December BBTS iyems

FANSPROJECT FUNCTION X-1 TOYS FOR TOTS EXCLUSIVE FIGURE BigBadToyStore has teamed up with FansProject to make the holidays a little brighter for some great kids. We will be donating $20 (wholesale) worth of toys to Toys for Tots for each Function X-1 figure purchased between now and December 16th. The figure is still being kept a secret, but we can tell you that it converts from robot to four-wheeled vehicle mode and features two scoped rifles, and is listed at $68.99. A new collectible toy for you, as well as toys for those who could really use and enjoy them – help us make the holidays merry for everyone!

JANUARY 2013 DC COLLECTIBLES LISTINGS Five releases have been announced in the January 2013 DC list. We have the Injustice 3.75″ figure set of Deathstroke and Green Arrow, which is listed at $26.99 (43 off the MSRP), as well as the new Green Lantern Simon Baz Action figure at $20.99 ($2 off the MSRP). For Statues with have a new Superman piece from Lee Bermejo art at $69.99 ($10 off the MSRP), a Batman: Arkham City The Joker Statue at $99.99 ($25 off the MSRP) and an Oliver Queen 13.25″ Statue from the new TV series Arrow, which is listed at $134.99 ($15 off the MSRP).

TRANSFORMERS PRIME AM-01 OPTIMUS PRIME & AM-19 GAIA UNICRON BOX SET Takara is releasing a new box set of Optimus Prime and Unicron together; these popular figures can merge, with Unicron as an armor suit girding Optimus Prime. This set is listed at $139.99.

MORTAL KOMBAT NOOB SAIBOT STATUE Syco Collectibles has announced a new Mortal Kombat Statue. Noob is shown in his grey ninja outfit, ready to deal a killing blow. We have this statue listed at $149.99, $10 off the MSRP.

DECEMBER BOOKS, TRADE PAPERBACKS December is a pretty good month for books and TPBs. we have both cover versions of the New Warriors Omnibus Hardcover Volume 01 at $79.99 ($20 off the MSRP), the Avengers Vs. X-Men Hardcover Companion at $79.99 ($20 off the MSRP), the GI Joe Cobra Civil War Compendium Hardcover at $44.99 ($5 off the MSRP), the LEGO ® Minifigure Character Encyclopedia at $18.99, the new World of Warcraft Dark Riders Hardcover at $21.49, Star Trek Federation First 150 Years Deluxe Hardcover with Sound & Light Base at $89.99 ($10 off the MSRP), Batman Volume 01 Court of Owls TPB at $15.49, Batman: Gotham By Gaslight TPB at $11.99 and more – take a peek at all of the new books at the link.

DECEMBER IMPORT EXCLUSIVES Another batch of import exclusives has been listed. We have the Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam (Awakening), with or without Glowing Stage Set at $179.99 or $124.99, an SIC Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Kuuga Three Form Set at $132.99, 1/144 HGUC Sets of GM & Guncannon and Gouf & Gelgoog with new paintjobs at $54.99 and $63.99, respectively, a Gundam Warrior Gashapon Senshi Set at $108.99 and a Rider Hero Series Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Double Fusion States at $39.99.

NEW DVDS, BLU-RAYS A variety of new DVDs and Blu-Rays are listed for pre-order. We have all three seasons of Archer in either format, as well as “Godzilla Vs. Biollante” an either format. Puppet Master Box Sets of Movies 1, 2 and 3 are also available as Blu-Ray or DVD, and DVDs are listed of Animaniacs Volume 04 and Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling. You can get more information about all of these releases at the link.

DOCTOR WHO REISSUE FIGURES Underground Toys has announced that a number of popular figures are going back for another run. Pre-orders are currently listed for River Song in Spacesuit, Idris, the Silent with Mouth Open or Closed, Cybermats and the Bearded Doctor, with each priced at $17.99.

NEW ASTRO BOY ITEMS Tezuka Productions will be releasing a number of new Astro Boy items. We have the Atom Tin Toy at $899.99, $100 off the MSRP, as well as a Pluto Vs. Uran PVC Set, a Baby Atom 10″ PVC Figure, an Atom Bank, Plushes of Atom, Uran and Dr. Ochanomizu, and even an Accessory Pouch.

TINTIN MERCHANDISE We also have a number of new listings for Tintin items. There is a Tintin Meetings – Tintin & Chang 10.63″ Statue at $449.99, $60 off the MSRP; a Haddock the Mariner 9.45″ Statue at $299.99, $40 off the MSRP, a Best Wishes Limited Edition Metal Sculpture, new Transports and Box Sets and more.

TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2013 SERIES 01 SINGLES Our first shipment of Generations 2013 Deluxes has arrived. and while we are waiting on another shipment to finish filling our cases and sets, we have some leftover singles available. We have Fall of Cybertron Sideswipe and Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus at $14.99 each, and Fall of Cybertron Starscream at $16.99.

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 1/4 SCALE HD MASTERPIECE BATMAN, JOKER Enterbay’s first entries into the Batman Franchise come in the form of two figures from “Batman: The Dark Knight”. The 1/4 Scale HD Masterpiece Batman and Joker figures come with alternate heads, hands, weapons and more, and we have Batman and Joker each listed at $374.99 ($75 off of the MSRP).

1/6 SCALE MGS3 NAKED SNAKE IN SNEAKING SUIT Hot Toys has released a new version of Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3, complete with Sneaking Suit. He comes with alternate hands, weapons and more, and is listed at $199.99, $15 off of the MSRP.

STAR WARS REAL ACTION HEROES WITH SOUND – C-3P0, R2-D2 Both of the updated RAH Droids have arrived. C-3P0 plays 7 phrases from the film, has a light-up feature and is listed at $239.99, while R2-D2 plays 10 phrases, also has a light-up feature as well as an adjustable center leg and is listed at $214.99

STAR WARS 12″ UTAPAU AIRBORNE TROOPER The latest Sideshow 12″ Militaries of Star Wars release is the Utapau Airborne Trooper. This Clone Trooper comes with a yellow/orange detailed heavy armor suit, multiple weapons, alternate hands and boots and more. We have this figure listed at $129.99, $5 off the MSRP.

MARVEL LEGENDS 2012 SERIES 02 CASE This case of 8 includes Dark Wolverine, Drax, Fantomex, Heroic Age Captain America and more, along with the pieces to assemble the Arnim Zola Build-A-Figure. We have this case priced at $124.99.

SPIDER-MAN BLACK MUSEUM 12″ STATUE Bowen Designs has released the black costume version of the 12″ Spider-Man Museum statue. It shows the sleekness of the original organic costume, and is listed at $224.99.

NEW 52 DC COMICS VILLAINS JOKER BUST This piece shows the Joker rising out of a cloud of green gas, with his finger up in a silencing motion while a knife can be seen behind his back. It stands 6″ tall and is listed at $59.99, $10 off the MSRP.

HALO 4 DIE-CAST 14″ WARTHOG This large die-cast vehicle has a rotating turret, opening hood and working steering, and is listed at $49.99.

“THE RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES” KOBA FIGURE This 5″ ape figure is the second from HiYa Toys. He comes with alternate hands as well as an alternate teeth-baring head, and is listed at $24.99.

Anime Matrix Podcast #1: Air Master

Welcome to the first ever Anime-Matrix podcast all about Anime, Rob Base talks with Suine Hallock, Net Lex, and Crystal Base about the
hit Anime series Air Master!





Review- The Immortal


By Chuck Suffel

Demon in the Blood #1

Writer: Ian Edginton, Penciller: Vicenç Villagrasa Inker: José Luis Río Colorist: José Luis Río, Dan Jackson Cover Artist: Long Vo

“This book is due out 12-21-2011, so please be aware some of the things mentioned here could constitute spoilers! I have done my best to avoid mentioning anything specific that wasn’t in the solicits.”

Japan 1859, the rule of the shogun is fading and along with it the samurai. The ancient culture slowly eroded by the encroaching world, the wonders of the Steam Age challenging the ancient magic of the past. But Amane Ichinose, a samurai, will soon find out the ancient magics are still strong and his life will be forever changed by them. Branded a traitor and left for dead his life is saved by a tattoo artist and the immortal “oni” Amane is now linked to. What life will this ex-samurai now apprentice tattoo artist have, what price will the gift of life he’s received cost?

This was a very basic issue one, we meet the cast of characters follow the setup and are left to ponder the inevitable “what’s next”. The story is well told, the art is really good with characters that are well thought out and easily recognizable from one panel/page to the next. I was especially impressed with the depictions of the “oni”. I’m not a huge fan of Japanese stories per-say but this one has my interest. If you’re a completion-ist then by all means pick this up but I have a funny feeling issue 2 will have a decent recap and hopefully give us a clue as to where are protagonist will head on his new path.

Adapted from the Japanese novel URA-ENMA by Fumi Nakamura.

Publication Date: December 21, 2011 Format: FC, 32 pages Price: $3.50 UPC: 7 61568 19207 0 00111

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Figma: Drossel new pre-orders

Fireball (ファイアボール Faiabōru) is a CGI anime shorts created by Jinni’s Animation Studios in conjunction with Disney. The show takes place in the distant future of the 49th millennium, and revolves around the happenings inside a giant manor (named ‘Tempest Tower’) inhabited by two robots; the gynoid duchess Drossel von Flügel (title and full name: the 19th Lord of Uranos’ Kingdom’s Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel; voiced by Miyuki Kawashō) and her massive cyclopian arachnoid servant, Gedächtnis (voiced by Toru Okawa). The episodes are usually nonsensical in nature, normally showing the two characters making idle conversation in the midst of a war with humanity. A third character, a monkey-robot named “Schadenfreude“, joins them later

Pre-Orders are up here