WBNYCC Video: ARROW and THE FLASH Trailers

Warner Bros. Television’s Sunday programming block at New York Comic Con 2015 kicked off with a bang, with fans in attendance treated to a couple of high-octane highlight reels featuring edge-of-your-seat footage from the new seasons of The CW’s hit Super Hero series Arrow and The Flash. Check out the trailers that took the Empire Room by storm right here:



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Review: Arrow


“The “Oliver” you lost..…….may not be the one they found….”

Emergency Room Doctor, Arrow

     It seems that the executives at Warner Brothers Studios just can’t bring themselves to see the writing on the wall. Or, more importantly, the box office returns for Marvel Comic’s the Avengers. With the cinematic template that Marvel Studios has provided the movie industry these past few years, I can’t see how people like DC publisher Dan Didio, co-publisher Jim Lee, or writer Geoff Johns are not climbing the walls in frustration for the way the WB is mismanaging DC’s properties. With the end of the CW series Smallville , the conclusion to director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and the introduction of Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot The Man of Steel ( next summer ), you’d think Warners would take the opportunity to convene a summit with the creative talents at DC. Maybe suggest holding off any upcoming adaptations of DC’s stable of characters and let Man of Steel be a jumping point for building a shared DC cinematic universe. Perhaps a well placed cameo by a certain female Amazonian in the film. Or a follow-up sequel where the Kryptonian must team up with a certain green hued American intergalactic peace officer to stave off an alien threat to Earth. Or a cameo in that film concerning a fast moving scarlet entity. Anything……………but the new CW series, Arrow.

     Based on the DC character Green Arrow (created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp ), the story revolves around narcissistic billionaire Oliver Queen ( played by actor Stephen Amell ) from the fictional Starling City. Queen becomes marooned on a deserted island after a brutal storm capsizes his yacht, and the aftermath claims the life of his father and his fiance’s sister ( whom he was secretly having an affair ). Five years later, Queen is rescued by a pair of fisherman and is brought back to civilization. However, as his family and friends start to realize, this is not the same Oliver Queen who they believed died at sea. Queen, traumatized by his experiences and physically hardened by his ordeal, has brought back with him a collection of deadly skill sets including a brutal fighting style as well as a parkour runner’s sense of environment. However, it is with an archer’s bow and arrow that Queen exhibits his most lethal talent….marksmanship. While those around him wonder what happened to Queen on the island, Oliver sets out to accomplish his own hidden agenda. Dressed as an emerald clad hooded vigilante, Queen goes about terrorizing the corrupt corporate power structure of Starling City.


     Break out the dictionary, people, because we have a new word to add to it: “Nolanesque“. This series doesn’t just take a page from the Dark Knight trilogy……….it devotes a whole wing of the library to it. There is not one key scene in Arrow that doesn’t mirror another scene found in Nolan’s three films. The disappearance of a billionaire playboy only for him to return years later, fully trained to accomplish his mission. The development of a high tech arsenal in a long abandoned space owned by his family ( which serves as his headquarters ). An ex-girlfriend who is now serving as a lawyer going up against corrupt businessmen. A debut appearance in a deserted lot in which said corrupt businessman is intimidated by the fearsome vigilante. A daring assault by our hero on a heavily fortified office guarded by armed bodyguards. And even a personal valet for our hero to rely on when things get hairy.

     Warner Brothers seriously needs to take these characters out of the CW network’s hands. They’ve closed the door on Smallvile…..there’s no need to revisit the slick high octane Gossip Girl aesthetic made famous by the CW. If this is supposed to be a “gritty” take on the emerald archer, then someone should fax over the definition of the word to the executives. Also, the pace of the first episode is too forced and we are thrown in the middle of Queen’s crusade without really being given a plausible reason why we should care. The corruption of Gotham City claimed the life of Bruce Wayne’s parents and we as an audience are riveted by those tragic circumstances and how they could affect someone to the point where they feel a certain need in becoming Batman. You never get this sense with Queen. It’s a shame writer- director David Goyer never got his adaptation of Green Arrow off the ground. Penned by Goyer and Justin Marks, the story ( titled Super Max ) revolves around billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, ( who, by night, becomes the masked vigilante Green Arrow ), who is wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. He is sentenced and placed in a high tech, maximum security prison. Surrounded by super criminals……..most of whom Green Arrow took down while on the outside…..Oliver not only must find out who set him up, but survive the revenge-minded prison populace as well. If you ask me, this would have been a fantastic project as well as an opportunity to introduce a whole slew of well known villains from DC’s universe. I’m afraid by allowing the CW to develop this project, Warner Brothers has taken a step back and scuttled another DC property that has to wait a few more years to get a decent relaunch. Don’t hold your breath for that live action Justice League movie. Not with the WB’s head firmly up the CW’s ass.