The Adicts: Tokyo

So We are preparing for our return trip to Japan in Sept 2014 and to get us in the mood we are blasting this song!

Lyrics below

There’s a lot of sexy
ladies, in Tokyo
Millions who have babies, in Tokyo
All that I’ve been looking for
Is one that’s free

Got to go, to Tokyo
Got to go, to Tokyo

It must be in their
cooking, in Tokyo
Or the way they bow to me, in Tokyo
I find Japanese ladies irresistible

Got to go, to Tokyo
Got to go to Tokyo

Got to go, to Tokyo

Take me on a fast train, to Tokyo
Take me on a jet plane, to Tokyo
Take me in a wheel chair,
Just take me there

Got to go, to Tokyo
Got to go, to Tokyo

I got to go to Tokyo
I got to go to Tokyo
I got to go to Tokyo
I got to go to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo

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Japan the Otaku Show: Pic of the day building the Skytree


Taken in 2010 this structure was more than half way completed.  the Tokyo Skytree is a modern marvel of form,art,architecture and determination. It official opened in May 2012 and can be seen from miles away and even as far as Tokyo Disneyland.

Review:It’s Tokyo Charlie Brown

By Robert Greenwood

It’s Tokyo Charlie Brown

If, by now, fans of Alternative Mindz didn’t know, I am a huge fan of all things Japanese. I’ve been to Japan twice and my wife reads, writes and speaks Japanese.

I’m also a huge fan of The Peanuts so having the two together is like Reese’s.
I’ve sung the praises of the new Boom series and how it lives up to Charles Schultz and embodies the spirit and energy of his work.

So, how does this new adventure fit? First off the writer, Vicki Scott, placed segments of actual old strips into the story to meld the world as one, making this book seem like it “fit like a glove” as one of Charles M. Shultz’s own.

This story has a familiar theme. Charlie Brown once again fails at everything he does, letting his team down again as their coach and pitcher. This leads to all forms of torture by his peers through name calling. Despite all of this, he receives a letter in the mail to have his team play in Japan.

The reasoning gets lost as to why they are chosen but who cares? Get these kids to Tokyo!

They sprinkle bits of actual Tokyo into the story from images of Tokyo Tower to the “go to” tour bus of all of Tokyo, the Hato bus and more. Yet, they missed a real opportunity at showing the gang like fishes out of water by not taking them to Akihabara (Akiba) with the maid cafes or all the fun electronics, something they would look completely confused by. Also having Snoopy interact in a pachinko parlor is a personal wish.

It would have been something unique to have the game played in the Tokyo Dome. When Lucy makes fun of Chuck’s head, I thought we would get a game inside the Tokyo Giants’ turf.

Other than my Otaku grip, this is a perfect continuation of all the past “It’s ——- Charlie Brown” books and should be read by all who love The Peanuts and who love Japan. It’s over 100 pages and a super fast fun read for all ages.

Tokyo Gundam Project 2012

“Tokyo Gundam Project 2012” is an event to promote “Green” in Tokyo’s waterfront areas by the image of “Flower Gundam”, RX-78-2 Gundam covered with flowers and green. The event will start at Diver City Tokyo where the 1/1 RG RX-78-2 Gundam & Gundam Front Tokyo is located in Odaiba on July 14, as part of the National Urban Greenery Fair Tokyo. A promotion image video which will be screened at the event “Flower Gundam Activates!” was advance released on YouTube.