Mezco Toyz 2014 Sneak Preview – Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and More!

written by Robert Lazauskas


Mezco Toyz hosted their 2014 Sneak Preview Press Conference today in Long Island City, NY. and despite the snow, icy rain and lake-sized puddles of greyish slush on every corner, it was a success. Mezco is not only expanding existing the lines of it’s licensed products, such as Chucky and other horror lines, but has new licenses as well, like Axe Cop and, my personal favorite… the Sons of Anarchy!

Picture 060

The atmosphere was cool and relaxed as Mezco’s Special Projects Co-ordinator Mike Drake graciously answered questions, took part in interviews and filled us all in on the products and decision making behind their creation. I was impressed with amount of care and research that goes into each product creation. Mezco studied the actual burnt,one-eyed ,pink stuffed bear of Breaking Bad fame at the Museum of the Moving Image in order to capture the texture and coloring for their replica, and sculptors paid careul attention to the Jax figures from S.O.A, after the overwhelming female response to the product’s announcement.

The whole line-up was nicely displayed, and Mezco was very accomadating to photography and video, so without further ado; here’s Mezco’s 2014 Sneak Previews:



First Up, Sons of Anarchy ( of course! )

6″ Clay Morrow and Jax Teller figures: in M.C. cuts and in prison orange:

Picture 047 Picture 072
Picture 056 Picture 045

Picture 042 Picture 044


The details on these are sick, different face sculpts on each style, realistic tattoos, and M.C. vests with badges and rockers all in order

S.O.A Plushies – tough….but so cute!

Picture 049 Picture 050 Picture 051 Picture 052

Six Inch Clay and Jax Bobbleheads

Picture 070 Picture 069

S.O.A Pillows- to toughen up any Prospect’s sofa

Picture 040 Picture 039

Tin Signs, which would look awesome in any garage!

Picture 053

Stash Jars and Boxes- you know, for like change and…stuff

Picture 057

M.C. Cut Replica key chains-

Picture 058  Picture 071

Next up, from the second best TV show ( S.o.A rules! ; P ), Breaking Bad:

Saul Goodman, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White Bobbleheads

Picture 028 Picture 027

Expanding their Six Inch Heisenberg\Walter White Figures ( complete with beakers, flasks, drums and duffle bag)

Picture 036 Picture 038 Picture 037 Picture 075 Picture 074 Picture 077

Don’t Worry… Word on the Street is there’s a Jesse six inch coming soon…

Walter and Jesse Plushes:

Picture 032

Breaking Bad Character Pillows and Throw Pillows:

Picture 031 Picture 030

Picture 029

Breaking Bad Stash Box:

Picture 034

And last but not least , the infamous Pink Teddy Bear:

Picture 035

Next we have the Living Dead Dolls, who happen to be celebrating their Sweet Sixteen with these releases:

Picture 064

Picture 003 Picture 002
Picture 004 Picture 005 Picture 006


And then everyone’s favorite murderous Good Guy, Chucky, gets some Mezco love complete with Bride of Chucky; Tiffany!

Picture 009 Picture 007

With an 18″ Figure:

Picture 010

And an over-sized pillow!

Plus this nice plushies to cuddle with….

Picture 013

And continuing in the horror vein (tee-hee) we have

Mother Bates in all her Psycho glory:

Picture 011

And a 9 inch Universal Monsters line starting with:


Frankenstein’s Monster

Picture 025

  The Mummy

Picture 024

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Picture 026


Mezco adds to their DC Mini Mez-itz line with a ’66 Batman T.V. Show line (with amazing likenesses lol) and their Justice League minis:

Picture 019 Picture 018

Picture 020


South Park, the show that can’t be stopped, has a talking Hanky and, brace yourself, a talking Cartman added to their line:

Picture 021 Picture 022 Picture 023

And the wildly popular Axe-Cop gets it’s first figures release this year, with a 2 Pack Axe-Cop and Wexter set as well as indivual blister packs of Axe- Cop, Dr DooDoo and the Avocado Soldier

Picture 014 Picture 015

And What Axe-Cop fan could resist these Avocado Soldier an Wexter Plushes!!!

Picture 016

Mezco has their stuff together, and continues to produce some damn fine merchandise, definitely made for fans and collectors. I look forward to seing what comes next, as all of these lines are guaranteed to be a success, so we know there will be more to come. 2014 is going to be a big year for Mezco….and collectors as well!