Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Daredevil #512, the
landmark final issue from writer Andy Diggle and artist Roberto de la
Torre! In the wake of the shocking conclusion of SHADOWLAND, Hell’s
Kitchen has been thrown into disarray and Matt Murdock is among the

Does the mantle of Daredevil now rest with a dead man? And
are his friends, lovers and allies able to cope with what he wrought,
let alone atone for his sins?  It’s the dramatic last stand of a
Marvel icon as this era of Daredevil comes to a close, only in
Daredevil #512.


Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Secret Avengers #7

from the superstar team up of writer Ed Brubaker and artist Mike
Deodato! The blockbuster epic continues as the Secret Avengers and
their newest teammate Shang Chi head to Hong Kong to stop a plot to
resurrect a great evil! Can Marvel’s hottest covert team stop these
dark forces from raising Shang Chi’s father back from the dead? The
action kicks into overdrive this November in Secret Avengers #7!

The Caption Box Podcast 3: Horror Comics


From EC comics to the walking dead, stories of the macabre Have tantalize and mystified the reader for more than 60 years.
Rob Base talks with Juan Pineda about Horror and scifi comics, even possible a story about zombie Jesus !