WWE RAW 9/10/2012:concern over lawler after the heart attack

Sadly, I have to discuss Jerry “The King” Lawler, and the heart breaking situation that took place live on Raw.

He had competed in a match, teaming with Randy Orton to face Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk to begin the second hour. His team even won the match. A little while later, the commentary went quiet during the Kane/Bryan vs. Prime Time Players match. I noticed it but didn’t think much of it. Then I realized that the live crowd (which had been loud all night) was silent and staring off to the side.

A few minutes after that, Michael Cole held back tears as he informed everybody of the situation.

Immediately, I turned my laptop on as my heart started to race. Something was going on, and I wanted to know every single update available. Normally, I stay off Facebook/email, etc etc. until AFTER WWE shows end. Not tonight – I spent the rest of Raw searching for any more information out there.

The rest of Raw suddenly became irrelevant. Lawler and his health was the most important thing, not some “wins” or “losses” on WWE TV. The updates began with bad news, followed up by encouraging news, followed up by better news. As I type this, there are some very scary details.

Lawler likely suffered a heart attack. He was “clinically” dead for 20 minutes. Luckily, there was medical staff at ringside ready to help him back to life. Had this taken place hours later in a hotel room, he likely would not have made it. Imagine this taking place when he was alone? Wow… Thank you to WWE for having those men/women so nearby. Without them being so close and ready to go, we may be mourning the loss of a wrestling legend Tuesday.

That being said, he is still NOT in the clear just yet. All signs point to him being in stable condition. However, still keep him in your prayers and thoughts. As with all things, immediate questions will pop up. Right now, there is no point in nit-picking WWE and/or Lawler’s decision making.

On that point, kudos to Michael Cole. Everybody (not me) seems to hate on this guy. I understand his role in the company. He does his job…and does it well. Last night on Raw, he proved it once again. For him to be able to get through Raw had to have been tough. I know I couldn’t have done it. Nice job Cole!

The show continued on without commentary as a sign of respect for Lawler. WWE kept viewers aware of what was going on. Plus, Jerry does not drink or do drugs. The only “warning sign” so far is that he had a long weekend of travel due to his schedule. As most know, he wrestles nearly EVERY SINGLE WEEK either in WWE or an indy show around the world. Him having a match last night or days before likely had nothing to do with it. The man has wrestled every week for 40 years – it could just have been a “normal” health scare.

Again, the man did not drink or do drugs. Plus, he has wrestled every single week for the past 40 years. A lot of folks think he wrestles a few times a year – that isn’t true. In WWE, he rarely wrestles. However, make no mistake, the man stayed active and kept busy inside the ring for the past 40 years straight. He continued to perform worldwide, despite being limited in WWE appearances. Nothing was out of the ordinary for any fingers to be pointed. It happened. We all hope and pray for the best. After everything is known, we can all go from there.