Not Mint In Box – Lego Toy Review! Lego Marvel Avengers set #6865

That’s right I’m playing with my toys on camera again! Not Mint In Box let me do another build! This time it’s:


Marvel Super Heroes

Captain America’s™ Avenging Cycle

  • Item: 6865
  • Ages:5-12
  • Pieces:72
  • Retired product

Speed into battle with Captain America’s Avenging Cycle to defeat the general and the foot soldier in the craft with folding wings and a flick missile!


Lego Marvel Avengers set #6865

Yup, 72 pieces of butt kicking Captain America coolness. I really have to say, whether or not you’re a big Lego fan having a Lego Cap mini-fig is awesome. And he has a motorcycle? C’mon my kids still haven’t gotten to touch this set!

Here’s my build, hope you enjoy it!

Positively Nerdy’s Legomaniacal #0

Welcome to an all-new chapter of entertainment from Positively Nerdy! It’s the brand new show: Legomaniacal! Since this new series is starting during the Christmas season, what better set to take a look at then the Holiday Magnet (set #853353)!
This is hopefully the first in a new series of videos taking a look at all things LEGO!
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Toy Review – Lego Friends – Butterfly Beauty Shop – set 3187

The second in mine and my daughter Rebecca’s series of Lego Friends reviews….

Butterfly Beauty Shop – set 3187
Difficulty medium

The Butterfly Beauty Shop has 221 pieces, it’s manual has about 50 steps. It took my six year old and I just about an hour to put the whole thing together. It wasn’t all that complex, it just had a lot of steps.

Like most kits this one was divided into two separate pouches ostensibly for convenience. Which with a child Rebecca’s age is almost pointless. See this set came with two figures. One is in pouch #1 and the other in pouch #2! C’mon people you really didn’t know the younger end of your target group would be locked onto getting to that other figure? Regardless this was a fun set to build, Rebecca enjoyed herself but still needed my help at some points.

It has some really nice details, a sticker sheet that has mirrors, artwork for the shop, and the cash register. As well as stickers it has a bunch of little lipsticks, about a million hair things that will work with any of the figures from these sets, there’s also a hair dresser chair that swivels! Needless to say Rebecca couldn’t walk away from this set when we had finished the build. She just kept rearranging the stuff around the shop, trying to decide who should get there hair done first.

It ties in perfectly with the other Lego Friends sets (of course) but I’m noticing that the larger sets can stand alone. If this was the only one she had I really think she’d still enjoy it.

Well by now you’ve probably noticed the lack of photos. That’s because I used my Flip Video camera this time, here’s the video…

Lego Friends – Emma’s Fashion Design Studio – 3936

By Chuck and Rebecca Suffel


79 pieces, 31 steps, about 20 minutes
Difficulty very low
















My daughter Becca turned six this month and was inundated with Lego Friends sets. I’ve come out against these sets in the past but I must admit I was wrong. The sets are simple and overpriced (what Lego’s aren’t overpriced?) but as for whether or not it’s a good thing to have sets for girls I think it is. Becca and I have been building sets together since she’s been about 4. In the beginning of course she looked at the pictures and tried to find me the pieces. Slowly but surely though she began putting pieces together with me and now with these new sets I’m turning pages in the manual and watching her build.
















Yup, that’s it two bags and a manual. Thirty one steps and you’re done. Definitely not the set to buy if your daughter is looking for a challenging build. In fact if you child is at the top of the age range for this set (the range is from 5 – 12) warn them, this set takes very little time to put together.
















Let’s talk about the completed set “Emma’s Fashion Design Studio” is comprised of a drafting table with a ruler, a set of drawers (that open), a project board, another table with a seat, and a step stool. As I said the assembly was easy (I did mention that right?)but as soon as she was done she had to start playing with it. These sets are similar in size to her Polly Pocket’s or her Strawberry Shortcake toys. She kept telling me how cool it is, it’s like a little city. I know my next project is going to be to buy a bunch of Lego boards and boxes to set them up in so all her girls (and boys) can visit and do things together. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a good sized table that we could keep all this stuff laid out on.
















We have four more of these piled up ready to build so you can be sure we’ll let you know how the rest shape up!


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