Beat Bugs Toys by Blip Toys

Thank you so much, Blip Toys, for these fantastic review samples of some of the Beat Bugs line, available only at Target. We had a blast reviewing these and hope your children will enjoy playing with The Beatles music being brought to life by imaginative play through these toys.

Beat Bugs: Lucy the Dragonfly

Beat Bugs: Fab Figures

Beat Bugs: Musical Submarine

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The Adicts: Tokyo

So We are preparing for our return trip to Japan in Sept 2014 and to get us in the mood we are blasting this song!

Lyrics below

There’s a lot of sexy
ladies, in Tokyo
Millions who have babies, in Tokyo
All that I’ve been looking for
Is one that’s free

Got to go, to Tokyo
Got to go, to Tokyo

It must be in their
cooking, in Tokyo
Or the way they bow to me, in Tokyo
I find Japanese ladies irresistible

Got to go, to Tokyo
Got to go to Tokyo

Got to go, to Tokyo

Take me on a fast train, to Tokyo
Take me on a jet plane, to Tokyo
Take me in a wheel chair,
Just take me there

Got to go, to Tokyo
Got to go, to Tokyo

I got to go to Tokyo
I got to go to Tokyo
I got to go to Tokyo
I got to go to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo
I got to get to Tokyo

Learn Japanese with

Nerdist News – Ben Folds Fraggles: A Nerdist Channel Exclusive

The Ben Folds Five have spoken – Nyahhhh!

It seems like just yesterday we were dancing our cares away to the dulcet tones of Ben Folds Five and gleefully cheering on the denizens of Fraggle Rock as they narrowly escaped that pesky Sprocket. In reality, it’s been twelve years since we celebrated Steven’s last night in town and twenty-five years since the Fraggles chowed down on Doozer designs on our screens. Their collective absence has been a brick and we’ve been drowning slowly, but today the Nerdist Channel has thrown us a life preserver! The Silly Creatures at the Nerdist Channel are proud to debut the world premiere of Ben Folds Five’s new music video “Do It Anyway,” the first video from their upcoming album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, guest starring the music-playing residents of Fraggle Rock. To put it in perfectly Fraggle Rock-ian terms, this video is like a peach and garlic pie for your eyes and ears – oddly delicious and wholly unexpected.

Much like Gobo in the greedy hands of Junior Gorg, we’re predicting that this videowill quickly become your most valuable possession. Just in case the prospect of aPhilip Hodges-directed music video starring a newly reunited Ben Folds Five, Red, Mokey, Boober, Wembley, Gobo and Traveling Matt wasn’t enough, there are a few other celebrity surprises for you. Not only will the Fraggles get a visit from The Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, but also from honorary Fraggles Rob Corddry and Anna Kendrick. Trust us: this is the most star-studded human-puppet event you’ll see until 2016’s Dark Crystal/The Smiths reunion tour.

Still not enough? Are you trying to win the Battle of Who Could Care Less or something? Pre-order The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind for when it drops tomorrow and save your worries for another day. Just let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock and on the Nerdist Channel!

Captain America Rockmaster Electric Guitar

I want this now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peavey Electronics and Marvel Comics join forces for a line of musical instruments featuring the legendary heroes of the Marvel Universe! Musicians of every skill level, from beginner to pro, can become real guitar heroes with these new musical instruments from Peavey. The Rockmaster Guitar is a full-size electric guitar with a high-gloss finish of either Captain America or Deadpool on a basswood body which provides excellent balance and tone. The maple neck and rosewood fretboard enable fast rhythm and lead playing.


buy it for me here