Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a 1982 American cyberpunk science fiction film,

ridleyscott.jpg directed by Ridley Scott.

The screenplay, written by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples,was based on the novel

do-androids-dream-of-electric-sheep.jpg Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.

The film stars

harry-ford.jpg Harrison Ford harrison_ford-with-gun.jpg

and features

rutger-hauer.jpg Rutger Hauer rutger-hauer-upper-body.jpg

sean-young.jpg Sean Young sean-and-harry.jpg

gaff_is_enigmatic.jpg Edward James Olmos eddie_blade_runner.jpg

bryant_desk.jpg M. Emmet Walsh brsm_bryant.jpg

hannah-bladerunner.jpg Daryl Hannah pris.jpg

The film depicts a dystopian Los Angeles in November 2019 in which genetically manufactured beings called replicants

visually indistinguishable from adult humans – are used for dangerous and degrading work in Earth’s “off-world colonies”. Following a small replicant uprising, replicants become illegal on Earth; and specialist police called “blade runners” are trained to hunt down and “retire” (kill) escaped replicants on Earth.

The plot focuses on a brutal and cunning group of replicants hiding in Los Angeles and a semi-retired blade runner, Rick Deckard (Ford), who reluctantly agrees to take on one more assignment.

harry-ford-jumpning.jpg bladerunner12-07-07.jpg

Ridley Scott  credits the Painting Nighthawks and the Graphic Novel the long tomorrow


as the inspiration  for the movies look.

Comic Books have played some importance on the blade runner film

blade_runner_comic_ofc.jpg blade-runner-comic-1.GIFblade-runner-comic-2.GIF

Seven versions of the film have been created, for various markets, and as a result of controversial changes made by film executives. A rushed Director’s Cut was released in 1992 after a strong response to workprint screenings. This, in conjunction with its popularity as a video rental, made it one of the first films to see a DVD release, resulting in a basic disc with mediocre video and audio quality. In late 2007 Warner Bros. released in theater and DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray the 25th anniversary long-awaited digitally remastered definitive Final Cut by Scott.


Also just because its so cool, here are some images of blade runners gun

Plager Katsumate Series-D blaster or the m2019 whatever you wanna call it.


So if you have never seen Blade Runner get the final cut dvd and if you have go and buy the 5 disk version

Saturday Night (poem 2004)

Saturday Night So many times in our lives we feel the need to cry.
So give me a reason why all the love in life must try
To get rid of itself wastefully, unattainable and with most haste.
Like a flower that blooms just to wilt and die, I felt my heart…
Well a piece of it just crumbled and flaked away on Saturday
Midday, my soul fell weak and shriveled. To the sounds of a friend,
More perfect than most, stop by to tell us she has finally reached the coast.
The ocean breeze, I guess it’s better than the perfect trees that we planted together!
Her boat had docked for about 3 to 4 hours and it wishes to sail away and never darken our….
Let’s not become over poetic this is the story of love come and love lorn to love must go with another
Tell me something new and I will show you why I hate my hatred, why I hate life for it has not shown us anything useful.
I hate the time we lose. All the phone calls she doesn’t send, I hate myself forgiving in, as I surrender to the idea of losing
To the fame of unknown love that will never be fulfilled because we have to stand idlly by and let it fly
For a man most educated, the only word I can say is something so small and insignificant
I hate myself for letting you get away
I hate the dreams we have of you
The love we shared with you
The companionship you let us reach
The coffee we drank every Sunday when we would meet
The kisses you gave the hugs we squeezed
The hopelessness of truth
Saturday change the outcome but not how we feel
We love you now more than ever
But will stand back as you congeal into the arms of another you really don’t love
But with this I say from the both of us good luck

With love,
We give .
With hope,
We shared.
With heavenly arms,
We hold your heart
And tell you we shall never let you come apart.

Your angels wait near, and the fiction of our future once so dear to us now just a dream.
We love thee and pray to be with you one day.
Ever and ever the never ending September
The time we learn the truth about us now that a year may be nearly past now in this cold
January we look to a warmer climate in you maybe…. but I could be wrong

To you the golden goddess
From the angels of dreams

A short poem of losing it all and gaining nothing back
By Robert Greenwood

New York Anime Festival at Kinokuniya


So at Kinokuniya on 6th ave and 40 street, they had a panel of artist from around the Manga-verse !

crowd.jpg crowd-2.jpgcrowd-3.jpgdark-crowd.jpg

the panel was amazing and the crowd that was sitting nearby enjoyed every minute

people-sitting.jpg people-sitting-girl-drawing.jpg

but due to the limited and flat out lack of size for the panel space most fans had to stand off to the side and far in the back behind book cases, along with people who were inside the cafe area talking over the panel. If and When they do this again we feel holding a panel at a ny comic book convention maybe the best thing.

ben-and-manga.jpg naratuo-and-tifa.jpgbilly-and-ben.jpgkids-lookint-at-books.jpgbilly-benny-and-crystal.jpgnaratuo.jpgastro-boy.jpgchick-with-cap.jpg

We had a blast and we love New York Anime Festival and Kinokuniya

just wish we had some more room to hear the panel better!


The AMZ Ring


This image has been apart of Alternative Mindz for 14 years now and we always get ask what does the tri yin yang stand for?

well let us tell you

its based on the Chinese philosophy of the Yin and yang


which is a basic polar opposites yin is dark (shady place) and yang is light (sunny place)

or simply Good and Evil

but the Tri Yin Yang is based on

Korea’s Sam-Taegeuk


it represents Heaven, Man and Earth

Ours is alittle bit more of the understanding that life is filled of Black and White and Gray. there is good and evil, but most of us are in that gray area.

the halo ring around it was to make it our own (can we say trademarked)