My Arcade Gaming’s Mini Arcade Machine Review

If you love arcade machines or retro gaming, then this is for you. I have first seen this at the NY Toy Fair and i was interested in trying it out. Here is my review of the Micro Player Arcade that is produced by My Arcade Gaming.

Right from when you see the box, you know it speaks retro and something you used to play when you were a kid. I was given the Karate Champ game and there are many other mini arcade machines made by them including Pac-Man, Galaga, Rolling Thunder and much more coming soon. The buttons work great with no input lag at all. You can also detach the joystick from the machine too if you want just incase if you want to use the directional pad. The feel of the arcade is very smooth but also glossy on the edges just like an original arcade machine. The micro machine takes four batteries but you can also use an USB charger since there is a USB port. There is volume control too on the back of the machine and you can even plug in headphones if you do not want to have outside noise. To turn on the machine, there is a button in the bottom front and it is shaped like a coin slot with the “player one” or “player two” button but you do not have to use quarters to play these machines.

This is a great product and you can buy this for your kids during road trips or for yourself to play and collect. The publisher did a great job making this in an age where retro gaming is still in today’s society. I highly recommend for you to go to your local gaming or comic book store to pick this up.

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Playfair 2017 Photos

I had the chance to cover Playfair 2017 last weekend which took place at the Javits Center. There were many toy publishers and companies over there such as Spin Master, Lego, Leap Frog, Toys R’ Us, Hasbro and much more.

There were also many activities that children can do there over the weekend from face painting, making slime, trying out the Nerf products in the arena and etc.

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Southard Freeman Toy Fair Media Room Brand Showcase

I was able to cover this event over the weekend during toyfair and i was given an entire walkthrough of all the toy/merchandise line for Thames and Kosmos, Green Toys, Magformers, Peaceable Kingdom, Odyssey Toys and much more and here are the photos i have taken for it. 

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Quick Card Game Review: Never Have I Ever: The Game Of Poor Life Decisions

I have always heard the name of this game during drinking games on television and movies, but now everyone can play this game. And not only that it is fun, it also can reveal many embarrassing or hilarious secrets from other people, including yourself. I am Julian Cannon and I am doing an review of a card game called “Never Have I Ever: The Game Of Poor Life Decisions.”

Me and five other people played the game on our first try and we ended up playing for up to two and a half hours. Everyone had a blast. The concept and rules are very simple: a rule card is played and you do exactly what it says. Each player has 10 cards in their hand of poor life choices. You have the option to answer them or not, but it strongly depends on the rule card (Rule Cards establish how each round of play will unfold).

While the players respond to the Rule Cards, the players who are Guilty for the act keep their cards, but the Not Guilty players (along with people who are lying) discard them. Whoever aquires 10 cards wins. But winner or loser, you will find out some things that you have never knew about the other players.

My final thoughts about this game is that this is a great party game and anybody in your circle will enjoy this game. I will also write that make sure you do not play with too many family members or else they will find something out about you that they never knew. I recommend this game for anybody who is 18 years of age or older.

It is available on Amazon for $25.00 and the box has 485 play cards and 65 rule cards along with the instructions card. If you cannot handle the truth, then you should not be on the table playing with the rest but overall, I love it.

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The Secret Life Of Pets Product Showcase

Today i had the opportunity of covering this event as the merchandise line of Universal Studios upcoming film “The Secret Life Of Pets” and it was an blast. Here are the photos i have taken. Check them out.


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Positively Nerdy’s Legomaniacal #0

Welcome to an all-new chapter of entertainment from Positively Nerdy! It’s the brand new show: Legomaniacal! Since this new series is starting during the Christmas season, what better set to take a look at then the Holiday Magnet (set #853353)!
This is hopefully the first in a new series of videos taking a look at all things LEGO!
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