Aspen Comics Reveals Full SDCC 2015 Exclusives List

Aspen Comics Reveals Full SDCC 2015 Exclusives List         

Press Release

This year’s full list of Aspen Comics exclusives for Comic Con International: San Diego 2015 has been announced to be available at the Aspen Comics Booth #2320. The publisher will feature two world premiere series launches for Michael Turner’s Eternal Soulfire #1 and Critter #1, in addition to featuring two new oversized art books, The Art of Aspen: Volume 2 and The Art of Big Dog Ink: Volume 1, as well as the prestige format century editions of Michael Turner’s Eternal Soulfire and Fathom Blue #1. Aspen’s new con-exclusive releases also include Michael Turner’s Fathom Blue #2, Shahrazad #4, and the first offering of Oniba: Swords of the Demon with a special con-exclusive sketchbook featuring artwork and concept designs for the new upcoming series from the publisher. Aspen will also be offering a rare Critter #1 SDCC 2015 Official Aspen Comics Panel exclusive variant cover that will only be available at The Official Aspen Comics Panel 2015 on Friday at 11:00AM in Room 9. The full list of Aspen Comics’ SDCC 2015 exclusives available at the Aspen Comics Booth #2320 is as follows:

The Art of Aspen Comics: Volume 2, limited to 500 editions.


The Art of Big Dog Ink: Volume 1, limited to 500 editions.

BDI Artbook Cover

Michael Turner’s Eternal Soulfire #1 SDCC 2015 exclusive cover by Alex Konat & Peter Steigerwald, limited to 200 copies.


Michael Turner’s Eternal Soulfire #1 SDCC 2015 Century Edition exclusive cover by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, limited to 100 copies.


Critter #1 SDCC 2015 Retro Edition exclusive cover by Owen Gieni, limited to 200 copies.


Critter #1 SDCC 2015 Official Aspen Comics Panel exclusive variant cover by Alex Konat and Peter Steigerwald.


Oniba: Swords of the Demon Limited Edition Convention Exclusive Sketchbook, limited to 200 editions.


Michael Turner’s Fathom Blue #1 SDCC 2015 Century Edition exclusive cover by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, limited to 100 copies.


Michael Turner’s Fathom Blue #2 SDCC 2015 exclusive cover by Paolo Pantalena and Ula Mos, limited to 200 copies.


Shahrazad #4 SDCC 2015 exclusive cover by Nei Ruffino, limited to 200 copies.


Aspen will also be offering an SDCC 2015 exclusive series of ten new art prints featuring popular covers from Michael Turner’s Eternal Soulfire and Fathom Blue, BDI’s Critter and Shahrazad, and classic covers by company founder Michael Turner.

CRT1-01d-SDCC15-Marion-epson FAB1-01i-ACE-SDCC15-Turner-epson FAB1-02b-SDCC15-Pantalena-epson FAB1-02d-SDCC15-Pantalena-epson FATH-13-DF-SDCC15-epson SFE1-01c-SDCC15-Ebas-epson SFE1-01e-SDCC15-Konat-epson SFE1-01f-ACE-SDCC15-Turner-epson SHZ1-04c-SDCC15-Campbell-epson SHZ1-04e-SDCC15-Ruffino-epson

For more information please check and the following official Aspen social media sites:

Instagram: aspencomics

Tumblr: aspencomics

Snapchat: aspencomics


Aspen MLT, Inc. is an entertainment publishing company founded in January 2003 by superstar comic artist Michael Turner. Priding itself on producing entertainment properties of the highest quality visual and storytelling elements Along with their own successful properties such as Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant: Iris, Lola: XOXO, Jirni, Charismagic, BubbleGun and more. Aspen also collaborates with the comic industry’s most successful companies and endeavors including Marvel Comics and DC Entertainment. Aspen has collaborated with Marvel for various hit projects, including cover work for the best-selling events Civil War, World War Hulk, and Ultimatum. Aspen collaborated with DC Comics to provide covers for such best-selling titles as Superman/Batman: The Return of Supergirl, The Justice League of America, and Eisner-nominated covers for the critically-acclaimed, best-selling Identity Crisis series. In 2006, Aspen joined forces with television giant NBC to create the online comic adaptations for the hit television series Heroes. In 2012, Aspen teamed up with Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment to produce the horror-adventure series Dead Man’s Run, as well as collaborating with director McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision to produce the horror comic Haunted City. Aspen also produced the one-of-a-kind Anarchy digital graphic novel for the popular body spray company, Axe. In 2015, Aspen collaborated on DC’s Convergence in addition to their own new series The Four Points, The ZooHunters, Damsels in Excess, Psycho Bonkers and more.


Preview – Fathom Sourcebook # 1


Michael Turner ; various – Art / Peter Steigerwald ; various – Colors
Your journey into the FATHOM Universe begins here!
Michael Turner’s best-selling Fathom series has celebrated over 15 years of thrilling adventures, and now fans and new readers alike can dive even deeper into the depths of the Fathom Universe with Aspen’s first-ever FATHOM: SOURCEBOOK! Jam-packed from cover to cover with detailed character profiles, in-depth power charts, revealing story elements and so much more–this is the definitive source to learn about all things Fathom!
FATHOM: SOURCEBOOK #1 is in stores December 24th, 2014!
Fathom-Sourcebook-01a-Turner Fathom-Sourcebook-01b-BoxingDay Fathom-Sourcebook-pg00-01 Fathom-Sourcebook-pg02 Fathom-Sourcebook-pg03

Preview of FATHOM (vol 4) #7

David Wohl ­ Writer / Alex Konat ­ Pencils / Beth Sotelo ­ Colors

Caught between warring undersea factions, Aspen Matthews must choose a side
in the conflict in order to save her own life as well as the lives of her
friends. But when the wrong decision could mean an apocalyptic-sized
disaster both above and below the sea, Aspen realizes that in order to keep
the peace, one of her closest allies must be sacrificed!
For the legions of FATHOM fans who have been waiting to see Aspen in her
element and taking control of her life, now is the time to jump on in땤he
water¹s just fine!
FATHOM VOLUME 4 #7 is in stores September 7th, 2012!
Covers by Alex Konat and Beth Sotelo (A), Pasquale Qualano and Teo Gonzalez (B), Alex Konat (C), and Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald (D).

Preview – FATHOM (vol 4) #5

FATHOM (vol 4) #5
Scott Lobdell, David Wohl – Writer / Alex Konat, Cory Smith – Pencils / Beth Sotelo – Colors

Michael Turner’s FATHOM continues on its sensational fourth volume!

Aspen Matthews stands alone against the mysterious Church of the Eternal Depths — while her new alley Galit works to destroy the undersea order at its source: an ancient factions within the Japanese government! Since the opening pages of the epic story of Aspen Matthews, those factions have been waiting to unleash the myriad of weapons they have adapted from the Blue’s technology. But, if they were counting on facing the underwater wallflower from her earliest adventures, her enemies couldn’t possibly understand the true power that is Aspen!

For the legions of FATHOM fans who have been waiting to see Aspen in her element and taking control of her life, now is the time to jump on in—the water’s just fine!

In stores March 21st!



Aspen Comics Releases New Series and More at WonderCon 2012

Aspen Comics Releases New Series and More at WonderCon 2012      

Press Release               


With only a short distance to travel to this year’s Wonder Con 2012, Aspen Comics is planning to bring a large assortment of creators as well as new exclusive books only available at the Aspen Comics Booth #510. Aspen creators Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, Joe Benitez, J.T. Krul, David Wohl, Oliver Nome, Beth Sotelo, David Schwartz, Scott Lobdell and more surprise guests will be signing comics and meeting fans at the booth all weekend long.

Aspen is proud to launch their all-new miniseries Fathom: Kiani Volume Two at this year’s WonderCon. Fathom: Kiani centers on the popular Fathom heroine in a return to her own series in this brand-new storyline. The exclusive Fathom: Kiani #0 WonderCon 2012 edition features a cover by superstar artists Benitez and Steigerwald, and is limited to only 500 copies.

The duo of Benitez and Steigerwald are also debuting an all-new WonderCon 2012 edition cover to their red hot sellout, steampunk action-adventure book Lady Mechanika #0. Including a new original cover by the pair, Lady Mechanika #0 will be sure to follow in the footsteps of previous editions with a quick sell out and is only limited to 1500 editions. Fans are strongly encouraged to arrive early at the Aspen Comics Booth #510 to ensure their copy.

Fathom fans can also look forward to a special Fathom #5 WonderCon Exclusive 2012 cover by series and Aspen founder Michael Turner along with Peter Steigerwald. Containing one of the most popular Turner sketch covers of all time, this special Fathom exclusive is limited to only 500 copies.

Aspen’s industry-leading line of art prints returns with all new covers and images from Aspen’s most popular series and characters including Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant: Iris, Lady Mechanika and more. Aspen will also be releasing this year’s Aspen Tour Print, another item fans are strongly encouraged to pick up early as supplies last.

The Official Aspen Comics Panel will be on Saturday from 3-4pm in room 203 and will include the entire Aspen Comics team of creators as they preview upcoming titles and reveal never-before-seen art and news. All fans in attendance will receive a free gift courtesy of Aspen Comics.

For more information on WonderCon 2012, please check

For more information on Aspen Comics please check or


Coming in May From Apsen

FATHOM: KIANI (vol 2) #2 Vince Hernandez – writer / Oliver Nome – art / John Starr – colors The Blue’s fiercest warrior returns as FATHOM: KIANI vol 2 continues! In Volume One, she discovered her true identity. Later, she was labeled a dissident by her own people. Finally, she was killed by Aspen Matthews… Now, Kiani is back—and she’s pissed! Following the destruction of the recently built Blue and Human cooperative research facility, Kiani finds herself back in Marielle, the underwater city she once naively called home, to establish a new base of operations for her team. Meanwhile, tensions between the Elite Council led by Siphon and Saba’s commander Thallassar have reached a boiling point as Saba’s citizens begin to flee the war-torn city to join Kiani’s cause, leaving Saba’s leader grasping for control. And when Thalassar decides to take matters into his own hands, Kiani is forced to make a difficult choice of whether or not to battle her former soldier in arms, and seal her confirmation as an enemy of the state! Brought to you by the creative team of Vince Hernandez, Oliver Nome and John Starr, FATHOM: KIANI vol 2 #2 is a must have for any Fathom fan!

FATHOM: KIANI (vol 2) #2 is in stores May 9th, 2012!

BROKEN PIECES #3 Mark Roslan – Writer / Cory Smith – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors What is lost in life is found in…death! Aspen Comic’s newest original series, BROKEN PIECES, continues! The broken pieces of Dr. Richard Adam’s present begin to come together, revealing the tragic reality of his impending future! Meanwhile, Adams begins to discover the disastrous and horrific conditions of the world and people outside the boundaries of Trinion’s control, as his wife Gabriella must make a reluctant decision to continue working on her research for Ludas, and the nefarious corporation. Plus, the arrival of Trinion’s Elite Soldier force complicates matters even more—as collateral damage and bloodshed follows their destructive mission objective! Written and created by Aspen’s own Mark Roslan and featuring stunning artwork by newcomer Cory Smith and colorist Beth Sotelo, BROKEN PIECES will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

BROKEN PIECES #3 is in stores May 23rd, 2012!

CHARISMAGIC #6 Vince Hernandez – Story / Khary Randolph – Art / Emilio Lopez – Colors Everything you thought you knew about magic will… Vanish. The valiant quest to save the world from catastrophe and the treacherous clutches of dark magic reaches its pulse-pounding conclusion with this epic finale issue! Hank, Sudana and Sparkles must find a way to save the banished wizard Kon and make one final stand against Samsun’s vile and powerful magic or risk losing everything—including the return of the entire human population and their close allies Hector and Alle, who could find themselves trapped in the evil shadows of the Void Realm forever if they fail! Created and written by Aspen’s own Vince Hernandez, with stunning art by Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez, make sure to be a part of the exciting new world of CHARISMAGIC!

CHARISMAGIC #6 is in stores May 2nd, 2012!

DEAD MAN’S RUN #4 Greg Pak – Writer / Tony Parker – Art / David Curiel – Colors From acclaimed “Hulk” writer Greg Pak, legendary “Walking Dead” producer Gale Anne Hurd, and Tony Parker, artist of the Eisner-nominated “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, comes the biggest blockbuster series of the new year – DEAD MAN’S RUN! Cartographer Sam Tinker is willing to risk everything, including his own soul, to rescue his innocent sister from the horrific prison we call Hell. But as he leads his team of villains and madmen through the depths of the underworld, he encounters an enemy he never could have imagined. Because Hell, after all, is for children. Don’t miss the next thrilling installment of the series Comic Book Resource lauds for its “sheer audacity” and Comic Bastards calls “so damn good.”

DEAD MAN’S RUN #4 is in stores May 16th, 2012!

Review – Fathom Vol. 4 – Issue 4

By Bill Liston

Aspen Comics flagship title “Fathom” is back in an all new adventure in Volume 4.  Issue 4 is out on Wednesday with Aspen Matthews hundreds of miles below the Sahara Desert helping a powerful Shiek discover an expedition where there might be an endless supply of Oil.  During the voyage  below, we are introduced to a woman once known as Dr. Padma Singh, a marine biologist who turned herself into a test subject and unfortunately the results went horribly wrong.

Aspen is drawn to Padma and ventures out in the ocean to look at her up close.  Unfortunately all hell breaks loose and Aspen & Padma are captured by a special forces unit and the vessel containing Aspen’s friends are destroyed leaving everyone dead.

We start Issue 4 with some action packed panels, where we see Aspen  escaping from a special ops group.   After the escape Aspen does some searching as to why the Sheik brought her down here.  During the investigation Aspen runs into people from her past and are left with a cliffhanger which ensures things are about to get interesting.

As always, the drawing of the underwater scenes are top notch as demonstrated by the preview panels below.  I have to say that this issue does an excellent job in doing a recap of  the background story from Vol. 1 and Vol 4. Issue #00.  This issue essentially sets up what I hope will be big things in upcoming issues.

In Issue 1 we are told that 5 government officials were injected with an “endo skeletal armor” which allows them to transform in undersea life form and were “protecting” the Vice President at the United Nations. Eventually they attempt to assassinate the VP but Aspen saves the day.  I am extremely curious as to how they will tie the “Sheik” story and “Vice President” story together.  That said, I cant wait to Issue 5.

Volume 4 of Fathom is written by Scott Lowdell,  drawn by Alex Konat & Colored by Beth Sotelo and is out Wednesday Feb 1st.


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Review: Fathom Blue Descent #4

by Charles Suffel


David Schwartz – Story Alex Sanchez & Peter Steigerwald – Art John Starr – Colors Josh Reed – Letters

“Aspen Matthews is a child of two worlds. Born amongst the Blue, an underwater race, she was raised on the surface among humans. As a marine biologist aboard the experimental DMD facility she was awakened to her true heritage. Aspen, along with the help of Cannon Hawke, Protector of the Elite Council of the Blue, foiled a plot by the Blue dissident Killian to destroy both the surface and underwater worlds.

However, uncertainty remained concerning the events leading up to Aspen’s remarkable appearance on the Paradise ocean liner and the obscured truth surrounding her parents below the surface—until now…

Amidst the chaos and dangers within the secret citadel of the Black, Abseloma managed to find and rescue his captive wife Eilah. Now, the weight of the future of an entire civilization threatens to crush his plans for escape, as well as the Black’s powerful leader Rahger, who is still after both of their lives and closing in fast…”

This is the fourth book in Aspen Matthews’ origin story and it really ties up the loose ends well. I’m still not really clear why the people of the Blue, the Black, and the Humans are all enemies but at least I now totally understand how Aspen got to the surface world and why and what happened to her parents.

As for the art, the book is just beautiful, underwater scenery can be difficult but I think Sanchez & Steigerwald do a great job. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of this type of fantasy I find it to be too complicated and the dialogue a tad over the top. But even for me, someone with limited experience with this series, this was an enjoyable book.

It hits shelves on Jan 25th, check your local comic shop!


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Preview – FATHOM (vol 4) #4 – In stores February 1st!

FATHOM (vol 4) #4

Scott Lobdell – Writer / Alex Konat – Pencils / Beth Sotelo – Colors

Michael Turner’s Fathom continues on for the sensational fourth volume!

Over a million species of undersea life forms exist under the surface, some dating back over four hundred million years old. Aspen Matthews, marine-biologist, has researched many of them in her past. Yet, nothing in her education could have prepared her for the recent discovery of the mysterious Church of the Eternal Depths. Along with the help of her new ally Galit, Aspen must prevent this ancient order from exerting their nefarious influence over the rest of the world. Something that will become infinitely more complicated as she discovers the Church has aligned itself with the Japanese government, which has learned to apply all of the technology it has recovered over the years—much of it from none other than the race of the Blue!

For the legions of FATHOM fans who have been waiting to see Aspen in her element and taking control of her life, now is the time to jump on in—the water’s just fine!

In stores February 1st!


Michael Turner Passes Away at 37

Michael Turner Passes Away at 37

born in Crossville, Tennessee and primarily known for his work on

Witchblade, Fathom,

Superman/Batman, and various covers for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He was also the president of his own entertainment company

Aspen MLT.

A prolific artist, he has done work for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and has provided covers to some of the best-known comics published in the last ten years, including Brad Meltzer’s “Identity Crisis.”

Turner was discovered by Marc Silvestri at a convention, and hired by Silvestri’s Top Cow Productions as an artist. He initially did background illustrations for Top Cow titles before co-creating Witchblade. In the summer of 1998 he debuted the creator-owned Fathom, having also worked on his new series Soulfire. As well as an artist, Turner was an award-winning water skier, held an instructor level red sash in martial arts, and was an avid video game player.

In 2000, Turner was diagnosed with cancer — chondrosarcoma in the right pelvis, which resulted in his losing his hip, 40% of his pelvis and three pounds of bone. What followed was 9 months of radiation. The cancer has gone into remission and returned multiple times since he was first diagnosed.

check out this article here and his bio here

Michael Turner has died June 27 2008 after a long battle with cancer. He was 37