Review, The Night Projectionist! From Studio 407

By Chuck Suffel

Many of you haven’t heard of Studio 407 yet but I think you will. Slick production with quality writing and art can’t stay unknown for very long. So without further ado I bring you….


The Night Projectionist
Written by Robert Heske
Art by Diego Yapur
Colors by Jorge Blanco & Jok

This is a graphic novel about …. Vampires! Dun Dun Duuuunnnnn. I know I know, another vampire book? I have to be honest, it’s really good. I read a lot of horror, which in this day and age that means a lot of zombies and A LOT of vampires. So why is this one good?

Well the first thing I noticed was the art. Diego Yapur has the ability to really scare you with his images, and I don’t scare easily.

The fear and horror on the some of the faces really pulls you in. This volume is full of images like that, page after page of classic disturbing horror.

Second but no less important is the story, Robert Heske has given us a new vampire story. It’s not a super-hero vampire or the “new breed” of vampire we’re so used to seeing. It’s just a very personal, very deep story, one with twists and turns. The plot opens up slowly and the more things you learn about our main characters the more things you want to know.

I’m really tempted to slip into book report mode here. There’s so much going on in this book it’s hard to describe it with out just telling you the story. If you’ve read my reviews however you know I hate doing that.

So what can I tell you of the story… Well we follow a newly turned vampire in his quest to avenge wrongs done to him and his family. The story spans from 1907 to present day. Sound familiar? This ain’t Angel. This ain’t Spike. The vampires here harken back to the old days, with classic powers like mind control and the ability to turn to mist. Even though the classic vampire mythos is used here it’s done without camp, there’s no tongue in cheek found here. Don’t fool yourself, this is a violent, frightening horror comic. Just the way we like ’em! The original four issue mini came out in February of 2009 which is long enough ago that even if you read it then you should go check it out now! This gets a four out of five and a strong Buy it recommendation!

The Night Projectionist TP
Release: June 27, 2012
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 978193538508051299
Recommended: Ages 13 and up

Oh here’s a couple of preview pages from Studio 407: Preview!

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Haunted City #0 Review

What makes a comic book reviewer, twitter-holic, blogger or TV personality choose the comics they read? You can easily say it was an advance from the studio. But even so, would they waste their time reading just any title? I believe what draws people are two factors. And these are exactly what drew me to Haunted City.

First are the covers, even with the old saying that you can’t judge a book by it, in the world of comics, we do just that. This is where Aspen comics, as a company, excels. The Modern Age of comics had its so-called renaissance. It was only good for one thing and that would be covers. This is what Aspen continues to bring, magnificently stylized covers with the use of empty space and placement of characters, which in essence relive the glory days of comics. The two covers of Haunted City have all the makings of a 90s comic: it grabs you and hits you over the head and yet at the same time, it also utilizes the Eisner approach of centering the reader’s eyes to a focal point.

Yet, unlike the drab, story-less comics of the 90s, Haunted City brings depth and an engrossing story that is near and dear to my heart. And that is the second reason we read comics, concept. This book takes place in and around history and leads itself through the glory days of old New York and into the present day. The constructs of the story, without spoiling the idea, brings the realm of all “the boogie men” and religious fears to the forefront from vampires to voodoo to witches, even ghosts.

The look and feel of the book is top notch and can best be reminiscent of Vampirella and Spawn with a hint of Gore* to boot (*1 shiny penny to the reader who know that title).
If there is a negative to the comic it’s in one thing. Famed director, McG, is plastered all over the book since it is in collaboration with his Wonderland Sound and Vision. Now, there is nothing wrong with this. But in recent years, comics with celebrities attached tend to have a short shelf life mostly due to the fact that smarky comic fans just run away from a title if it’s not from a “comic guy,” which is sad.

This title has done everything right and deserves to be on anyone’s “buy pile” every Wednesday.

Overall, I can’t wait to get issue one in my grubby little hands. This book fills the gap of great story and old school comic action which has been sorely missed in recent years.


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