Monster Galaxy Exile Rockets To The Top Of The Charts!

Monster Galaxy Exile, the new megahit game from Gaia Interactive, is now available for free on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire. After scoring a chart-topping hit with Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands earlier this year, Monster Galaxy Exile, quickly became the #1 Role Playing game on iTunes today just hours after its worldwide release.
“Gaia’s goal is to make games that capture the imagination with beautiful artwork and compelling design. Our Monster Galaxy franchise has delighted millions of players — and we’re just getting started. I’m thrilled for our fans around the world to experience the next chapter of Monster Galaxy” says Mike Sego, Gaia Interactive’s CEO. “I’m also super excited about our partnership with Radar Pictures to bring Monster Galaxy to the big screen.”
Monster Galaxy: Exile picks up where Zodiac Islands left off.  As the world’s greatest monster tamer, you’ve toppled the evil King Otho and brought peace to the land. But Otho still has one more trick up his sleeve… he’s exiled you to his twisted prison dimension!  Fortunately, one of your trusty monsters has made it through with you. Now it’s up to you to tame a team of elite monsters, fight your way out of Exile and reclaim your title as a Master Tamer.
“Exile has all the hallmarks Monster Galaxy fans have come to love: A hilarious story, unique characters, amazing hand-painted art and a huge variety of monsters to tame in 14 insane new worlds,” said Juan Baurin, Producer of Monster Galaxy Exile. “Monster Galaxy is a fun and addicting game with over 200 new monters to battle, capture, and tame.”
Monster Galaxy Exile is available for free on your preferred mobile platform: 
Exile on iOS:
Exile on Google Play:
Exile on Amazon: 
In addition to the Exile release, Gaia has teamed up with Radar Pictures to work on an upcoming Monster Galaxy Live Action Motion Picture. The Monster Galaxy Motion Picture promises to deliver Gaia’s unique characters and fantastic world while leveraging Radar Pictures’ vast experience in the movie industry to make the project massively appealing to audiences beyond fans of the game. More details regarding the Monster Galaxy Motion Picture will be announced in 2013.
About Gaia Interactive, Inc.
Gaia Interactive makes games that capture the imagination. Our innovative titles have delighted millions of players across the web, Facebook, iOS, Android — and we’re just getting started. With a longstanding culture built on creativity, a proven history of pioneering success, along with investor backing from leading VCs at Benchmark and Redpoint, Gaia has the passion, talent, and resources to build smash hits loved by gamers around the globe.

31 days of Halloween: retro video game review:Zombies ate my neighbors

I am back again with another retro video game review. this time is one of my favorites and a cult classic, zombies ate my neighbors

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Who doesn’t love a good campy horror flick every now and then? With Lucas Art’s Zombies Ate My Neighbors, you may never have to watch another one!

Just look at the premise of the game: Monsters are running amok in the neighborhood and it is up to two kids armed with squirt guns to stop them! It may sound cliche’, but that feeling will soon be discarded once you begin playing and discovering what a triumph the game design is!

At the start of the game you can choose between two kids; a boy and a girl. Aside from the look of the character, there is no inherent advantage to picking either of them, so just go with want you want. From there you are dropped in the first neighborhood to begin your quest of saving as many neighbors as possible. The game controls marvelously, and you will never once have a problem doing what you want once you figure out how to sort items! They even give you a radar to help in locating the neighbors which you can toggle on and off by hitting your trigger buttons.

It’s a good thing too! Ten of your neighbors ranging from mean teachers to helpless babies are scattered throughout each level. Your goal is to get to them before the monsters do. This may sound simple until you realize that if a neighbor is killed then you lose that neighbor FOR THE REST OF THE GAME! That might be a problem since the game has over 50 levels to keep them alive through, and eventually you would be down to one. Except the game developers were way ahead of us on that one! The fix was to award an extra neighbor for every 40,000 points you score! And since you will be scoring a TON of points throughout the game most players will be fine as long as you don’t mess up TOO badly.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that the game is a cake walk, either. The monster horde is out for your blood (or the neighbors! They’re not picky)! There’s the titular zombies, the masked killer, the evil dolls, the vampires, the werewolves… put it this way: If its been in a horror film, it will be in this game! It is shocking how much content they managed to stuff in a game that is over 15 years old! Each monster acts differently than its brethren, with different patterns, aggressiveness, and weaknesses, and you’ll have to learn each one’s intricacies in order to survive!

That is what the weapons are for! Zombie’s myriad of weapons and items are pure bliss, adding yet another layer of content into an already stuffed game. I love how the game uses things typical of suburbia and turns them into a viable arsenal. Squirt guns filled with holy water act as a pistol. Shaken-up Cola cans act as grenades that can be hurled over walls. Bazookas (Yes, bazookas!) dropped by military can be used to blow down obstacles such as hedges and walls. Every weapon and item has a purpose and add strategy to the game, but it is the various ways that the weapons interact with the monsters that steal the show. Silverware one-shot werewolves! Weed-Whackers one-shot plant monsters! POPSICLES ONE-SHOT BLOBS!! If you are a horror aficionado, you will have a distinct advantage here since it is obvious that this was a labor of love from a development team that loved horror movies!

It all comes together beautifully. Levels are incredibly detailed, and as with the monsters and weapons, it’s the small things that make the difference. Need to get in a house? You can use a key. Or you could blow the door open with a bazooka! Or you could smash it down as a monster using a special potion!

Do you want to explore, or just rescue your neighbors and move on? It is in these moments that the game ceases to be good and becomes extraordinary. My favorite example is the hedge maze in level 3. Viable options include turning into a monster and killing all seven chainsaw maniacs or using a bazooka and blowing holes in both walls AND maniacs in order to fast-track to your neighbors. Or you could let the maniacs cut a path for you, luring them into making shortcuts for you before breaking out the fire extinguishers and decoy clowns to slow them down! The possibilities are endless!

Did I mention that you can do all of this WITH TWO PLAYERS? Bringing along a buddy makes for two times the fun, and makes it more likely that you can finish the game in one sitting. Make no mistake: THAT IS THE WAY IT IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED! Zombies features a password system that punishes you for using it by stripping you of your items. If you have to use a password then you start from the later levels with just a squirt gun and a first-aid kit! I would normally chalk this up to bad game design, but it almost seems deliberate as a way to challenge more advanced players. I think that they expected veterans to use the passwords to skip ahead and try their luck at some of the punishing later levels with a limited inventory.

As for graphics and sound… The game cannot stand toe-to toe with the SNES’ best, but I don’t think it’s supposed to. The graphics get the job done and do a great job of painting a varied landscape. Animation is great with unique animations for all neighbors and monsters, not to mention the kids which are very expressive. This may explain why the graphics are a little toned down, and I consider it a fair trade. Sound-wise the game is fantastic. The soundtrack may repeat too often, but the tracks that are there are all mood-setters with my personal favorites being Dr. Tongue’s Castle and the Baby Theme. Sound effects are also varied and used to great effect, from the roaring of a chainsaw to the screaming cries of the neighbors as they are spirited away to the next world.

Overall, I cannot praise this game enough! That is why I am always confused that more gamers have not heard of this game. It sold reasonably well but seems to be forgotten among modern gamers. It was only recently that it clicked into place! I was playing Dead Rising and bitching to a friend about how clunky it was when memories of this game came flooding back to me. Zombies was a game before its time, and nothing makes that clearer than the zombie-obsessed society of the modern age! Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, The Walking Dead, The Zombie Survival Guide… Even Call of Duty has been invaded by the undead! This game combines EVERYTHING appealing about horror films, ties it to solid arcade action, and then throws in some trademark Lucas Arts humor. The final result is a fresh and addictive title that still holds up to this day! That is why I am officially using this platform to call for Konami to make the sequel that ZAMN deserves!!

They might as well do something while they are busy doing nothing…


Upcoming Release in Revolutionary Flagship Franchise Set to Offer Wide Variety of Playable
In-Game Content, Including Current-Day WWE Superstars, Divas and “Attitude Era” Personalities
Fan Axxess Program to Enable Pre-Purchase of Downloadable Content,
Including Exclusive Playable Superstars, at Reduced Price Point
Woking, UK. – October 4, 2012 – THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced details surrounding the company’s downloadable content plans and Fan Axxess Program for WWE® ’13, the revolutionary next installment in the WWE flagship videogame franchise.  The content offering, currently slated to include an extensive variety of playable WWE Superstars, Divas, “Attitude Era” luminaries and more, will be available via Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.  WWE ’13 is currently scheduled for release on November 2, 2012 in UK for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and the WiiTM system from Nintendo.
“With a great variety of roster additions, along with fan-favorite offerings for customization and unlockable access, WWE ’13 delivers a comprehensive selection of downloadable content for the franchise,” said Sean Ratcliffe, Vice President, Global Brand Management, THQ.  “In addition, the Fan Axxess Program delivers a great value proposition for those looking to have the ultimate WWE videogame experience.”
About the WWE ’13 Downloadable Content Program
The WWE ’13 downloadable content program is currently scheduled to include the following items:
Content Group #1 – “Attitude Era” Superstars Pack

“Attitude Era” Superstars Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay, Gangrel and Val Venis
Accelerator – enables players to unlock all in-game items, as well as customize individual WWE Superstar attributes
Each WWE Superstar will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £0.59 via PlayStation Network.
The Accelerator will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £1.59 via PlayStation Network.
All content is currently scheduled for release on November 2, 2012 in UK.
Content Group # 2 – WWE Superstars Pack

WWE Superstars Tensai, Ryback, Drew McIntyre and Yoshi Tatsu
WWE Divas AJ Lee and Natalya
Undertaker “Ministry of Darkness” alternate attire
Championship Title Pack – 10 new championships from WWE, WCW®, ECW® and AWA®.
The Undertaker “Ministry of Darkness” alternate attire will be available free of charge
Each WWE Superstar and Diva will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £0.59 via PlayStation Network.
The Championship Title Pack will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £1.59 via PlayStation Network.
All content is currently scheduled for release in December 2012
Content Group #3 – You’re Welcome in Five Languages Pack

WWE Superstars Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso
WWE Diva Layla
“Attitude Era” Legends Brian Pillman and Chainsaw Charlie
Moves Pack – 20 new moves, including the Lionsault (made popular by Chris Jericho) and the Kimura Lock (made popular by Brock Lesnar)
WWE Diva Layla will be available free of charge
Each WWE Superstar will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £0.59 via PlayStation Network.
The Moves Pack will be available for a suggested purchase cost of 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £1.59 via PlayStation Network.
All content is currently scheduled for release in January 2013
About the WWE ’13 Fan Axxess Program
THQ also announced today the ability to pre-purchase downloadable content at a reduced price point through the WWE ’13 Fan Axxess Program.  For a one-time purchase cost of 1600 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 or £11.99 via PlayStation Network, a savings of more than 10 percent versus individual content purchases, consumers will receive the following items:

Fan Axxess Program Exclusive: Legendary WWE Superstars Diamond Dallas Page and Goldust
All Content Groups: “Attitude Era” Superstars Pack, WWE Superstars Pack and You’re Welcome in Five Languages Pack
Online Badge
About WWE ’13
Positioned to offer the most authentic, extensive and fervent experience to date, WWE ’13 will transform gameplay through WWE LiveTM, a brand-new audio and presentation system designed to produce the most authentic and vibrant commentary, sound effects and crowd participation levels ever heard in a WWE videogame.  In addition, players will experience the atmosphere, spectacle and fervor of a WWE live event through attention-grabbing Spectacular Moments, including ring breaks and barricade crashes.
WWE ’13 will also debut a franchise-first single player campaign based on an unparalleled and groundbreaking period in WWE history: the “Attitude Era.”  Set during a time of pure raucousness, grandiose personalities and colossal revolution, players will focus on eight purveyors of attitude during the famed television “Monday Night Wars,” including WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin®.
Predator TechnologyTM 2.0, driven by new animations, transitions and modified controls, will return to deliver intelligent, fluid and engaging WWE action, resulting in a smoother gameplay experience than its predecessors.  As well, the popular career-style mode, WWE Universe, will dynamically introduce matches, alliances, rivalries and unpredictable moments based on player decisions along the path toward becoming a WWE champion.
WWE ’13 will feature the franchise’s industry-defining Creation Suite, enabling players to develop and customize Superstars, entrances, arenas, finishing moves, storylines, highlight reels and more, as well as share and download creations with others from around the world.  Furthermore, they will compete with a vast array of WWE Superstars and “Attitude Era” luminaries from the largest roster in franchise history, including cover Superstar CM Punk®, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sheamus®, Undertaker®, MankindTM, Chris Jericho®, Big Show® and Mark Henry®.  Along with to-be-announced features, a comprehensive roster reveal, downloadable content and big surprises, WWE ’13 is poised to live a revolution all its own.
WWE ’13 is currently scheduled for release on November 2, 2012 in UK.  For more information, please visit, and



The battle to save the galaxy rages on and a familiar foe returns in the largest downloadable content pack to-date for Mass Effect™ 3 multiplayer! Available to download at no additional charge*, Mass Effect 3: Retaliation ups the challenge by adding treacherous environmental hazards to existing maps and will introduce the infamous Collectors as a new enemy faction in multiplayer.

Also making its way into the Mass Effect 3: Retaliation pack is a brand-new challenge system that will reward players for their accomplishments in multiplayer. This new feature will give players the ability to track and compare progress across different multiplayer challenges.

Primordia teaser trailer



Official website:
Estimated release: Fall 2012

In the desolate wastelands beyond the city of Metropol, a solitary robot named Horatio jealously guards his freedom and independence. All that is taken away from him when a marauding foe steals his power source, forcing him to leave the safety of his home and set out on a perilous journey into the wastes – and into his own mysterious past.

Developed by: Wormwood studios
Published by: Wadjet Eye Games
Voicework by: Logan Cunningham
Music by: Bubblepipe Media

Congrats to Shakil for making it to the 2012 Tetris world championship finals !!!

Good Luck Shak!

2012 Tetris World Championships at PRGE!

posted by RecycledGamer on 8-28-2012
2012 Tetris World Championships
Come to PRGE for the 2012 Tetris World Champioships

The producers of the Tetris documentary Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters in cooperation with The Tetris Company, NintendoAge and Game Gavel, are bringing their annual Classic Tetris World Championships to the Northwest in 2012 for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. For the third time the world’s top Tetris players will compete for cash and glory in this nail-biting tournament. The best part? The tournament is open to the public! Bring your best Tetris game down to the Oregon Convention Center on Saturday September 29 for the qualifiers. If you make the cut, you could go up against the Tetris superstars from Ecstasy of Order.
Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters

Ecstasy of Order captures the greatest world record Tetris players as they prepare for the Classic Tetris World Championships. From the days of Thor Aackerlund and his historic victory at the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, right up to the present and Harry Hong’s perfect “Max-Out” score, this documentary expertly chronicles over two decades of Tetris Mastery.

From the Ecstasy of Order web site:

Tetris. We’ve all played it, rotating the pieces (“tetrominoes”) and dropping them in the perfect place, or despairing as we discover a piece won’t fit. You may have even joked about “mastering” the game during a stint of unemployment, or as a child, before you could afford any other Game Boy cartridges. But what about the people who’ve truly mastered Tetris? Where are the Kasparovs and Fischers, the great champions who’ve dedicated their minds to solving its deepest puzzles?

One man made it his mission to find them. In an effort to legitimize Tetris as a pro sport, Tetris super-fan Robin Mihara summoned the greatest Tetris players from around the country to compete in Los Angeles at the 2010 Classic Tetris World Championship. Among them are the only players known to have reached the unthinkable perfect ‘max-out’ score on classic Nintendo Tetris: Jonas Neubauer and Harry Hong. Add in the top players for most lines, Ben Mullen and Jesse Kelkar, as well as newcomer Dana Wilcox and modern-day Tetris Grandmaster Alex Kerr, and a storm of Tetris greatness is brewing.

The Tournament

Competitors will play the Nintendo version of Tetris for the Nintendo Entertainment System set on type A. All qualifying attempts must be started on level 9 or higher. Detailed rules are available on the tournament web site. There is a $10 entry fee to qualify, but you can try as many times as you like! Top prize is $1,000 with second place claiming a $500 prize. There will be 8 NES stations set up in the main hall on Saturday for qualifying attempts.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: Massive Fury Pack

The legendary Insecticons are now live for the TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON multiplayer community.


Starting today, Fall of Cybertron players on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC can download the Massive Fury Pack, which includes the following multiplayer characters, which includes their full body + individual body parts for use in the multiplayer character creator.  It also includes the following single-player campaign items:

KICKBACK (Flying Insecticon) SHARPSHOT (Flying Insecticon) HARDSHELL (Beetle Tank Insecticon) G1 RETRO OPTIMUS PRIME

AUTOBOT HOUND Single-Player campaign items: o   G2 BRUTICUS (character skin) o   G1 SHOCKWAVE BLAST CANNON (weapon)



The price for each pack is 800 Microsoft points or $9.99 for PlayStation and PC gamers.  For more information, fans can visit or