Lance Cade

I don’t do this often but I wanna talk about lance cade, as much as I am done watching WWE’s product until christian cage wins championship gold. It’s become pretty clear that people go either one of two ways on this subject, I do want to point out that this is a full grown man not a teenage kid. So, many people on wrestling forum sites that want to blame lance’s father or Vinny Mac both need to stop it.

sorry for whats next but these are two posts I saw on a site

against Lance’s dad

Sorry Mr McNaught, but you #$@ked up big time by saying that stupid **it. McMahon paid for your son’s rehab twice – that’s at least twice more than you did pal. Why didn’t you pull your son away from the business or the person who you now apparently seek to blame for his death? Hmmmmm?
I hate to kick a guy when he’s lost his son, but the fact remains that the McMahon family were not his ***ing babysitters or carers or counsellors….that was YOUR fuc**** job

And against WWE/F

Good for Mr. McNaught. Please defend the honor of you son who gave his body and sould to the WWE. and what did the wallstreet Wrestling Entertainment do for him? Nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

WWE treated his they way they treated chyna, umaga, kanyon, scott hall, hawk….the name go on and on.
WWE does NOt provide their “superstars”
with NOtongueension,healthcare,401 k,union

what is this…iran?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here it is, lance cade died @ age 29. He was married and had kids.

WWE paid for two rehabs and in early 2010 fired him. A few weeks ago he was found dead of ”heart faliure”

Some sites wish to blame WWE for their lack of care for WWE’s fallen talent . It’s a strong debate and the main argument is WWE created a wellness program to weed out future problems similar to this very situation. also giving the workers a rehab choice (is awesome) but how many wrestlers really get helped?

For the record for many many years I was a WWF/E mark.

I am not now,Not because of Lance Cade. the product isn’t geared towards the type of fan I am.

(getting back on subject sorry)

the road life of these guys and gals is sick and none reading this will ever fully grasp it. I know I can’t nor do I ever want to.

I do believe that wrestlers need time off but due to the fact of live TV and pre recorded tv tapings and house shows. if you miss two weeks of taping no one will care about you. Maybe not main eventers but mid carders will be easy to replace.

Like Lance

You can whip a broken horse doesn’t mean you should!

That’s why most talent use drugs to deal with the pain so they can entertain you. Is it right NO, did management ”tell you to do it” NO. But if you can’t perform they will push someone else who can perform.

That is where WWE/F is at fault. Lance didn’t have to do the things he did but if you have to work you do what is best for you. So many stories come out about what wrestlers did or would do just to keep performing.

(sidenote) one of my old friends was scouted out by WWE/F and they told him he wasn’t big enough. the guy was 220 and 6’4

Not big enough? come on!

As for people blaming Lance’s father, stating you are a horrible dad and stop being mad at WWE. That is the single most stupidest statement ever! He is a grieving father who just wants his kid to be remembered

It’s so hard to tell someone they have a problem, who is to say that they didn’t try. Maybe Lance couldn’t deal with it, they can teach you to take a bump but no one teaches you how to live 300 days a year on the road away from your families and never truly getting enough rest.

If you over sleep and miss your flight you will get suspended, if you are in pain and can work, you will not be seen on TV or worse they may take a PPV pay check out of ya.

all I wanted to say is maybe WWE and Lance’s family could have done more, maybe. then again he was a 29 year old man who was in the Biz for a while and should have learned from others.

as for Linda’s statement that Oh I think I met him once.

what she should have said was

” I might not have talked with Lance, I do have so many talented people on staff but I am sadden for the lost of anyone’s life and we lost a bright young man”

that’s all it’s classy and dodges the questions all at the same time !

anyway this is my two cent