Transformers: igear new releases

PP05M Medical Specialist

MW-01 Spray

PP05W Weapon Specialist

MW-02 Rager

And the world of Third Party toys has now jumped leaps and bounds!


Also if you haven’t seen these…

You are missing the boat


Pre-order here  and tell them you heard it from Rob Base from !



Transformers 3: Laserbeak and Skyhammer

So here are some Images from ACTOYS

If you remember and loved Transformers this toy might confuse you a bit this is Soundwave’s trusted Condor LaserBeak

And below is SkyHammer

not to be confused with G1 skyhammer
Sky Hammer G1

But a new model which out of the two looks the best !

More than likely these toys will do well as Beyformers tend to make the kids happy.