JT Krul, Agnes Garbowska, Mark Roslan – Story
Agnes Garbowska, Lori Hanson, Giuseppe Cafaro – Art
Juancho, Valentina Pinto, Agnes Garbowska – Colors

Michael Turner’s SOULFIRE returns!

Aspen’s first ever SOULFIRE ANNUAL arrives, jam-packed with three all new stories featuring some of the most popular characters in the SOULFIRE universe—and more! Join veteran SOULFIRE writer JT Krul as he presents a young Grace in a world long forgotten, full or dragons and danger! Fan favorite illustrator Agnes Garbowska debuts a new SOULFIRE story all her own, as she handles the writing and art duties in a special tale featuring Grace and several other SOULFIRE favorites! And BubbleGun creator Mark Roslan explodes onto the scene with a futuristic bank robbery that even the magic of Malakai may not be able to stop!

Don’t miss out on the debut of the first ever SOULFIRE ANNUAL #1 in this thrilling oversized issue featuring a re-mastered SOULFIRE cover by series creator Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald!

SOULFIRE ANNUAL #1 is in stores July 16th, 2014!

Soulfire-Annual2014-01a-Turner 01_SFan-14_AGNES-CMYKcrop - Copy 01_SFan-14_MAL-CMYKcrop Soulfire-Annual2014-01b-Turner

Preview – FATHOM (vol 4) #4 – In stores February 1st!

FATHOM (vol 4) #4

Scott Lobdell – Writer / Alex Konat – Pencils / Beth Sotelo – Colors

Michael Turner’s Fathom continues on for the sensational fourth volume!

Over a million species of undersea life forms exist under the surface, some dating back over four hundred million years old. Aspen Matthews, marine-biologist, has researched many of them in her past. Yet, nothing in her education could have prepared her for the recent discovery of the mysterious Church of the Eternal Depths. Along with the help of her new ally Galit, Aspen must prevent this ancient order from exerting their nefarious influence over the rest of the world. Something that will become infinitely more complicated as she discovers the Church has aligned itself with the Japanese government, which has learned to apply all of the technology it has recovered over the years—much of it from none other than the race of the Blue!

For the legions of FATHOM fans who have been waiting to see Aspen in her element and taking control of her life, now is the time to jump on in—the water’s just fine!

In stores February 1st!


Soulfire #9

Michael turners SoulFire issue #9

At the heart of everyone stands the fight between what “he” believes is right and what “he” believesis wrong. If you have never read an issue of SoulFire, then issue 9 might confuse the masses but only slightly. With the first set of pages, our lead hero, Malikai, breaks down what is going on and who he is in the midst of fighting. A man named Cole is siphoning his magical powers, but as our hero continues
his fight, he worries about his real threat, Rainier.

The world of Soulfire is centered on the idea of “magic” being gone from the world. The story follows our aforementioned hero named Malikai and a rag tag team of magical beings and cyborgs. Malikai’s quest as the chosen one is to bring magic back the hardened future of (2211 AD) and stop it from being used by evil.

Reading the book feels like I am once again thrown back to the late 1990’s world of action-over-substance. Ideas from movies such as The Matrix to video games like Final Fantasy are littered from each panel and through every page. Malikai is the “chosen one” to bring back “magic” to a world deprived. Panel in and panel out, there are images that I can’t help but feel the state of déjà vu. Malikai’s friends feel like they are more based on Final Fantasy 7 video game characters than being their
own unique personalities.

Sure, they know that Mal is the “chosen one,” but I feel like Barret from FF7 is talking instead of Benoist.The heroes’ team falls victim, at least in my eyes, as backup filler for a underwhelming plot.Why is Malikai so important? Why is this Blonde kid so important that the world feels the need to take up arms against him? As the story progresses, we learn very little but feel like we should understand

All we get is page after page of colorful fairy-type women and glittery pixies battling against guys with dragon wings. Well, until an actual dragon shows up itself and starts doing dragon stuff. Of course the chosen one takes it down with enough collateral damage to warrant the outlaw magic of all kinds from Malikai to Penn and Teller. The magic element comes off more like a laser light show than
actual “magic.” Maybe it’s the lack of comic book sound effects?

After the climactic battle, we are treated to almost two whole pages of reaction shots with only one person upset enough to utter the word “no” because Malikai KO’ed the dragon. In essence, this makes our hero throw a hissy fit and flies off with his magical lights. For the remainder of the book, we arebrought back down to some magical and technological downtime. From the fairy people petting baby
dragons to the cyborg guy hammering hot metal to someone getting a giant tramp stamp tattoo on his back, everyone is kind of in a bad place since Malikai flew off. The rest of the book is our troubled hero self loathing and trying to “find” his purpose.

If you have ever been a fan of Image comics, this book fits in with any of the older titles and feels more like it will make a great video game. But with the crop of hard-hitting, gritty, edgy modern comics on the rack today, this story hasn’t found its place yet. I can only hope that in a few short issues, Malikai finds his purpose and leads us into a more fantasy realm. Taking elements from many different genres isn’t a bad idea, but the chosen one aspect and the lack of pronounced magical effects leaves this title hanging.

Michael Turner’s love for comics is still present in this title and that alone makes this title worth fighting for!

Michael Turner Passes Away at 37

Michael Turner Passes Away at 37

born in Crossville, Tennessee and primarily known for his work on

Witchblade, Fathom,

Superman/Batman, and various covers for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He was also the president of his own entertainment company

Aspen MLT.

A prolific artist, he has done work for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and has provided covers to some of the best-known comics published in the last ten years, including Brad Meltzer’s “Identity Crisis.”

Turner was discovered by Marc Silvestri at a convention, and hired by Silvestri’s Top Cow Productions as an artist. He initially did background illustrations for Top Cow titles before co-creating Witchblade. In the summer of 1998 he debuted the creator-owned Fathom, having also worked on his new series Soulfire. As well as an artist, Turner was an award-winning water skier, held an instructor level red sash in martial arts, and was an avid video game player.

In 2000, Turner was diagnosed with cancer — chondrosarcoma in the right pelvis, which resulted in his losing his hip, 40% of his pelvis and three pounds of bone. What followed was 9 months of radiation. The cancer has gone into remission and returned multiple times since he was first diagnosed.

check out this article here and his bio here

Michael Turner has died June 27 2008 after a long battle with cancer. He was 37