Convoy! Convoy! Convoy!

If you haven’t learned by now, I am a sucker for anything and everything Japanese related. Make them about the Transformers and I’m about sure to cry.

After the death of Prime, kids and adults alike cried their collective Autobot loving eyes out as they watched the beloved leader of the peace loving protectors of good die.

A real world problem solved with a real world emotion.

Daniel’s reaction was the reaction of us all.

In Japan, the Transformers animated film wouldn’t be released until 1990. It was almost certain that Prime would receive the same reaction.

When season 3 of transformers was about to debut on Japanese television, they needed to explain why good old Optimus Prime was dead.

So they started airing this commercial.


I just love that this commercial has such a high level of detail given to the fallen Prime.

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“Till all are one”

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