Captain America Hail Hydra! #1 Review

“Whenever a major evil has threatened the world, they have been there. Whatever their name-the Cathari, sons of Anubis, Ariosophists, Wotanists, the Seven Kings, the Black Order, the Green and Red Societies, the Thule society- their malevolence knows no end.

No matter who stands against them, they will not stop. They are HYDRA.”

Unlike my previous entry, Hail Hydra takes place in WW2. It is July 1944, Drache Castle, Germany. Captain America and Bucky are working with a German rebel Cap calls her Frau Lohn. She has lead Cap and Bucky to a castle where strange and unusual experiments have arisen.

Cap and Bucky get ready to take on what may be their hardest or strangest fight to date. Bucky, armed with a Thompson submachine gun, and Cap, with his shield, engage the enemy: a monstrous beast of a human. But as soon as Cap and Bucky defeat their first foe, they are quickly surrounded by an army of similar beast.

The line from one of Ed Wood’s classics films with Bela Lugosi come to mind.

” I will perfect my own race of people. A race of atomic supermen which will conquer the world! ”

Cap and Bucky are taken down and the evil ” Dr Frankenstein,” as Bucky calls him, inject Cap with a mysterious serum.

Without giving away the concept of this first issue, we are treated to a simple 40s-esque monster story with Captain America. The story is updated but retains its 40s roots and sets in motion the history of Hydra in the Marvel Universe.

This book has Captain America and Bucky acting like they should..Even though the story is simple, its pacing and delivery are top notch. Maybe not the most complicated story, but after the past few years of story tie-ins and cross platform battles from the likes of Civil War, World War Hulk, Siege and the like, having a simple classic Captain America story is a breath of fresh air. I just wish I’d see some Mike Mignola art. This title would be up his alley. Regardless, the artist Sergio Cariello fills in nicely.

Captain America Hail Hydra is worth picking up for any diehard Captain America fan.



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Ultimate Captain America #1 Review

“America’s first Super-Soldier, Steve Rogers, became a living legend in the trenches of World War II before being frozen for more than 50 years beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, after being found by Tony Stark, Steve Rogers continues his fight to defend his country along with the new Ultimates.

In this or any other time, Steve Rogers is… Captain America.”

The image of Captain America is beaten and abused, mumbling under his breath. He is a broken hero, trapped and unsure of his existence. A man walks in and places a gun to his head. He is going to die today.

The executioner gives him a reprieve to reflect on his silly beliefs and will kill him in 5 minutes.

Sounds like Captain America to you?

Me neither. This story arc in Ultimate Cap follows through a more broodish , war ridden anti-hero type. An ill tempered, former patriot, his traditional hero persona is nowhere to be found.

From his use of firearms, verbal abuse of the British troopers’ “physical abnormalities” to his blatant use of foul language shows this isn’t the Cap of legend and tale. This is more like a ripped Archie Bunker meets Sgt. Rock..

The story furthers on, flipping from present to 6 week prior, on a secret mission in North Korea. But I won’t spoil all that for those who wish to read this attempt at being an edgy book.

Is this story worth reading? For me it isn’t showing any promise, but it’s the lead-in issue for this new comic series and we can only wait and see where the story goes.

Being a diehard Captain America fan for 25 years, my views are jaded and I accept that. I also take into account this is the Ultimates, so this story arc differs from past issues.

But if you ask me, “does this title have redeeming value?” Sure it has. One, artist Ron Garney, Having him back at it drawing Cap again is always a pleasant visual. Ron Garney’s art has a style all his own and helps elevate the visuals of this new title.

Until issue 2 comes, we will have to wait and see.