Bendis and Bagley’s Brilliant

Multiple Time Eisner Award Winner Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley are working on an ambitious new comic called “Brilliant”.  It is an interesting concept in that some super intelligent college kids who have cracked the code and developed superpowers.

We start off with “Amadeus” one of the college kids walking in a bank to test out his superpowers by him hypnotizing the teller into giving him all the money in the bank.  He gets the money but really has to use his powers when the bank security guard shoots him and the bullet is deflected off his cheek.  After getting shot again Amadeus retaliates and we see alarms and a “hear” the guard cry out for help.  The attack happens off screen, so I am not sure what exactly happened but it can’t be good.

We are then introduced to a dude returning to school  (after a break) called Albert.  It is Albert’s birthday and all he really wants to do is go in and relax.  Albert’s friends have other plans and are having a party for him, and we are introduced to Kindred, Izzy, Marie, and of course Amadues.

The rest of the party panels seem like just filler and really didn’t do much for me.  There is a scene where two guys in robot costumes fight that just seems really out of place and pop culture references galore from Blade Runner, Wall Street, Apple, Barbarella, which was all just kinda distracting and didn’t add much to the story.  On the plus side, even the filler panels are drawn very well.

Overall this comic is just OK,and has been compared to “Kick Ass” with college kids but with them actually having superpowers.  Good concept and I will give it another try in issue two, but when you title your book “Brilliant” you are really setting yourself up for high expectations.. and so far this book didn’t hit the mark for me.  That said, Brian Michael Bendis is highly praised.. and at least has me interesting in his other work.   I will probably search out his earlier work “Powers”,  until the next issue of “Brilliant” hits stands.   But I really hope the next issues lives up to the title.

Issue 1 is out now and issues 2 is expected to be released Nov. 23rd.