Episode 6 – September News

Hey guys and gals, welcome to another edition of What the Shell and major thanks to Martin Stynes for our terrific intro music. Head over to his YouTube channel MartinTalks.

The four hosts are re-united at last and are here to talk about the news that has been available via the internet. Dylan has asked the guys about the leaked movie script which Michael Bay told us all to “chill out”, the possibility of Turtles lego and what has Jason Biggs done on Twitter? The guys also talk about the eagerly awaited TMNT animated series from Nickelodeon!

The hosts have ideas of what they would like to do in the upcoming podcasts but if you have any ideas, please head over to http://www.facebook.com/TMNTClassics or follow us on Twitter – @TMNTShell. Your hosts are on Twitter – Dylan is @happymonkeyshoe – Chris is @Vinto316, Mike is @mlacey91 and Suine Hallock is Suine_Hallock. Also please listen to the end of the show about possible donations to Chris in aid of his Macmillan cancer research coffee morning!

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! #78: Shell On Earth Tour P.1 – Anapsid Anarchist!

Kicking of the 2012 Shell On Earth Tour on Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk, here is Punker Don!

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