Wow! Stuff Takes Wizarding World Inspired Merchandise to New Heights

Wow! Stuff Takes Wizarding World Inspired Merchandise to New Heights

Some of the most magical objects in the Wizarding World have been brought to life by theaward-winning British toy and pop-culture inventor team at Wow! Stuff in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, in an exciting new collection of highly anticipated interactive Wizarding World products hitting shelves this summer.

Golden Snitch Heliball®

The hugely popular miniature droid LED Heliball®has been transformed into the ultimate Quidditch accessory for Harry Potter fans. The new Golden Snitch Heliball® not only flies but it allows the user to customise its flight pattern from random to controlled making it perfect for Seekers in training! Using patented proximity sensor technology, the Snitch will hover in the air and fly away when you try to catch it from below. The hand-painted and moulded body of the Snitch and the mechanical flapping wings create a highly realistic appearance, so the new toy is sure to be a favourite amongst aspiring Quidditch players eager to recreate their favourite Harry Potter moments and has already been shortlisted for several industry awards! When not in use, the Snitch can take pride of place in any bedroom on the display plinth included, alongside the free Quidditch poster.

Ideal for ages 8 and up, Golden Snitch Heliball® SRP around £/€/$34.99 is available at retailers everywhere.

*The Golden Snitch Heliball® has been selected from hundreds of nominees as a finalist for North America’s ASTRA’s 2018 ‘Best Toys for Kids’ list.

Mystery Flying Snitch

Every Harry Potter fan knows that a game of Quidditch only ends when the Snitch is caught. Now fans of the ultimate wizarding sport will be able to connect with their inner Seeker and wow their friends as they attempt to catch the new Mystery Flying Snitch as it appears to magically fly about them.

The Mystery Flying Snitch uses patented flying activators made of high tensile Aramid fibre thread that suspends the Snitch in the air. The thread is approximately twice as strong as steel of the same thickness but almost totally invisible from around six feet. This allows you to recreate fan-favorite scenes from the Harry Potter films. Incorporating a patented illusion of flight, the new Mystery Flying Snitch has realistic fluttering wings and appears to respond to your hands, rising up and flying around your body as you move, avoiding capture.

This new incarnation of the famous winged Quidditch ball is ideal for cosplay and each kit comes with a free Quidditch poster for inspiration and display plinth.

Ideal for witches and wizards over 6 years old, The Mystery Flying Snitch costs around $/£/€24.99 and is available at retailers globally. Tips and tricks, as well as an easy set up and use tutorial, will be available at

Light Painting Wands
Harry Potter and Hermione Granger’s wands, scanned from the original movie props, are ideal for Harry Potter fans while fans of the Fantastic Beasts film series can opt for Newt Scamander’s wand for a truly authentic magical experience. Unlike any other wands on the market, the Wow! Stuff Light Painting Wands are hand painted and cast in a high-grade resin to give them a weight and balance that’s authentically pleasing in the hands of all wizards and witches and make them beautiful replicas of those seen on screen, right down to the scars and patinas.

Each wand features an ultra-bright LED tip which is activated by a secret button on the handle of the wand, but the real magic begins when you download the free Wow! Stuff Light Painting app available for both iOS and Android. Using the app to film yourself or other wizards and witches as they use the wand in low light produces extraordinary images! Paint your name in the sky or replicate duelling battles then share from your phone directly to friends or via social media.

Available from major retailers globally, the Light Painting Wands cost around £/$/€30.00 each.

Wingardium Leviosa

The new Wingardium Leviosa magic kit lets you create the illusion of flight – lifting a feather into the air using the same levitating command. Now you can recreate the iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone where Hermione perfects the Levitation Charm,Wingardium Leviosa.

Imitating one of the first Charms Harry Potter learns to cast, Wingardium Leviosa is ideal for young wizards and witches becoming accustomed to the wizarding world. This magical Harry Potter kit includes a mini-size Hermione’s wand and a beautiful white feather to practice your levitation skills. The feather can be attached to the wand, or your hand, using the soft putty from the pack that lets you suspend the feather using a high-tensile Aramid fibre thread, also provided. This is twice as strong as steel of the same thickness but almost totally invisible from six feet. Lift the feather by moving your wand or hand in the air and watch as the feather dances around, giving the illusion of levitation.

Ideal for cosplay by witches and wizards over 8 years old, Wingardium Leviosa costs £/$€14.99 and is available from major retailers globally.

Tom Riddle’s Diary

Tom Riddle used his diary to store all of his secrets and memories. This all new diary set allows Harry Potter fans to leave their own notes and messages with the included invisible ink pen, which can only be seen under the glowing wand’s UV light. All you have to do is hover the tip over the pages, and what you have written will be magically revealed. This ensures that all your deepest secrets can be left safe and perfectly hidden, as long as you make sure to always carry your wand! The wand is designed to be attached to a key ring, so keeping it safe and hidden from Muggles should be no problem. To make sure true Harry Potter fans feel like they’re writing their hidden notes in the real thing, the diary is designed to look just like Tom Riddles actual diary. This means all true young wizards will feel transported straight to the halls of Hogwarts.

The diary is perfect for any wizards or witches over the age of 8, making it the ideal gift for any magical secret-keeper. Tom Riddle’s Diary costs around £/$€17.99 and is available from major retailers globally.

The Real Ghostbusters Mission Packs from PLAYMOBIL

Busting out onto store shelves in April is PLAYMOBIL The Real Ghostbusters Mission Packs. Styled after the popular cartoon series, “The Real Ghostbusters”, each Ghostbusters figure is equipped with ghostbusting gear.
  • Venkman with Helicopter – Fly to the rescue with Venkman with Helicopter. Use the functioning water cannon to spray ‘slime’ at your ghostly target.
  • Spengler with Cage Car – Ride along with Spengler with Cage Car. Use the removable ‘slime’ disc shooter and fold down the car’s front grill for protection.
  • Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter – Take the ghostbusting action to he water with Zedeemore with Aqua Scooter. Use the functioning ‘slime’ dart cannons and place the ghostly octopus in warm water to watch it change colors or use the tentacle grips to connect it to different surfaces.
  • Stantz with Skybike – Better call Stantz with Skybike! Equipped with four projectile ‘slime’ darts, use the bike to store all necessary mission gear and fold up the side wings for flight mode.

Julian’s San Diego Comic Con 2018 Roundup

This year, i was approved for a press pass to cover San Diego Comic Con. That is right, the “Comic Con” of all Comic Cons and the show is big as its name is. If you were to tell me how big the convention center is, i would tell you that from one end to another, it will take you a whole 10-15 minutes to walk through it. I did that on Wednesday morning on preview night to get my idea of where to walk to and where are the offices. The place is massive and even without attendees there, i still felt like there was a crowd there. Before I went to the convention center, I seen the line for the Conan taping outside the studio and it was very very long even at 7AM in the morning. This was not compared to the massive lines i have seen inside and outside the convention center. There was a line for everything raging from getting a ticket for the autographs from select celebrities, to trying the escape rooms for South Park and Jack Ryan, and lets not forget about the dreaded Hall H line which ended all the way to the IMDB boat. That line itself looks very intimidating and i do not think i will ever attempt to wait on that line for a few days just to see a panel.

The show floor was flooded with attendees and cosplayers walking to different booths and vendors or taking pictures. You could not look around to not see a cosplayer at all as there were a few each second. Many vendors that were there was Hasbro, Funko, Mattel, AMC, ABC and much more. I have seen many people in these booths trying to buy exclusive merchandise. The indoor panels were upstairs from the convention center and as much as people hated it, they close off the entire room (or in some cases the floor) if all the room’s lines are capped and that is good that they did that to prevent over crowding.

But i enjoyed the show floor along with going to the Jack Ryan escape room. I was given a chance to preview that area before it was open to the public and that escape room done something i do not think i have ever seen and that is, re-enact the first few minutes of the pilot episode of the show. I was in a group of 10 people trying to solve puzzles and go to the next room. The first one featured money and a code, the second one tasked you to stop an enemy attack, the third one showcased an interrogation scene as the actors gave you clues to how to escape the room. This was an interesting twist to an escape rooms and i loved it.

I was also invited to attend the Amazon Fire TV showcase to see their upcoming TV devices and features and there was a few themes inside that tent. It was a very good sight.

AMC Network also had an attraction area for their shows Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead and i was able to preview the attraction before it was open to the public and i have seen Jadis’ grinder machine, The Sanctuary (along with inside The Sanctuary where a guy demoed The Walking Dead: Our World mobile app game), the SWAT truck, the water slide with a pit of Walkers, and The Kingdom’s training area. That area always draws the attention of curious attendees and i believe that they were giving away Shiva Funko Pops to attendees once it opened.

I also had the chance to attend press rooms at SDCC which is where the media work began. I spoken with the cast and key developers of different shows such as Impulse, Young Justice, Lego DC Super Villains (video game), BUYBUST, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and MR. Mercedes. I was also invited to attend the press invited press conferences of Better Call Saul, Fear The Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead. I mentioned those three conferences in different posts in the last few days.

Young Justice

Mr. Mercedes


Crazy Ex Girlfriend

San Diego Comic Con is a great experience and i recommend everyone to check it out in 2019. Try to get tickets the day the sale opens or else you will be out of luck.

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