Lets Talk- Truth:The Man Who Sold the World (MGSV)

Despite the knee-jerk reaction of many across the internet, I love it. I think the last few seconds are a little hard to understand, and I think it’s hard to build a complete picture without a little conjecture or some assumptions, but I really enjoy what is going on here. I think this game fits well into the greater thematic arc of Metal Gear and in itself finishes off Big Boss’s story satisfactorily. A lot of people say the ending raises too many questions, but if you grasp from around Metal Gear, I think you can put together a coherent narrative even if the pieces are kind of a mess. Luckily, I spent too much time thinking about this series and am a human Metal Gear encyclopedia.

So at the end of the game, you get a tape explaining that you are not Big Boss, but an exact duplicate created by Zero to protect the real Big Boss from his own organization. This scene is really really good, and I love Kiefer’s mocap work when Venom Snake smirks and looks at himself in the mirror with this look of power.

But the last few seconds of this scene are extremely important. When he flips the tape over, there’s a time jump to 1995.

Be perceptive: in the reflection of the mirror, there is a Diamond Dogs emblem on the bathroom door. However, when Venom flips the tape over, that emblem becomes an Outer Heaven logo. What’s the other side of that tape labeled? Operation N313 aka the operation Solid Snake goes on in Metal Gear 1.

Venom puts the tape into an MSX and it reads data on a screen, data Venom can see, but we can’t. He then walks over to the mirror again, and in anger punches it. On the other side stands his reflection, which then turns away from us and walks away into darkness. Given that we’re in Outer Heaven in 1995, and you can hear the chaos of gunfire outside, it can be safely assumed that this scene happens immediately before Solid Snake arrives to shoot some rockets at him. He breaks the mirror in rebellion against the mission given to him on that tape, but he accepts it anyways, stoically walking to what will become his death. It’s also important how this is depicted visually; Venom walks away in black, silhouetted against smoke. As he walks, the space around him becomes darker, until finally he disappears completely.

I think this scene is important not just for characterizing Venom Snake as he strolls off, but also ties into the game thematically. In a lot of ways, MGSV is about the forgotten people that operate in the background to support the big players. Skullface, XOF, us as the players of these games, and Venom Snake; all of them were used to create the Metal Gear world as we know it, and all of them were lost to time. If the original games are about the titans of the universe, this game is about their shadows. Venom Snake disappears at the end of this game; he is washed away from history. Everyone thinks he was Big Boss, and that is all that is ever known of him. He quite literally disappears.

Many people upon seeing the ending assume Venom Snake built Outer Heaven, but this isn’t true. At the hospital in Cyprus, Ocelot gives Big Boss a new passport with a new name on it. This is Big Boss’s new identity while Venom Snake is Big Boss; the name on that passport is whatever you make it during the character creator, but for the sake of simplicity here, let’s just say the name is Steve. Venom Snake, aka the medic, unwittingly gets Big Boss’s identity and makes Diamond Dogs and the events of MGSV happen as we see them. During this time, Big Boss is under the name Steve and is building Outer Heaven in South Africa.

But wait, it says that Solid Snake kills Venom Snake in Outer Heaven!?

Yes, but the credits also say Big Boss built Outer Heaven. Notice how the credits refer to real Big Boss as Big Boss exclusively; they refer to Venom Snake as Big Boss’s Phantom, never just Big Boss. There’s also a discussion after the credits between Kaz and Ocelot about this.

But then what the heck is Venom Snake doing there in Metal Gear 1?

Venom Snake was originally created to be a decoy for Big Boss so that he may live when the whole world wants him dead. Sometime during the events of MGSV, Big Boss realizes another purpose Venom can be used for: he and Big Boss can work together to build Big Boss’s legend and achieve his ideological goals. 

Many people thought that Big Boss’s turn was going to happen in this game, that we would finally see what made him turn to villainy. But Metal Gear is never so black and white, and in reality, Big Boss’s turn was more subtle, and actually happened in Peace Walker.

It further details Big Boss’s fall and shows us everything we ever needed to know about him. While in a coma, Zero comissions a memetic clone of Big Boss. The parallels between Les Enfants Terribles and the creation of Venom Snake are obvious. When Zero did this the first time, Big Boss was disgusted and rejected it. But what did Big Boss do this time? He embraced it, he embraced the cult of personality, he embraced the legend. After MSF was obliterated in Ground Zeroes, Big Boss realized that in order to achieve his sweeping dreams, he had to work from the shadows, even if that meant tying the noose around someone else’s neck.

Venom Snake builds Diamond Dogs and eliminates XOF as a threat. It is now that Big Boss lets him in on the whole ruse and opens up an avenue of partnership.

This is the point where conjecture begins

So what we know is that Big Boss is again under the Big Boss identity by the time of MG1; everyone knows him as Big Boss, leader of FOXHOUND, while no one knows who is commanding Outer Heaven. As I said before, Big Boss is building Outer Heaven during MGSV, and as such, Diamond Dogs cannot be Outer Heaven. Everyone in Diamond Dogs (Kaz, Ocelot, Big Boss) eventually ends up in FOXHOUND. What this tells me is that at some point shortly after MGSV ends, Big Boss and Venom Snake switch identities again; Big Boss resumes the title of Big Boss while Venom Snake resumes the Steve alias and takes over as head of Outer Heaven. That’s how everyone knows Big Boss is the CO of FOXHOUND, but nobody knows who is leading Outer Heaven in MG1.

It is known that to Zero, and ultimately the Patriots, having Big Boss return to them is favorable to having him killed. So then it makes sense that Big Boss returns to them with Diamond Dogs, Kaz, and Ocelot. He again becomes leader of FOXHOUND, finds Sniper Wolf and Gray Fox, and trains Solid Snake.

But why? Why would Big Boss go back to the US/Cipher/the Patriots?

So that he and Venom can play the field from both sides. He communicates to Venom Snake through cassette tape, and later through MSX tape.

Ok, so what happened in MG1? Why would Big Boss have Solid Snake kill Venom Snake?

This isn’t, and never will be, clear to a concrete extent. Because Kojima is gone, all we can ever do is try to build a complete picture from what is, at best, ambiguous information. I’m basically trying to explain character motivations and such using nothing but the last 10 minutes of Phantom Pain, the paper thin plot of a 30 year old MSX game, and the thematic undercurrents of the MGS saga.

But this is my theory, and I’m sticking to it.

It can be safely assumed that whatever is on that N313 tape, Venom doesn’t like it. He reads the info and immediately destroys a mirror in rage because he has lost everything (his sanity, love interest, comrades, and identity) and he saw what he became. That does not sound to me like the reaction of a happy man. Given the info we have, it can be reasonably assumed that Big Boss and Venom communicate through those cassette tapes; it can also be reasonably assumed that towards the end of Metal Gear 1, Venom Snake becomes aware of the fact that Solid Snake is coming to kill him and tries to sabotage that operation. During the game, your CO is Big Boss. He’s basically the Campbell of Metal Gear 1; he gives you hints and suggestions on what to do. But suddenly, towards the end of the game, Big Boss contacts you on a new frequency and begins giving you bogus advice to try and sabotage your mission.

Real Big Boss’s frequency: 120.85

Venom Snake’s frequency: 120.13

This second Big Boss on the new frequency is Venom Snake trying to stall Solid Snake’s mission. Now, what we see in MG1 is that the entire time, Big Boss is helpful in assisting Solid Snake in his mission to destroy the Metal Gear TX-55 and Outer Heaven. We also know that Venom Snake contacts Solid and tries to stop the mission. If Big Boss didn’t want Solid to kill Venom, he would have also worked to stop the mission, not assisted the whole time.

It isn’t clear, and it will never be clear, what Big Boss’s grand plan was for Operation Intrude N313 (AKA the Outer Heaven Uprising). As it stands in canon now, he expected Solid Snake to fail. Given the new information about Venom Snake, his motivations become even more nebulous. It was established in early canon that Big Boss sent Solid Snake to Outer Heaven to die. We will continue accepting that this is true since there is nothing that directly contradicts it.

What we also know is that around the time of the mission, Venom Snake gets a tape labeled N313 from Big Boss. This tape likely contains information from Big Boss about this mission, and maybe some orders for Venom Snake as well. After seeing the tape, Venom punches the mirror. Then we have that shot that immediately follows it: he stoically walks into oblivion, accepting his fate.

It is also unclear if the Outer Heaven uprising was Big Boss’s or Venom Snake’s plan. Again, in canon it is Big Boss’s, and at this time nothing directly contradicts that information. The Uprising was the end goal of Big Boss’s dream, the final result of Outer Heaven. It was an outright war against the Patriots, and Venom Snake goes along with Big Boss’s orders to start it.

The Patriots react to this by sending Solid Snake into Outer Heaven to kill its mysterious leader. Big Boss commands him throughout that mission because he is under cover and doesn’t want his cover blown. He hopes that his Uprising will be successful in not just killing Solid Snake, but also in challenging the grip of the Patriots.

However, there is one other favorable outcome. If all goes wrong, Venom Snake can still fulfill his duty as Big Boss’s doppleganger. If Venom is able to convince Solid Snake that he is the real Big Boss, and gets killed by Solid Snake, then the real Big Boss can use this to fake his own death and go underground to establish Zanzibar Land, aka Outer Heaven 2.0.

I believe that tape contained a general outline of Solid Snake’s mission, which is how Venom was able to mislead him on the radio. I also believe it contained instructions from Big Boss for Venom to convince everyone that he is actually the real Big Boss so that if he dies in Outer Heaven, Big Boss can still work in secret to achieve his true dream. This order is what makes Venom furious, what makes him punch that mirror: he was in many ways given the same mission as the Boss. If he cannot defeat Solid Snake, he must die. He must sacrifice himself so that Big Boss can carry on with his plans. He has to give up his identity, his face, his emotions, his ideology, his life; all of it to Big Boss. No one will ever know who he was, no one will ever know what he did. He will go down in history as a criminal, as a monster who instigated an armed uprising and almost brought the world to nuclear disaster.

And Venom accepts his mission. He convinces Solid Snake that he is the real Big Boss by feeding that information to Gray Fox and then by telling Snake himself. He gives killing Solid Snake an honest shot, but he also makes sure that if he goes down, everyone thinks it is Big Boss who went down.

The Man Who Sold The World Meaning

The song ‘Man Who Sold the world’ was a single by David Bowie way back in November 1970, and it was covered by nirvana and released in 1994. 

around that time of releasing the song, Bowie was a closet heterosexual but he was a bisexual ( wife once told he had an affair with mick jagger), it is this inner conflict – he created an alter ego called ziggy stardust an androgynous rock star who spoke with aliens.  

So the song is something David Bowie used to be (Ziggy stardust) and he seeing himself as people do ( Bowie) and convincing himself he has changed. The conversation with his alter ego is clear when Bowie Says in the lyrics that I thought you died alone and oh no not me we never lost control ( we never is the bisexual in him) ziggy talking back oh not me I never lost control.

The man who sold the world is the image that is Bowie has sold to the world, and his search foreign land and years to roam is his inner journey to find his identity. 

So for this case, Big Boss is the man who sold the world and Venom Snake is nothing more than an phantom/body double of big boss no matter how legendary “he” is, he is not the real “legend”. 

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After spending fourteen days straight with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I can safely say it’s Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus. It’s quite simply the best game he’s ever done, plus the amount of freedom given to you throughout its entirety is absurd. If you’re a die hard fan of Metal Gear and are up to date with its timeline, Phantom Pain takes place during 1984 after the events of Metal Gear Solid V:Ground Zeroes (1975) and before the first Metal Gear (1995) on MSX. It has been 9 years since the tragic events in Ground Zeroes and Snake is a little worse for wear, having just woken up from his coma that nearly spanned a decade.


After a prologue that sets up the rest of the game Snake is rescued by his comrade and friend, Revolver Ocelot, before continuing his war path for vengeance and freeing his former partner Kazuhira Miller from the clutches of Soviet forces in Afghanistan. I’m not going to spoil the story or talk about the plot points (I agree with Kojima Productions’ wish to keep it a surprise), but I will say that there are twists and turns, and it ranks as one of the best tales in the series yet.

There’s no doubt that this is the largest and most accessible Metal Gear to date, full to the brim with content. But it’s not just a case of quantity over quality, every inch of the game is meticulously detailed, and has a vast amount of replay ability. It’s also incredibly fun, which always helps! The tone is vastly different to any other MGS game, as there are no more overly-long cut scenes and most of the detailed narration is dealt through cassette tapes, which you can listen to at your own pleasure. If you’ve played Ground Zeroes and think you know what to expect, I suggest you put that taster behind you and get ready to embark on a journey with no half-measures.

Unlike the confined spaces found during other entries in the series, MGS V consists of two enormous maps, Afghanistan and Africa, each of which house a plethora of side-ops and main missions; enabling you to explore and complete objectives in a dynamic and natural way. Each mission is structured like an episode from a TV show, operating in bite-sized chunks like if you were watching hit TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy. Even if you’re in the middle of a mission that leads into the next with a tense cut scene, a small “to be continued” caption will appear, sending you back to your base of operations to prepare. It was a bit awkward for me, because 5 seconds later I’d simply continue, but if people need a break and want to gear up/upgrade sufficiently, it’s actually a very smart move.


Characters that will appear in this game:

Big Boss/Punished “Venom” Snake

Kazuhira Miller





Tretij Rebenok

Code Talker

Huey Emmerich

“Man on Fire”

There are more Characters and Groups that are in the game but I will not spoil the rest.

The variety of missions at hand will see you take out specific targets, gather Intel and garner more help. Funnily enough there isn’t a difficulty mode present, despite other titles encompassing tons of different options. Though I did find the gameplay pretty tough at certain points, it only made me want to upgrade further and try a different approach. Some people might get tired of a handful of repetitive missions, but I always had fun replaying them with a different tactic in mind. Being able to choose whether I operated during the night or day gave me a lot of flexibility, since enemy locations would alter depending on the time I chose.

Before setting off to fight it’s vital that you prep accordingly. Your Air Command Centre (ACC), gives you full control over all your upgrades and missions, tasking you to select which one you’d like to conduct first. As previously seen in Peace Walker, managing your Mother Base remains an integral part in Phantom Pain, allowing you to recruit staff and utilize resources for upgrades.

Acquiring items from the battlefield such as biological material and fuel canisters is incredibly important. These will allow you to develop extra platforms designed to boost your stats, including combat, R&D, support and medical. If you choose to focus on leveling up your R&D level and get the best Fulton, for example, you’ll then be able to extract entire containers of resources at a much earlier stage; reaping rewards much quicker and progressing more comfortably. You’ll also be able to extract vehicles as well, such as tanks or cars to take on missions.

mgstpp_gc_2015_03_1438604316 pic_z_083_df34re

Staff management is also key, and you can automatically or manually assign your comrades to the best departments. Despite being able to systematically place staff in their most skilled department, I decided to fully focus on R&D first, which let me take advantage of more advanced upgrades a lot sooner. It’s not always the best option, but just like any part of MGS V, it’s up to you to decide on how to proceed. Furthermore, you can send staff on their own missions to obtain more resources or extra recruits. Whilst I did get into the habit of sourcing soldiers with higher skill ratings (via upgrading my scope), I often attempted to extract anyone and everyone, in order to beef up my units and unlock upgrades at a quicker pace.


No matter what you try and accomplish, having the support of your army is always the heart of your experience. For instance, buddies can join you and aid your quest for vengeance in a multitude of ways. Bringing in a horse or bi-pedal Walker will allow you to traverse the environment more quickly – along with the other vehicles you’ve acquired as well. A dog can help distract your enemies or make you aware of their presence, and your comrade Quiet (who you can choose to kill or recruit) will aid you in combat, scout out maps and coordinate while dispatching enemies. Each aspect of a buddy’s armor and equipment can also be upgraded, such as changing Quiet’s cleavage with a little gold or silver paint. Lovely.

Your ACC can be used for mission briefs or organizing your army, but it also provides some vital support. As well as taking you in and out of missions, once on the ground you can also strategically place air strikes or smoke for cover, which can often be the life line you need in the midst of a firefight. There’s simply so much available to the player, no one will have the same experience. I constantly tested different ways to enter a mission, often resorting to complete stealth and learning from my many mistakes along the way.

After initially hearing about the absence of the veteran voice actor David Hayter in this game, it took me a while to move past the change in vocal chords. However, much like the constant change of actors playing Bond, I embraced the change and am now more than happy with Kiefer Sutherland’s portrayal. I have been an fan of him since the 24 TV show so I am used to hearing his voice and delivery of dialog. In fact, I believe Sutherland sounded more like an soldier than Hayter ever did. Exploring the beautiful vistas of Afghanistan is amazing, and the added jungle as you progress to Africa enhances the experience. The persistent image of a dusty wasteland is sometimes hard to muster. Having said that, the rest of the game’s extremely high quality means it doesn’t bother me. Now, where’s that remake of MGS 1 in Fox Engine?


With Kojima Productions’ impressive Fox Engine powering the entire experience, everything looks suitably crisp and clean, packaging in a tone of detail. Despite this being released on older hardware as well, I’m impressed with the core experience and I don’t think it has been hindered on more powerful consoles as a result. Then again, the fact that its design and graphical fidelity has had to cater to equipment with less power, it does make me wonder what could have been should Phantom Pain have released exclusively to PS4 and Xbox One, and not their older siblings.

To me, Robin Atkin Downes as Kaz Miller was more enjoyable in this game than he was in Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes. His anger really shows during the cut scenes. I would be mad at the world if I lost my leg and arm so I understand why. Troy Baker as Ocelot to me, was his best voice acting in any video game since Snow from Final Fantasy XIII. And James Horan as Skullface  not only delivered an great and believable performance as an villain, but also made the player wanted to take him down for good. I can call him the Joker of the Metal Gear series since his and Big Boss’ upbringings kind of parallel each other.


Phantom Pain presents the most flexible gameplay in the series to date, and fills in unseen moments from the Metal Gear saga with style. I strongly suggest you pick this up and experiment with your own strategies, as you’re presented with endless possibilities. Grab your cardboard box, the world needs saving!


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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain-What do we know so far about the story?

It has been over one year since the release of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and fans including myself are anxious for the release of MGS5: The Phantom Pain. This game has been in development for about 4 years now and the release is coming sometime this year for the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. For this entry, I will explain what we know about the story and characters so far based on trailers and interviews from the Metal Gear creator himself, Hideo Kojima.



The theme for this game is “Race and Revenge” as with the story touching upon the misunderstanding, prejudice, hatred, and conflict caused by the difference of language, race, custom, culture, and preference.

Kojima set out to depict the damage present in all returning soldiers in The Phantom Pain. Physical injuries such as the loss of limbs, and emotional wounds created through the loss of comrades and loved ones will all be part of this theme of pain. Kojima said that having his characters lose limbs is one way to depict the pain they carry.

This game follows up from the ending of Ground Zeroes where MSF (Militaires Sans Frontières. Big Boss’ private military company) has been under attack by XOF due to an Trojan Horse Operation carried out by SkullFace. Once Big Boss saved Kaz Miller and escaped from their base which was under destruction, Paz (who was rescued hours before) revealed that there was a second bomb inside of her. She then jumped out of the chopper but unfortunately, she jumped out too late before the bomb exploded, sending it careening into a pursuing XOF chopper. Since after that scene faded to black, we are not sure what happens next but we do know that in the hospital near by when Big Boss, Kaz and a third patient are treated in a nearby hospital and Big Boss fell into a coma.


9 years later (keep in mind that this game takes place in 1984. This is the sequel to Ground Zeroes and that took place in 1975 and the prequel to the very first Metal Gear which took place in 1995), Big Boss Awakens from his coma and the doctor informed him about how long he has been there. Also, Big Boss’ left arm is missing and replaced with a prosthetic hook and he has a shrapnel debris on the right side of his head. Later that night, The hospital is attacked by XOF where they also killed many patients. A patient going by the name of Ishmael aids Big Boss with his escape since he is way too weak and his muscles atrophied. During the escape, we see a young Psycho Mantis, a ghostly flaming figure of Volgin from MGS3, a flaming whale and more. After some time, Ocelot appears and rescued Big Boss as they escaped the area.

metal-gear-solid-v-trailer-und-gameplay-demo-unter_46er snake_phantompain gaming-the-phantom-pain-vga-screenshot-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-V-09

A number of days later with recovery included, it s time for Big Boss to go on his first mission and it is at Afghanistan. Kaz Millier has been held hostage for 10 days Prior to Big Boss awakening up from his coma. his mission is to rescue him within 3 days and leave the area. While all of this is going on, a new unit formed between a Big Boss, Kaz and Ocelot and it is named Dianond Dogs. It’s purpose is to take back revenge to Cipher/The Patriots to what happened 9 years ago and for soldiers to have a home without any control of Cipher or any government. This is all we know about the story for now so I am glad that Hideo Kojima is not spoiling too much.


Since this will be a first for the Metal Gear series to be an open world stealth action game, the maps in the game will be much larger than any other Metal Gear game to date. Troy Baker who is doing the voice acting for Ocelot, recently stated in an interview that the game’s very larger scale and map size is much bigger than the highly popular open world RPG game Skyrim. The comfirmed locations where the story and missions will take place at will be in Cyprus, Afghanistan and Africa.





In the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima has always used real life events in his fictional universe. For example, the hospital escape sequence and attack is a reference to the Princess Mary hospital attack/suicide bombing that happened in Cyprus in 1983. Between 1979-1989, the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan took place and in this game, most of the areas on the Afghanistan location are under Soviet control. The location of Africa, we know a few things that happened in that time period such as the Mozambique Civil War. There are also child soldiers in this game being shown that they are participating in the war.

And finally, Outer Heaven, Big Boss’ military nation in which we first found out in the very first Metal Gear, is located in South Africa so this game may possibly introduce us to the creation of Outer Heaven.


Big Boss/Venom Snake (Voiced by Kiefer Sutherland)


Once a legend and an enemy to others, Big Boss is back and is ready too take back revenge against Cipher for what they did to him 9 years ago. He is no longer the same person he once was anymore as he is deprived with nothing but hate and pain. He leads the new unit Diamond Dogs as his quest for revenge begins. Nobody is sure about how he lost his left arm and how that debris got on his head but we will sure find out once we play the game for ourselves. He will stop at nothing whether if his actions are for good or for bad. Pretty much, he is turning into the main antagonist against America in the first Metal Gear.

OCELOT (Voiced by Troy Baker)


A triple spy, agent for Cipher/The Patriots and someone who idolized Big Boss since the 1960’s, Ocelot returns in this game. Ocelot is also on Big Boss’ side for the quest for revenge but we don’t know why. We however, do know that in the beginning of the Soviet Invasion,  It was during this time that he became feared amongst the mujahideen as a sadist, for which they named him “Shalashaska.” At some point, he also ended up working in the Soviet Union’s concentration camps as a special torture advisor. Ocelot also joined the Diamond Dogs unit as he became the interrogation specialist and the weapons trainer for the soldiers.

KAZ MILLER (Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes)


Kaz is more hell bent on revenge more than both Big Boss and Ocelot. I would be too if I’ve lost my unit, been captured by the Soviets, tortured and lose my arm and leg. He is also the sub-commander for Diamond Dogs but unlike when he was the sub-commander for MSF, he shows no mercy and does not hold back on his anger. The Developers of the game stated that Kaz this time around will be unpredictable so I am looking forward to seeing how darker they will take the character’s direction.

QUIET ( Voiced and motion capture by Stefanie Joosten)


There is only a few things we know about this mute sniper.

  • She cannot talk but can make sounds.
  • She has special abilities.
  • Ocelot tortured her for reasons unknown as of right now.
  • As stated by the developers, there is a reason she does not have on a lot of clothes but we will have to find out once the game releases.




SKULLFACE (Voiced by James Horan)


The man and leader of XOF who caused the destruction (under Cipher’s orders) of MSF 9 years ago, is here again. There is a lot we know about SkullFace we know since Ground Zeroes but there is a lot more we need to know in this game. One of the most important things that we need to find out is when and where did him and Big Boss meet before since he said in one of the recording files to Chico that “me and your Boss go way back”. what will be his motives in this game and at the near end of the E3 2014 trailer for this game, we see him and Big Boss in the same location where a Metal Gear is. Will he side with Big Boss in this game or will he not? I consider him the Joker of the Metal Gear series as his torture audio files in Ground Zeroes makes him one of the most convincing villains in the series for a long time.

ELI (Voiced by Piers Stubbs)


Another character we do not know too much about besides the few scenes we have seen him in the recent trailers. Many fans including myself may think this kid is the Young Liquid Snake (Big Boss was cloned by a project which caused him to have 3 sons in 1972. Solid, Liquid and Solidus Snake). He looks very similar to him, he was in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, and the bible reference where David ( Solid Snake’s real name) was the superior son while Eli was the inferior. There are many more theories to back this up that Eli is liquid Snake since his real name went classified for so many years until maybe now.

HUEY EMMERICH (Voiced by Christopher Randolph)


The father of Hal “Otacon” Emmerich. Huey is suspected that he was the sole person that lead to the destruction of MSF but there are also other theories to why Ocelot and Kaz tortured him. We also do know that he is not in a wheelchair no more as he now uses bipedal legs to help him walk.

There are many more characters that we do not know yet and I have not explained such as Ishmael, Psycho Mantis, Code Talker and more but their bios has not been fully explained yet but again, I am glad that Hideo Kojima is not spoiling way too much. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain should be released sometime in 2015. Next month, I will cover the gameplay and multiplayer aspect of the game.

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Metal Gear Timeline Part 5 ( Events from 2009-2013,MGS4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS, METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE)


  • (2010)-Ocelot retrieves the data from GW. A short time later, he removed Liquid’s arm due to it causing an imbalance to his psyche whenever Solid Snake appears.
  • (2011)-Steven Armstrong enacted a small government legislation, which slashed the government budget. This lead to World Marshal Inc. buying out the entire Denver police department.
  • (MID 2011)- The Patriots release information on Big Boss to private military companies. Most included the files from Operation Snake Eater and his CQC techniques.
  • (AUGUST 2011)- The United States begins to enlist PMC (private military groups) around the world.
  • (SEPTERMBER 2011)- Raiden goes to Area 51 to rescue Sunny. She is then left to Otacon and Solid Snake to take care of.
  • (DECEMBER 2011)– Due to drugs and psychotherapy, Ocelot becomes Liquid Ocelot again but this time it is permanently. Thus also buying the 5 biggest PMC’s in the world. all of them are now under a new Outer Heaven which is now under Liquid Ocelot.
  • (2012)- Raiden is captured by The Patriots. They give him an cyborg exoskeleton as part of a project. Eva rescued him and Dr. Mandar (from the Outer Heaven Uprising) saves his life due to his body not reacting well from the new exoskeleton.
  • (2013)– The SOP system (Sons Of The Patriots weapon ID system) that has been used in some countries since 2009 is now needed for all of the weapons in the world.
  • (LATE 2013)- Solid Snake is diagnosed with accelerated aging due to the FOXDIE virus spreading inside of him. meanwhile, the war economy begins.



(2014)-LIQUID OCELOT’S INSURRECTION: Solid Snake is requested by Roy Campbell and Otacon to assassinate Liquid Ocelot before his takeover begins. Also, Drebin and Snake meet and he is the weapon launderer for Snake. When he goes to the middle east, he meets Meryl for the first time in 9 years. She introduced him to her unit, Rat Patrol 01. The SOP system malfunctions during the heist and Liquid Ocelot goes away. Later, Snake goes to South America to rescue Naomi Hunter. While they were there, Naomi runs a test on Snake’s body. She has informed him that the new strain of FOXDIE inside of him will grow and mutate. This will make him kill anybody he comes in contact with, deeming him as a walking weapon. During this, Vamp and Raiden have a battle before they escape. Soon after that, Snake and Meryl head to Europe to meet Big Mama. For the first time, Snake and Big Mama (who is actually Eva) meet and she tells him the history of Big Boss, The Patriots, the Les Effants Terribles’ project and more. Snake also finds out that Major Zero is the founder of The Patriots. Eva and Snake leaves once she shows him Big Boss’ “Body”. Before they were to escape, Liquid shows up with his army. Meryl and her entire unit have Liquid surrounded until Liquid Ocelot revealed to everyone that the SOP system has been taken over by him. This means that he has taken over all of the weapons and nanomachines in the entire world, thus killing many people in the progress and burning down the “Body” of Big Boss. Eva was also killed during the attack as she tried to save the “Body” and Snake was severely burned. While briefing for Snake’s next mission, Otacon and Campbell watched a video that they wiretapped a conversation between Vamp and Ocelot. They talked about going back to Shadow Moses to retrieve Metal Gear REX’s Railgun since that is the only weapon left that is not under the SOP system. Snake then goes back to Shadow Moses Island to try to stop him but he was too late. Liquid revealed to Snake that he plans on using the rail gun to take down The Patriots core AI, JD. JD is also a satellite that is in outer space which means the rail gun will take it down in that range. Snake and Ocelot battle as Snake Controls REX and Ocelot controls the same Metal Gear RAY he took with him 5 years ago. After the battle, Snake was in a weakened state as Ocelot was about to run his ship over him until Raiden saved him, loosing both of his arms in the process. Also, Vamp and Naomi are dead at this point. Once again, Snake and Otacon with the help with everyone else including the returning Mei Ling. plans to head to the new Outer Heaven to upload the FOXALIVE virus that Naomi and Sunny developed before Naomi died of cancer. The Virus will shut down all of the AI’s, nanomachines and the SOP system in the entire world. Snake and Liquid Ocelot have one final battle on top of Outer Heaven and Snake wins again, thus killing Liquid Ocelot for good. In the Final moments, Raiden makes peace with his wife, Meryl marries Johnny and makes peace with Campbell. But it is not over yet. Snake Visits the grave of Big Boss. He was about to commit suicide but he gave it a second thought. Big Boss then appears and he and Snake meet for the first time in 15 years. Big Boss explained that the “Body” Ocelot burned down was actually Solidus Snake (Since he is the perfect clone, his DNA was used the entire time for the SOP system in this game). Big Boss also explained that Eva stolen Solidus’ body and Ocelot wanted to act like Liquid just to fool The Patriots. Boss then explained that once the virus was uploaded to JD, he awakened and went to look for Zero. Then, he explained the war between those two and how he regrets killing The Boss and how the Patriots AI’s created the war economy. Big Boss killed Zero by cutting his life support on the wheelchair and then Big Boss suffers the new strain of FOXDIE that started mutating in Solid Snake. Him and Snake make peace as Big Boss passed away. Snake lived his final days spending it with Otacon and Sunny.


fwedmetal-gear-solid-4-guns-of-the-patriots--20070920004507426 mgs4cap00003_psd_jpgcopyMetal-Gear-Solid-4-Raiden-Vampfef3wewdw




  • (EARLY 2015)- Raiden returns to the battlefield by joining Maverick Security as a soldier for hire.
  • (LATE 2015)- Desperado Enforcement triggered the subway bombing in Russia.
  • (2016)- Steven Armstrong is investigated by a federal grand jury for his connections to World Marshal. At the same time, World Marshal becomes the biggest PMC all over the world since Outer Heaven.



(2018)-DESPERADO INCURSIONS/WORLD MARSHAL’S REVOLT: After half of the contractors at World Marshal’s contracts were not renewed by the United States government, World Marshal and Desperado triggers the attack and revolt in North Africa. During the meeting between Raiden and the prime minister N’Mani, Desperado members Sundowner and Samuel kidnapped the prime minister. Raiden then had to take down a new Metal Gear RAY that was in his way to get to Sundowner. Once on the train, Sundowner killed N’Mani as Samuel challenges Raiden to a battle. Raiden lost the battle and he was severely injured following the defeat. 3 weeks later, after a successful surgery on his body, Raiden heads to South America to get some information on Desperado. He encountered BladeWolf and they become partners. Raiden then got the information he needed until he had a battle with a Desperado member named Mistrial. After he defeated her, he headed to a Research facility in Mexico. Raiden then went to a room that contained cybernetic brain casings with the brains in each and everyone of them, causing him to realize that they were kidnapping children to remove their brains and placing them in cyborg bodies. Also, some of the children were left over as child soldiers of war. Raiden saved all of the children in the facility and his next target is World Marshal in Denver. Upon entering the building, He encounters Monsoon and Samuel as they tell Raiden what Desperado and World Marshal will do to the entire world as they also berate Raiden. This angers Raiden as he brings out his “Jack The Ripper” persona that he has not used since the Liberian Civil War. After Raiden defeated Monsoon, he battles Sundowner on top of the building. Soon after, Raiden escapes and he eventually meets up with Samuel. After a lengthy sword battle, Raiden killed Samuel as he has no remorse for it whatsoever. Raiden then heads to a United States army base as he meets with Sunny as she gives Raiden the location of Steve Armstrong’s location. Raiden infiltrated Armstrong’s base and ends up fighting Metal Gear EXCELSUS (the largest Metal Gear ever created). Once Raiden tears it down to pieces, Steve has a conversation with Raiden. Steve explained that he wanted to start the War Economy again after he is elected president and for only World Marshal to be the only PMC in the world left to have complete control over the government. Steve and Raiden have a fierce battle and Raiden wins and then takes out his nano-machine heart in the process. Afterwards, Raiden becomes only an agent for hire as he wanders what the future is for him.

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros Preview

It was recently announced that the first part of Metal Gear Solid V which is titled Metal Gear Solid V:Ground Zeros, will be released in spring 2014. It will be released in retail or by download for the price of $29.99. The reason MGSV is split into two games is because MGSV: Ground Zeros is the prologue to the upcoming MGSV: The Phantom Pain which is the main game. Also, the development of the main game is taking too long as stated by the developers so the fans can get this game to play while the main game will be completed soon. Hideo Kojima made a statement about the game’s size. Kojima stated that the main game is 300% larger than the prologue. Even though Ground Zeros is smaller, the area it takes place in is still very large in my opinion. Also, the new voice actor for snake Kiefer Sutherland, will do both MGSV: Ground Zeros and MGSV: ThePhantom Pain. Now lets get to the preview.




Ground Zeros will have the storyline mission that will lead into the main game once it releases. Outside from the story, there are many extra ops missions to complete. Some gameplay changes and additions have been either added or removed. The alert phase has been reworked so that you can be spotted from any angle. The newest addition called “Reflex Mode”, slows down the time for a few seconds for you to take out the guard before a base wide alert goes off. This mode was added for first time players but this feature can be turned off. The other new addition is the IDroid device. This device is the pause menu and you can call for an chopper, get mission information and more options. It is also you’re map for the game. The tagging feature replaces the radar from the past games. It was put in for the player to see the guards and items and more things very easily and from a far distance since this game is an open world game. The bullet drop feature has been added for more realism to the weapons you are using. It is also a feature that makes sure that you are in the right range when you are firing a weapon. For example, you will know you are in the right range once the crosshairs of that weapon turn from white to red. It will take some time to get used too but I am looking forward to this. The CQC (close quarters combat) has also been reworked. In past games, it was not as realistic as it is in this game. This time you can steal enemy weapons and use it against them. Also, the hand to hand combat is exactly how CQC is supposed to be. Quick, Fast and effective. Another thing I want to mention is the ability to call for choppers. In MGS Peace Walker, you can call for airstrikes and care packages but in this game, you can call for a chopper to pick you up at one location to go to another or to use it for combat. However, in Ground Zeros, You can only call for one chopper per mission (see the reason why on the story preview below). Once it is destroyed, you will have to use you’re head for another option on how to escape or to go somewhere else. In MGSV: The Phantom Pain, you can call for as many choppers you want. The final part of gameplay I will mention is the alert phase. When you are playing in the night, it is less likely you will get spotted but however, if the guards see something suspicious or wrong (for example, another guard is knocked out or hear you’re footsteps while you walk or sprint or etc), the alert phase begins and they will use their flashlights to search for you. When this happens, it means that you are closer to getting spotted and if you are spotted, the guard will call for a base wide alert. In the daytime, you will have a high chance of getting spotted. The guards will not always stand in the same spot as the AI have been advanced from past games. There will also be times where the guards will work in teams. For example, if guard A tells guard B to cover a location in the area, guard B will go there but he will let guard A know when he will either go to another location or come back to meet up again. There will be more dialogue to ease drop when the guards talk but this is what I saw in one of the gameplay trailers. Another example is when two guards are patrolling an area, snake can hold a guard hostage. If you hold him for too long, the other guard will notice and will try to look for him. That is another way an alert phase will begin. I almost forget to add this but when the base wide alert happens, you will have to use everything and everything to take the enemies down or escape the area because it will not go to the caution phase since that has been removed .It will not only be the soldiers after you, it will also be choppers, tanks and more.



This is known based off the trailers and interviews from Hideo Kojima. This part of the game takes place in 1975 and it is the sequel to MGS Peace Walker. Due to the ending of MGS Peace Walker, Big Boss (Naked/Punished Snake) and Kaz Miller, the leader and commanders of MSF, are now a target and a threat to the entire world. The Cipher (The Patriots) agent Paz, survived the battle from the previous game, have been found and captured by XOF leader Skull Face. She knows too much information from Big Boss and she has been hiding information from both Cipher and Major Zero. Skull Face, under the orders of Zero, wants to interrogate Paz to the whereabouts of MSF and Big Boss. Chico from the previous game as well goes on his own to rescue Paz but ends up being captured by XOF and Skull Face and is now being held in Camp Omega. Meanwhile at the same time, there were rumors that MSF was holding weapons of mass destruction so there is an inspection going on at Big Boss’ base (this is the reason you can only use one chopper per mission in this part of the game, it would be too suspicious to send out many choppers during the inspection). The mission for Snake is to rescue Chico and Paz  and get out of Camp Omega in Cuba. A few more scenes shown in various trailers is that Paz is getting a bomb removed from inside her stomach, the surprise attack on MSF  from XOF, and Big Boss falling into a coma. I believe that will be the end of the prologue once Snake falls into the coma so when he wakes up in 1984 (the year MGSV: The Phantom Pain takes place), that will be the beginning of the second part of the game that should be released by the end of next year. The special edition of the game will come with a figure of Snake, and the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker novel. This novel is for the players who have never played the game to read about the events of the Peace Walker Incident. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeross will come out in spring 2014 for the PS3, Ps4, Xbox 360 andXbox One



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Metal Gear Timeline part 3 (Events in the 1980’s to the 1990’s, Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)


  • (1985)- VR Training is researched and developed.
  • (MID 1985)– Big Boss meets Frank Jaeger again and his adopted sister Naomi Hunter and takes them both back to America.
  • (1987)- The lord’s resistance army insurgency begins in Uganda and Drebin is kidnapped by the Guerrilla Forces and is forced to fight as a child soldier.
  • (1988)– During the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein launched the AL-Anfal campaign. During this campaign, Sniper Wolf’s family was killed due to the airstrikes.
  • (MID 1989)– Sundowner became involved in the Invasion of Panama.
  • (NOVEMBER 1989)- Big Boss establishes the mercenary nation state and fortress of Outer Heaven in South Africa.
  • (DECEMBER 1989)- Jack (Raiden) participates in the Liberian Civil War as a child soldier recruited by Solidus Snake. During this time, Solidus killed his parents and raised Jack. Also, Jack developed his ” Jack The Ripper” persona.
  • (1990)– Big Boss returns to the United States to take control of FOXHOUND once again to start his war against Zero. Also, Frank Jaeger is awarded the title of fox and is renamed Gray Fox. Meanwhile, Zero and The Patriots/Cipher does not know yet that Big Boss returned to America.
  • (1991)-Solid Snake joins the army and is sent on a mission to infiltrate west Iraq during the Gulf War. Liquid Snake joins the SAS and is also send on a mission in the Gulf War to destroy SCUD missile launchers. During the mission, he is captured and became a POW and is declared missing in action. Sundowner also participated in the Gulf War.
  • (1992)- The athlete who would become the mercenary Running Man, completes the 100 meter dash in 9.69 seconds in the Olympics.
  • (1994)– Liquid Snake is rescued by the United States from Iraq.
  • (EARLY 1995)– Solid Snakes Joins FOXHOUND, Unaware that Big Boss is his father while he is also his commander. Meanwhile, Big Boss kidnaps and orders Dr. Madnar to develop Metal Gear TX-55


metal gear

(1995)- OUTER HEAVEN UPRISING– The United States learn that Outer Heaven is developing Metal Gear TX-55. They contact FOXHOUND (unbeknownst that Big Boss is still the commander) to send their highest ranking soldier to take it down. Big Boss sends in Gray Fox  but he gives him misinformation and lead him to traps so he can get captured in Outer Heaven. Big Boss then sends in Solid Snake to do the mission. Snake meets  Gray Fox for the first time and after he rescued him, Fox gives Snake the information of  where the Metal Gear is. Soon after, Solid Snake runs into the Outer Heaven Mercenaries. They are, Shotmaker, Machinegun Kid, Fire Trooper, and Dirty Duck. He defeats them all in different locations and then he goes to the lower level in Outer Heaven. As soon as he reached the basement. Big Boss tells him to abort the mission but he refused. The goal for Big Boss is to delay the mission so the Metal Gear can be finished so he can go to war against Zero. Solid snake destroyed TX-55 by using plastic explosives. Then he encounters Big Boss. Big Boss revealed to Snake that he is both the commander of FOXHOUND and Outer Heaven and he led him to traps on purpose. Even for his advanced age, Big Boss battles with Snake But Snake got the victory here. Snake escapes Outer Heaven before NATO bombs the fortress. Meanwhile, Big Boss escaped also along with many of his mercenaries. Snake completes the mission and he is now a full fledged member of FOXHOUND.




  • (1996)- Roy Campbell becomes the new commander of FOXHOUND. Kaz Miller is now the sub-commander
  • (LATE 1996)- The Liberian Civil War ends.
  • (JANUARY 1997)- Huey Emmerich commits suicide by drowning himself in the family pool after he found out about his wife’s affair with Hal Emmerich.
  • (JULY 1997)- Big Boss and his soldiers participate in the mercenary war to have central Asia gain their independence from Russia by force. As a result, He becomes the president of Zanzibar and he builds another Fortress over there.



(1999)- ZANZIBAR LAND DISTURBANCE: A major oil crisis affects the global economy as Asia is the only country in the world that has the highest amount of oil. Dr. Marv creates the OILX program that will produce synthetic oil. Big Boss kidnaps Marv and he forces him to not only give up the OILX program, but to help Big Boss develop Metal Gear D. Big Boss plans to hold the entire world hostage with the oil supply and the OILX program unless The Patriots give up the location of Zero. The United States countered this by giving Roy Campbell and Kaz miller (now known as “Master Miller”) the order to send in Solid Snake to stop him. Once Snake defeats running man and Black Ninja, he finds out information about Gray Fox, who is still a soldier for Big Boss. Meanwhile, he also defeats Red Blaster, Four Horsemen and Jungle evil before learning that Dr. Marv attempted to kill him. Solid snake kills him in self defense as he goes to the next room to find out that Gray Fox is controlling Metal Gear D. After it was destroyed, Snake and Gray Fox have one more battle in the minefield in which Snake defeats him. The next battle for Snake is Big Boss. Big Boss dropped a piece of news to him. He told him that he is his father. Snake and Big Boss have a fierce battle until Snake use a combination of a spray can and a lighter to make a flamethrower to defeat him. After Snake escaped and finished the mission, he goes into Alaska for his retirement. Meanwhile, Zero and The Patriots recovered Big Boss’ and Gray Fox’s bodies. Zero put Big Boss’ body in a nano-machine storage facility in order to shut his body down. and Gray Fox was being experimented and reconstructed  by Para-Medic. Soon, he was reborn as a cyborg ninja.




Metal Gear Timeline Part 2 (MGS: Peace Walker, MGS5: Ground Zeroes, MGS5: The Phantom Pain)

Please note that the information from Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain is based off the trailers, the website and information that I already know. The games are currently unreleased as they will come out in 2014.



(1974)-PEACE WALKER INCIDENT: Big Boss and Kaz are given an old offshore oil rig to act as the base of MSF (Militaires Sans Frontieres). After Big Boss went through a training routine with his soldiers, they are contacted by Vladimir Zadornov and Paz to find out what the CIA is doing in Costa Rica. During this time, Big Boss saves Chico and Amanda from the AI sentinels. Later, they discover an AI weapons project that was being sanctioned by Hot Coldman. Then Big Boss headed to Huey Emmerich and he explained to Big Boss about the four AI Weapons and the Peace Walker Machine. The four AI weapons are Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon and the Peace Walker itself. Big Boss destroys the first 3 weapons, but he is then captured by a woman who idolized The Boss, Dr. Strangelove. She interrogated Big Boss about the reason for his involvement resulting in The Boss’ death 10 years ago. Eventually, Big Boss escapes from the prison and go to battle Peace Walker. Peace Walker was completely incapable of launching a nuclear weapon by itself, only launching out of self-defense, as part of the theory of deterrence. However, it could be tricked into launching a nuclear weapon into a country if supplied with false data, which could depict an imaginary Soviet nuclear attack on the U.S. It could also transmit this false data to third parties, such as NORAD. This was the result of it possessing covert channels to NORAD’s early warning system made of DSP satellite-mounted infrared sensors and an array of surveillance radar stations across America, meant for human decision making, due to Peace Walker being required to act autonomously. After the battle was finished, Big Boss, Kaz and Emmerich come up with an idea to build their own Metal Gear for MSF. They did this by using parts of the AI weapons that was destroyed. Strangely, Zadornov leaves MSF 7 times and when Big Boss found him the 7th time, he killed Zadornov in self-defense. This was an diversion for Paz to hijack Metal Gear ZEKE and to launch a missile to the United States for only MSF to get blamed for the attack. Also, Paz revealed to Big Boss that she was a double agent for Cipher (codename for Zero and The Patriots). She orders Big Boss to rejoin or else not only she will launch the attack for MSF to get blamed, but to reveal to the world that Big Boss is holding weapons of mass destruction. Big Boss defeats her but she fell out of Metal Gear into the ocean, to which Big Boss assumes that she is alive. In the end, MSF and Cipher are now searching for her.






(1975)- OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: XOF commander and Cipher agent, Skull Face, captures Paz after she was found by a fisherman, who saw her drifting in the Caribbean. Skull Face also captured Chico after he went looking for her and they are both being held in Camp Omega. Paz is being interrogated about the location of MSF. Meanwhile, the UN has picked up on the rumor that MSF is holding weapons of mass destruction so there is going to be an inspection that will take place over there to see if the rumors are true. The mission for Big Boss is for him to rescue Paz and Chico in Camp Omega before she tells Skull Face about MSF. When Big Boss arrived, he saved Chico and Paz but had to preform emergency surgery to remove a bomb that has been placed inside her stomach. When Big Boss returns to MSF, their base was attacked and destroyed by the XOF unit. Some time later, Big Boss falls into a coma.




  • (1976)- The Les Effants Terribles’ project is aborted
  • (1977)- Kaz Miller and MSF discovered an abandoned underground nuclear facility owned by the South African government, This Facility later becomes the fortress of Outer Heaven
  • (1979)- Ocelot participates in the invasion of Afghanistan while working as a GRU Spetsnaz Operative. During this war, he learned interrogation and torture techniques. Rebels who feared him gave him the name “Shalashaska”
  • (1980)- Hal Emmerich is born
  • (1983)- Jack (Raiden) is born



(1984)- THE HOSPITAL ESCAPE: Big Boss awakens from the hospital with his left arm missing and replaced with a hook and some debris on his head. The doctor informed him that he has been in a coma for 9 years. Some time later, the hospital is attacked by either the XOF unit or a new group called ” Those Who Don’t Exist.” Ishmael, who claimed that he has watched over Big Boss for 9 years, aided Big Boss for the escape. During the escape, many hospital patients were killed. Big Boss also sees hallucinations of Volgin and a flaming whale. Also to note out, a young Psycho Mantis appears as well.



RESCUE MISSON: Moments after the escape, Big Boss meets up with Ocelot so they can leave the area. Some time later, Big Boss’ hook on his left arm was replaced with a prosthetic arm that was similar to Zadornov’s. The next mission for him is to go to Afghanistan to rescue Kaz Miller, who has been captured. After the rescue, a new unit called Diamond Dogs has been created. Kaz Miller and Ocelot proceeded to torture a female sniper named Quiet, and Huey Emmerich. Ocelot and Big Boss found out about a plan from Cipher. Their plan is to build a weapon system that has the power to surpass Metal Gear.


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Metal Gear Timeline Part 1 (MGS3:Snake Eater, MGS: Portable Ops, Les Enfants Terribles’ Project)

Julian Cannon is back again for a new blog. This time it is a 5 part post about the Metal Gear video game series timeline. To clarify, the games have been released but, just like the Star Wars movies, it has been released out of order. I am here to put the video games in order along with major events that happened in the Metal Gear universe. So sit back and get ready because this will be a long one. And finally, all the information I gathered are from the video games, comics and other media. Time to start.  


  • (1918)- The United States, Russia and China form The Philosophers. The first group under The Philosophers are called The Wisemen’s Committee.
  • (1935)- John (Naked Snake/Big Boss) is born.
  • (1942)- The Manhattan Project begins.
  • (1944)- The Joy and her Cobra Unit led the United States to victory in World War II. After that war, she gets the title of The Boss and her son Ocelot is born.
  • (1945)- The Philosopher’s Legacy (a massive amount of money collected from World War II) goes missing and laundered through banks in countries around the world.
  • (1962)- President John F. Kennedy disobeys The Philosophers for the cover up of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • (1963)- The Philosophers assassinated President John F. Kennedy.



(1964)- VIRTUOUS MISSION: A young Naked Snake is hired to work for FOX, which is lead by Major Zero. The Boss, his former mentor, is also in command for this mission. Snake’s mission is to rescue the scientist, Dr. Sokolov, and to escape the lab with the nuclear weapons. Snake then meets Ocelot for the first time and they had a small battle until Snake knocked him out. As they cross the bridge, The Boss stops Snake and announced to him that she has defected to the Soviet Union. Here is also the first time that we see Volgin and The Cobra Unit. The Boss takes Snake down with CQC (close quarters combat) and toss him off the bridge. Volgin then launches the bombs to set off the explosion at the lab.



OPERATION SNAKE EATER: Two weeks later, The United States ordered Major Zero and Naked Snake to eliminate The Boss and her Cobra Unit or else FOX will be disbanded and Snake and Zero will be arrested for the attack since the weapons were made in the US and someone needed to get blamed for the bombing of the lab in Russia. Snake returns to the Jungle in Russia and to then to the lab to meet Eva for the first time. Eventually, he battles with Ocelot again until he escaped. Next up, it was time for Snake to take down the Cobra Unit. They consisted of The Fear, The Fury, The End, The Sorrow and The Pain. He killed every member and he goes to the facility that is not only the location of Sokolov, but is also the location of the Shagahod that he was forced to develop. Snake is then captured By Volgin and Volgin proceeds to torture Naked Snake for his reason being there. During the interrogation, Snake looses his right eye due to an accidental shot by Ocelot. Snake then escaped, battles Volgin and destroyed the Shagahod, and find his way to The Boss. She Explained to him the reason why she turned on the US, which was to collect the Philosophers legacy. Snake wins the battle and then he killed her. Over in the united states, Snake is very upset about what he did and has a lot of remorse for killing her. He is then given the title of Big Boss as The Boss is forever branded as a traitor. On the post credits scene, Ocelot has a phone conversation with Zero and revealed that he was a triple agent for Zero, the KGB, and the United States. He also revealed that the Legacy Eva took from the Boss before the final battle was a fake and Ocelot has only one half of the legacy. the conversation ends with Ocelot Thanking Zero for not giving up his cover.




  • (1966)- Big Boss encounters, defeats and rescues Frank Jaegar (Gray fox) during the Mozambican War Of Independence. Frank is later sent to a care facility. From there, he is kidnapped by the philosophers.
  • (1968)– Eva went missing during the Vietnam War.
  • (EARLY 1970) – Major Zero disbanded FOX.



(1970)- SAN HIERONYMO TAKEOVER: 6 Years after Operation Snake Eater, Big Boss’ former unit FOX, broke their allegiance with the CIA and went renegade. Big Boss himself was targeted by the FOX unit, which send armed soldiers to attack and capture him. 12 hours later, Big Boss awoke in a prison cell in Colombia, where he was interrogated by LS, Cunningham. Cunningham was attempting to find and locate the other half of The Philosophers Legacy to which Big Boss kept responding that he had no idea where it was.Once the torture is finished, snake meets a young Roy Campbell for the first time and plans an escape. When they do escape, snake gets in contact with Para-Medic and she tells him that he and major zero have been arrested for treason against the government. Snake then vows to end the former FOX unit by forming FOXHOUND with Roy Campbell.  With this new unit, they have recruited soldiers from south America as well as encountering the old ones from FOX. Some time later, Big Boss finds Frank Jaeger (Gray Fox) and the two of them battle in a fist vs sword match. After the fight, Frank joins Big Boss’ rebellion and a character named Gene was revealed to be the new leader of FOX. To complicate matters, Gene has also convinced most of the Russian soldiers stationed at the base to join their side by simply taking over the chain of command belonging to a former Red Army unit, which was secretly stationed inside the Colombian territory. In order to complete his mission, Big Boss must persuade enemy soldiers to join his ranks due to the scale of his mission. Snake and his squad defeat the top members of the FOX unit and eventually they make their way into Gene’s guesthouse. Snake learns many things on his way. Cunningham was working for the Pentagon and wanted Snake to push Gene into launching a nuke at Russia to tarnish the CIA’s reputation and to prolong the Cold War. Gene was actually aware of this plan from the beginning due to information from Ocelot. Gene really wanted to launch a nuke at America to destroy the Philosophers and to make his nation of soldiers, “Army’s Heaven”. Snake destroys an experimental model of the ICBMG (the Metal Gear model) codenamed RAXA and eventually defeats Gene, destroying the finished ICBMG model afterward. After Gene is defeated he gives Snake the funds, equipment, personnel, and all other information regarding “Army’s Heaven”. On his return home, Snake is awarded for his actions, he then establishes FOXHOUND worldwide  afterwards. Elsewhere, Ocelot kills the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) and takes documents containing the identities of the Philosophers in an effort to “end them” and the other half of the legacy. In the post-credits epilogue, Ocelot speaks with Major Zero  on the phone, they are plotting to use the Legacy to fulfill their own agenda. Ocelot actually wanted the trajectory data of the nuke to point to the DCI, in order to black mail the DCI into giving Ocelot the documents containing the true identities of the Philosophers. Ocelot agrees to join his new employer’s project under the condition that Snake/Big Boss participates as well .this leads to the creation of The Patriots.




  • (MID 1970)- The Patriots go into effect. The first members are Zero, Big Boss, Sigint, Para Medic, and Ocelot.
  • (1971)– Big Boss finds Eva in Hanoi after she went missing. She becomes a member of The Patriots.

LES EFANTS TERRIBLES’ PROJECT (1972)- Due to his much lauded military career, Big Boss was made an icon and figurehead for the newly formed Patriots organization, a secret cabal that strove to increase its influence and power over the United States in the early 1970s. Fearing Big Boss’s departure due to ideological differences, Zero required insurance that the group’s icon remain, and that the genetic legacy of the so-called “Legendary Soldier” be safeguarded. Zero used Big Boss’ DNA to clone him and Eva served as the surrogate mother. 9 months later, Solid and Liquid Snake were born. Solidus Snake was born some time in that year. Once Big Boss found out about the project, him and Zero had a falling out. Big Boss then left the United States and The Patriots to drift around the entire world.


(LATE 1972)- Big boss and FOXHOUND participate in the Colombian civil war where he meets Kaz Miller. They both later form a new unit called Militaries San Frontieres (translated to “soldiers without borders”).

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