GameStickAdd Pledge Tiers to Offer Backers An Exclusive GameStick Case

London & San Francisco; January 9th, 2013; As the GameStickcampaign continues to gather support, the team behind Kickstarter´s next success story today announced new stretch goals if they manage to hit higher targets. GameStick raised the initial funding goal of $100,000 in just 30 hours.
“We have been inundated with messages of support and suggestions on how to improve GameStick fromboth the gamers & developers worldwidewho backed our project. Being at the pre-production phase, we have been able to incorporate a lot of these ideas into our roadmap. We were not prepared for that level of input but it has been fantastic.” Said Anthony Johnson, CMO, Playjam.
If the campaign reaches $320k, a goal that, following trend analysts Kicktraq, the team will soon hit, GameStick will be made available in both black and white.
Pushing this further the team have also promised that if the campaign moves past $450k the GameStick will then also be available in an additional colour, chosen by vote on GameStick’s facebookpage:
“People have asked about ways we can further personalise GameStick and giving people a choice of colour is a great way of achieving this” Said Johnson.
While GameStick provides free cloud storage for games, one of the most popular requests from the Kickstarter community has been for additional memory options so that more content can be carried when on the move. The team have responded with an additional stretch goal of $560K, which will enable the inclusion of a MicroSD slot to facilitate this.
In order to allow existing backers to increase their pledgesand for new backers to have a wider range of options when pledging, an additional tier has been addedwith more in the works.
For $89, an additional $10 for those who have already pledged for the standard GameStick bundle, backers will now also receive a carry case to make transportation of the ‘World´s most portable Games Console’ even more convenient.
“Kickstarter is proving to be a wild ride for the team behind GameStick. Hitting our original target so early goes to show appetite out there for continued innovation around affordable gaming on the big screen. We want to see how far we can go with this and hope that all those who have pledged will help spread the word to see just how far we can go!” Concluded Johnson.


Additional Colours

GameStcik Carry Case

To visit the Kickstarter page and pledge your support and see all the new tiers, please visit:

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Press Release: Gaijin Entertainment Releases Run’n’Gun for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Gaijin Entertainment Releases Run’n’Gun for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Exhilarating runner/shooter game with Brothers Grimm-inspired setting is free to download
MOSCOW – January 6, 2013 – Gaijin Entertainment, an award-winning developer and publisher of multiplatform video games, has released Run’n’Gun, a Universal App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A high-energy runner/shooter in the style of Temple Run, Gaijin’s Run’n’Gun is a free download on the App Store:
Run’n’Gun combines the addictiveness of an endless runner game with atmospheric 3D graphics and exciting shooter gameplay. In this fairy tale land inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm, trolls (and worse) lurk around Run’n’Gun‘s every corner and even children sleep with guns under their pillows. Word is spreading around the local tavern that the city bank has been robbed. No one likes a thief — least of all goblins that run off with the gold! The time has come to hunt, and the sharpest shooter takes all.
  • Choose among five heroes, each with unique personal features and individual skills
  • Run through picturesque landscapes and varied locations inspired by Grimms’ fairy tales
  • Gun down the goblins to collect coins and earn bonuses
  • Pick up missions at the tavern, then complete them to earn rewards
  • Race against friends by comparing your records on Facebook
  • Easy and intuitive touch controls: swipe to jump over and slide under obstacles, tilt to strafe and aim, and tap to shoot
Run’n’Gun is localized into seven languages: English, Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. For screenshots and more details, visit the official Run’n’Gun website:
About Gaijin Entertainment
Gaijin Entertainment specializes in the development of games for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The company also conducts technology-related research, allowing it to remain responsive to and on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing IT market. The company’s projects have received numerous media and game industry awards, including KRI awards for “Best Simulator for Next-Gen Consoles” (IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey for the PS3 and Xbox 360), “Best Technologies” (Dagor Engine™), “Best Sound,” and more. Learn more at


The Most Portable TV Games Console Confirms Support of XBMC And DLNA

GameStick Change Pledge Tiers to offer Developers Even More

London & San Francisco; January 4th, 2013; The team behind the GameStick raised a glass yesterday evening in thanks to the 1000+ Kickstarter backers that pushed them over their $100,000 funding goal in just 30 hours.

“The response from the Kickstarter community has been truly overwhelming. We are confident in our product and what we hope it will mean for gaming but we were taken aback at how quickly the message was adopted,” says Anthony Johnson, CMO, PlayJam.“There is no better feeling than having hundreds if not thousands of people endorse your idea.”

The team has been busy keeping up with the hundreds of questions and requests that continue to come through the Kickstarter message boards and in response have today announced support for XBMC & DNLA, two of the most sought after features.

“While we are shipping as a dedicated games console, we are keen to ensure that users have the ability to hack the device if they so wish and will be providing support for XBMC & DNLA via an optional firmware update in September. We encourage users to hack the device – the time for closed, proprietary systems is ending which bodes well for true innovation”, concluded Johnson.

GameStick is described as ´The Most Portable TV games Console Ever Created´. The team behind the project are passionate about accelerating the race to change the face of big screen gaming with a product that will now, as promised, launch in April of this Year.

Supporters flooded to the Kickstarter page just moments after the campaign launched and began pledging. The ´Early Bird´ pledge tier, giving backers the chance to grab themselves a GameStick at a discounted rate, proved so popular that it sold out in a matter of hours resulting in people moving in droves to the next tier. At the time of writing, the average pledge towards GameStick was $98.

Interest from the developer community has been extremely strong with over 300 registrations on website and a new tier offering early access to the SDK and 30 days premium positioning within the games store having been added for $500.

GameStick will feature a purpose-built game store through which users will be able to browse and download content. The proposition will be powered by PlayJam´s existing Games Network for Smart TV which currently supports developers such as Relentless Software, First Star Software, and Disney.

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About PlayJam:
PlayJam is the premier global platform for casual and social games on TV. By partnering with all major TV brands, we’ve created the largest and most vibrant games network for millions of players around the world


Portable Games Console To Bring Affordable Gaming Directly To Your TV Screen

London & San Francisco; January 2nd, 2013; PlayJam, the global platform for casual and social games on Smart TV, launched its Kickstarter campaign today in a bid to bring its dedicated games console – GameStick – to life.

The team behind GameStick hope to accelerate the race to change the face of big screen gaming with the launch of the most portable, affordable, dedicated TV gaming device on the market priced at just $79.

GameStick is a small yet powerful, dedicated games console that plugs directly into a TV’s HDMI slot and comes with a fully featured Bluetooth controller – ready to go right out of the box. When on the move, the two combine into a single unit, putting big screen gaming right into the pocket. The device will be compatible with other Bluetooth controllers enabling true multi-player functionality.

“We wanted to create a games console that helped further our overriding mission to bring affordable gaming to the big screen”. Says Jasper Smith, CEO PlayJam. “Not only that, we wanted to push the boundaries of what has been achieved up to now by packing sufficient power into the most portable of devices, enabling users to carry that experience with them wherever they go.”

The 30 day Kickstarter campaign launched today with the team at PlayJam looking to raise a minimum of $100,000 to help make GameStick a reality. Supporters of the project can get involved by pledging as little as $10.

“We are currently in a closed Beta phase of development with a working prototype that our guys are using to test some great games. Next comes the final design stage and live testing of both the controller and the games,” continues Smith. “We are fortunate to have been able to utilize our existing technology to get us to this point and have preferred manufacturers in place and an existing developer network ready to go. However, to get this project over the line and into full production, we need the support of the backers on Kickstarter.”

GameStick will feature a purpose-built game store through which users will be able to browse and download content. The proposition will be powered by PlayJam´s existing Games Network for Smart TV which currently supports developers such as Relentless Software, First Star Software, and Disney.

To date, the team has been focused on bringing GameStick to its pre-production phase by finalising hardware design and integrating the back end technology to power the service. They have worked with a small beta group of developers to announce the following initial line-up.

Developer Games
Madfinger Shadowgun and Dead Trigger
Hutch SmashCops
Supersecret Software Cannabalt
First Star Boulder Dash XL
FGOL Hungry Shark, Grabatron and Pool Bar
Relentless Software Quiz Climber and Blue Toad Murder Files
Sports Director MYFC Manager

Now that the project is public, the team hopes to work with all Android developers looking to get their games onto the big screen. GameStick´s Bluetooth controller uses different modes to allow the gamer to access and play 100´s of compatible games directly onto their TV.

“To date, the most accessible route to TV gaming for the consumer has been the traditional games
console – this is changing. GameStick gives the thousands of Android developers out there an additional route to bring an affordable big-screen gaming experience direct to their fans. What´s more, we wanted to do this via a unique, highly portable device that will enable pure social gaming – by that we mean people sharing great experiences in the same room!” Smith concluded.

To visit the Kickstarter page and pledge your support, please visit:

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About PlayJam:
PlayJam is the premier global platform for casual and social games on TV. By partnering with all major TV brands, we’ve created the largest and most vibrant games network for millions of players around the world.

12 days of christmas: hardest items to find in the Final Fantasy series

hello everybody, Julian cannon has returned for a new post. I am sorry that I have not been posting, I was busy with Christmas shopping and family and etc, but anyways, Christmas is here and I love it because you have your gift there and you wonder what it is. on this case, you would want to know where it is, here is my new top 10 and it is the 10 hardest items to find in the final fantasy series

10. final fantasy X-world champion

I played final fantasy 10 at least 5 times and I never wanted to do the blitz ball minigame because I hated it. but then I did it again just to get waka waka’s ultimate weapon, the world champion..without it, you will not be able to use him properly, especially during the 3rd battle against Seymour. to get this item, you literally have to play that minigame and win about 10-15 times without loosing at all. this can take a full day or week depending on how often you play. if you have the time, do something I should have done the first time and do it fantasy X- venus sigil

another one from this game but this one is extremely hard. for the venus sigil(lulu’s ultimate weapon) you will have to go to the thunder plains and doge 200 lightning bolts WITHOUT getting hit. once you get hit, it starts over and you are stuck doing it again after 199 times. that is a killer is it. I was so mad everytime I got close and I never wanted to do it again.The best way is to stay at the south part of the Thunder Plains and dodge the lightning bolts at where there is a white path near at the right side. Reach to the white path, and stand still until the lightning bolt comes down, this way is alot more faster then any other way of dodging lightning bolts. I managed to dodge the lightning bolts 200 times in about 35 minutes. fantasy  XII-2- clock master skill

this skill, or in this case item, is the most useful ability in the game period. Final fantasy XII-2 was released in January 2012 and it has got positive feedback. but I have never got this until I saw a youtube video. and that is the clock master skill. to do this you have to collect all 160 fragments in the game. that is very tough because that is very impossible without the dlc features. also some of them you will have to find the 7 paradox endings in the game after you beat the main story. what does this skill do? it speeds the ENTIRE game, including cutscenes so that is very usefiul for traveling to do more stuff and to finish battles very quick, even at the hard setting. Try to get this if you can because it will take over 100 hours to do so

7. final fantasy VIII- triple triad cards

it can be debated that the card game in final fantasy VIII is the most annoying part of the game. when you first play the minigame, you get worthless cards(umm remember the yu-gi-oh games too) but you will get stronger ones on the way. That is the keyword, “on the way”. the rules are basic but on the way, the rules change too often that you cannot get the cards. for example, the “elemental”,”plus” and “combo” rule makes you want to turn of your playstation because u will loose your strongest card. now when you win, you can get to choose what card you want to win, however, there will be new winning situations, such as whatever card you take you win. that can be the easiest and hardest task of the minigame. now the cards are used to turn into items, you can easily get everybody’s strongest weapons from these but if you keep loosing cards, then you also will loose the parts of the weapon.

6. Final fantasy V- ragnarok sword

final fantasy 5 to me is the hardest game in the series and the most broken also. I loved the job system and the very hard bosses but this stands out for all of them. somewhere in the last dungeon, there will be a treasure chest, you will not know what it is until it shows “monster in a box”. that monster is no other than shinryu. you will think of nothing until his first or second attack which is tidal wave, which will do about 7000-8500 damage to your party. you can go back there many times but he will still be there until you beat him. when you do, you will get the strongest sword in the game, which is the ragnarok. that sword doubles the damage done to an enemy, and if you have that equipped while you have the “rapid fire-spellblade-one handed” abilities, not only its the most deadly combo in the game, but you will attack for a total of 8 attacks.

5. Final fantasy XII- zodiac spear

final fantasy XII is on my top 3 of the final fantasy series. the battle system is arguably the best in the entire system, and the environments were well done. the story is pretty much law and order mix with star wars. but the only downside to XII is getting the weapons. the zodiac spear is the strongest weapon in the game and all characters can equip the spear. it also gives the user 150+ attack, 20% chance of attacking more than once, and evasion 40%. but to get this spear, you would have realized it when you were looking it up online to find out that you cannot open all the treasure chests in the game. that left so many players confused into why square enix would do that. I will not post on what chests that cannot be open because it is a long chart. but after you find out which ones it is,  the Zodiac Spear will appear in the Necrohol of Nabus.

4. final fantasy IX- Excalibur 2

Excalibur II is one of the hardest weapons to obtain in the entire Final Fantasy series, as it cannot be bought from a shop or dropped or stolen from any monster. The only way the player can obtain the Excalibur II is to make it to the game’s final dungeon, Memoria, into the room Gate to Space (where the party fights Lich) without exceeding 12 hours of playtime. Once Lich is defeated, the player must search the pillar on the right of the room to receive the sword.Passing three discs in 12 hours is a challenge, but if one is going after a “perfect” game save, there is much more that needs to be considered, such as many items, key items, and such cannot be obtained after their respective disc. This is made harder by the fact that to get one key item later on, one will need to have not missed any treasure. Another issue is achieving “perfect stats”; if one is to make the most of a character’s stat potential one must play a “level 1 game” until disc 4, when the best stat-boosting equipment becomes available. However, there are four battles in which EXP must be gained: the three battles fought in Pandemonium, and Tantarian. So players have to choose what players absorb what EXP. So “perfect stats” and the issues mentioned above make the challenge probably the hardest challenge available in Final Fantasy. For years, this challenge was thought impossible on the PAL version of the game due to the 50/60Hz conflict, but recent runs have shown that a PAL play-through is possible, but extremely difficult. Similarly, the challenge is possible in the PS-one “classics” downloaded version of the game but difficult due to the inability to skip FMVs (which adds about 2 hours to game time).

3. final fantasy XII-omega weapon

final fantasy XII is a game known in the series for being way too linear. but the after game missions kept me interested. but the one thing didn’t was getting the omega weapon. this is lightning’s strongest gunblade in the game. to get it, you would have to upgrade all of your weapons until the ultima weapon stage, then you would have to find  51x Chobham Armor, 45x Electrode, 28x Crystal Oscillator, 6x Particle Accelerator, 2x Trapezohedron. all in which will take hours and hours of battles or 5 star missions. you can buy these things but one item each is over 900,00 gil and you would have to transfer from different locations to get the rest of them for the same price. but anyways, this blade has a quick stagger ability, which means after the stagger bar goes up to 50%, it will auto stagger after that poiny, leaving you to do some pretty impressive damage every hit.

2. final fantasy VII-omnislash

this game is widely considered the most overrated video game of all time..and at some points I do agree. final fantasy VII is not on my favorite list but it is still a great game. but getting cloud’s level 4 and final limit break omnislash is a real pain in the ass. you would have to go to the battle square at that carnival and try to get 32000 points in total. that seems easy but you would have to go through stage fights( just like the 100 floors in paper Mario-the thousand year door) and it gets tough every time. if you do not want to get the move, then you will have to wait for the final battle( after safer sephiroth) to use the move. recently, the pc version that was re-released this year gave you an achievement for learning the move for 200 game points, that means you would have to go to the battle square to actually learn the move

1. final fantasy IV- pink tail

final fantasy IV was released in 1991, and since that release and remakes on various systems, I have never ever got the pink tail. and I bet nobody else got it either. to get this you will have to defeat a flan princess. seems ok at first but you will have to wait for the flan to drop the item. but it does not!!!. I have read that it has a 1/64 chance of dropping the item, which means it can take you hours or even months to get this item. which also meand that you will have to battle them in groups again and again until you get it which can be a real pain in the ass. while you are doing this, you will realize the pattern after every battle but the ratio starts over again for some reason. this issue was never fixed until the psp release of final fantasy IV-the complete collection. with this item, you will trade it to a blacksmith for adamant armor. not only that it is the strongest armor in the game, it can be equipped to any party member despite their character class. also the longer your character does not do an action, the more the defense will rise during battle

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME – Multiple Game of the Year Winner ‘The Walking Dead’ (Episode One); More from Telltale on Sale Now

     App Store Icon

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Multiple Game of the Year Winner ‘The Walking Dead‘ from Telltale Games Offers First Episode FREE on the App Store

Additional iOS titles from Telltale also available for a Limited Time Holiday Discount

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Today, leading publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games announces that the 2012 Multiple Game of the Year-winning series The Walking Dead is offering its critically-acclaimed first episode, ‘A New Day’ as a free download for a limited time on the App Store!


The game series, known on the App Store as, ‘Walking Dead: The Game’ was recently awarded the honors of Game of the Year from multiple media outlets and organizations, including Game of the Year from the 10th Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards, Wired, Yahoo! Games, Complex, Digital Trends, GamesRadar, Cheat Code Central, Destructoid and more.


The base application can be downloaded for free for a limited time, and includes the first episode of the award-winning series.  Episodes Two through Five can be purchased in-app individually for $4.99 USD, or save 25% by purchasing the Multi-Pack (Episodes 2-5 Bundle) for $14.99 USD.


App Store Link:





In addition to this limited time offering, Telltale is also temporarily discounting the price of several other apps to $0.99 USD until the New Year, including the following:


Back to the Future Ep 1 HD – US$0.99


Back to the Future Ep 2 HD – US$0.99


Back to the Future Ep 3 HD – US$0.99


Back to the Future Ep 4 HD – US$0.99


Back to the Future Ep 5 HD – US$0.99



HECTOR: Ep1 HD – We Negotiate with Terrorists – US$0.99


HECTOR Ep2 HD – Senseless Acts of Justice – US$0.99


HECTOR Ep3 HD – Beyond Reasonable Doom – US$0.99


HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice – US$0.99


HECTOR: Ep3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom – US$0.99



Jurassic Park: The Game 1 HD – US$0.99


Jurassic Park: The Game 2 HD – US$0.99


Jurassic Park: The Game 3 HD – US$0.99


Jurassic Park: The Game 4 HD – US$0.99


Law & Order: Legacies – US$0.99


Via in-app purchase:

Episode 2: Home to Roost – US$0.99

Episode 3: Killer Smart – US$0.99

Episode 4: Nobody’s Child – US$0.99

Episode 5: Ear Witness – US$0.99

Episode 6: Side Effects – US$0.99

Episode 7: Resolution – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 1 – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 2 – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 3 – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 4 – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 5 – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 1 HD – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 2 HD – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 3 HD – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 4 HD – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 5 HD – US$0.99


Puzzle Agent – US$0.99


Puzzle Agent HD – US$0.99



Puzzle Agent 2 – US$0.99


Puzzle Agent 2 HD – US$0.99



Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 1 – US$0.99


Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 2 – US$0.99


Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 3 – US$0.99


Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 4 – US$0.99


Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 5 – US$0.99



Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone for iPad – US$0.99



Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort for iPad – US$0.99


For more information on Telltale Games or any other product from Telltale, please visit the official websiteFacebook, and follow Telltale Games on Twitter.


For more information on The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, and all of his titles,

Robocop Month: Retro video game review: Robocop vs the Terminator

While the majority of comic book and film-based games tend to fall short in terms of overall quality, or fail to capture the essence of what made their source material great, RoboCop Versus The Terminator is an above average offering, standing out as one of the better 2D side-scrolling action titles available on Sega’s 8-bit platform.

Considering the Sega Master System’s hardware limitations, I’m surprised at how smoothly RoboCop Versus The Terminator plays, featuring large, sprawling environments and well-animated character sprites. Developer NMS has successfully captured the dark, comic book style artwork in digital form.

In the role of everyone’s favorite tin-man, your goal is to take down the SkyNet supercomputer, which is attempting to put an end to the human race. To people who’ve seen the Terminator films, this may come as a surprise to have RoboCop in the lead role, as opposed to Kyle Reese or Sarah Connor. Thankfully, the Frank Miller comic this is based upon successfully melded the two worlds in a believable storyline, and this carries over well to the game.

A total of eleven levels, taking place in streets, factories and office complexes, are waiting for you to tear through them and overall, I’d say the environments you move through are well drawn and large, yet small enough the keep the game progressing before boredom. Each level is fairly straightforward in navigation and you’ll rarely get lost, because as in most games of this type you move from left to right, making it a no-brainer as to where you must proceed.

Control for our hero is pretty good; he can jump fair lengths, climb up ladders, leap off chains and has the ability to fire in nine directions. Unfortunately, one important direction is missing: down. Many times you’ll suffer a barrage of enemy fire, unable to fight back because of your foe’s position.

Previous to each level you’re presented with primary and secondary objectives to complete, and while they may look different in text, they’re all pretty much the same; rescue hostages or captives, take down the big guys and stay alive! In regards to the hostages (with gargantuan heads thrice the size of Robo’s!), it’s rather amusing to see them freed from their bonds, then stand up with a huge smile, disappearing ala David Copperfield.

Littering most levels are human thugs that explode upon being shot — although a nice touch, this gory novelty wears off quick. In addition to the laser and pistol firing thugs, there are Endoskeletons, T-800s, and flying metallic orbs to watch out for, as well as a variety of environmental hazards.

Nothing will prepare you for the pieces of popcorn levitating out of toxic waste barrels though — that’s just odd. Another odd occurrence are the anonymously thrown Molotov cocktails the size of a large dog — I realize that in this future it’s all about who’s got the bigger firepower, but these are overkill, not to mention seriously out of scale.

For the most part, the end-of-level bosses are well animated and creative (when not based upon an existing character), but some have glitchy spots of animation or will pause without attacking. Also, the bosses seemed to be a tad on the easy side to defeat: each features an easily deprogrammed pattern that you can exploit and thus the majority won’t present much of a challenge for the seasoned gamer. Thankfully, adjustable difficulty levels are included.

Considering all the damage being thrown your way, it’s a good thing power-ups can be found, such as extra lives and invincibility shields — but what’s up with the paste pots? I wasn’t aware RoboCop ate baby food. In addition, there are more powerful weapons you can find, lock and load, including plasma rifles, rocket launchers and laser guns, all of which have a nice “oomph” to them when fired and a nasty effect on your foes.

While unoriginal as a whole, RoboCop Versus The Terminator is a well done action shooter and good choice for fans of the RoboCop or Terminator film franchises.
Graphics 4/5
Backgrounds and environments look like the comics, while RoboCop’s animation, in addition to his foes is well done. Little details in each level show care was taken in this aspect of the game.

Sound 3/5
Energetic and fast-paced music backs the action, but sound effects are generic and uninspired.

Enjoyment 4/5
Fans of the comic or the genre will have a good, albeit short time blasting through the game.

Replay Value 4/5
About average for a side-scrolling shooter, there are some hidden items and areas to explore, but they may not make another run through the title appealing.

Documentation 3/5
The manual gives a good synopsis of the storyline, but the level and enemy descriptions are very short. It covers everything one needs to know before jumping in this title, though.

Final verdict: 4/5

Monster Galaxy Exile Rockets To The Top Of The Charts!

Monster Galaxy Exile, the new megahit game from Gaia Interactive, is now available for free on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire. After scoring a chart-topping hit with Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands earlier this year, Monster Galaxy Exile, quickly became the #1 Role Playing game on iTunes today just hours after its worldwide release.
“Gaia’s goal is to make games that capture the imagination with beautiful artwork and compelling design. Our Monster Galaxy franchise has delighted millions of players — and we’re just getting started. I’m thrilled for our fans around the world to experience the next chapter of Monster Galaxy” says Mike Sego, Gaia Interactive’s CEO. “I’m also super excited about our partnership with Radar Pictures to bring Monster Galaxy to the big screen.”
Monster Galaxy: Exile picks up where Zodiac Islands left off.  As the world’s greatest monster tamer, you’ve toppled the evil King Otho and brought peace to the land. But Otho still has one more trick up his sleeve… he’s exiled you to his twisted prison dimension!  Fortunately, one of your trusty monsters has made it through with you. Now it’s up to you to tame a team of elite monsters, fight your way out of Exile and reclaim your title as a Master Tamer.
“Exile has all the hallmarks Monster Galaxy fans have come to love: A hilarious story, unique characters, amazing hand-painted art and a huge variety of monsters to tame in 14 insane new worlds,” said Juan Baurin, Producer of Monster Galaxy Exile. “Monster Galaxy is a fun and addicting game with over 200 new monters to battle, capture, and tame.”
Monster Galaxy Exile is available for free on your preferred mobile platform: 
Exile on iOS:
Exile on Google Play:
Exile on Amazon: 
In addition to the Exile release, Gaia has teamed up with Radar Pictures to work on an upcoming Monster Galaxy Live Action Motion Picture. The Monster Galaxy Motion Picture promises to deliver Gaia’s unique characters and fantastic world while leveraging Radar Pictures’ vast experience in the movie industry to make the project massively appealing to audiences beyond fans of the game. More details regarding the Monster Galaxy Motion Picture will be announced in 2013.
About Gaia Interactive, Inc.
Gaia Interactive makes games that capture the imagination. Our innovative titles have delighted millions of players across the web, Facebook, iOS, Android — and we’re just getting started. With a longstanding culture built on creativity, a proven history of pioneering success, along with investor backing from leading VCs at Benchmark and Redpoint, Gaia has the passion, talent, and resources to build smash hits loved by gamers around the globe.

31 days of Halloween: retro video game review:Zombies ate my neighbors

I am back again with another retro video game review. this time is one of my favorites and a cult classic, zombies ate my neighbors

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Who doesn’t love a good campy horror flick every now and then? With Lucas Art’s Zombies Ate My Neighbors, you may never have to watch another one!

Just look at the premise of the game: Monsters are running amok in the neighborhood and it is up to two kids armed with squirt guns to stop them! It may sound cliche’, but that feeling will soon be discarded once you begin playing and discovering what a triumph the game design is!

At the start of the game you can choose between two kids; a boy and a girl. Aside from the look of the character, there is no inherent advantage to picking either of them, so just go with want you want. From there you are dropped in the first neighborhood to begin your quest of saving as many neighbors as possible. The game controls marvelously, and you will never once have a problem doing what you want once you figure out how to sort items! They even give you a radar to help in locating the neighbors which you can toggle on and off by hitting your trigger buttons.

It’s a good thing too! Ten of your neighbors ranging from mean teachers to helpless babies are scattered throughout each level. Your goal is to get to them before the monsters do. This may sound simple until you realize that if a neighbor is killed then you lose that neighbor FOR THE REST OF THE GAME! That might be a problem since the game has over 50 levels to keep them alive through, and eventually you would be down to one. Except the game developers were way ahead of us on that one! The fix was to award an extra neighbor for every 40,000 points you score! And since you will be scoring a TON of points throughout the game most players will be fine as long as you don’t mess up TOO badly.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that the game is a cake walk, either. The monster horde is out for your blood (or the neighbors! They’re not picky)! There’s the titular zombies, the masked killer, the evil dolls, the vampires, the werewolves… put it this way: If its been in a horror film, it will be in this game! It is shocking how much content they managed to stuff in a game that is over 15 years old! Each monster acts differently than its brethren, with different patterns, aggressiveness, and weaknesses, and you’ll have to learn each one’s intricacies in order to survive!

That is what the weapons are for! Zombie’s myriad of weapons and items are pure bliss, adding yet another layer of content into an already stuffed game. I love how the game uses things typical of suburbia and turns them into a viable arsenal. Squirt guns filled with holy water act as a pistol. Shaken-up Cola cans act as grenades that can be hurled over walls. Bazookas (Yes, bazookas!) dropped by military can be used to blow down obstacles such as hedges and walls. Every weapon and item has a purpose and add strategy to the game, but it is the various ways that the weapons interact with the monsters that steal the show. Silverware one-shot werewolves! Weed-Whackers one-shot plant monsters! POPSICLES ONE-SHOT BLOBS!! If you are a horror aficionado, you will have a distinct advantage here since it is obvious that this was a labor of love from a development team that loved horror movies!

It all comes together beautifully. Levels are incredibly detailed, and as with the monsters and weapons, it’s the small things that make the difference. Need to get in a house? You can use a key. Or you could blow the door open with a bazooka! Or you could smash it down as a monster using a special potion!

Do you want to explore, or just rescue your neighbors and move on? It is in these moments that the game ceases to be good and becomes extraordinary. My favorite example is the hedge maze in level 3. Viable options include turning into a monster and killing all seven chainsaw maniacs or using a bazooka and blowing holes in both walls AND maniacs in order to fast-track to your neighbors. Or you could let the maniacs cut a path for you, luring them into making shortcuts for you before breaking out the fire extinguishers and decoy clowns to slow them down! The possibilities are endless!

Did I mention that you can do all of this WITH TWO PLAYERS? Bringing along a buddy makes for two times the fun, and makes it more likely that you can finish the game in one sitting. Make no mistake: THAT IS THE WAY IT IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED! Zombies features a password system that punishes you for using it by stripping you of your items. If you have to use a password then you start from the later levels with just a squirt gun and a first-aid kit! I would normally chalk this up to bad game design, but it almost seems deliberate as a way to challenge more advanced players. I think that they expected veterans to use the passwords to skip ahead and try their luck at some of the punishing later levels with a limited inventory.

As for graphics and sound… The game cannot stand toe-to toe with the SNES’ best, but I don’t think it’s supposed to. The graphics get the job done and do a great job of painting a varied landscape. Animation is great with unique animations for all neighbors and monsters, not to mention the kids which are very expressive. This may explain why the graphics are a little toned down, and I consider it a fair trade. Sound-wise the game is fantastic. The soundtrack may repeat too often, but the tracks that are there are all mood-setters with my personal favorites being Dr. Tongue’s Castle and the Baby Theme. Sound effects are also varied and used to great effect, from the roaring of a chainsaw to the screaming cries of the neighbors as they are spirited away to the next world.

Overall, I cannot praise this game enough! That is why I am always confused that more gamers have not heard of this game. It sold reasonably well but seems to be forgotten among modern gamers. It was only recently that it clicked into place! I was playing Dead Rising and bitching to a friend about how clunky it was when memories of this game came flooding back to me. Zombies was a game before its time, and nothing makes that clearer than the zombie-obsessed society of the modern age! Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, The Walking Dead, The Zombie Survival Guide… Even Call of Duty has been invaded by the undead! This game combines EVERYTHING appealing about horror films, ties it to solid arcade action, and then throws in some trademark Lucas Arts humor. The final result is a fresh and addictive title that still holds up to this day! That is why I am officially using this platform to call for Konami to make the sequel that ZAMN deserves!!

They might as well do something while they are busy doing nothing…