Japan Crate – We’re Giving Away Kit Kats & a Wii U

Japanese Kit Kat Giveaway
japanese kit kats
Only 7 days left to enter! 10 lucky winners will receive a box of Japan-exclusive Kit Kat flavors. Anyone can enter this contest, and there’s over 10 ways to do so. Click here for a chance to try some crazy Japanese Kit Kat flavors.
Win a Nintendo Wii U
august-sugoi crate
Sugoi Crates are giant Japan Crates filled with Japanese fun sent to one random lucky subscriber each month. August’s Sugoi Crate includes a Nintendo Wii U w/Super Mario World 3D, 3 flavors of Japanese Kit Kats, Totoro plush, giant Pocky & chips, Mr. Knocky drum toy, panda chopstick game and more!

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Kit Kats from the oven? Try the crazy world of Japanese candy From Japan Crate

What’s so different about Japanese candy?
Japan has a culture rooted in thousands of years of history–that’s a lot of time to develop interesting snacks and candy. In Japan, flavors are released seasonally and even regionally. This leads to some pretty unique and outrageous candies. Japan Crate’s goal is to bring those uniquely Japanese snacks to our subscribers. Take a look below to see what crazy things we send!
Candy with humor
Moko Moko Toilet Candy

Japanese candy often has funny themes or imagery. This do-it-yourself creation is part liquid/part foam and is as fun to make as it is to eat. Open the top of the toilet, add the magic crystals, and then add water. The toilet foams up as you race to drink it with your straw. Don’t try this with just any toilet!
Amazing candy innovation
Gumi Tsureta
Here’s an easy way to impress your friends. Simply mix a couple of powders with water and separate them with a straw. Watch as your powder instantly forms a long gummy tongue. This candy is nothing short of magic.
It’s downright delicious
Baked Pudding Kit Kats
Japan is pretty well-known for its elaborate Kit Kat flavors. These require a few minutes of baking, but the reward is worth it. These guys are exclusively sold in Japan, but we’ll bring them to you.