Fear The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 5 “The End of Everything” Recap

Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

It is finally here, we will find out who the Helicopter Group are and what they are doing with Rick Grimes….Sort of, but not yet. After Althea got captured on the season premiere, we get some answers to the group with more questions still rolling through my head. Here is my review and recap of the fifth episode of season five of Fear The Walking Dead titled “The End of Everything”.

The episode opens with the scene that we have seen at the end of 501 as Althea gets captured by the armed soldier representing the “CRM” group. that scene continued as Althea wakes up to see the armed soldier signaling the helicopter with a flare. Althea then quietly walks away from the soldier to hide and she encounters a few walkers in which she takes down in easy fashion. A few more walkers appear as the soldier took them out and then proceeded to knock Althea to the ground as the helmet comes off. We find out that the soldier is a woman (more on her name later in this review). The woman asks Althea for her camera and then asks her for the tape and Althea says that it is in her boot. In the morning, we see that Althea is locked inside a car and her hands are tied. She tries to escape, but that was not working at all. She then opens the door with her foot and attracts a walker towards the car. First, she kept kicking the walker to get the barbed wire that is attached to the walker. Second, she cut herself free from using that same barbed wire. After that, she repeadly shuts the car door on the walker to put it down in gruesome fashion. A whole lot of blood to see there.

Sydney Lemmon as Soldier – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Althea then finds the three-ring logo helicopter and tries to contact Morgan. She wanted to take the helicopter, but it is out of fuel. The woman soldier then takes Althea out of the helicopter and tells another soldier on the radio about the fuel. Althea then asks her “what’s a reclimation team?” and she did not respond. The woman then threatens her after knocking Althea down and proceeded to interrogate her about the tape as that is important to her. Althea says to her that she should not break her leg and that she wants a story before she gets the tape. While they plan to get fuel, the drive to the location and in that car, Althea asks about the three-ring logo, and the map along with her name and the woman refuses to speak again so Althea calls her “happy”. They arrive to the large cliff that they have to climb as the soldier tells her to put the suit on or else she would get bit but Althea tells her that she does not follow her orders. A walker then fell from the cliff to where they are at and the soldier puts down the walker with the blade of the gun and then a huge boulder falls on the car. Althea had a close call with a walker as the walker bit the arm part of the suit she was wearing and she was unaffected. The soldier finally then watches the tape as it shows a woman talking while gunfire is heard in the background. The soldier tells Althea that if she sees someone with the same jacket that she has on, then she should be afraid.

They both then go back to the car and talk about camping for the night and for Althea to get her foot better for the next day since they will have to climb. They are finally in the tent and the soldier begins to talk about why she killed her partner. Another smart thing that they did was hang the tent in the air while they are in it. I never knew tents could be done like that so that was new for me to see. In the morning, they both begin to climb the clif and they also see that a walker is stuck up there hanging as well. They almost struggled getting to the top as the soldier fell, but was still attached to the hiking equipment line. While that happened, Althea tried to help and the walker that is hanged tried to attack Althea. Al then started reaching the blade that was visible on the walker and finally got it to take the walker down. After they both reach the top, The soldier talks about the reasoning of the supply trade and also mentions that the radaition killed her partner. She then shows Althea a helicopter pad and a walker falls over. Althea then takeas her gun and interrogates the soldier and the soldier tells Althea that she cannot tell where she is from. The soldier also tells Althea to not try to find her and that nobody cannot ever see her. She also then finally says her name which is Isabelle and she is from Idiana. She asked for the tape and then she burned it too. They both kiss after talking and they both parted ways after it.

Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

We also find out here that she is the one that flew the helicopter everyone seen at the last episode and we also found out that she was the armed soldier that the the kids seen taking down the walker in the last episode as well. Althea contacts Morgan and then they meet up to update eachother on what happened. Out of the blue, Althea tells Morgan and Alicia her last name and about her parents. They walk off as the episode ends.

This episode is far better than last week’s episode, but we did not get enough of the Helicopter Group/CRM but hopefully, we see them again a few episodes from now. The episode could have been much better if some of the adventure was cut down, but I see why it was included since she was not with the group for three days. I will be back next week for another Fear The Walking Dead review!

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 4 “Skidmark” Recap

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Danay Garcia as Luciana, Cooper Dodson as Dylan – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Last week’s episode, we seen the debut of Dwight on Fear and it is one of my favorite epiasodes of the series for reasons I explained on my review of last week’s episode. How does Fear follow that awesome debut one week later? By having an episode that is very puzzling and good at the same time. There are moments that will have your head scratching at least seven times during the episode, But it is up to you to judge when that happens. There is also an awesome moment as well, but I will save it for now as I deep right into the fourth episode of Fear The Walking Dead titled “Skidmark”.

As you know by now, Skidmark is the name of Daniel’s cute little cat and the episode begins as he and Skidmark are shown bonding as Daniel puts on a record player and also puts the colar on him along with him taking down a few walkers in one area. Then while he is at the abandoned supermarket, he sees a door gun trap at the front of the supermarket that is inside. He triggers the trap and he is lucky that the machine gun did not get him. He also takes down another walker after the trap triggered. He then enters the store to take the supplies and guns and marks down the traps on the map. He also says that there are three more traps too. After he puts the guns and supplies away, he makes himself dinner which is tomato soup.

Later in the night, Strand, Wendell, Sarah, and Charlie are back at Daniel’s location as Charlie tries to infiltrate the area. She is almost caught, but she ends up in Daniel’s car and hides there. No luck for her as Daniel decides to drive the car that she is in. In the morning, Juliana gives Dylan Breakfast as Morgan contacts the rest of the gang. Dylan begins to talk to Morgan and the rest as Morgan assures him that he does not have to be afraid of them. Dylan asks them if they will leave once they get the plane as we then transition to Strand and the rest as they plan to hijack the plane that they found. Unbeknowist to them, Daniel knows that they are taking the plane as he left a note on the window. Strand and Daniel then talk on the radio as Daniel says that he will make his promise if Strand and the rest are still there when he comes back. Sarah then tells Daniel over the radio that he should just give them the plane and they will leave afterwards. Daniel then tells her to stay away from him and he also says that “he sent a child to do their dirty work”. He even says that he will save Charlie from Strand. Strand, Sarah, and Wendell try to come up with a plan to get Charlie back and Daniel tells Charlie that he will not hurt her at all and she also sees the map of the trap locations and she asks him if he set them up in which he replied by saying that he did not.

  Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Back to Dylan and Luciana as they talk about the book she wanted him to read and gives him an explanation of the book. After she leaves the area, Dylan contacts Max and Annie on the radio as we see more walkers tied together for a road block. It was also there that we see one of the helicopter group’s members (now known as the initinals CRM) taking down walkers as Max and Annie hide. Daniel and Skidmark are at another store that is not only full of walkers, but also by another machinegun trap. Charlie tells him the plan of how to get the gun without getting caught by the dead. She sounds very resourceful so I will give her that. Her and Charlie also talk about the place and then proceeded to their plan as Skidmark attracts the walkers at the window as Daniel and Charlie try to open the back door as the gun trap goes off. They left the area once the windows got shot out as the walkers walk out of the store.

Daniel tells her that they will lead the walkers to a location and take them down one by one. And then we go back to Morgan as he takes down a walker that was attracted by the caged pigeons. Dylan tells them to go away from the forest and also admitted that he lied to the group because he and his brother and sister is scared. Max and Annie also had a close call with walkers and they leave the area as well. Daniel and Strand are on the radio as Charlie also tells them that there is a herd behind them. Daniel then tells Charlie to drive and to take the plane and leave. Charlie then gives the items needed for the plane to Strand and Strand apologizes to Daniel for what happened at the damn a few seasons ago. Charlie then says to the rest that they cannot leave him there by himself trying to take out those walkers.

Max and Annie had another close call with walkers until Morgan and Alicia finally saves them. After that, more teenagers surround the both of them. At the same time, Daniel is still walking with the herd behind him as the music from his radio is attracting them. Sarah tells Daniel to get in the van as the walkers are about to take him out. Sarah tried to do a rapid fire of machine guns from the van but it did not fire at all and then Daniel crawled under the van. Strand then attracts the walkers to the spinners of the plane to chop them down and this scene was gory and also fun to look at as those walkers were chopped to bits and pieces. Daniel finally gives in and tells Strand that he will not shoot him in the face.

Bailey Gavulic as Annie, Ethan Suess as Max – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Annie then contacts Dylan and the rest of the teenagers put their guns down after Annie convinced were convinced that they are not bad people. before that continues, Daniel tells Charlie, Strand, Wendell, and Sarah that they can stay over there until the plane gets fixed. Morgan also talks about his wife and son to Alicia in a heartwarming conversation but before they can continue, the episode ends as everyone gets on the ground to see the helicopter and the kids are also aware of the group as well.

Although there were good moments on this episode with my favorite parts that involved Daniel and Strand and the gory walker kill montage, and the ending, the story has not moved much. The three kids can begin to get annoying to the viewers and I can see why since it has turned into a cat and mouse game since the first episode. I did liked the episode, but I felt underwhelmed with the plot. Hopefully, we get to find out the idenities of the Helicopter Group very soon as well.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 3 “Humbug’s Glutch” Review

This week’s episode saw the debut of Austin Amelio reprising his role as the former Savior lieutenant Dwight as he is the second major character to cross over from the main show. Did his debut episode deliver? Or did it fall like a walker after being put down. Here is my review of the third episode of the fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead titled “Humbug’s Glutch”.

The episode begins where the group are taking down walkers that are tied together like the ones that were seen on the previous episodes. We go back and forth in between the group clearing walkers, and Luciana marking X’s on the map from where they put down those walkers. John and June also do the same thing in a different area until an unseen shooter tries to shoot to kill them. They had a small shootout until John and June escaped with their van. John and June drives to an abandoned western style town. I must say, I love the scenery of this abandoned town as it fits John perfectly. John and June explore the place and they go to a locked cabinent. John was about to use his last bullet to open the cabinent, but June opened it. Once that happened, they find a large stash of guns and ammo and they took all of it.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Danay Garcia as Luciana, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia and Luciana talks about what happened the previous night as they both apologized and wanted to move forward. While they are talking about the plane, Alicia lets Morgan know that they are coming back. The three kids intercepted the radio and Alicia responds to all three of them to let them know that they are looking for them. Back to John and June, a sandstorm is brewing at the abandoned town that they are in and June tries to contact Morgan. After the reception got messed up, John tells June the history of the place that they are in as he tried to play it off that he did not take part of the entertainment that used to happen there. While they are talking, the unseen shooter strikes again and then we get another shootout outside. John with his swift gun skills, shoots the shooter at the arm. He also shoots down two walkers until we find out that the unseen shooter is Dwight! Dwight asks John where is Sherry and before the conversation continues, June knocks him out. They take out his belongings from his pockets as they realize that he has been looking for her for a while. When Dwight wakes up, he angrily tells John to put his belongings down.

Back to Morgan and Alicia, they were on the radio trying to contact John until their car crashed off the road. They both get out the car to investigate what happened and they both noticed the that their tire was blown and they also see a spike car trap (like the ones the police use). John and June cannot stay at the place too long as they both talked back and forth on what to do and Dwight tells them both to take his car and leave him. John tells Dwight that they are in a similar path and he once shot a guy’s middle finger. Ouch!

After that, they finally introduce themselves and John gives Dwight’s gun back to him. For them to escape, they play music to attract walkers inside the place that they were in as John, Dwight, and June escape from the top window. Dwight decides to jump down (while he is still wounded may I add) and lands on the ground. He had a close call with a few walkers until John and June save him. As more walkers were coming, the three of them go to their opposite cars. At this point while they were talking back and forth on the radio, we learn that Dwight has been looking for Sherry for a year ever since Daryl exiled him. Dwight also said that she has left him notyes across the country for him and although some were dead ends, they all lead him to where he is now. He also has not found another note from her in months and he tried to kill John and June because he thought that they have done something to her. June tries to give him hope because John found her when they thought that they would never see eachother again.

Alicia contacts Dylan, Max, and Annie over the radio and then Morgan shows up and asks her if they responded. Alicisa tells the three that she lost her mom (Madison) and her brother (Nick) and that she knows how hard that they are hurting and that they do not want them to be alone. Alicia also wants the three of them to give them a chance as well. None of them respond. Back to John/June/Dwight as it is time to clear the walkers surrounding the car Dwight went inside before they separated. June’s gun gets jamed during the attempt and is almost taken out by a walker. Then, we get to see John’s badass revolver skills as he takes out walkers left and right. Then comes one of the coolest looking walker kills I have ever seen. John tells Dwight to hold up the hatchet with his injured arm as two walkers were approaching him. John then shoots his gun at the hatchet as the bullet splits from the hatchet to riccochet into the two walkers. Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear series would say “You’re Pretty Good” if he seen that because that was straight up awesome. John said that it was only the second time he has ever done that trick.

Later in the night, John tells Dwight that Sherry must still be out there and that the car is his due to the registry. Morgan and the rest meets up with John and June and it was right there that Morgan and Dwight reunites! The reunion did not last long as Max finally responded on the radio as he tells Alicia that they are on thyeir way to the truck stop. After they cleared out walkers, they go to a van to see Dylan covered in blood. It was here that we realize that Max and Annie trapped them as the episode ends.

Of the episodes I have seen so far, this is my all time favorite episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Although there were pacing issues with the three kids, the plot with John, June, and Dwight made up for this episode as most of this episode was dedicated to those three. This episode did not disappoint at all and John is the star of this episode. That bullet trick he did will have the world talking as it is one of the best scenes in the entire Walking Dead universe. I can also say that I compare John and June’ relationship to Maggie and Glenn at this point as their chemistry is very good and it shines the most on this episode. I want to also see more of Dwight on Fear so I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 2 “The Hurt That Will Happen” Review

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

For the second Sunday in a row, Fear The Walking Dead has made me look forward to the next episode. We had a schocking plot twist at the end of the last episode that connects with The Walking Dead and now that Althea is kidnapped by the helicopter group, the group now searches for her. What are my thoughts of the second episode of the fith season? I will let you know right now as I give my thoughts of the brand new episode titled “The Hurt That Will Happen”.

The episode opens with a recorded video of Strand giving a message to Sarah, Wendell, and Charlie as if he was giving them a final message. Right after that, he shuts the camera off and gets out of the truck. He then walks alone to a gated area to see a cat and then one walker approaches him and falls straight through a sharp bar. After that, Strand realizes that Daniel is behind him pointing a gun and Daniel asks him why he is there. While Strand is telling him, Daniel shoots his gun. I liked how they made it seem like Daniel shot his gun at Strand only for the next shot to be seen that he shot a walker. Daniel tells Strand to come inside with him as it is not safe outside to talk. He even tells the cat to go inside with him as well.

Jenna Elfman as June, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

John and Alicia are on the radio talking about Althea as they are searching for her and Morgan alerts them and shows them that all of the supplies and guns are missing as well. Alicia takes out three walkers after that and I must say, I like the weapon she has now as her signature weapon.

June takes off the bandage that Luciana has to check her nasty wound as John walks in to let them know that they have not found Althea. Back to o Daniel and Strand, Strand wants to know if Daniel has a small plane and Strand tells him that Althea is the reason he went to look for him. Strand also updates Daniel about Madison and Nick being gone and Strand asks Daniel if he can borrow one of his airplanes. Daniel does not trust him at all. Back to Morgan and Alicia as they see a road block with “DANGER KEEP OUT” written on all of the cars with radiation signs on them. Morgan and Alicia debate about going through the barrier. They also investigated the forest area until they are in trouble with a few gross looking walkers. I thought nothing of this initinally until a few miniutes later when a woman in a full body suit saves them.

The woman tells Morgan to take off all of his clothes. Alicia comes to stop the woman from shooting Morgan and interrogates her about Althea. The woman, who we now know her name is Grace, tells the both of them a reactor melted down a year ago and most of the area is contaminated along with the walker that they just killed. Grace says that Morgan needs to take a shower or else it will get worse for him. Can I also say that there are two crows in a cage above them? That might be some foreshadowing. Grace tells them that she seen the plane crash from a distance. Alicia questions if the area is even safe based on the information Grace tells them and Grace even tries to ask Alicia “the questions” about how many she has killed.

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Jenna Elfman as June – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

John and June goes to a house full of walkers and Strand tries to contact them by the radio in which he did not get a response since the signal was not strong with them. Strand tries to convince Daniel that he is not the same man from Mexico and Daniel made a funny comment about his haircut (I wonder who is the hair stylist of the apoclapse hehe). Grace does radaition testing of the area as Morgan kills a walker and I laughed when Morgan had on a shirt that said “Don’t Mess With Texas”. We also find out that it was Grace that set those traps for the walkers in the previous episode. More walkers come in and one of them is affected by radiation. A few of them also gets stuck in the mud. Alicia clears the walkers in fashion and one of the walkers try to bite Alicia and while I wqas watching this scene, I thought the whole time why didn’t Grace help her from the start instead of focusing on the radaition. Alicia could have died right there if she did not help her sooner. Grace also mentions that she used to work at the radaition power plant and told them about why she left and what she went through. John and Alicia are on the radio and Grace tells them over the radio to not touch anything. They go to the house that are full of walkers and Grace thinks that the walkers inside could have been people who were affected by the radaition meltdown before they turned.

Luciana contacts Strand and she gives him her location. She also tells him that they cannot stay there for long and the wind took down the attena so their contact has been cut. John and June (Also, my favorite couple of the show so far) tells her to stay inside, but Luciana refuses as walkers are approaching. She tries to shoot them with her working arm but that was not happening. Luciana returns and shuts the door. Alicia and Morgan talk about the three kids being right about Logan. Here comes my favorite dialogue of the episode and that is between Morgan and Alicia as Morgan talks about what he went through a few years ago. I also thinks that Morgan’s stick should never go missing at all from now on. Grace tells them that she cannot risk anymore people to be killed and tells the group that she will leave. Morgan tells her the walkie talkie channel as they part ways. After that, the group sees more walker heads under a billboard as they realize that someone knows that they are there. The episode ends as Daniel wants Strand to leave as he is not giving him the plane. Strand walks away from Daniel and Daniel told him the next time he comes back, he will kill him.

This was a great episode with a few head scratching moments such as Grace not helping Alicia sooner qand Luciana trying to kills walkers while she is very injured. I want to also say that Grace’s intruduction was handled greatly well and she did not seem like a random character at all. I believe that Grace will be a big part of the season when she returns. John and June’s chemisty on this season so far reminds me of Glenn and Maggie’s chemistry on the earlier seasons of The Walking Dead and so far, I am loving it. I also wonder when we will see Althea again after last week’s episode. I will be back for next week’s episode for another review!

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 1 “Here to Help” Review

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear The Walking Dead Dead is back for the fifth season as many fans has been waiting for the sister show of The Walking Dead to return since last fall’s season four finale. Since Scott Gimple has taken over as the executive producer of this show along with new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian B. Goldberg, the fourth season has had divided opinions of the fanbase. The start of the fifth season however, has improved over the last season already and it makes me want to come back for more. Here is my review of the season five premiere episode of Fear The Walking Dead titled “Here to Help”.

The episode starts with two new characters that are kids who are also brothers trying to clear walkers. We learn in a few minutes that their names are Dylon and Max. Dylon’s gun jams as he is trying to shoot the walker approaching them. But moments later, a small airplane made a crash landing infront of them. We find out that Morgan, Alicia, Luciana, June, John, and Althea were in the plane. Inside the plane, Luciana is impaled by a bar, and morgan is hanging, and everyone else suffers minor injuries. I also thought it was cool seeing that one walker trying to grab June’s hair in the same scene as well. Olivia also saves the two brothers by hitting the walkers with the shovel. Alicia also even sets up a small trap for the walkers as well. Morgan also helps Alicia clear the walkers as well. Althea also takes down a walker as well that has gear on, but we will get back to that later on this review. After the group gets Luciana out of the plane in which she still has the metal rod impaled through her shoulder, the group talks about the plane crash and a character named Logan that they have been in contact with on the walkie talkie. Another kid that is driving approaches them and tells them to get in the car.

We find out that the girl that picked the group up is the sister of Dylan and Max and that the plane made a crash landing due to a lost engine. The girl’s name is Annie and her and Morgan talks about why they are contacting Logan on the radio. She also says that the place they are heading to is worse than it seems. They also encounter a few road blocks and signs that all points to them to not cross that area (This is quite similar to when The Saviors kept blocking the road on “Last Day on Earth”). One of the blocked roads has walkers that are tied up with their guts as chains.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Elsewhere, Strand, Charlie, Wendell, and Sarah are also traveling and are also in contact with Morgan’s and the rest by the walkie-talkie. At the same time, Morgan and the rest reached an abandoned place to get the impaled bar out of Luciana and I must say, that was painful to watch. But at least the bar is out of her. The three kids decide to leave as they argued with the group about going to where Logan is since the three kids are warning them that it is not a good idea. Morgan wants Annie, Max, and
Dylan to join them, but they refused. Logan contacts Morgan and the scene here tells us that Morgan should have not trusted him to begin with. While Logan was talking to them, We get a scene of Strand’s group trying to enter the place Logan was at but it was guarded and they were about to get killed right there.Althena examines the video of that armored walker from earlier that day and then Morgan and Althena talked about the tapes as she says that it has not benefited her so far, but they tell a story. In fact, over with Strand, he sees a tape of Daniel Salazar which caught me by surprise as I did not expect to see him on the first episode.

John and June had a nice scene and they talked at night about what they went through before they found eachother again as they kissed after the conversation. Morgan and Alicia talks about her almost dying today and ashe mentions Madison and that she did so much for them in order of them to be standing right there today. Morgan goes on with the “we kill people” speech and he tells her that what he was then is not the same person he is now. Morgan wants to go look for the three kids.

The episode ends as Althena goes to that armored walker location after the plane crash. She unmasked the walker and look inside the pockets to find a map. The logo of the map is the same logo we see from the helicopter people on The Walking Dead with Jadis trading people and Althena gets kidnapped by another armed soldier that noticed it.

This episode opened with a great action sequence followed by character development and the return of Daniel Salazar in which fans have been waiting for since the last season. There were a few head scratching moments plotwise with the three kids, but I think their story will be more fleshed out during the season. I also love the few easter eggs of The Walking Dead that we got in this episode as well. We also got an interesting plot twist that connects this show with the main show in a greater way and I thought that was a brilliant idea. Fear The Walking Dead’s season five opener is awesome and I am looking forward to the rest of the season. For everyone that has tuned out during season four, I will say to tune back right in.

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Julian’s Thoughts: The Avengers: Endgame Review

The wait is over as The Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters this week and I must say, It is worth seeing. After what happened at last year’s Infinity War, we see the aftermath of Thanos’ wrath and how our heroes grieved with being defeated in such a large fashion. Without going too further, here is my review and there are some spoilers ahead!

I really liked how they structured the story. Things are not okay between Steve and Tony, the defeat of Thanos is brief and anti-climatic, and then life moves on and suddenly it’s five years later and then the story really begins. Love Scott Lang’s part in solving the problem. I never really thought much of his character, but I liked him in this one. Loved the whole getting the team together sequence, and Thor’s physical and mental decline was equally hilarious and sad as hell.

The time heist plot worked for me. When I first heard rumors they might use time travel in the plot, I was both excited and anxious, because it’s easy to mess this kind of plot up. But thankfully that wasn’t the case. The whole New York scene was delightful. Steve fighting himself, Loki taking off with the space stone, ‘hail hydra’, Tony’s run in with the Hulk, the brief return of Pierce and Rumlow, the Ancient One…it all left me giddy. Clint’s and Nat’s scenes were tense (knowing one of them was going to have to die) and I honestly thought it would be Clint. Thor seeing his Mom again made me choke up a little. And Nebula accidentally giving the game away to Thanos was a very exciting little plot twist. Tony talking with Howard and Steve seeing Peggy was some well deserved fan service.

The third act was sublime. When hulk snapped his fingers and fixed the vanishing, I was ready for a lot of things, but Thanos blowing up the entire compound wasn’t it. I literally gasped and clapped my hands over my mouth during that scene. The following battle scenes are probably the best in the MCU. Steve, Tony and Thor taking on Thanos together, Steve picking up Mjolnir, Steve as the last man standing against Thanos’s entire forces (which was also an amazing shot that we see him standing in front of Thanos’ army), and then…then EVERYONE returned. It was one of the most poignant moments in the entire MCU. Holy crap, seeing that gave me goosebumps and made me tear up. So many awesome moments during that battle. Spiderman and Tony hugging, Scarlet Witch vs Thanos, Captain Marvel taking out the ship… so much awesome stuff. And then Tony wielding the stones and dusting Thanos and co. What a moment. Going to miss you, Iron Man. Also, I’m so thankful that they waited all these years to give us the Avengers Assemble in that specific scene.

I’m glad they took their time with the ending, letting all the main characters have a little moment in the spotlight. Tony’s goodbye, Thor’s choice to join the guardians, and Steve allowing himself a simple life with the woman he loves. They all deserved these moments and I’m glad we, as fans, got to see them.

I was a little worried about the 3 hour run time, but I didn’t even notice it during the movie. Time flew by and I wasn’t bored for a single moment. I’m glad they took their time and didn’t rush things. And I’m also glad they did not give things away in the trailers as I believe the trailers of the film were pretty much the first 15 minutes of the film. Such restraint! Well done, Marvel. It was such a treat to go into this movie unspoiled and completely ignorant of the plot details and to just let the story unfold.

Overall, I loved this movie and I think it is a worthy end of an era. Goodbye, Tony, Steve and Natasha. It was a pleasure knowing you.

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The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 16 “The Storm” Review

Season 9 of The Walking dead is coming to a close and we will not see another episode until the fall as Season 10 begins filming next month. There were a lot of great moments this season and there were some that got our emotions out such as Rick Grimes’ final episode, the death of Jesus by a Whisperer, the introduction of new characters such as Magna, Yumiko, fan favorite Connie, Alpha, Beta, Ozzy, and Lydia, and the Game of Thrones style reveal of the pike victims. Those moments alone will be talked about for the years to come and with this season finale that deals with the aftermath of the huge pike death reveal last week, we see the survivors deal with another huge road block and that is a snowstorm. Here is my review for the season finale of the ninth season of The Walking Dead.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

First, I would like to say that I have wanted to see snow on the television show for years and I am happy to see it finally happen. The last time it snowed in the comics however, was way back in issue 90 so this was great to see happen in the show and to see how the communities will battle a snowstorm. Now on to my review.

The Kingdom has fallen since the pike border has been revealed. There was no way to sustain that place at all since the storm has arrived. Ezekiel says on the radio that they kept trying to hold on on to what was left and that they needed help and shelter since the pipes were leaking and it would not be fixed during the winter. The camera also cuts to Daryl and Lydia and he tells her that she needs strength to move to The Hilltop. Everyone else gets ready to move there as well as Ezekiel closes the doors to The Kingdom for good. We will not know if we will ever see The Kingdom again after this, but we will have to wait until season 10. Carol also talks with Lydia and you can tell here that Carol is still hurt for Henry’s loss and even Lydia herself asked Carol to kills her but Carol refused to do it as she does not want to see another kid die. Daryl and Carol also had a conversation as he tries to tell her that Lydia is a good person despite how her mom is.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Callan McAuliffe as Alden, Ross Marquand as Aaron, Cooper Andrews as Jerry, Danai Gurira as Michonne, Khary Payton as Ezekiel – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Rosita’s baby bump is showing and at this point, I can tell that a few months has passed by. Lucky that she was not giving birth in the blizzard. But the group travels during the crazy blizzard and they were all talking about the path to The Hilltop and what was going on during the few month time skip. Daryl and Ezekiel were also having a conversation as well and it shows here that Daryl is in the position that Rick was with leading the group through extreme weather conditions. They also cleared walkers during the trip and I must say, Greg Nicotero did an amazing job with blending the walkers in with the snow and there were some that rises up from piles of snow that looked very creepy. The group also had to cross Alpha’s border to make a quick shortcut to The Hilltop and they did not encounter any Whisperers at all. During this, we see how Alexandria is dealing with the blizzard, many of the residents have to group with other people that has fireplaces to warm up and survive the cold. They even let Negan out of his cell so he will not die down there. Negan is handcuffed though as he makes a snarky remark to Gabriel. The fireplace was not functioning anymore and Eugene told them that they have to leave. Michonne and the rest also rest at The Sanctuary and during that time, they plan their next move and Daryl and Carol have a heart to heart conversation. When the snowstorm got stronger, Judith runs off the line to look for Daryl’s dog and Negan went to look for her. I still do not know who is watching Judith correctly because she is always running off somewhere. Negan finds her as she is getting sick and freezing and he takes her back to Alexandria.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The snowstorm finally stopped when the group arrived. Once Ezekiel and co. went to The Hilltop, Carol decides to break up with Ezekiel because she feels that he will not blame her for Henry’s death so he would blame it on Daryl instead. Carol also decided to return to Alexandria after the trip. Elsewhere, Alpha and Beta have a conversation and the interesting key point is that she wants to become stronger than she was before. So Alpha tells Beta to whip her with a broken branch the same way she used to do to her daughter. Weird scene, but I do not mind. Ezekiel was talking to Judith through the radio, But when they finish the radio conversation, they leave the room and then a voice is heard through the radio but it is hard to listen to since there is static in the way. Nobody hears this since they closed the door as the episode ends.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Danai Gurira as Michonne, Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Cooper Andrews as Jerry – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

One thing I love about Game of Thrones is that their season finales are building to the next season and this episode did just that. I know that a number of people will find this episode too slow, but I do not mind since we had the pike deaths last week. Things needed to slow down after that. Jeffery Dean Morgan, Khary Payton, and Melissa McBribe were the stars of this episode with their brilliant performances during this episode. I love that the snow was a major obstacle during this episode and it reminds me of Fear The Walking Dead when the hurricane was a major obstacle. My only take back is that I wish that Ezekiel was searching for communities with the radio just like Eugene was in the comic series and it took almost a year and a half of issues to finally get a response. That could have been built up more in the show unless it is being saved for the next season and Who knows who could it be. Rick, Morgan, or The Commonwealth.This season has been amazing and I am happy to see what the new show runner Angela Kang did with this season. What can I expect to see in the new season later this year? Well, I think most of the material will be from volumes 25-29 of the comic series (No Turning Back, Call To Arms, The Whisperer War, A Certain Doom, and Lines We Cross)

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The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 15 “The Calm Before” Review

The season is ending very soon and I will have to say that the ninth season of The Walking Dead has brought on more tears and sadness than any other season. From the major departures of Rick Grimes, Maggie Rhee, and Jesus, there were moments that made us miss the characters even more. But at the same time, the supporting cast has grown to bigger stories along with new characters on the scene. Tonight, we got a major comic book moment that I was looking forward to for four years. Did it deliver? We will see. Here is my review of “The Calm Before.

The fair is underway at The Kingdom and it was funny to see Eugene on the dunking booth. Like literally, that fits his situation. Luke is also preparing a concert during the fair, Henry and Lydia try to get to know each other more, and other festivities as well. Ezekiel did a big speech with everyone gathered and he wanted all of the communities gathered in one to celebrate (I still miss Shiva as there was also a paper statue made for the fallen tiger) and that Rick, Carl, and Jesus would have loved to see what the communities have become. The movie that a number of people were watching was an animated movie and while that is going on, many other activities take place such as carnival games, barbecue, and everyone having fun. Michonne also talked with Tara about wanting Alexandria to be part of the community trade again. They all agreed and signed the declaration that Ezekiel kept over the years. I also liked Ozzy during this episode as he has become very charismatic but we will get to him soon. Some of the members of the group go outside The Kingdom to protect the area from The Whisperers.

Connie and Kelly talked (in sign language) about why Connie was not there as she told Kelly that she had no choice since the baby was about to be eaten alive. They embraced and hugged since you will never know when anyone could die at this point.

Michonne and Siddiq are talking about protecting The Hilltop and as that happens, Jerry and Judith are playing with the other two kids. I thought that was a cute scene to see them play like normal kids with an adult. As we see the groups leave the fair, i get the same vibe as the time when the group left before The Saviors intercepted them a few seasons ago.

While that happens, Alpha, in disguise infiltrates the fair and because Alexandria was away from the communities for so long, nobody reconizes her at all. Ezekiel and her did have a short conversation, but he does not feel suspicious at all about her. also, another group, consisting of Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and Yumiko venture out as well until Alpha and the rest of The Whisperers captures them and circles them around after they all killed incoming walkers. This scene gave off the same vibe as Last Day on Earth did when The Saviors surrounded the group.

Alpha proceeded to berate them for the way that they live as she thinks it is a joke and that they are just living a lie (Also, how in the hell did Beta escape the elevator shaft??). Alpha also stares down at Carol and we know for sure that the fans want a showdown between those two. Alpha also took Daryl with her to show him the very massive ultra mega herd that she has and if they ever crossed paths again, she will destroy all of their communites with the herd. Can I also add that Lydia does not want to go back with Alpha after a third attempt? She could have done this the entire time.

Alpha soon releases the four of them and she told Daryl that they will see a “final warning” on their way back. On their way back, they see a border and what is that border you ask? It is the heads on pikes scene brought to life from issue #144. The people who got killed and put their heads on pikes are Ozzy, Ozzy’s second in command, DJ, Frankie, Tammy Rose, Addy, Rodney, and with the final three being the biggest, Tara, Henry, and Enid. Daryl did not want Carol to look at the heads and It was also shown that Siddiq was about to be slain too but Alpha had changed her crazy mind. But Carol took these loses the most, and the way it was revealed is exactly like the comic as the characters were looking for the slain victim and then it showed the slain victim on the next shot. However, of all people to give the speech, it had to be Siddiq when the memorial happened at the end of the episode. But his speech was also impactful since they showed a montage of the slain victims trying to fight back The Whisperers before their demise while he was talking.

As great as this episode is, I can see how this will baffle fans with a disappointing reveal of the pike victims. But once you go passed the names, you will see the emotional impact it has put on the communities when the bad news is delivered. In fact, this episode begins with a very happy mood, to a danger mood, and finally a very bad mood. Alpha finally showed it to the group that she is not an easy threat at all. I also loved the performances by Melissa McBribe, Samantha Morton, and Avi Nash in this episode as they are the stars of this episode. Next week is the season finale and I cannot wait!

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The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 14 “Scars” Review

The last time I could say “that was extremely dark” on a video game was when I heard the torture cassette tapes of Paz on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Around that same time, We got one of the darkest episodes to have ever premiered on The Walking Dead and that was “The Grove”. I questioned if an episode could get to that level again and that was the season 7 premiere (Still one of my favorite episodes of all time). But now, I think that the newest episode just surpassed that in tone, theme, setting, and storytelling. Here is my review of “scars”.

This episodes jumps back and forth with the current time, and to a few years ago while Michonne was pregnant with Rick Grime’s baby. I will break down the flashbacks first. A woman who was close friends with Michonne from before the apocalypse was injured during an attack and she had a group of children that she has adopted. She showed up at Alexandria and can I say that pregnant Michonne is still a badass? She told her story to Michonne wanted to take them all in to live at Alexandria.

I could not blame her at all since Rick is gone, she has pretty much nobody. We also did get a good monologue with a scene of Michonne finding Rick’s gun from where the bridge exploded as well in the beginning of the episode in one of the flashbacks. Going back to the flashbacks, It turns out Jocelyn trained those kids to fight and murder people. Jocelyn eventually turns on Michonne and gathers all of the children (including younger Judith) and steals everything from the infirmary. When Michonne and Daryl finds this out, they both go after her but they are both captured. One of the kids proceeds to brand the “X” marks on their backs and she even brainwashed the kids to go after anyone with that mark (which is what I believe happened to the adults that used to be with her). You can see the pain in Michonne’s eyes and hear her scream loud while she was branded since she was also pregnant. Daryl gets loose without her noticing and frees Michonne before anything worse could happen and they begin searching for Judith. After Michonne kills Jocelyn after Jocelyn tried to kill her (including when her pregnant stomach was slashed), Michonne had no other choice but to kill most of the other children to save Judith so that way they can go.

In the present day, Judith and Daryl talk about the stories that the group went through to defeat Negan and The Saviors and Judith believe that they can do the same thing to The Whisperers. Judith also wants Daryl to stay at Alexandria again, but he refuses. Siddiq patches up Henry’s leg when they arrived there and after that, Daryl, Connie, Lydia and Henry leaves. I would also like to point out that Michonne still does not trust Lydia.

Elsewhere, Judith goes off somewhere to find Daryl after they leave and Michonne even asks Negan if he had seeen her and Negan told her not since yesterday. They also got into a small heated argument and Negan had to remind her that she is a mom and Judith was not someone that would take things lightly just like her. While they were clearing walkers, Michonne finds Judith in the woods and saves her from approaching walkers. They also have a heart to heart after the encounter as they talked about what she remembers and how much they love eachother. Michonne also talked to her about making a promise to never bury any bodies at the spot they were standing at and gives the reason to why they never accept new members into Alexandria. Michonne wants to protect everyone that is there as her and Judith held hands as they walked away from Carl’s grave. Michonne eventually caught up with Daryl and the rest as they head to The Kingdom since the fair is under way. The last scene of the episode shows us that The Whisperers has found The Kingdom.

This episode I have a feeling will spark controversy in a bad way, but it is what The Walking Dead needed in a very long time. A dark and gritty episode that will put shivers to our spine. Now we have a reason to those “X” marks, but it also leaves us with more questions. What caused the rift between Michonne and Maggie? My theory is that Maggie found out that she murdered kids but could not do it to Negan. But her anger has been justified since it has been building up since episode 6. Seeing Michonne branded while she was pregnant made me almost close my eyes because that scene was sickening but not as sickening of her killing the kids that attacked her. I also think that brainwashing kids to kill people that are branded is compared to training combat dogs but I will not go further than that. As of the episode itself, It is one where you would not watch with your kids at all and It is a good episode you have to watch if you are curious to know why Michonne is the way that she is.

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Gotham Season 5, Episode 8 Review

In my opinion, this felt like more of a filler episode, especially with all the content we received in the episode prior. We were able to get a good amount of character development though throughout this episode, mainly for Harvey Bullock, who has always been a solid fan favorite. I’m sure that this episode was one of the extra ones they had gotten to bump the season up from being a 10 episode season to 12 episodes. They were even able to check off something from the Gotham To-Do List when it came to introducing the much anticipated, yet to do classic villain, Scarface.
With Harvey, we are really given a sense of character development in this episode. The fans get a glimpse of his backstory in a way we haven’t had before on this show. It gives Harvey a sense of standing as an individual. Rather than being just another cop or the sidekick of the more popular Jim Gordon. 
The episode begins with two former cops, Boggs and Lewis, who are in the Sirens Club for a drink. That is until their old partner, and a familiar face to a fan of this show that has been watching from the beginning (or has gone back to watch the first season), Dix. The last time we saw Dix was in Season 1, Episode 6: Spirit of the Goat, and in it he was wheelchair-bound, but when we see Dix now he is standing upright and there is definitely a sinister air about the appearance. One that proves to be so when “Dix” drives a knife into both Boggs and Lewis and kills them right in the middle of the packed Sirens Club. There was nothing else that particularly stuck out in the scene. Unless you count in Barbara’s snappy attitude towards the cops for not giving good enough intel so that they could be allowed entrance into the club. I understand that her club is one that is mainly for youth, and especially for women, but what is so abhorrent to her about some old timers coming in for a drink? I feel like she was making a much bigger deal out of it than was probably necessary. 
The interaction between Barbara, Harvey, and Jim as a trio when she had called them in to investigate the crime scene was solid as always. Especially, with Barbara’s sassiness mixed with bitterness that she brings to the scene. I think it’s obvious that when Boggs and Lewis are revealed under the sheet that Harvey is shaken by it because of his history with both cops. Harvey is put into an even further state of disbelief when Barbara mentions that Dix, his former partner, was the one that had come in to kill them. Dix, however, had been paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for the past fifteen years and the Dix that had come in was standing and walking upright. However, Barbara doesn’t care about that since she only called them in because the two were former GCPD cops.   
Then the scene jumps to Jim and Harvey’s conversation. Jim tells him that they should go and talk to Dix and that really showcases all of Harvey’s emotions about this situation. Dix is his friend that he’s been taking care of for years, that he has a clear respect and care for much like that of a son trying to take care of their elderly father which I’ve always admired because it brings out another side to Harvey that isn’t always able to come through, which is his ability to care and even nurture. He had been taking care of and making sure that Dix had everything he needed for some time now, even before Dix’s first appearance in the first season. I think it is very evident that he does regret not being there more for him because of all of the craziness of Gotham getting in the way. 
We really get a look into Harvey’s backstory before Jim came around when Harvey was just a rookie cop and he wanted a higher up position within the GCPD. He had worked with Dix, Boggs, and Lewis on a case of a woman who had murdered her husband. The woman, named Victoria Cartwright, was formerly an average, boring citizen working as a bank teller who had “snapped” and shot her husband. It was later revealed that Harvey was only working the case with the other cops to get his new position he desired within the GCPD as Detective and he didn’t have all of the information on the woman’s history with her husband at the time, which it was revealed that the husband had beaten both his wife as well as his daughter, Jane. 
This brings us to Jane Doe’s position in this episode, who was formerly Jane Cartwright until she was forced by Harvey to give a statement which had gotten her mother convicted and she was named as a ward to the state. She was also sent to multiple institutes before landing in Arkham Asylum. The experience in Arkham was clearly traumatizing for her and it didn’t help that she was clearly put in there around the latter half of the second season when Hugo Strange was introduced and she ended up being one of the inmates that were taken down to Indian Hill. She was clearly an experiment similar to that of Basil Karlo, aka Gotham’s version of Clayface. It’s obvious that she was meant to be a stronger version of Hugo Strange’s transformation experiment and one that had clearly gotten away maybe in the second season’s finale so that she could try and find the ones responsible for her mother’s conviction. Jane is determined to get justice for her mother, however; she was damaged.   
Jane was tortured by, not just Hugo Strange and his experiments, but also the ordeal she had been put through and forced to give a statement to when she was a small child. Jane is and was probably the most heartbreaking character we have seen in the entire series. I think she represents greatly what happens when a character goes through such a tragedy and instead of growing from it and becoming a force for good, she falls deeper into her depression and has a thirst for revenge against the ones responsible. Ultimately, she either wants to live by knowing that she has executed all of those that had had the deeply personal effect on her which she has been able to do in the form of Boggs, Lewis, and Dix, and end it all with Harvey who she says had destroyed her soul; or she wants to die and hope to be free of all of the pain that her life has been since that fateful night when she was only seven years old.
Next, we have the beginning of the Jim and Barbara exchanges in this episode. Jim wants to try and reason with Barbara, who is cold to Jim, and firm with him that she doesn’t want him to be a part of their child’s life. However, I think this could just be a mask because deep down she probably still holds a small form of love for Jim. If she didn’t love Jim in some way, then she wouldn’t have gone to him for any sort of carnal affection like she did at the end of the fifth episode of the season. I feel like a part of her coldness towards Jim when it comes to the baby is that she wants to remain independent, she wants to show Jim and everyone else that she is fit to be a mother. There wasn’t a whole lot more when it comes to Jim and Barbara for this episode. It was pretty much what we’ve seen so far and I’m fine with that because this episode shouldn’t be about them. This episode is not for Jim or for Barbara, to me, it’s for Harvey to give him the last few moments before Gotham’s final season comes to an end. However, there is a small break in the comic relief, when Jim and Harvey are trying to decide on which was the “real Barbara”. This happens when Jane has transformed herself into Barbara. I’m not going to lie, I did laugh at this part. It was a small moment that the comic relief was slightly used to soften an otherwise heavy scene, in which, the pregnant Barbara was being held at gunpoint.
The episode then shifts over to Bruce and Alfred. They are seen in the hospital room, where we have seen Selina recovering early on in the season. This moment is also after Jeremiah’s body had ended up in there in the Ace Chemicals episode. In this room, Bruce and Alfred are speaking with a woman who looks absolutely beaten up. We learn that the woman and her husband belong to a shelter with many others. Some that have gone missing within the tunnels of Gotham and they had both gone to look for them, but he was missing while she was able to get away. Since Selina isn’t in the hospital anymore and she’s up and about, I think it’s a little random for Bruce and Alfred to just be in the hospital room, and I think that some background as to how the woman was able to get in contact with them should have been included or at least hinted at. If I’m missing something, feel free to let me know, but as far as I know, I don’t think there was any clarification on how this meeting came about. 
Eventually, though, Bruce and Alfred do take the mission on of finding the woman’s missing husband in the tunnels. I don’t think their entire arc in the episode was anything new for either of them. There was the same thing where they find the victim, the villain, who in this episode was a Killer Croc-type character because they’re obviously not officially calling him Killer Croc. Although, it was nice to see Bruce getting some Batarang training in with those spikes that Croc had shed. It was a good way to take him down without killing him off like another certain villain in this episode, whose death I really did not agree with. Also, Bruce’s speech to Alfred at the end about how losing Wayne Manor wasn’t his fault and how they view family as being strong for one another really pulled at the heartstrings for me because of the depth that was put into saying those words. The acting in that scene was my favorite from both David Mazouz’s Bruce, which he has only perfected throughout the years that seemed to have just blown right by for this series, and the extremely talented Sean Pertwee’s Alfred (who is my favorite Alfred right along with Michael Caine’s in the Dark Knight Trilogy). I think this moment even beats out the Bruce and Alfred moment in the previous episode mainly for the reason of the emotion that it was able to bring out of me, as the viewer. 
Now we come to the most entertaining part of this entire episode, definitely the part that I enjoyed the most, Oswald and Ed “working together” again. We first see that Edward is hard at work
For the first scene, Ed has strung up some bells to the ceiling of his workspace. This is a form of an alarm system because of his paranoia that someone has been watching them. It turns out, as it almost always does, that Ed was right about someone watching them with the entrance of the revived form of the newly named “Arthur” Penn. Arthur then reveals the most anticipated villain they had yet to do on the show with Mr. Scarface. To me, the look of the dummy was spot on, as if they had just plucked him right out of Batman: The Animated Series, and the way Andrew Sellon portrayed Scarface, as well as Mr. Penn, was absolutely magnificent. I love the fact that in real life, Andrew Sellon was once a real ventriloquist. I think that experience of his really shined through and I enjoyed the entire performance. Not only in the way he played Scarface, but also the way he brought the real emotion out of Penn as well. It made me feel bad for the character as a whole, even though I already felt bad for poor Penn. Oswald treated him terribly, but by way of using Scarface he was able to vent all of that out to Oswald, in my view he was able to gain another personality in order to defend himself. I think Penn finding Scarface and using his abilities as a way to bring out that side of his personality that was very deep down and hidden is the stronger version of Penn. Even though it is coming through an object controlled by Penn rather than he himself.
While we’re still on the subject, I think that towards the end was probably the most heartbreaking and emotional part of this arc in the episode. This starts with the confrontation between Scarface and Oswald, with Scarface berating Oswald for his poor treatment of Penn. This is after Oswald attempted to make the point to Penn, that he never asked him to kill anyone like Scarface was making Penn kill Oswald. The argument makes a dramatic and sad turn when Scarface is shouting at Oswald that all he does is take from everyone until Penn finally is able, in his own way, to find his voice from Scarface. Penn reveals his anger and his disappointment at his poor treatment from Oswald. It made my heart just ache for the Penn character.

Yet, I was also happy because he was finally able to find his own way of just telling Oswald everything he’d been wanting to say for a very long time, I’m sure. However, the fact that they ended up killing off Penn as well as shooting off Scarface’s head was an extreme disappointment. Here was this villain, this character Scarface that the show had been wanting to do for years. They give him one appearance in an episode and then kill him off at the same time. It makes no sense to me why Gotham can’t just let some characters go off and be villains. We can make up our own story for what they’re doing and have it be an open ending.

In the end, I do understand that with Gotham death doesn’t always mean finality for a character. However, with them just killing off a villain that they have wanted for years makes no sense to me. Let them go off, do their thing, and we can imagine what they’re doing even if they aren’t showcased in another episode later on.

With that rant over, let’s go to Oswald and Ed. Oswald has definitely grown at least a little bit in this episode. He understands that he hasn’t been a good friend or even a good employer to anyone, including Ed. He’s been killing off all of the ones that help him steal supplies, like Ed stated in the episode. I think the evidence of him not being a good friend is just too obvious to even mention as there are countless examples. Although, I think it is noticeable that he deeply regrets his actions since they’ve all led up to him being alone, abandoned, and friendless. In that moment, when hearing everything from Ed and Penn, I think he grows a little. He has at least learned that he needs to start treating the people around him a little better if it means that he won’t have to be alone. Something that I belive to be his greatest fear. 

The fact that he even got a dog, and then, he named Edward speaks volumes. He misses the companionship that he had with Ed, misses the love that he felt for Ed in previous seasons, and he wants all of those things back. Hopefully. he really will learn from that scene, and that everything that was said to him and learn how to treat those who he admires or considers to be a friend with more respect and love. Even if he does learn from this, and he does start to show a change in the way he deals with the people around him that he trusts, and or wants to trust. We still face the uncertainty of how long this will last because, he could fall back into old patterns. This would be a wonderful character development for Oswald if he does learn from this, then apply it to his actions, and his decisions in the future.

Continuing on with Ed, who was mostly a background character for this episode in my opinion. He wasn’t really doing much else except for either working on the submarine, arguing with Oswald or faking a deal with Scarface. It wasn’t really his moment in this episode, but he did get a good chunk of what he also had wanted to say to Oswald as well when the point was brought up by Penn about Oswald’s mistreatment of others, and boy did he say something to shake Oswald up. He was absolutely right when he said that Oswald deserved the treatment, and what would have ended up getting him killed if Penn had let the gun go off, because he was also having enough of Oswald’s poor treatment for a very long while as well. Something that had led to their hatred, mistrust, and dare I say trepidation of working together again as a unit at least for Ed. 

Now, Ed didn’t get much, if any, character development in this episode, even though there’s still room (hopefully) for something to happen for him before the series ends. I did like when he was able to voice his own grievances towards Oswald, which he was never shy to do, unlike Penn. I think that just as much as Penn’s argument got to Oswald, Ed’s may have even been the stronger of the two, which I would think is because Oswald has a very different relationship with Ed than his relationship with Penn and I think that makes Ed’s argument in the scene the more pivotal for Oswald’s character.

Overall, this was a very good episode. Yes, it was filler, but it was filler with a purpose, if that makes sense. That purpose being character development, mostly for Harvey, but a little development for Oswald as well like I stated already, and also a chance to introduce a few familiar faces of the Rogues’ Gallery in Scarface, Killer Croc (I know they didn’t specifically say that it was Croc, but come on, you have to admit that it was the closest they’ve come, even when you count in that other Croc-like character that got mowed down in the beginning of the third season), and of course the heartbreaking Jane Doe.

As for Harvey, we have been shown his deepest regrets, the inner darkness he kept inside, and how much of a troubled road he had been on. Between the time of becoming a Detective to before Jim Gordon arrived and became apart of his life. It was Jim, who seemingly began to turn Harvey’s life slowly. I think that Jim has really made him see what having a real partner is like. A partner that wants to go by the rules, but, is still willing to break them as well. Both men have done some questionable things, however; Harvey knows that his decisions were always the worst. I think he got thrust into the position of Detective, one that he had wanted when he was a rookie cop, in the most troublesome way. Since he had gotten the job, he had been doing questionable or just outright terrible things, breaking every rule, moral and not.

I think with this experience coming back to haunt him has put him into a state of depression over the decisions he’s made. By the end of the episode he wants to give Jim every detail of what happened. He wanted to air out every wrong doing he did within this case. It shows just how horrible he feels about himself and about the person that he allowed himself to become. It helps him face his future and maybe growing from his past to become a better form of himself. I think he wanted Jim to just be the one he confessed to, the one he let everything out to because he is probably his closest, or only friend.

I think this episode had just about everything one could want. It had a good balance between humor, action, heartfelt moments, emotional scenes, and truly heartbreaking stories. I would put it in at one of my favorite episode. Quite possibly my 5th favorite or maybe just a little lower on my Top 10 list, but this one is definitely one for my Top 10.

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