Breaking Bad Sneak Preview Event – Mezco Toyz

That’s right as you’ve no doubt heard by now Mezco is unveiling a line of toys from AMC Sony Picture Television’s critically acclaimed award-winning hit series Breaking Bad! We at Altmindz went to the offices of Mezco on Tuesday for a sneak peek, all of the things you see here will be on display at Toy Fair this week at the Mezco booth (#4841). So why don’t we take a look at some of the cool new things they were showing off!

Part of me so wants to bury the lead, start off by showing you guys the Living Dead Dolls first. But that just ain’t fair! Here!

Did you notice? Did you? There’s a gap in that first image, an empty spot on the table. Why? Why you ask?! You’ll see…


Hey wait a minute! That’s another Walter White figure? Yup the 6 inch Walter White (Hazmat suit) got held up at customs, something about having “Hazmat” a little too prominently displayed on the package, so no one is seeing that one till Toy Fair!

Let me give you the breakdown on the line:


You’ve got your 6 inch figures (click link to pre-order), Heisenberg and Walter White, both have removable pieces, hats, glasses, even heads!. List price (from the pre-order site) $18.00


Then you’ve got you Walter White Bobblehead in Hazmat suit (click the link to pre-order). It lists at $16.00. They also have 2 inch Mez-itz Clip-ons of Heisenberg but the catalog says they’re pending approval.


There are two sets of plush dolls in the series, the 4 inch (click the link to pre-order), Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in hazmats. The set lists at $16.00.


And the 8 inch(click the link to pre-order), Heisenberg and Jesse in street clothes. The set lists at $30.00. There are also money clips and stash boxes but you’ll have to wait till Toy Fair for those as well.

There were lots more figures to be seen at this Sneak Preview as you’ll see in my next article!

Hasbro’s Marvel Iron Man 3 “Iron Assemblers” Action Figures

* Gold/Red – #A1781
A1781 Gold-Red

* White/Grey – #A1782
A1782 White-Grey
* Iron Patriot (Blue/Silver/Red) – #A1783
A1783 Iron Patriot

* War Machine Movie (Black/Silver) – #A2973
A2973 War Machine

* Black/Champagne – #A1785
A1785 Black-Champagne
* Gunmetal – #A1786

A1786 Gunmetal







MARVEL IRON MAN 3 IRON ASSEMBLERS 3.75-INCH Action Figure Assortment

(Approximate Retail Price: $9.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Spring 2013)
In 2013, kids and fans can recreate the excitement of the IRON MAN 3 film with the build-able ASSEMBLERS action figure line. Each figure features an Interchangeable Armor System, allowing one figure to create more than 25 armor combinations and allowing armor to be switched out between the 16 available figures in the line to create 100’s more combinations. Each figure sold separately.