Review – Morning Glories – Not your average prep-school

By Bill Liston

Morning Glories made its debut in August 2010 and quickly became one of my favorite reads of 2011.  Written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Joe Eisma it was described as “Runaways” meets “Lost”.    I haven’t read “Runaways” and never got into “Lost” but Morning Glories is an excellent book with awesome characters and a story that is sure to be a complete mind trip.

It revolves around six students who are forced to attend the prestigious “Morning Glories Academy”.  MGA is a prep school like no other.   It has a lot of things going on among them a cult, a mysterious generator in the basement, a supernatural being (that appears to have a connection to at least one of the new students) and a staff that is truly demented and at times psychotic.

The students are of varying ethnicities, economic status and personalities but appear to be chosen because they have the same birthday.  They are made up of Casey (a smart, strong willed blond girl), Jade (a depressed, over emotional red head), Hunter (the nerd who likes Casey), Jun (the Japanese kid who is quiet, but is quite a fighter), Zoe (the girl who uses her personality and beauty to manipulate men) & Ike (the rich prick from a NYC wealthy family).  All these characters are very well written and have back stories that will make you love and hate them.

The faculty consists primarily of Miss Daramount and Mr. Gribbs and the mysterious Headmaster.  But we were just introduced to Miss Hobbes the guidance counselor who is attempting to help the students from the devious Daramount & Gribbs.  With her introduction it will be very interesting to see where this is going.

Morning Glories is up to issue 14 and is expected to run for 100 issues.  I could write about what has happened (and what I “think” is happening) but wouldn’t be able to do the series justice.  Much like I have heard about Lost, it is so complex that I think I need a roadmap to understand all the characters (and sub characters), plots (and sub plots).  If Spencer is able to keep up be pace of this story for the full 100 issues, it might be one of those classic series that could keep people talking for years about.

If you haven’t read Morning Glories yet, it has two trades that are out now and a deluxe hardcover that was out (I believe it was recalled) but hopefully we back out soon.  Either way, reading these trades will bring you up to Issue 12 and should be a series you should be reading for the New Year.