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Me and Rob Base talk wrestling along with listener questions, AJ Lee’s retirement, Scott Steiner/Hulk Hogan, the old show of “Wrestling secrets exposed” and more 

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My thoughts of AJ Lee retiring from WWE

My thoughts on AJ Lee’s “retirement”.  

First and foremost, as a fan that has watched wrestling for 20+ years, I can honestly say that AJ Lee was one of the most overrated & overhyped performers that I’ve had the displeasure of viewing on a weekly basis. Everything about her from her look, to her in-ring style to her promos were average at best. She wasn’t the worst, but was nowhere near as good to be as pushed as far as she was IMO. If you are an AJ Lee fan, more power to you, but she was never my cup of tea and I will not be misisng her at all. She basically got over being “The Crazy Chick” which is one of the most overused characters in female wrestling. Luna was crazy. Sensational Sherri was crazy. Mickie James was crazy. Victoria was crazy. Daffney was crazy. This isn’t anything new and fans were treating it like it was with her.  


Despite my feelings for AJ as a performer, I at least respected her because I understood what she was trying to do. She understood that nobody took the Division seriously and she also understood that something needed to be done with that. She was trying to bring about change and I will give her props for that. The unfourtunate relaity is that AJ herself had become a liability to the Divas Division. How so you ask?


Do you remember WrestleMania 29? Remember the mixed tag match that was supposed to happen, but got bumped due to time constraints? That’s been the common trend and theme for the Divas Division for years. When short on time, it affected the Divas 90% of the time. That is the entire point of Total Divas(although i do not watch the show because i hate reality TV). Total Divas allows Divas to get more time on TV. Whether you like Total Divas or dislike Total Divas, you cannot deny that it has led to Divas getting more to do because the stories on that show (with the exception of anything involving John Cena and Nikki for whatever reason) are eventually told on RAW and Smackdown and often leads to week or month long feuds. Total Divas is WWE’s way of giving Divas more to do….but AJ Lee had no interest being a part of that show. OK, that’s fine, so as the show gets more popular off E Network, WWE began adding more divas to the show while AJ Lee again remains to be one of the few Divas on the show. It gets worst…Total Divas goes into the personal life of all the Divas on the show which can include their family, their boyfriends and their husbands…but who is AJ Lee married to? Exactly. Not only is her husband the guy that blackballed himself from WWE, but its also the very same guy that went on a podcast and basically told WWE to f*** off. For God’s sake, he’s being sued by a WWE doctor. Speaking of that, you mean to tell me if AJ Lee gets injured the same doctor that sued her husband has to help heal her? Awkward. Speaking of CM Punk, everytime AJ is on TV the fans can’t help but chant his name. 

I could say more, but I’m sure most get the deal. Best of luck to AJ in her future endeavours. I’m sure she’ll do fine in whatever she decides to do, but this wrestling fan will not miss her at all.

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