My thoughts of AJ Lee retiring from WWE

My thoughts on AJ Lee’s “retirement”.  

First and foremost, as a fan that has watched wrestling for 20+ years, I can honestly say that AJ Lee was one of the most overrated & overhyped performers that I’ve had the displeasure of viewing on a weekly basis. Everything about her from her look, to her in-ring style to her promos were average at best. She wasn’t the worst, but was nowhere near as good to be as pushed as far as she was IMO. If you are an AJ Lee fan, more power to you, but she was never my cup of tea and I will not be misisng her at all. She basically got over being “The Crazy Chick” which is one of the most overused characters in female wrestling. Luna was crazy. Sensational Sherri was crazy. Mickie James was crazy. Victoria was crazy. Daffney was crazy. This isn’t anything new and fans were treating it like it was with her.  


Despite my feelings for AJ as a performer, I at least respected her because I understood what she was trying to do. She understood that nobody took the Division seriously and she also understood that something needed to be done with that. She was trying to bring about change and I will give her props for that. The unfourtunate relaity is that AJ herself had become a liability to the Divas Division. How so you ask?


Do you remember WrestleMania 29? Remember the mixed tag match that was supposed to happen, but got bumped due to time constraints? That’s been the common trend and theme for the Divas Division for years. When short on time, it affected the Divas 90% of the time. That is the entire point of Total Divas(although i do not watch the show because i hate reality TV). Total Divas allows Divas to get more time on TV. Whether you like Total Divas or dislike Total Divas, you cannot deny that it has led to Divas getting more to do because the stories on that show (with the exception of anything involving John Cena and Nikki for whatever reason) are eventually told on RAW and Smackdown and often leads to week or month long feuds. Total Divas is WWE’s way of giving Divas more to do….but AJ Lee had no interest being a part of that show. OK, that’s fine, so as the show gets more popular off E Network, WWE began adding more divas to the show while AJ Lee again remains to be one of the few Divas on the show. It gets worst…Total Divas goes into the personal life of all the Divas on the show which can include their family, their boyfriends and their husbands…but who is AJ Lee married to? Exactly. Not only is her husband the guy that blackballed himself from WWE, but its also the very same guy that went on a podcast and basically told WWE to f*** off. For God’s sake, he’s being sued by a WWE doctor. Speaking of that, you mean to tell me if AJ Lee gets injured the same doctor that sued her husband has to help heal her? Awkward. Speaking of CM Punk, everytime AJ is on TV the fans can’t help but chant his name. 

I could say more, but I’m sure most get the deal. Best of luck to AJ in her future endeavours. I’m sure she’ll do fine in whatever she decides to do, but this wrestling fan will not miss her at all.

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The Wrestling Court Episode 53- listener questiomns and “i just wat to win lol”

Join me, Rob and Jaydee as we do a show dedicated to listener questions including rob putting the haters of connor in their place, indy wrestlers,who will get released this year, cm punk and brock lesnar and more

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link to episode is right here


Video Game Reviews: WWE 2K15

With the last gen versions of WWE 2K15 (Playstation 3/Xbox 360) getting a universal negative reception, can the current gen versions (PS4/Xbox One) deliver the hype? I am Julian Cannon and I am reviewing the Playstation 4 version of WWE 2K15.


This game looks more close to real life than ever this time. From the camera angles to the lighting and the arenas along with the detailed look on the superstars and divas, this is the best looking WWE game to date. Most of the superstars and divas had their entire body scanned for the game. The ring was even scanned so it can look exactly like it is on TV. Everything may look a little smaller than the previous games but it will grow on you in time.

The roster is actually a huge let down. Compare the roster on last year’s WWE 2K14 to this game and you will notice that last year’s game had the better roster. It is good to see the addition of new NXT superstars such as Sami Zayn, Adrian Nevelle, Bo Dallas, Rusev and more, the rest of the roster is the weakest since Smackdown vs. Raw 2008. Many of the superstars are very outdated with their attires and music. Most notably, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have their shield attire and music. However there are a few legends in the roster such as Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kevin Nash, Ultimate Warrior and some good ones including The Wyatt Family, The Usos, Xavier Woods, Big E and more but some of the superstars in the game are exact copies of themselves (for example, current Batista and retro Batista should be just one character with a costume change instead of two separate characters).


The gameplay has changed drastically for this year’s game. A new chain wrestling mini-game has been implemented to make matches play out more realistically. Pressing the grapple button at the beginning of the match will initiate a collar-and-elbow tie up. From there, each opponent will press one of three face buttons to place their opponent into a side headlock, a wrist lock or a waist lock with a rock-paper-scissors style outcome. (Headlock beats Wrist lock, Wrist lock beats Waist lock, Waist lock beats Headlock.) Whomever wins will place their opponent in the corresponding hold while both players rotate the right analog stick to find a “sweet spot”. If the attacker finds it first, they’ll perform a move, if the defender finds it first, they’ll gain the upper hand. Additionally, the attacking wrestler can strike or wrench the opponent’s limb, making it harder for them to find the sweet spot. This mini-game only happens 2-3 times during the match and can be turned off via the options menu. Strikes have returned to their normal speed with improved collision and selling animations from the opponent. Unlike in previous games, superstars will not stand up immediately after taking a bump or slam, the player must rotate the right analog stick in order to stand up.

The stamina system returns in this game but it has changed as well. It is a three-tier stamina meter which controls the pace of a match. Each move that is performed, especially striking and running, will drain the stamina meter. During the first tier, the wrestler will be full of energy and perform moves easily. During the second tier, the wrestler will begin to slow down. In the third tier, the wrestler will be completely exhausted, even being unable to perform their finishing moves should it drop too low. Although the stamina meter cannot be turned off, stamina will slowly regenerate as long as a meter is not depleted and can be adjusted to drain more slowly. The game’s submission system has been revamped. The “Breaking Point” submission system has been replaced with a two part circular gauge. The mechanic of the system remains mostly the same, but players only have to mash a single button rather than all four.

Wake-up taunt finishers are now known as “Charged Finishers” which combines the taunt & finisher into a single animation by pressing the finisher button when the opponent is grounded. Signature moves can now be stored as well. Catch and Catapult finishers have also returned. Both fighting styles and skill sets have been brought in to ensure that the characters behave more like their real-life counterparts. For example, high flyers like Rey Mysterio will not do power moves and will focus on diving and springboard moves while giants like Big Show cannot climb the turnbuckle and will focus on power moves. Superstars who cannot climb to the top rope can climb to the second rope and deliver moves such as Bret Hart’s elbow drop or Big Show’s slingshot body splash. The gameplay changes take some time to get used to so you will have to play around with it for a few times but if you do not like the new controls, you can revert to the controls from last year’s game.


The 2K Showcase focuses on two rivalries. One of them focuses on the Triple H and Shawn Michaels feud which began in SummerSlam 2002 and ended in Bad Blood 2004 and the other is the CM Punk and John Cena feud that began in the summer of 2011 and ended in February 2013. I personally liked the HHH/HBK feud more than Punk/Cena but there should have been more feuds added to this mode such as Rock/Austin, Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage, Bret Hart/Kevin Nash and more that can fill up this mode but choosing only two out of many raises more questions than answers. The way you play these feuds is the same dragging style that was featured since WWE 13. Fight until a certain part of the body changes to red, do objectives, cutscene and repeat. I felt that this style of cut and paste should have not happened in this game. Two games to have this style is enough, three is overdoing it.

The MyCareer mode is the best mode in the entire game period. You take your created superstar and you build his career (cannot create divas on this version of the game). You start all the way at the bottom in the performance center, then to NXT. After you reach the ranks there, you will then head on to Raw and Smackdown and eventually to main event WrestleMania and become a WWE Hall of Famer. During this mode, whatever you do, outcomes in the experience such as wrestling as a Babyface or heel, forming alliances, and etc. there is a never ending cycle to this so it can get repetitive down the line. Also, There is a 1-5 star match rating system that will rate matches based on technique, pacing and momentum, with squash matches getting lower ratings and back-and-forth matches getting higher ratings.

There is new feature that allows you to import images from your computer to the game for created wrestlers but I couldn’t access this feature at the time I was reviewing this game due to the servers not being open yet. Also, returning from WWF No Mercy a very long time ago, every superstar and diva in this game is editable. You can change their entire look but you cannot change their hairstyles. The biggest blunder is that you can only create 25 superstars.

This is the point where it gets very disappointing. Players can no longer create divas, arenas, championships, finishers, use custom soundtracks (although an update to next gen consoles will fix this soon), and the only preset custom entrance for custom superstars is the one where the superstar is carrying the phone.

There are also many and I mean MANY matches removed on the current gen consoles

1 vs 1:

– Inferno
– Ladder
– I Quit
– 2 out of 3 Falls
– Special Referee (yet is in the showcase mode)
– Casket (yet is in the Showcase mode)
– 3 stages of hell (Yet is in the showcase mode)
– Backstage Brawl

2 vs 2:

– Tornado Tag
– Extreme Rules
– Hell in a Cell
– Ladder
– Steel Cage
– Table
– Elimination Tornado
– Elimination Table
– Mixed
– Backstage Brawl

Triple Threat:

– Falls Count Anywhere
– 2 out of 3 Falls
– No DQ
– Ladder
– Steel Cage
– Backstage Brawl

Fatal 4 Way/4-Man:

– Battle Royal
– Hell in a Cell
– Ladder
– Steel Cage
– Table
– Falls Count Anywhere
– 2 out of 3 Falls
– No DQ
– Backstage Brawl

– Elimination Chamber Tag
– Championship Scramble (Was removed in 2k14, but notable still)

Handicap Matches:
– All handicap matches

Final thoughts: if you want this game, the only good things are the MyCareer mode and the new gameplay features. You cannot hype a game this much for 6 months and then give us a half-assed game with missing features. 2K showcase is just a copy and paste of 30 years of WrestleMania from last year’s game and the Attitude era mode from WWE 13. I cannot find a reason why to spend $60 plus tax on a game that presents only half of what last year’s game had. If they kept all of those features in, this would have beat out last year’s game. I know this year’s game engine is built from ground up but that is no excuse to remove many features especially for the ones in the create suite community. The decision to take away the ability of creating divas is a slap in the face to every women who plays WWE games. Although you can create divas on the last gen version, that is not the point. My conclusion is that everyone should wait for next year’s game instead or keep 2K14 until next year. This game gets a final rating of 5.5/10

Wrestleshock interviews Jeremy Graves from

Hey guys

Been a while since there has been an interview on the podcast but that has now been rectified with Jeremy Graves who works with, the home for all your WWE DVD and Blu-Ray needs.

Jeremy answers what his favourite wrestling ppv is, how the acquisition of WWE Home videos came to them and the launch of Wrestlemania 29 which was the same day as the interview (monday 10th June)

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Itunes is also the place to get all your digital WWE content with Wresllemania 29 and the hall of fame all ready for your purchases!  Available in HD and SD it is a worthwhile exercise!

Thanks go to Jeremy for the interview and stay tuned for more wrestleshock reviews!

Wrestleshock Reviews #21 – Top 25 Rivalries

Hey guys and gals and welcome to another episode of Wrestleshock Reviews brought to you courtesy of

Chris had the chance to sit down and digest the fantastic upcoming item (released June 24th) Top 25 Rivalries and there will be SPOILERS!! if you dont want this fine item spoiled then please dont listen until you have actually watched it.  if you are wanting to know who made the top 25 and who didnt then please listen on!

Chris also reminds you that there is the competition for the blu-ray and dvd of The Best of WCW Monday Night Nitro vol 2.  email chris at with your answers.  Jeremy Graves from will also be appearing on the show on Monday 10th June so if you have any questions, please send them Chris by Sunday 9th June

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Wrestleshock Reviews #20 – Wrestlemania 29

Hello all and welcome back to another edition of Wrestleshock Reviews

Thanks to our good friends at Chris is able to give you a review of the upcoming Wrestlemania 29 DVD/Blu-ray release (out june 10th in the uk/europe) and Chris goes through the matches and talks about what was his match of the night!

Chris then talks about the hall of fame class of 2013 and who inducted who and what was the star inductee.  like you need any hints there!

There is also a chance to win a copy of WCW Best of Monday night Nitro Vol 2 on DVD AND Blu-ray.  Chris gives you one question for the DVD and two questions for the blu-ray.  please make sure your subject reads WCW DVD or WCW blu-ray if you are wanting to enter for one of the prizes!  Competition closes on the 17th June 2013.  Make sure to email and good luck!

Keep an eye on as a lot of great upcoming releases there and also don’t forget that you can buy matches or full pay-per-views now on Itunes in HD or SD!  great idea and the full royal rumble matches are also there!  Some of Chris’ personal favourites!

Wrestleshock Reviews #18 – Best PPV matches of 2012 and Survivor Series 2012

Welcome all to another review show brought to you courtesy of our good friends over at the home of all upcoming WWE DVDs and Blu-rays in Europe!  Make sure to follow them twitter – wwehomevideouk and on Facebook  Also their newsletter has plenty of information about upcoming items so you are always in the know!

Chris first reviews the traditional November ppv which is Survivor Series 2012.  The main event is CM Punk vs John Cena vs Ryback.  Will Ryback get his revenge from being screwed out of winning the title at Hell in a Cell?  Also will Team Foley be the team that survives against Team Ziggler? Also if you pre-order this (released 4th March) you can stand the chance of winning 1 of 40 Ryback signed sleeves!

After Chris goes through his thoughts on the Survivor Series card, he then moves onto a great set that is out pretty much every year and that is The Best PPV Matches of 2012.  From the unforgettable match that HHH and The Undertaker had at Wrestlemania 28, to the Memorable match that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan had at Money in the Bank or perhaps the epic elimination chamber confrontation with Cody Rhodes, The Great Khali, Santino Marella, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and the Big Show.  There is something for everyone in this great set and head over to to get your copy.

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12 days of Christmas: WWE December to dismember review

Julian Cannon back for another post. Before i write the review, i would like to thank everyone for the feedback to my emails. I have received the most for the Jarrett/Hogan controversy that happened in July 2000. Some people thought that it was time for Booker T to shine while others claim it was not. I went back and fourth with the Emails and the conversations went pretty well.Now to my review of one of the most controversial pay per views in recent memory. WWE presents: ECW December to Dismember

When Vince brought back ECW, there were some who were hoping against hope that, with Heyman’s involvement, it would slightly resemble the ECW of old. Well, here we are, almost a year and a half later from the first One Night Stand, and it resembles some of the worst of WWE and is a pale imitation of what ECW used to be. In fact, they’re slowly phasing out the majority of the “extremists” that they brought back for the first “One Night Stand” two years ago.
Well, this ain’t your daddy’s ECW. Heck, this isn’t even entertaining wrestling. Before I get carried away, I’ll tell you that this PPV is an anorexic two hours and fifteen minutes. That’s right – TWO hours and FIFTEEN minutes. It also took place at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia on December 3rd, 2006. Here’s the card:

One Night Only [the Hardyz vs. MNM] – How fitting that the latest ECW PPV get started with a match between MNM and the Hardyz! After the Hardys issued an open challenge to any tag team, MNM reunited and accepted their challenge. Now, I like the Hardys. I really, really do. I also like MNM – as a team though, not individual wrestlers. However, this match dragged and dragged and dragged. There were the usual Hardy spots and MNM did their best to keep up, but there wasn’t much that held my interest. Did I mention that this match really dragged?

Rob Van Dam Comments On the Extreme Elimination Chamber

Balls Mahoney vs. Matt Striker – After getting some caffine in my system to make sure this PPV doesn’t put me to sleep, I see Balls trying to take Matt and his pink vest to school and show him what ECW used to represent. Considering the amount of offense Balls gets in, I have to say that I’m surprised with the outcome.

Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon DVD Promo – Why this is here, I have no idea.

CM Punk Warming Up In the Hallway – Blink and you’ll miss Punk warming up, because we immediately head over to an unconscious Sabu, pulling off one of the tried and true WWE cliches and thereby eliminating Sabu from participating in the Elimination Chamber match. I have to agree with the audience when they immediately start chanting “Bullshit”.

Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay vs. F.B.I. -This match was not that bad but could have been booked better. Most people would not know who Sylvester is because he rarely did any matches during that time period.Elijah was starting to get his rise at this period but the match did not pay off.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Daivari – This isn’t a knock on Dreamer or anything, but this was a bad match that culminated with an out-of-nowhere pinning and then a spot where Dreamer, Tazz and Mercury do their damnedest to sell Khali’s monstrosity.

Paul Heyman Talks To Hardcore Holly – So, they decide to take Sabu out of the Elimination Chamber and replace him with Hardcore Holly? Mmmkay.

Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly vs. Kevin Thorn & Ariel – Kelly…Kelly? Ohhhhh wait…she’s the “exhibitionist” that (as far as I know) hasn’t “exhibited” a damn thing, right? Well, I’m familiar with Shelly Martinez and, even though she’s saddled with this pathetic “vampire” characters, she’s still pretty damn hot. In fact, if I were to start watching ECW, she’d be the only reason I’d watch. Anyways, her and her Vampy boyfriend take on the exhibitionist and some other dude. I could really care less about the shocking “turn” in this match and mainly focused on Shelly’s curves. I know she’s been wrestling for a while now, it’s a shame she couldn’t show off her skills in a REAL match.

Rebecca Interviews Bobby Lashley – Boy, Rebecca’s cute.

Extreme Elimination Chamber For the ECW Championship [Big Show vs. Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk vs. Test vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Bobby Lashley] – So, lemme get this straight – after two successful years, this is why the elimination chamber was taken away from New Year’s Revolution? Oh, but wait – this is the extreme elimination chamber! This one has comes with a chair, a crowbar, a table and a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire! After the fellas take their pods, Holly and RVD get the wrasslin’ started in a fairly slow and boring manner (by RVD’s standards), until Punk is released right as RVD treats Holly to a nifty Rolling Thunder. Now, I realize it’s supposed to be every man for himself, but as far as I know, both Punk and RVD are faces, right? Yet, Punk spends the majority of his time kicking RVD’s ass instead of Holly’s (and eventually RVD is responsible for Punk’s ejection from the chamber – but not before Holly gets a very slow moving superplex of Punk off the top rope). Once Test came in and an eliminated RVD, I could care less who won and was glad this PPV was over.

In addition to all of those matches, we’re also treated to these extras from this year’s WrestleMania:

Post Chamber Interviews [RVD – Hardcore Holly – CM Punk – Test – Lashley – Big Show]

Rematch For the ECW Championship [ECW 12/5/06 – Bobby Lashley vs. Big Show]
Video: Unfortunately, there weren’t too many issues with the picture quality on December To Dismember. Even though the picture did have a slightly muted color and there were the usual slight compression issues due to all the pyro and graphic elements, it was still watchable and presented in the WWE’s standard full frame 1.33:1 ratio.

Audio: Even the crystal clear Dolby Digital 5.1 sound that enveloped my living room while I was watching, couldn’t help me from being terribly bored during this 2 hour PPV. However, viewers are also given the option of being bored in Spanish too.

Conclusion: When I originally started typing this review, I composed it the same way I do with every WWE product I review. Half way through, I realized that I really didn’t have much to say about the matches and everything was pretty negative. So then I thought about just listing the chapters (sans comments) and typing up a paragraph or two explaining why the review is different. Well, as you can see, I followed the template and posted some comments about each match.

Also to note out, Paul heyman did not book this pay per view, Vince McMahon booked 100% of this pay per view, in which in a few days, they both clashed at an airport, and Heyman was fired because of it. Heyman originally wanted CM Punk to eliminate the big show by submission, Big show had no problem with it, but Vince McMahon did. Also Heyman wanted Rob Van Dam to win the match but Vince was against it too. I think the ppv would have been better if Paul Heyman booked the entire ppv because you can tell from the fans at the arena that the show was going to flop. Overall, i will give it a 4/10