallock

Rad Review: Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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