Keith Poon’s Captain America

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This custom was made from  a ThreeA Toys Popbot figure in the style of Captain America, complete with his trademark shield and … gun…..Well in the movie and in the old comics Cap shot a gun !


so if you have some money US$449.99 is the asking price.

Executive Assistant Lotus #2: The Hit List Agenda

Executive Assistant Lotus #2: The Hit List Agenda
by Rob Base
Executive Assistant Lotus #2 The Hit List Agenda
Vince Hernandez – Story / Oliver Nome – Art / Emilio Lopez – Colors

Very few comics have the ability to read like a TV series. How many people out there reading this thought The Walking Dead would really be a compelling “TV” show?

Executive Assistant Lotus feels more like a USA primetime TV program in the vein of Burn Notice or In Plain Sight and yet with all the dialogue, the comic’s action is hard hitting and engaging.
I really don’t want to give away any details of the story. Lotus will have many fans of Marvel Comic’s Elektra drooling for more.
Lotus maybe in over her head but finds ways to do much butt kicking that will keep fans reading till the final issue.
Here’s hoping that Executive Assistant Lotus gets her own TV show next fall.


Transformers: igear new releases

PP05M Medical Specialist

MW-01 Spray

PP05W Weapon Specialist

MW-02 Rager

And the world of Third Party toys has now jumped leaps and bounds!


Also if you haven’t seen these…

You are missing the boat


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