Nano Magnetics Reveal New Nanodots Constructor Accessories

The Nanopad and MFV Splitter give creators new ways to construct with Nanodots

The company behind the world’s most addictive magnetic constructors, Nanodots, unveiled two new accessories today – the Nanopad and MFV Splitter. Fans can now use the Nanopad and MFV Splitter to make designing and creating with Nanodots even easier and more fun.
“Nanodots have won the hearts of trendsetters, tech lovers, geeks, gamers and gadgeteers,” says Tim Szeto, head of product development at Nano Magnetics, Ltd. “We expect the Nanopad and MFV Splitter will take their creations to a whole new level.”
Available in two sizes, 16” and 26,” the Nanopad features a full-sized chessboard on one side and a blank playing field with a dot counting tool on the opposite side. The 26” Nanopad includes a 13”x13” grid superimposed on top, making it ideal for games such as “GO.” The real beauty of the Nanopad lies in its IronWeave technology, which ensures that Nanodots stick to its surface like glue, even though the Nanopad itself is not magnetized.
The MFV Splitter serves many purposes and is the essential gadget used to precisely split, shave and sculpt Nanodot creations. One side of the card contains a green, gel-like substance, which displays the magnetic field patterns of Nanodots. The opposite side of the laminated card has a dot counter, making it easy to measure the dimensions of any creation.

“Our accessories add new levels of educational and recreational fun to Nanodots,” says Denis Saveliev, Vice President of Operations at Nano Magnetics, Ltd. “They allow customers a deeper understanding of the science behind Nanodots through engaging game play.”
The 16” and 26” Nanopad gameboards are available for purchase in specialty shops throughout the United States at $19.99 and $29.99, respectively. The MFV Splitter is scheduled for release in mid-2011.

If you have never seen Nanodots check out the video below and check out their website

Nanodots Preview from nanodots on Vimeo.

Masters of the Universe Chronicles: New York Toy Fair Talk


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