Diamond, iVerse Teaming Up to Offer Digital Content Via Comic Shops

Imagine a future where readers and fans can visit their local comic shop to buy not just physical copies of new comics, but also digital
editions that aren’t available anywhere else, and can be viewed in multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, web, and others.

That future is coming soon as Diamond Comic Distributors (DCD) – the world’s largest distributor of English-language comic books, graphic
novels and related pop-culture merchandise – joins forces with iVerse Media – the pioneer of digital comics and creators of the popular
ComicsPLUS reader – to empower 2,700+ brick and mortar comic shops to sell digital content.

Plans call for day-and-date digital editions to sell exclusively at comic shops for 30 days for about $1.99, with “Digital Plus” editions
– digital copies available with the purchase of a hard copy – expected to sell for $.99.

Thanks to a simple but technologically robust code redemption system, retailers will need only an internet connection and a printer to
participate. They will have no inventory risk or carrying costs and will retain a significant portion of each sale, with billing occurring
on their regular DCD invoices. Retailers with websites will also be able to profitably sell a wide range of digital back issue comics and
graphic novels.

Diamond Executive VP and COO Chuck Parker had this to say: “Digital comics are creating opportunities for publishers to grow the comic
market. Our task, as we see it, has been to structure a program that empowers comic retailers to play a role in this growth and, at the
same time, make money selling digital content. We think we’ve accomplished that with this initiative, and we look forward to
feedback from retailers and publishers alike to help us succeed in this endeavor.”

iVerse CEO Michael Murphey added: “We are proud to be helping Diamond develop systems which will immediately enable comic shop retailers at any level of technical ability to easily sell digital comics. We are also very excited about the potential of this new venture to create
many creative print-to-digital and digital-to-print promotional possibilities.”

Publishers already on-board with the program include: Ape Entertainment, Archie Comics, Aspen Comics, Bluewater Productions,
Broadsword Comics, Hermes Press, IDW Publishing, Moonstone Comics, NBM Publishing, Papercutz, Red 5 Comics, Studio Foglio, Titan Books,TOKYOPOP, Top Cow Productions and Top Shelf Productions. Talks with other publishers are continuing, and the first comic shop digital editions are slated to debut in July, 2011.

“Direct Market retailers have always been IDW’s most important market and we’re very pleased to be working with Diamond and iVerse to
include them in the digital distribution of our books,” said Ted Adams, CEO/Publisher IDW Publishing.

Dave Bowen, Director of DCD’s new Diamond Digital division, said: “We invite all publishers to join our effort, whether with all of their
books or a portion of their line. All we ask is that they give comic shops a 30-day head-start on selling whatever digital content they
chose to make available through the program.”

Further details with be forthcoming at the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting, being held February 10-12 in Dallas, and at Diamond’s Retailer Summit,to be held March 17-18 in Chicago, in conjunction with the C2E2 show.


Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Captain America
#615.1, from Eisner Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker and red-hot
artist Mitch Breitweiser! In this great starting point for new
readers, learn all about the legend of the Star-Spangled Avenger in
this pivotal POINT ONE issue that dramatically impacts the life of
Captain America and sets up monumental events that will surprise
everyone! As his former partner stands accused, Steve Rogers lines up
his next list of targets in the war for national security… But when
his nation suddenly utters the call, will the shield be passed to an
all-new Captain America? Meet tomorrow’s super-solider today, only in
Captain America #615.1 – on sale this March!

Captain America Hail Hydra! #1 Review

“Whenever a major evil has threatened the world, they have been there. Whatever their name-the Cathari, sons of Anubis, Ariosophists, Wotanists, the Seven Kings, the Black Order, the Green and Red Societies, the Thule society- their malevolence knows no end.

No matter who stands against them, they will not stop. They are HYDRA.”

Unlike my previous entry, Hail Hydra takes place in WW2. It is July 1944, Drache Castle, Germany. Captain America and Bucky are working with a German rebel Cap calls her Frau Lohn. She has lead Cap and Bucky to a castle where strange and unusual experiments have arisen.

Cap and Bucky get ready to take on what may be their hardest or strangest fight to date. Bucky, armed with a Thompson submachine gun, and Cap, with his shield, engage the enemy: a monstrous beast of a human. But as soon as Cap and Bucky defeat their first foe, they are quickly surrounded by an army of similar beast.

The line from one of Ed Wood’s classics films with Bela Lugosi come to mind.

” I will perfect my own race of people. A race of atomic supermen which will conquer the world! ”

Cap and Bucky are taken down and the evil ” Dr Frankenstein,” as Bucky calls him, inject Cap with a mysterious serum.

Without giving away the concept of this first issue, we are treated to a simple 40s-esque monster story with Captain America. The story is updated but retains its 40s roots and sets in motion the history of Hydra in the Marvel Universe.

This book has Captain America and Bucky acting like they should..Even though the story is simple, its pacing and delivery are top notch. Maybe not the most complicated story, but after the past few years of story tie-ins and cross platform battles from the likes of Civil War, World War Hulk, Siege and the like, having a simple classic Captain America story is a breath of fresh air. I just wish I’d see some Mike Mignola art. This title would be up his alley. Regardless, the artist Sergio Cariello fills in nicely.

Captain America Hail Hydra is worth picking up for any diehard Captain America fan.



Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Captain America and
Falcon #1, from fan favorite creators Rob Williams and Rebekah A.
Isaacs! Kicking off a series of five one-shots celebrating the 70
years of the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America’s erstwhile partner
Sam Wilson, must confront his past to save a boy’s future! Join
Captain America and Falcon as they take on an evil far below the
spires of Avengers Tower – the very streets Falcon fought to escape.
When Captain America and Falcon #1 hits stands this March, fans should
rush out to their comic shops to be amongst the first to grab an
exclusive print featuring the connecting covers of red-hot artist Greg
Tocchini! Salute the legacy of America’s super-soldier all month long
as Marvel pays tribute to Captain America and those around him who
have made him the man he is!



In honor of the Star-Spangled Avenger’s 70th anniversary, Marvel is
pleased to present your first look at Captain America and Crossbones
#1, from the creative team of writer William Harmes and artist Declan
Shalvey! Fascist ideologue. Unrepentant assassin. Only hope? When a
top secret experiment goes awry, Steve Rogers is forced to send his
mortal enemy (and current Thunderbolt detainee) into quell the spread
of a runaway virus. But, when he’s running solo, is Crossbones willing
play the part of expendable asset? Or will he make sure that a black
flag flies for the original super-soldier once and for all?  Find out
this March, only in Captain America and Crossbones #1!