Movie Review: The Hunger Games:Catching Fire

Julian Cannon is back with another movie review. And sorry I was late with this one, I was really busy the whole week. Also follow me on twitter @julianexcalibur and check out my show on Where I talk about wwe topics, top 10’s, video game reviews and movie reviews. I have done over 20 episodes on Facebook and I got very positive feedback so now I have 6 episodes on that channel so expect more on the way every week. Now let’s get to the review of The Hunger Games : Catching Fire


RELEASED: November 21, 2013

DIRECTOR:Francis Lawrence
WRITER:Simon Beaufoy, Michael Arndt
CAST: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks
RUNNING TIME: 129 minutes

Gore is upped a notch – or 12 – but the message is as dark and dystopian as The Hunger Games.

After The Hunger Games burned a Mockingjay-shaped mark on filmgoers, the pressure was on for I Am Legend director, Francis Lawrence, who took over from Gary Ross.

Fortunately, Catching Fire is bigger and grittier, slaying us in all manner of malicious ways – poisonous fog and man-eating monkeys included.

But first we begin in a near-identical setup to the first, with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) back in District 12 and President Snow (Donald Sutherland) plotting something sinister.

He isn’t happy with the District 12 lovebirds and the currant coloured mess they left following the last games. Leaving the Capitol comforts to pay ‘The Girl on Fire’ a visit, Snow informs Katniss that their rule-bending win caused a stir in some of the districts. Rebellion is in the air, and he leaves her with a sinister threat of the district’s destruction that weighs heavy on her shoulders as she leaves for the Victory Tour in an attempt to convince Panem of her ‘love’ for Peeta.

The performances from the main three have stepped up a gear in the interim, with Lawrence and Hutcherson convincingly portraying the struggles of returning to life after participating in a public bloodbath, as well as the mental and physical preparation needed to gear up for round two.


Liam Hemsworth as Gale is granted a touch more screen time in the build up to what should be a lead role in the next instalment, and newbie tributes, particularly Johanna (Jena Malone), Finnick (Sam Claflin) and Beetee (Jeffrey Wright), manage to make a deep impression in spite of the non-stop action. Another noteworthy addition is Philip Seymour Hoffman as new Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee. The Oscar-winner brings gravitas to the role and steals scenes from Sutherland’s increasingly one-note Snow.


Bigger, better and more garish than ever, the Capitol scenes are breathtaking, its grandeur made obvious due to sweeping exposition shots, brilliantly juxtaposed against shaky and guerrilla techniques used within district-based scenes. But where Capitol colours have brightened, the overall tone has darkened, sticking firmly to the page when it comes to blunt hierarchical messaging.

Public lashings provoke a very real reaction, and when the Quarter Quell commences, the knife-throwing and axe-wielding is more brutal than first time round, though it’s still hampered by it 12A classification.

Inevitably, Catching Fire feels rushed in parts (the book is 400 pages-long), but choices regarding what to ditch, including the novel’s heavy wedding focus, were probably the right ones. A little more time could have been dedicated to the tributes, but with so many strong leads already fighting for screen time, it’s probably best audiences aren’t persuaded to bond too much; we know what happens to those entering the arena.

Author Suzanne Collins’ vision for the clock-shaped battleground, with its 12 sinister segments, has been brought to the big screen brilliantly by Lawrence; the game itself keeping you gripped right up until the moment Katniss fires that fateful arrow. This new tropical setting and its dangers are much more arresting than the forest, and the tension is so palpable that you’ll need a shoulder rub after to relieve it.

The cliffhanger conclusion will undoubtedly split opinion, leaving novel novices dangling in frustration, while fans of the book will appreciate the almost identical finale, right down to Gale’s final revelation, which we’ll keep quiet for the sake of those now running off to power through the trilogy’s pages.

I give this movie a 9/10

My Thoughts on Triple H’s World Title run from 2002-2003

There are a couple of “internet wrestling community myths” that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Ultimate Warrior died years ago

Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon – enough said

The ECW/WCW Invasion in 2001 bombed

Vince McMahon hates certain wrestlers

The list goes on and on. All of them are just pure fiction that people make up,believe, and then pass on as fact. They are just ridiculous and laughable claims. The worst part is that fans actually believe them. To a certain extent, you see it EVERY SINGLE DAY with all of the news reports that come out. Most are flat out false, yet certain fans continue to buy into ANYTHING that is posted online. Today’s topic is just like the previous mentioned myths.

Did Triple H “bury” the roster in 2003?

For those who read my work, they know that the term “buried” means nothing. Nobody is ever truly buried in WWE. The term is baseless, and I do not use it whatsoever. However, the topic has come up time and time again. As most remember, Triple H won the World Title in late 2002 and held it until September 2003. Throughout the year, he dominated the Red Brand and kept the gold through thick or thin. Let me just go through the year as it went…

Just to stall time before WrestleMania XIX, we saw the rematch at No Way Out in February between the two men( Triple H and Scott Steiner). At this point, the steam from their feud was all but over with. Evolution was formed, and Triple H was not going to drop the title a month before the biggest show of the year. On top of ALL that, Steiner was hurt. Again, nobody can convince me Steiner should have won here.

Okay, this is the biggest controversy.

I have said it before, and I will say it again.

My entire “WrestleMania party” had picked Booker T to win the World Title. Seeing as I thought that wasn’t happening, I bet with each and every friend/family member a couple of dollars each. Needless to say, I collected after the match.

The argument is that Triple H winning proved that “racism is right.”

As usual, that is not true.

Booker dominated their feud. He owns a few victories over The Game, and the record books show that. When it came time to decide who should win, the decision came down to two things:

A) Have Booker win the title

B) Build up Triple H even more

The answer was simple.

Bill Goldberg had just signed on with WWE. In order for his run to be worthwhile, he needed to become World Champion. He was bigger and more well known than Steiner. Thus, WWE had to have a big, bad heel for him to crush down the line. Instead of going right to the big Triple H vs. Goldberg showdown, they waited a few months. Booker getting the title would have only thrown a wrench in the long-term payoff.

Sorry folks, King Booker won the World Title a few years later, and the moment was well worth the wait.

fter that, Triple H was in a huge six man tag team match at Backlash. Obviously, the gold was not on the line. The Game, Ric Flair, and Chris Jericho ended up getting the win over Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Shawn Michaels. It was a great match that many fans forget.

For May, Triple H took on Nash for the World Title. The big man had recently returned from injury and was looking to take out HHH. It was the classic “best friends, better enemies” story line. At Judgment Day, they ran a DQ finish with Nash just destroying Triple H. As in most cases, this was done to set up a FINAL grudge match.

We saw that at Badd Blood in June.

Mick Foley was the special guest referee. With Nash ready to take some time off and go film a movie, the decision was another easy one. Triple H had to retain. I am sure he would have been more than happy to give his friend a nice title reign, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Fans were NOT behind Nash as the top face on Raw. He was “over” but not nearly enough. Thus, the feud came to a close, Nash teased a heel turn shortly thereafter and left with his new hair cut a few months later.

Summerslam was set to be the HUGE battle beween Triple H and Goldberg for the World Title!

Dream match.

One on one.

World Title.

HHH vs. Goldberg.

Then Triple H got injured. As World Champion, he decided to work through the pain and try to continue on. That is very admirable, but his big showdown with Goldberg was now in doubt. You can’t push your limits too much. That would just cause even WORSE pain. Thus, WWE had to switch things up a little bit in August.

The main event was Triple H vs. Goldberg vs. Nash vs. Jericho vs. HBK vs. Randy Orton in an Elimination Chamber match for the World Title. it would give a few guys some shine in the main event, as well as let HHH heal up. Also, it brought back the big steel structure in grand fashion for WWE.

I understand some folks did not like the ending of the match.

Triple H wrestled about a minute long and pinned Goldberg, after he had ran through just about everybody else before that.

That is fine. I am not going to argue that point. Goldberg was on FIRE and ready to become World Champion. That was (probably) his best night in a WWE ring. However, there is one reason that WWE didn’t do the title switch at Summerslam:


Call in old school. Call it predictable. Call it whatever you want. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people believe that a title switch should ONLY happen in one on one matches.

Not wild tag matches with stipulations.

Not an Elimination Chamber match.

Not a ladder match, where nobody is pinned.

None of that!

Simply a one on one match with two men wrestling where the better man wins.

That time was Unforgiven 2003.

Triple H vs. Goldberg for the World Title with EVERYTHING on the line: If HHH wins, Goldberg had to retire. If Goldberg wins, the long, long, long title reign of HHH was over.

Those were huge stakes!

Something had to give. Either fans were guaranteed a new champion (finally!) or Goldberg was going to retire.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great selling point for a pay-per-view.

They did the match. Triple H lost the gold (and multiple rematches), and Goldberg was “the man” on Raw. The Game took some time off and even returned to lose again at Survivor Series 2003. Fans got their “moment” with Goldberg on top. He had his World Title, and all of the sides had won.

Without that lengthy title reign, Goldberg winning wouldn’t have meant much. There was no reason for Kane to win the title in 2002.  There was no reason for anybody to defeat HHH in 2003, except Goldberg.

Look at Honky Tonk Man’s IC title reign.

Look at HHH in 2000.

Look at JBL in 2004.

Look at CM Punk now.

The longer these reigns go, the more fans want a new champion. The more they groan every time the heel wins. The more fans cheer for the next challenger. The more intensity it adds to the match. The more and more and more and more it adds to the eventual World Title switch.

When HHH finally lost, it was HUGE!

When JBL finally lost, it was HUGE!

When Punk lost, it was HUGE!

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Julian Cannon here to give everyone a new movie review. This time, it is something I picked up not too long ago: the recently released “Triple H: THY KINGDOM COME.”


The DVD starts on how Triple H (Paul Levesque) broke into the business after winning bodybuilding competitions. He then talks about his training with Killer Kowalski and Terry Taylor. There were clips of a younger Triple H when he was cutting promos and doing matches. For a guy that young, he knew what he was doing and he learned pretty fast. Killer Kowalski gave him the name “The Terrorizer,” although Triple H hated the name because it was too “generic.” He, however, just wanted to wrestle so he took the name no matter what. After a few months, Triple H found a local wrestler in the gym who worked for WCW, who then sent in a word to Eric Bischoff for him to join WCW for a two year contract. Triple H said that he only wanted one year just because he did not want Bischoff to spend a lot of money on him until he sees what he can do in the ring. When he went to WCW, he tweaked his ring name to “Terror Rising.” He was a major player in the mid card division for a while until he met Ric Flair. The two have been friends ever since. At the end of 1994, Triple H was repackaged and brought back with a French gimmick and teamed with William Regal for a short time until in 1995, when he was called up to WWE (then WWF.)

When he arrived in WWE, he used the name “Hunter Hearst Hemsley” with a similar gimmick he had before he left WCW. Then we get interviews from Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. They all remarked that they all took him under their wing (including Scott Hall and Justin Credible) as the backstage group was formed as the Kliq. Triple H and Kevin Nash mentioned that Lex Luger was the one to come up with the Kliq name and hand gestures. Things would go great for them until the Madison Square Garden incident in May of 1996. It was Hall and Nash’s last night before heading to WCW.  This was also the night when they, along with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, all came out and embraced in the ring out of character (breaking “kayfabe”). In the wrestling world back then, this was an extremely taboo move because behind the scenes alliances were never to be shown, especially between a heel and a face, since this would render the gimmicks as fake. Since Hall and Nash left and Shawn was the champion, Triple H was the one who had to take the fall for it. When the interview went to Vince McMahon, he said that Triple H would have gotten fired but he put him on the bottom of the ladder instead. McMahon also said that “you are going to eat plates of sh**, and you are going to like it”. That meant that Triple H would just job out in the mid card for a year, including taking the 1996 King of the Ring winner spot away from him and booking Steve Austin to win it. Triple H did not see any light until he won the Intercontinental Championship in 1997 and, later that year, going on to win the King of the Ring.

Now the attention goes to the feud with Mick Foley. Foley said that he always thought he saw something in him in WCW. Triple H said that Foley brought out the brawling style of him in every way possible. From the steel cage match to the Falls Count Anywhere match, Foley and Triple H considered those matches as their classics.

The next portion is the formation of D-Generation X. Both Hunter and Shawn needed a bodyguard when they just happen to meet Chyna (Joanie Laurer) at a gym around this very time. Vince McMahon was originally against the idea but Shawn and Hunter fought for her. Another thing I did not know was that WCW was about to sign her, which led to Shawn to contact Shane McMahon to convince his dad to give Chyna a chance. That is interesting news but, however, nobody ever mentioned that Chyna and Triple H were dating, too. None of them talked bad about Chyna at all. The next person to talk was The Undertaker. This was the first time in a very long time that Undertaker has been interviewed in a WWE documentary so seeing him in it was worth every word he said. He talks about WCW kicking their ass every week and DX being part of the reason why WWE shifted from the New Generation Era to the Attitude Era. Eventually, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac comes into the interviews and talked about DX’s success with the fans, merchandise, the feud with the Nation of Domination and their attempt to raid WCW Nitro. By 1999, Triple H wanted to break away from the group. Billy Gunn was the only one to not agree with that direction because he felt that DX was not ready to break up.

When DX inevitably did meet its demise, Triple H changed his entire look and attitude for his journey to become the next WWE Champion. His first title shot occurred on Summerslam 1999 in a Triple Threat Match involving the current Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Mick Foley. It was wildly rumored that Austin did not want to drop the belt to Triple H on PPV but all 3 of them on the DVD discussed their own version of that rumor. Mick Foley won the belt but, however, Triple H won the belt for the first time the next night on Raw.

A few months later, the storyline of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon started and the next portion of interviews are from Stephanie, Vince and Linda McMahon along with DX, The Big Show and The Undertaker. The McMahon family talked about Triple H and Stephanie dating and that Vince did not allow Stephanie to date the wrestlers at all. However, Linda McMahon knew and let them two secretly date. Once Vince found out, he told them the risks of what could happen and he eventually gave Triple H his blessing. This may have been good but they were now the target of the entire locker room. Both Hunter and Stephanie were aware that all the wrestlers were talking about them but they did not care at all. Footage of their wedding shows from 2003 to end the segment.

The year 2000 also was a great feud between Triple H and The Rock. The Rock talks about the matches they had, including the second ever 60 minute Ironman match at Judgment Day 2000. The Rock then says that Triple H is the best in-ring worker he has ever worked with.

Going into 2001, Hunter talks about him teaming with Steve Austin and capturing the Tag Team, Intercontinental and WWE Championship. Next, we get footage from his first knee injury as Jim Ross and Paul Heyman mentioned that they were really scared for Triple H and that they were both surprised that he actually finished the match. The next footage is from the knee surgery that many WWE fans remember when it first aired on television along with the recovery and rehabilitation period. Now we get to the night Triple H returned from his injury on the first WWE Raw of 2002. Hunter said that he had no idea to how the crowd would react and that he thought the crowd would be silent.

Moving forward to late 2002 to early 2003, we get interviews from Randy Orton and Batista about how they were chosen to be part of Evolution, which consisted of Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista. The idea of the group was to have both Orton and Batista to become the future of the WWE. I should mention that the Blu-ray edition has special clips and one of them was from a former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak. He talks about how he was actually supposed to replace Batista as a member of Evolution but, due to time constraints, it never happened. This portion of the DVD is my favorite but it would have been great if they had talked about their Wrestlemania matches.

Next, we get the feud between Triple H and John Cena. Triple H commented that Cena is one of the most hardest working guys in the locker room and has not wrestled anybody like him before. John Cena says that it was a huge honor wrestling Hunter at Wrestlemania. Cena also feels that Triple H was the hardest opponent he has faced at the time, too.

Right after the Wrestlemania match, the DX reunion begins. The fans loved every single second of it but, however, Shawn Michaels and Triple H kind of disliked it. That goes to show that they’ve matured from those days of pulling pranks, but it was fun times nevertheless.

Triple H now talks about the same knee injury he had in 2001 but, this time, it was on the other knee. It happened in WWE New Year’s Revolution in 2007, which caused him to have to go through another operation.  Triple H was supposed to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 23 for a rematch before he got injured but Shawn Michaels took the spot instead. He returned 7 months later and in 2008, he won the WWE Championship and got drafted to Smackdown. Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon felt that Triple H going to Smackdown would help out young talent such as Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, MVP and more.

Going into 2009 was the feud between Triple H and Randy Orton. During this feud, the entire McMahon family was involved and the real life marriage of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was put into the feud as well. Triple H said that his match against Randy Orton could have been better, especially since the match between Shawn Michaels and Undertaker overshadowed the main event.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Vince McMahon now talk about Hunter’s duties as the COO of the WWE. They talk about him bringing talent in, training the students, board meetings, and more stuff about the duties in the corporate offices in the WWE.

Then finally, we get closing interviews from Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels, Batista, The McMahon family and Undertaker along with closing details about the Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania 28.


If I would have to choose between this DVD and the Mick Foley DVD that came out a few months earlier, I would have to tie them both as the best WWE documentary of the year. Although there were a few things left out, a lot of other features made up for it. The most worthy footage from this DVD is seeing and hearing The Undertaker being interviewed out of character. This was the first time in a long while that The Undertaker has been interviewed for a documentary and it was great to see him being interviewed. The details about Triple H’s relationship with Stephanie McMahon and how he went to the WWE from WCW is very newsworthy for the younger fans that was not aware about any of what is going on behind the scenes along with many of the other interviews as well. I believe that they made Triple H look way too good in those interviews but I do not have a problem with it. For non Triple H fans, it is still worth it to pick it up and watch this. Another fact I want to bring up is that this may be the longest documentary WWE has produced, clocking in at 2 hours and 27 minutes. I give this a thumbs up so go to your video store and add this to your collection.

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NYC COMIC CON 2013: My Press Experience

Julian Cannon here for a new post. This time it is about my experience as a press member for NYC Comic Con 2013.


Thursday after I rushed out from work to get to the Javits Center, I went to the place and seen a huge line of people and cosplayers entering inside the building. As soon as I come inside the building, I snapped a few photos of cosplayers. One of them was rogue from the X-Men series. The woman said that she came all the way from England to go to the event. I have spoken to many other cosplayers but her story about going to the event takes the cake for me


Then I have went to the Press lounge upstairs and went over everything I had to help cover this week and a few things I covered as well. The team consisted of Robert, Chuck, Shalik, Bill, Crystal, Juan and me. I went downstairs to the floor to take some photos and then I went to the lower level and I met up with Chuck and Shalik. The line they were in was for a toy panel showing off new figures coming up for Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Street Fighter, Tekken and a few more. Shalik was recording while I took some photos from the event. I should note that before the event started, There were raffle tickets being handed out for some prizes


After the press panel, The raffle started and I was the last one to get a prize. I was not expecting this to happened so I won a very huge hulk figure that I had a little trouble of taking it home with me but I made it work.


I also met Daniel from I was also invited to a cosplay party celebrating of the launch of an app game Hello Hero so I went there and met some interesting people. Leslie from, Matt from They are all great and very nice. Two other people I meet were the creator and developers of the game and they have demo the game in a press room. I think the game is really fun since I am into RPG games so I will download it once it launches. The party was really great and the launch event really gave the word out for the game.



Lucky I took off from work to go early on Friday. Chuck was the first person I have saw on Friday and he had a few things to do but I decided to take a walk with him and took pictures at the same time. The new figures of some of the Final Fantasy characters looked very polished and lifesize and the upcoming figure of Big Boss from Metal Gear is not done yet but it was shown on display anyway.


Juan met with me a little later that day after I tried Dragon Ball Z:battle of Z and Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and we went to a huge Justice League War panel. I had no idea this movie was coming out and some of the cutscenes that were shown was Batman meeting Green lantern and one funny one with Wonder Woman and a kid talking about and eating ice cream which I thought was hilarious. A few fans asked about Aquaman being in the movie but the panelists said that he will not be in the movie but he will get his own movie soon. After that, Juan had an interview with Vivek Tiwary and I was the one to hold the camera. It was about The Fifth Beatle and Vivek seemed very into the interview and showing off the product. I pre-ordered a copy from Amazon and it will be released in November 2013. The last thing I had to do for the day is that me and Juan went to the Bob’s Burgers round-table interview. We were kind of late but the round-table was just starting. The best information came from the creators of the show was that the season finale will be broken down into 3 episodes so I will tune into that once it comes. One thing I forget to say is that I took a picture of WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter




Saturday was really packed and the lines were extended to around the corner outside. lucky that I was second on the line though. I did not realize this until I got inside but WWE Superstar Jerry Lawler was right behind me and I snapped a photo of him and we chatted for a bit.The first thing I had to do was to go with Chuck to the Round-table interview with the cast of Da Vinci’s Demons on Starz. I loved the cast as they were very engaging and straight forward with the answers. Tom Riley, one of the cast members noted that he had a few injuries during the taping of the first season. What a warrior he is. Me and Chuck and a few other press members asked great questions and everyone was happy with the round-table. During the day, I met a few more people. Alexander from, Travis from, and the next two are from websites I go to all the time. the first one is the CEO/Founder of Drew Crowder and Greg Miller, the host and producer from both of them are very cool and I was happy that I finally met them too. A few minutes after that, I Bumped into WWE superstar Sheamus while he was leaving the press room. Me and Chuck went down to the artist alley and it was more crowded than the floors. We met up with Erica and I brought a few issues of her comic M3. She autographed them too and that made me happy. Erica if u are reading this, #3 of you’re comic made me want to get a cheeseburger and watch family guy, I think you know what I am talking about. But I love the comics and I will buy more. Back at the Press room, the entire team was going over what to do for Saturday and Sunday and Me and Juan were supposed to cover the Pokémon panel but it was way over crowded. From a few people that I heard that went to that panel, whoever brought their Nintendo 3DS would get an exclusive Pokemon from one of the starter Pokémon from Pokémon Ruby/Saphire that was released in 2003 in the new Pokémon X/Y game.



The Only thing I had to cover was the cast of See No Evil 2, which features WWE Superstars Kane and Hornswoggle. But earlier that day, I had a conversation with Sara from we talked about the crazy crowd from Saturday and joked around for a bit. When it was time for me and Shalik to go to the round-table interview, it was really packed but we did get our seats. Cara McMahon, one of the PR reps from WWE even said that she has not seen that much people at a round-table interview before. That shows you that wrestling fans are very dedicated (like me). I spoke to the directors and two twin actors and it was all great, Hornswoggle I have never ever seen him talk out of character before so that was a first for me. he seemed very nice and laid back. I gave the first question of how many rings he hid under and we all laughed for a bit. Then 10 minutes later, we get Kane. Now I have seen kane live many times on TV and in person but I have never talked to him. in fact, I was sitting right next to him and I was not nervous at all. Kane is a mean character on screen that a lot of WWE fans love but he is such normal once I met him. Everyone thanked us for the time and the interview was well worth it. The crowd for sunday, was however two times larger than Saturday due to kids getting free admission. Overall, I loved the press experience and I would love to do this again. Not only for comic con, but for other press events too. The four days were worth it


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NYC COMIC CON: DragonBall Z: Battle of Z hands on

There has been many Dragon Ball Z video games but this one is a twist from the past games. I would say that the last great Dragon Ball Z video game was DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (also this game holds the world record for the most playable characters in a fighting video game) that has changed the series, but the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z turned out to be full of surprises.


This game is the first in the series to introduce multiple characters fighting in one screen.

There are four different battle types for playable characters:

  • Fighting Type: skilled at close combat, can combo with melee attacks. Attack Type moves are Kaio-ken Attack, Dance of the Sword, Recoome Kick.
  • Ki Blast Type: skilled at long range battle, can make consecutive attacks using the GENKI Gauge. Ki Blast Type moves are Consecutive Energy Blast, Death Beam, Spirit Ball.
  • Support Type: powers such as health regeneration and support abilities. Support Type moves are Health Regain Blast, Fighting Pose.
  • Interference Type: adept at abilities that interfere with the enemy’s movements. Interference Type moves are Solar Flare, Chocolate Beam, Drain Energy.


There is a system that allows players to modify characters using ability cards. By collecting and equipping cards, characters that might not be suited to battle can be boosted to make them more capable. Alternatively, they can be given abilities that make their natural strengths more pronounced.

I was using team Goku to go against team Cell. The controls were kind of stiff but I guess the developers will fix it around in the coming months. The animations and attention to detail is great, too, along with the tricky AI, which is very responsive to the commands and power up attacks. The playable characters can be victorious at high-speed battles on the ground and in the air. The game’s key feature is team battle action of four versus four. Teammates share a special energy meter called GENKI Gauge: this meter increases when attacking opponents and, when filled, an ultimate attack can be performed. As I said about the battle types before, it works for situations where you would like to get the upper hand on you’re opponent. When you’re allies perform the different actions, it gave me a split second to think of what to do next and how to attack the opponents by surprise. Any of the allies can decide to give or use energy from the gauge in order to perform an attack.  Playable characters can team up to perform techniques such as Synchro Rush, Meteor Chain, and Revive Soul.

Overall, this game looks great and it plays very well. I will get a copy once it releases on March 31, 2014 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita.

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31 days of Halloween: Movie Review. Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

Julian Cannon is back again for another movie review. Since October is Halloween, I have a movie review right here, a comedy horror movie that came out in 1988. Here’s one of my favorites, Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.

The first ‘Sleepaway Camp’ is a little bit notorious. It’s not a classic, but the twist ending had people talking and does set it apart. Rather than do the tasteful thing and just leave that story be, there had to be a sequel, set years later. This is known as ‘Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.’ If you didn’t see the first movie and don’t know the twist in it, please stop reading.

Male campers are sitting around a fire telling ghost stories with one female camper who snuck away from her cabin. Head counselor Angela (Pamela Springsteen) scolds the girl and walks her back toward camp, though she is given attitude. Angela then beats the girl over the head with a log, killing her. The next day, the girl’s disappearance is explained by Angela saying that she “sent her home.” This is a recurring theme as the campers begin to disappear one by one when they break camp rules and misbehave.

Will anyone be around by the end of summer? Will Angela continue to impose her morality-driven wrath upon these dumb teens? Will someone show me how to set up a tent?

There is absolutely little suspense to this film but a lot of the death scenes, made me laugh my ass off. You know right before the opening credits that Angela has returned from the first story, that she is in a position of power and that she is back to killing people. It’s hard to say how else this could have been handled, if you wanted to retain the character. Perhaps the best way to look at this is to think of it as a case of the audience knowing more than the characters.

This seems to be as much a comedy as a slasher horror movie, but I will let that slide since the humor is right up to today’s standard even though the movie came out in 1988. There are some goofy pranks and winks to the audience along with some strong references to other popular horror movies of the time. The tone is way sillier and easygoing than the original. Some real thrills and surprises would have been nice, but that would have been too ambitious.

Some of the lines are horrible and some of the acting is good in my point of view. Most of the campers represent different forms of bad behavior: drugs, sex, mean pranks, being disrespectful, etc. While killing them is completely uncalled for and crossing the line, there is a sick justification for Angela’s actions. Angela’s one-liners are a tad unwelcome, though in many people’s eyes but for me, I thought it was hilarious.

The violence is reasonably high though some of it is off-camera. We do get a lot of aftermath and a decent volume, especially by the end. There are some fairly original killings, as improbable as many of them seem to be.

Speaking of the ending, it just sort of happens. We get some big developments and confrontations, but a lot is sped through and after the climax, it all seems rushed. When the movie is barely 80 minutes, isn’t there a few extra minutes to show us one or two things and to have a less random ending? It’s not ironic or clever.

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers has a lot of below-average acting, even for the era and the genre. There is nothing shocking here like there was (relatively) in the original. If you want a straightforward slasher-comedy set at a summer camp and if you don’t mind a plot that doesn’t make a lot, this is a bad movie that fans of the series could find some mild enjoyment from. I was never a fan of the series but something about the this movie made me decide to watch the prequel and sequel. For some reason, all 3 of the movies had a cult following and I can see why. From the cheesy acting to the humor and the questionable one liners, that was basic for most comedy horror flicks in the 1980’s. I went to summer camp every year until I was 13 back in Texas and I never had a horror story when it was the end of the 3 week visit. Then again, I do not want her as my camp counselor ever.  My final rating for this movie is a 6.5/10 since I enjoyed it.

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NYC COMIC CON: Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn Hands On

Julian Cannon back for a new post and it is straight from this year’s New York Comic Con. Final Fantasy 14 : A Realm Reborn was shown today and I have tried it for the first time today.


The first thing I have noticed was that the interface and the movement speed is much faster than Final Fantasy 11. Everything just flows in motion as there is no moments of a slowdown. When I landed a few attacks on a few enemies, the game never transitioned to normal free roam to battle mode. It was similar to Final Fantasy 12’s battle system where you can attack and cast spells and use items all at once without having to take away the battle screen. This was something that Final Fantasy 11 did not have.





Another great thing about the game is that, unlike in Final Fantasy 11, there is pvp (player vs player) after a certain level you reach with your character. You can also store and select the abilities you want to use however way you want to during battle. The version I played was the PC version that was on display and there was no signs of lagging or glitching. I was playing with 8 people at once doing a boss battle event and we all won with double EXP for the party for the hour. Once I get the playstation 4, then I will play this game in full swing.


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My favorite gadgets from the James Bond movies

Guess who? its me again. Julian Cannon is here for a new post. not only I am a WWE/video game/ Marvel and DC boy, I am also a fan of the James Bond movies. here are my picks for my favorite gadgets from the James Bond films

Camera gun (the living daylights)

The camera gun is a 2 in 1 gadget.  Other than it takes pictures, but it is also a sniper rifle that can be used for a long range assault. Also the gun has an touch I’d so if anybody else other than bond uses the gun. it will not work at all. This is very interesting since the same idea was eventually used in metal gear solid 2 :sons of liberty with the guards on the big shell storyline that all of their ak-47’s have an ID system. now if the government does this, then our gun control laws will be set.

Underwater gun spear(thunderball)

I would not know if this count as a gadget because everybody else in the movie uses it too. But it counts in my list. The spear gun was something I have never seen before until I have seen this movie years ago. The spear itself after it is shot from the gun travels at a very fast speed. Even underwater it is pretty damn useful to not only get the bad guys out the way, the sharks as well. If there was a contest between a dart and that spear,I would like to see the outcome. But I would not use this underwater because if I miss my target, then I will get angry

Cigarette rocket (you only live twice)

This Bond gadget kills enemies and helps end cancer! Bond is introduced to a special brand of cigarette in this scene that, when lit, launches a rocket up to 30 yards. Cigarettes and cigarette cases have a special place in the Bond gadget universe—they’ve been used to detonate explosives, assemble microfilm readers, unleash stun gas, and help assemble the eponymous golden gun. These rockets can and will hit an unexpected target at any time. can we thank Q for this

Yo-yo saw (octopussy)

This gadget should be in a horror movie. The yoyo saw gave me goosebumps when I was a kid but now when I look back,I think this is the best yoyo ever made. Duncan cannot even top this. Think of the possible ways to take an enemy down with just one cut from the yoyo. It would be very hazardous if you would try to do tricks with it. But you would only see that in a circus or if captain America decides to switch his shield for the yoyo saw

Ghetto blaster (the living daylights)

Like some of the gadgets on this list, this was only seen in Q’s lab. That doesn’t make it any less awesome. It’s a rocket launcher that is shaped like a pretty sweet looking jam box. I’d finally feel safe walking to the store for candy bars in my neighborhood if I had this on my shoulder. I am assuming that this was here because of the rise of the boom boxes in the 1980’s

Pen bomb(goldeneye)

Never one to shy away from a pun, Pierce Brosnan starts strong in his first outing as Bond by telling Q that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword when the quartermaster produces a Class 4 grenade disguised as a Parker Jotter. The pen in question is eventually put to use in a brilliantly tense scene where the captured 007 is forced to watch programmer (and nervous pen clicker) Boris Grishenko click through the arm/disarm cycle of the Jotter multiple times before, once armed, Bond slaps the pen out of Boris’s hand with explosive results.

Golden gun(the man with the golden gun)

The iconic golden gun that Francisco Scaramanga used in The Man with the Golden Gun only shoots a single bullet and takes too long to assemble to be of any use in a real fight—but look at how shiny it is! The gun’s handle is a cigarette case, attached to a lighter that serves as a firing chamber, a pen that serves as barrel, and a trigger made from a cuff link. And it shoots 24-karat gold. now if we had a gun battle between this and a revolver, lets see who would win. Also the gun appears in most of the James Bond video games, as well as the call of duty series ripping off their version of the golden gun too
This I believe is the greatest handgun ever made

industrial laser(goldfinger)

If there’s one thing 007 enjoys more than ending the pitiful existence of nameless lackeys it’s having meaningless sex with awkwardly named vixens. So when boss baddie Auric Goldfinger straps Bond to a table and sets an industrial laser to ‘neuter’, 007 understandably gets a bit squeamish. Naturally, Bond makes it out of the fix with both heads undamaged, but what you might not know is there was a man beneath the table slowly moving a blow torch towards Connery’s crown jewels to produce the laser burn effect. There was no need for Connery to ask ‘What’s my motivation?’ on that day of shooting. But then again, many other TV cartoons or show has used this laser and have escaped the trap in many ways so it works for me to

Bowler hat(goldfinger)

The first time I have seen Oddjob threw the hat,I was thinking about Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat video game. When you trowel is like a disc, it goes with rapid speed. The bowler hat from Goldfinger wasn’t actually Bond’s gadget but that of Goldfinger’s henchman Oddjob. It had a razor sharp steel rim that could slice through flesh and bone when thrown like a Frisbee. Now try to have your dog catch this if thrown and see what will happen. but then again I would rather use this than a ninja star.

Rolex wristwatch with laser (never say never again)

Before Brosnan used a laser wristwatch in GoldenEye, Connery put it to use in his unofficial return as 007 in the curiously titled Never Say Never Again (the title is derived from a quip made by Connery’s wife in response to him saying he’d never play Bond again). Bond puts the inbuilt laser in the already classy Rolex wristwatch to good use, zapping his chains when he’s caught in a bind. The best part is that the watch is a prototype created by an ex-KGB defector; from Russia with love, indeed.

credit card(a view to a kill)

If you, like us, have watched way too many movies, you’d know that opening a stubborn locked door is as easy as getting a credit card and jiggling it in the gap between the door and the frame. Hmm. At least in A View to a Kill 007 is armed with a credit card that has a tech excuse for why it’s able to open doors: it has the electronic ability to do so, dammit! At least, that’s what we’re told. To prove it works, Bond uses it to break into Stacey Sutton’s home. I used to use my library card as a key to sneak into my living room at night just so I can stay up and do whatever I want. its the most simple gadget ever created

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best and worst wrestlemania matches part 2 (1991-1999)

Julian cannon back again and now it is time for part two of my choices for the best and worst matches of wrestlemania (1991-1999)

Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels ladder match (wrestlemania 10)..

This was the first wrestlemania I have seen on pay per view. And also the very first time I have ever seen a ladder match. This match set up for the winner to become the undisputed intercontinental champion. Razor Ramon was already the champion but Shawn Michaels returned from an injury(in reality suspension for failing a drug test) and proclaimed that he is still the champion the only way to solve this is to put both belts hanging above the ring and one of the will have to climb the ladder to retrieve Both belts to become the championships. The match begins with some back and forth grappling action and strikes as well. At just about 7 minutes into the match all hell breaks loose and the action spills out of the ring and we will see the ladder being used as a weapon. From the elbow off the ladder and body splash too, these spots were very awesome to see back then. No matter how many times HBK would get to the belt, “the bad Guy” Razor Ramon would always get straight back up and knock him down.
The final time Shawn tried to go for the belt, Razor pushed the ladder down while Shawn was still up there forcing him to be tangled between the ropes this allowed razor to get the win and belts.
This match has been reviewed numerous of times and received many awards for this epic match.

Shawn Michaels vs Kevin Nash(wrestlemania 11)

Wrestlemania 11 is considered by many to be the worst wrestlemania ever produced by the WWE, also many believed that 1995 in general was the worst year for the WWE as well. But this match was not to bad itself and it is often forgotten by many because Shawn Michaels became the first wrestler to win the Royal Rumble and loose the title match at Wrestlemania.

throughout the match, Kevin Nash overpowered Michaels with an array of moves, which is something we don’t see him do that much anymore. There is not much to say about this one except that this might be the only Kevin Nash match I have ever put in my favorite list.

Ric flair vs Randy Savage
(Wrestlemania 8)

The main event was supposed to be Ric Flair vs hulk Hogan but due to creative differences and ego tripping and backstage politics, the main event was changed for Hogan vs Sid justice and Savage vs Ric Flair for the WWE championship.
Ric Flair is the only wrestler to have won the WWE championship in a Royal Rumble match ( that wouldn’t be a bad idea for the PG/modern as of now). The feud leading into this match was not that long at all but these two pulled off the match of the night in my opinion.

Savage showed that he can pull off a 5 star match despite having knee surgery a month prior and Ric Flair as per normal used many of his dirty tactics he has used in the NWA/WCW days at Starcade. On an interesting note, Savage had a handful of tights when he pinned Flair, only a tactic used by heels during this circa. The two heels continue to assault the new champion after the match, working over his leg still, until a ton of officials drag them off. Savage and Elizabeth celebrate after Flair and Mr. Perfect are gone, to a jubilant Hoosier Dome crowd and pyrotechnics.
Winner at via pinfall and new WWE champion, Randy Savage. many believed that if the Hogan vs Flair would have happened at wrestlemania 8, it would have the biggest draw at wrestlemania since Hogan vs Andre the giant. unfortunately that match happened at WCW bash at the beach 1994.

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels 60-minute iron man match(wrestlemania 12)

Before this match,there has not been a match that has went past the 45 minute mark in WWE. A 60- minute iron man match seemed too much for anybody at the time but it was not for these two.
Everything building up to this clash was an epic journey. from the promos, to the backstage segments and to the training videos,this had a lot of high expectations and it delivered.

This is a great match. The ring work is great from two master tacticians.

when Shawn moves out of the way. Bret Hart returns to the ring and applies the headlock. Shawn tries to counter but Bret persists. Shawn uses fists and a dropkick to regain the advantage and works the arm more. Bret tries to counter a few times but Shawn keeps the advantage.
Bret punches his way back but Shawn counters and posts Bret’s bad shoulder. Shawn really works the arm with a shoulder breaker, a second-rope double axe to the shoulder and a hammerlock slam. Bret comes back but Shawn regains control with a single-arm DDT and a cross-arm breaker. Bret comes back and clotheslines Shawn’s throat on the second rope and slingshots him into the post, Bret is too injured to follow up quick enough.
Shawn tries a splash in the corner but misses and Bret kicks him in the stomach. Bret starts to go through his comeback moves but Bret goes to the top and tries a bulldog move and it kind of hits.
Halfway point of the match and the big story of the match up to this point is Shawn Michaels wrestling a slow methodical pace instead of flying around and taking risks; the opposite of what Bret Hart expected.
Shawn hits a power slam for two. Bret spikes Shawn with a pile driver… for two! Bret tries a top rope move and Shawn tosses him; Shawn hits a hurracanrana.
Bret avoids the Sweet Chin Music by rolling to the floor so Shawn (finally) dives off the top rope to the floor with a cross body. Shawn tries one into the ring but Bret rolls over… for two.
They begin to pick up the pace with some near falls; Shawn hits a fisherman’s suplex for two so he applies a sleeper. Bret counters but Shawn keeps the advantage until he charges at Bret in the corner and gets back drop over the ring post to the floor.
Bret goes out after him and rams Shawn’s back into the ring post; fans begin to boo Bret for that.
Bret brings Shawn back in the ring and works the lower back by driving the elbow into the back from the second rope. Bret with a back breaker and a leg drop; he throws Shawn into the buckle and Shawn flips on top of it backwards so Bret back superplexes him for two. Bret settles into a Camel Clutch. Shawn wakes up and hits a desperation sunset flip for two. Bret flings Shawn into the buckle so hard he ricochets over the top onto Jose Lothario on the floor. Bret then goes outside and tosses Shawn into Jose and both go into the steel steps. Bret brings the match back into the ring. 45 minute mark and still no falls; tied at 0-0. Bret hits a belly-to-belly suplex still working on the lower back in preparation for the Sharpshooter; Shawn tries to fight back but Bret stays on top. Bret tosses Shawn to the floor off a kick out of a roll up and suicide dives onto Shawn. Bret returns to the ring awaiting the count out. Shawn crawls back in and Bret tries to suplex him back inside the ring Shawn switches and goes behind him but Bret counters into a German suplex for two. Bret pummels Shawn and he asks for more. Bret reapplies a Camel Clutch like chinlock. Under ten minutes left the first decision is clearly critical. The fans rally Shawn to his feet but they hit double clotheslines. They wearily slug it out. Bret hits a top-rope superplex. Neither man can capitalize but Bret is up first and tries for the Sharpshooter but Shawn keeps countering. Bret applies a half Boston Crab; Shawn makes the ropes. Bret with another backbreaker at the 55 minute mark but Shawn desperately counters the driving elbow. Both men down again Shawn is up first and hits a dropkick. Bret goes chest first hard into the buckle. Shawn hits the flying forearm and nips-up. Shawn begins a second wind flurry of offense and hits a twisting second rope double axe handle. Shawn goes up and hits the elbow drop… for two! Wow that was close. Shawn hits a gut wrench powerbomb and a moonsault press for two again. The pace is insanely fast for the time they have been wrestling for as Shawn hits a hurracanrana pin combo for two again. Shawn tries to get to the top as Bret revives. Shawn jumps right into the Sharpshooter with 30 seconds to go. Shawn holds on as the one hour time limit expires tied 0-0. Since Roddy Piper, who booked this match in Gorilla Monsoon’s absence, said there MUST be a winner; Monsoon decrees that they will wrestle sudden-death overtime. Bret is not happy with this decision. The match continues with Bret continuing to beat on Shawn working on the back. Bret tosses Shawn in the corner but Shawn counters into the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere; Shawn is tired to capitalize. Bret is slowly getting up as Shawn sets up for another one and nails it for three and the title a minute or so into overtime. Shawn kicks everyone out of the ring and celebrates alone

The pacing and psychology of this match were on par with the Savage/Warrior career match, it is obviously long with a lot of rest-type holds. This is the antithesis of Hogan/André but just as worthy of being one of the best main events ever. Shawn finally achieves his dream of winning the WWF title as Vince McMahon finally pulls the trigger on a “smaller” heavyweight champion. Bret takes more character development from the loss as this is the genesis of heel Bret Hart. After this match he became more and more whiny over the next year and finally turned,

Mick Foley and Terry funk vs the new age outlaws dumpster match(wrestlemania 14)

This match was for the WWE tag team championship. The new age outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) were on a roll when they became the tag team champions in 1997. They then started a feud with cactus Jack and Terry funk. After the raw episode where they pushed the dumpster (with Foley and funk were inside) off the stage.the challenge was made. The match itself was great in my opinion with the usual hardcore spots and the match ended backstage where Foley and funk put both the outlaws inside the dumpster.the crowd was totally hot for this one and all 4 of them put up a great show.. by far this is the only wrestlemania match Terry funk has ever been in and at his age then,he was still hardcore.who knows when funk will retire. Did I mention that they won the tag team titles

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart (wrestlemania 10)

This was the first and only brother vs brother match until wrestlemania 25 with Matt hardy vs Jeff hardy. Bret and Owen were some of the best technical wrestlers at the time. To see the older brother go against the younger raised a lot of questions from fans around the world..out of these two who could be the better wrestler that night. As soon as the bell ring these two clashed with grappling action for the first few minutes. There was a lot of technical wrestling throughout the match.  Bret Hart and Owen Hart are from the famous Hart family and they grew up around wrestling so I wasn’t surprised to see them use a lot of technical wrestling in the match. There were also near falls that left you on the edge of your seat.  It was hard to tell who was going to win this match because the pace was so fast.  Bret Hart and Owen Hart worked so well together during the match.  There weren’t any boring holds to slow down the match, which was a blessing.They were jumping off the ropes and they took the match outside of the ring for a few minutes too. Bret Hart and Owen Hart even had the chance to give each other cheap shots (they both slapped the taste out of each other’s mouths).  They also managed to give each other Bret Hart’s signature move (the sharp shooter).  Without spoiling the outcome, I didn’t’t expect the match to end the way it did. I think this was one of Owen Hart’s best matches

Bret Hart vs Steve Austin submission match(wrestlemania 13)

The main event of this wrestlemania was supposed to be a rematch between Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart.but due to almost the same reason for Hogan /flair. It was scrapped. So the next hottest thing in wrestling Steve Austin went for Bret instead. This match was also a submission match with Ken shamrock as the guest referee as soon as the match begins, Austin starts a brawl with Bret which soon continued outside the ring then eventually going in the crowd to continue the brawl. There were foreign objects used also and then Austin and Hart walks up the stairs in the crowd as well.Ken shamrock gets them back into the ring and Bret starts to focus on Steve Austin’s leg with some submission moves. He busted Austin open with the timekeeper’s table and Austin’s head began to bleed. Hart tried to use a steel chair on Austin’s leg, but Austin choked Hart with a television cable. The next scene of the Match is a scene that stuck in everyone’s head forever.
Bret applied the sharpshooter on Austin and from that moment on, a lot of blood started pouring out of Austin’s head and Austin passed out from not trying to give up at all..Bret was called the winner of the match however, Bret started to attack Austin which lead to a double turn, which means Bret Hart turned heel and Austin turned face in this ending of the match ..the fans booed Bret out of the building but this match is one of the greatest of all time in my book. And possibly the last great match Hart had before the Montreal screw job later that year

Honorable mentions

Steve Austin vs the rock (wrestlemania 15)

The undertaker vs Kane (wrestlemania 14)

Roddy piper vs goldust falls count anywhere (wrestlemania 12)

Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter
(Wrestlemania 7)

X-pac vs Shane McMahon (wrestlemania 15)


now lets go through the worst


Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales(wrestlemania 9)

Where do I start with this one..the undertaker was going for 3-0 heading in this wrestlemania. His opponent was the Giant Gonzales. Not only that Gonzales was a horrible wrestler and talker, he was just size and that was it. Undertaker is great in the ring and he always perform in high level of injuries. Some of undertaker’s opponents were great and very few was awful .. this one is a prime example. The match was too slow from start to finish and good thing it didn’t go over the 7 minute mark.Gonzales had the upper hand for most of the match and the fans didn’t seem to care for this one..what makes this worse is that the undertaker did not win by pin or submission or count out. He won by disqualification. Good thing he was 3-0 at the time because if it was now (20-0) ..the fans would have an outrage.

Lawrence Taylor vs bam bam bigelow(wrestlemania 11)

Back again at 1995, we got a feud between wwe’s bam bam bigelow and one of the greatest NFL players Lawrence Taylor. The media went crazy for this one and the match was wrong for a few reasons ..but I do give Taylor credit because out of all the celebrities besides Tyson and Mr.t that appeared on wrestlemania, Lawrence has to be the only one to have a solid match. But anyway,nobody had any clue to why bam bam a world class athlete would look so weak against Taylor. When he was taking those moves, it was like watching bowser being defeated by a koopa troopa. Then bam bam had a little offensive powerslams but as soon as Lawrence got the pinion shook my head in disbelief NFL player defeating a professional wrestler just makes wrestling a weaker sport..hopefully we wont see anything horrible like this again..oh wait ( Floyd mayweither, snooki smh)

Triple h vs the ultimate warrior (wrestlemania 12)

It continues..yup warrior returned for one final run in the wwe in 1996. His match with triple h at wrestlemania was the worst in triple H’s career (as he stated in the self destruction of the ultimate warrior DVD). Triple h has done a lot of offensive moves but warrior literally no sold all of hunters moves ..the most messed up part about this match was when triple h gave warrior the pedigree, warrior stood right back up after he took it and many fans turned away from this match after that spot. Warrior would get the pin after his running splash which also proved why warrior was unprofessional in the ring and backstage. Good thing he got fired later that year because nobody wanted to watch ultimate warrior on Monday night raw..if I asked for the iron sheik’s reaction of this match, it will go like this: “FACKING BULLSHIEET”.

Bart Gunn vs butterbean(wrestlemania 15)

Another celebrity match but this one was a “boxing ” match. From 1998-99, the wwe would do a brawl for all boxing segment on raw is war with wrestlers..that’s right u heard it wrestlers doing boxing..even when I was a kid I thought it was stupid ..but anyway, Bart Gunn (remember the smoking guns tag team with Billy Gunn) challenged a real boxer butterbean to a brawl for all segment at wrestlemania 15.. there was not that much of a story heading into the match but the match ended in 30 seconds due to a “TKO” from butterbean. I was laughing extremely hard by the way Bart sold that punch because that was just a waste of everyone’s time. And at this point I wanted the celebrities to stop doing matches..maybe have them as a special enforcer or referee but to have them involved in a gets worse for the years to come

Bob Backlund vs Bret Hart I quit match(wrestlemania 11)

I am not really sure but I believe that this was the very first “I quit” match ever in the wwe or the first and by far the only in wrestlemania history (someone correct me on this,I appreciate it). Bret Hart lost his wwe championship to Bob Backlund in 1994, and then Bob lost it to Kevin Nash at a house show. Bob and Bret continued their feud to wrestlemania 11. As Bret said in an interview back in 2009, he calls this match the worst in his career. I have to agree with him because the entire match was just out of place from start to finish..this was basically a submission match with no disqualification rules.good thing that they changed the rules eventually because Bret loosing to Bob by a cross chicken wing was just not believable at all..I would rather skip reviewing this match because Bret is more of a technician than Bob ever will be..but ill pull something Bret said about the triple h vs undertaker match last month..ill give this match a “4/10” and yes it was mediocre

hulk Hogan vs Yokozuna (wrestlemania 9)

This match started right after Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart for the wwe championship..tell me this, why in the world world Hogan need to suck up the last 5 minutes of wrestlemania 9..because he can..again backstage politics can really ruin a match completely. so Hogan returns to the company and gives Yokozuna the leg drop after Mr.Fuji attempted to use the powder on Hogan and yup that was it and is how you close a ppv in hulk Hogan’s eyes brother ..only to loose it two months later back to Yokozuna..very pitiful

Honorable mentions

Big show vs mankind (wrestlemania 15)

Triple h vs Kane(wrestlemania 15)

Undertaker vs king Kong.bundy(wrestlemania 11)

Razor Ramon vs Bob backlund( wrestlemania 9)

Hulk Hogan vs Sid (wrestlemania 8)

Undertaker vs big boss man hell in a cell match (wrestlemania 15)

best and worst wrestlemania matches part 1 (2000-2012)

Best and Worst wrestlemania main events part 1 (2000-2012)

Hello every one Julian cannon is here again for another article ..this will be a 3 part post of the best and worst main events in wrestlemania history. This will be part 1 and it will be from the years 2000-2012

also email me @ for your feedback

Here are some of the best

1.the rock vs Steve Austin (wrestlemania 19)

The 3 matches they had at wrestlemania were epic but their final match I considered the best of the 3. In 2002, Steve Austin left the wwe due to creative differences and the rock was part of the smackdown brand until his loss at summerslam. 8 months later Steve Austin returned and feuded with Eric bischoff and around this time also,the rock returned to feud with hulk Hogan..there was an amount of time left for these two active wrestlers to clash one final time..the rock was a heel this time due to the heat he started to get from the fans for him choosing hollywood over wwe.going into the match, Austin was already hurt and his neck injury got to him again and many thought that he wouldn’t be able to compete. But the “rattle snake” pulled it off and him and the rock had a battle. From the rock using the stunner and to Austin using the rock bottom, and the amount of kickouts, from start to finish this match had great story telling and the fans and me brought it..the attitude era finished 2 years before this match but many fans believe that this was the real closure. The rock picked up the win on this one and this would be the last time we would see Steve Austin in a match…or is it…

2.Hardy boys vs Dudley boys vs edge and Christian (tlc II,wrestlemania 17)

I was in the 5th grade in 2001 and the whole month me and my friends were talking about this match..and the week before it,I predicted that edge and Christian would win..there was so much anticipation for this match and it delivered..every one in that match including lita, rhyno and spike Dudley were made huge stars in this match and we have seen some of the most dangerous “spots” since the closure of ecw one month before..the moat infamous spot that is often shown in wwe videos or YouTube, is when while Jeff Hardy was hanging on to the belts in the air,edge did a spear which would have both of them crashing down into the ring from 15 feet in the air..the fans roared with “holy shit” chants like it was an ecw event..after we seen Bubba ray and Matt Hardy go through 4 tables,I knew edge and Christian would get the win..this match would steal the show of the event and it got te match of the year award from the pro wrestling illustrated magazine.

Triple h vs Batista (wrestlemania 21)

In 2002, the ruthless aggression era in the wwe was born..everyone in this era wanted to make an impact and stand out with the rest..guys like Randy orton, rvd, Christian, Chris beniot and many others burst into the scene but no body other than Batista and john cena would become the biggest stars of the 2000-2010 decade.. Batista was already on smackdown in his first year but quickly moved to raw to join the newly formed evolution stable that dominated wwe raw for 2 years..Ric flair was the best of the past,triple h was the best of that time and orton and Batista was going to be the future 2005,Batista became the royal rumble winner and choose to stay on raw to go against triple h for the world heavyweight championship ..I expected Batista to win but this match was an absolute war..triple h tried all that he could to take Batista down but he wouldn’t give up..even with the help of ric flair,it still didn’t help at all. Batista gave triple h a beating I wanted to see for a while and I got it. After a Batista bomb the war was over between the student and the teacher and Batista would be world heavyweight champion for the next 9 months..john cena also won the wwe championship..this ppv was the peak of the ruthless aggression era because nobody thought that these two would become champions but they proved every body wrong.

4.Chris beniot vs Shawn Michaels vs triple h (wrestlemania 20)

To me out of every wrestling promotion before styles vs Joe vs Daniels match in 2005,I considered this to be the best triple threat match of all time..beniot won the royal rumble in 2004 and he moved from smackdown to raw to face triple h and Shawn Michaels at wrestlemania ..for the first time at wrestlemania, the world championship would be on the line in a triple threat match..triple h is a ring general with brawlers antics ..Shawn michaels mixes high flying with technical mat wrestling ..and Chris beniot is a mix of 3 of those styles along with his submission style so this match was a clash of 3 worlds in one ring..beniot and Shawn had the upper hand in the beginning then triple h kept fighting back..then beniot had the fighting spirit that we knew he had..well along with those concussions he had with those diving headbutts..after Shawn hit sweet chin music I really thought the match was over..until beniot hit the crossface forcing triple h to tap out. Beniot gets the victory and celebrates with Eddie Guerrero ..those two deserved it because they came a very long way since the early 90’s punk vs Rey mysterio (wrestlemania 26)

In 2010,the straightedge society took in full effect on punk along with Luke gallows and Serena feuded with Rey mysterio.. to add insult to injury, on an episode of smackdown, Rey brought out his family and it was his daughters birthday..then the straightedge society made their way to the ring and sang the happy birthday song while the group got Rey to not attack punk..some fans thought it was disturbing but hey that is what heels do.this was pink’s first singles match at wrestlemania and these two did not disappointed anybody ..Rey came out with an avatar themed attire while cm punk came out with an GIJOE Themed attire as well.
But now to the match, punk took most of the offense until Rey made a few counters but punk came back with more counters as well..when punk was going for the GTS I thought it was over until Rey countered it..Rey went for the win for this one and Rey stated in a 2012 edition of the wwe magazine that this was his favorite match of that year.

6.undertaker vs Shawn michaels (wrestlemania 25).

Of all the undertaker’s opponents at wrestlemania, nobody has ever came close or got in the head of taker than Shawn michaels. Shawn defeated Vladimir kozlof in a match to determine who will face the undertaker at wrestlemania. The promos from Shawn michaels were the best I have ever seen..Shawn is also known as the Showstopper and Mr. Wrestlemania and since 2002 ,the undertaker’s streak has become very important..for Shawn michaels entrance, he had on a white suit and white hat,coming from the heaven, while undertaker entrance rises from hell..from the start of the match, those two went back and fourth with the usual punches and reverse moves.Shawn attempted a sweet chin music while undertaker attempted a tombstone early on through the midway of the match..then undertaker did a dive from the ring to Shawn but Shawn pushed the camera man into undertaker..the action goes back into the ring and Shawn hits the super kick but taker ticked out..the emotion begins here and I was staring into the screen..taker goes for the tombstone…1…2… kickout!!! This had everyone in the arena and home gasping at that kickout and undertaker looked shocked as well..taker goes for hells gate and hbk gets out,taker goes for tombstone again to end the match..I felt the story telling and the atmosphere of the match..and as soon as it finished, I knew it would get the match of the year vote

7.edge vs Mick Foley (hardcore match,wrestlemania 22)

When this match was building up to wrestlemania, I had no clue to who to choose for the the time of 2006,edge was on a roll..he also brought up the fact that he has never lost at wrestlemania. Mick Foley the hardcore icon has had matches at wrestlemania but he stated that he has never had a wrestlemania moment.. this was the stage for him to have a moment. These two went back and fourth in the beginning of the match until the bared wire baseball bat came into play..then edge took a numb on thumbtacks, not as bad as orton took thumbtacks 2 years earlier when you saw the look on his face like he got stabbed. Lita got in the match as well and Mick used the sock wrapped in barbed wire and she was hardcore for taking it..the final spot took place where hedge speared Foley through a flaming table,which led Joey styles to shout out his famous “ohh myy God!!!!” Line back in ecw on commentary then stood up for the “holy shit” chant and edge went for the 3 count..this was clearly the best match of the show and Mick Foley finally has a wrestlemania moment.

7.Kurt angle vs Brock lesnar (wrestlemania 19).

The winner of the 2003 royal rumble was Brock lesnar and from right there, the best feud of 2003 started to kick off ..Kurt Angle was the wwe champion and these two former amateur wrestlers that turned pro, would clash in the ring for the first time..I had a gut feeling that this match would close the show and it did..match started with chain wrestling and Matt takedowns..after Brock pulled off a German suplex, the match got physical right there. Angle made sure he gave lesnar all he got..including the angle slam and soon ss he went for the ankle lock and lesnar reversed it,angle was trying to sell the reverse but he got injured on his neck..lesnar goes for the f-5 but angle kicks out..then lesnar goes for the shooting star press but Kurt moved out the way even though the distance was too far,which resulted in Brock landing on his head and he gets injured as we have 2 injured wrestlers trying to finish the match now as lesnar hits the f-5 a.d gets the 3 count..great sportsmanship for these two and they went all out for the fans to see the conclusion even though they both got hurt very badly

Trish Stratus vs Mickey James (wrestlemania 22)

I rank this as the best divas match in wrestlemania history ..but the best divas match in history was lita vs Trish in a November 2004 episode of raw(also the only time ever on raw that the main event was for the women’s championship) . Mickey James only debuted a few months earlier, got the attention of many fans. Including Trish Stratus herself. 5 minutes into the match the crowd was not dead at all because these two women were going all out with an array of moves..looking back at this match, it was like a mirror match because they clicked too well that it was like they both wrestled eachother for years even though it was their first match. The match itself is self explanatory because they both pulled it off and when Mickey got the pin,the fans were all shocked including me because nobody would have thought that a divas match at wrestlemania would be a 5 star quality match

Honorable mentions

Triple h vs the undertaker hell in a cell match (wrestlemania 28)

The rock vs hulk Hogan (wrestlemania 18)

Team angle vs Chris beniot and rhyno vs Los Guerreros(wrestlemania 19)

Ric flair vs Shawn michaels (wrestlemania 24)

John cena vs Shawn michaels (wrestlemania 23)

Kurt angle vs Chris beniot (wrestlemania 17)

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho (wrestlemania 19)


now lets go through the worst now. bear with me readers lol

1.Daniel Bryan vs shaemus (wrestlemania 28)

This match from last year’s wrestlemania that opened the show with an 18 second win outraged the fans at the arenas and home .. people paid good money for tickets and ppv to not get ripped off..these 2 wrestlers Daniel Bryan and shaemus are two world class athletes with different styles so the match would have been very interesting..what makes this worse is that throughout the year of 2012,shaemus would use the 18 seconds on a lot of his promos for a cheap pop..Daniel did not deserve to drop the belt in that way..the crowd was entirely behind him at wrestlemania and this was a slap in the face to everyone who saw it.

Rey mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero (wrestlemania 21)

I wouldn’t say that this match was bad but it could have been a lot better ..for these two, you would expected a lot more in this match..the beginning was solid up until when Rey mysterio’s mask was out of place 7 minutes into the match..from there on,it just got sloppy Like it was two unprofessional high school kids doing backyard wrestling..kudos for at least trying but it failed to meet expectations..

The rock vs triple h vs big show vs mankind (wrestlemania 16/2000)

This has to be the most odd wrestlemania main event in the attitude is the story..the rock wins the royal rumble, big show shows footage of both the rocks feet touching the ground first..then triple h defeats cactus no way out, the big show defeated the rock with the help of Shane McMahon to get the rock’s spot at wrestlemania the same ppv,triple h defeated Mick Foley inside hell in a cell to end Foley’s career..the rock then earned his spot back by defeating big show on raw with the help of Vince McMahon .so now at mania, its a triple threat match..however, Linda McMahon brought in Mic Foley to make it a fatal 4 way.. along with every McMahon on ringside. On paper it sounds like a good idea since there is a 75% chance that the title will change hands..but to me the match didn’t work at all..for some reason every body did not click in with eachother at this match with too many messed spots and big show should have not been in this match in the first place. Triple h got the win on this match but it didn’t matter because the triangle ladder match stole the show earlier that night and this main event was rarely ever mentioned on wwe television again

Bret Hart vs Mr.McMahon (Wrestlemania 26)

10 years later we get another great rivalry but another horrible match..Bret Hart made his wwe return in 2010 to bury the hatchet with Shawn michaels and to start his rivalry with Vince McMahon was built on the Montreal screwjob back at survivor series soon as Bert’s music played and he entered the ring with his t-shirt band blue shorts,every body was thinking, “where in the hell is the pink and black attack “ was like he just finished drinking coffee and was told his match is next..but anyways,other than Vince trying to get Hart’s family to turn on him, Bret repeatedly his Vince with the crowbar and then he went for the sharpshooter forcing McMahon to submit …I had the mindset to go over there to Arizona to punch both of them in the disrespect to the legendary Bret Hart who is one of my favorites..but this match was booked like it was a Wcw show and I understand that he had a stroke years ago,but be should have not done this match in the first place.

John cena vs the miz(wrestlemania 27)

I can say that 2010-2011 was the year of the miz. He has improve a lot since teaming with john Morrison..him becoming wwe champion in the end of 2010 got me more interested in this Guy.. now for his match at wrestlemania against arguably the biggest star of the wrestling world today john cena had me puzzled about who would win..the match started very slow and the fans were not buying that the miz were to beat cena. A few botches threw me off for this match And the spot where the match ended in a double count out was not well received by everyone the rock..oh wait Dwayne Johnson who was the host of the show cones out and says that the match will be restarted .. Dwayne then gives cena the rock bottom and miz goes for the pin..this was the weakest finish in wrestlemania since wrestlemania 9 and Dwayne making that run in just didn’t make the cut at all

Goldberg vs Brock lesnar (wrestlemania 20)

I cannot lie..the moment when Brock and Goldberg had that face to face standoff, I knew something big was going to happen..the feud leading into this match was great and adding in Steve Austin as the referee made the match huge..the week before wrestlemania, it was leaked from wrestling websites that Brock lesnar is leaving after wrestlemania to go to the NFL..a few days later,it was also leaked that Goldberg is leaving too..this angered the fans and when the match started, both Brock lesnar and Goldberg were heavily booed in the Madison square garden arena, then the “you sold out” chants began ..anyways, the match started by them two stalling in the ring with no moves whatsoever for about 4-6 minutes ..the most we saw was a few holds and throws and that was it..the next 20 minutes the fans were already tired of them two and chanted for Steve Austin and started the “boring ” chants as well..the match didn’t really pick up until the last 6 minutes with Goldberg going for the spear and jackhammer and going for the 3 count but that still didn’t satisfied the stone cold did the stunner to both lesnar and Goldberg for the fans to finally give a huge reaction .. to tell you the truth, both lesnar and Goldberg deserved that angry crowd reaction and I’m happy that they did

Divas battle royal (wrestlemania 25)

Where do I start with this one..this battle royal took the spot for the tag team title unification match and I was sure the fans wanted to see it than seeing kid rock’s performance along with this very sloppy botchamania written match. This also features the divas from the past and present and the divas from the past could not keep up with the ones right now ..from the silly falls to the forgettable missed spots,this match was very un watchable..did I mention that santino marella win with the gimmick of santina marella. That’s enough said for this match..if you would like to see this kind of mess, either watch this match or watch the male version of it..its called the XFL.

Honorable mentions:

Big show vs Floyd mayweither (wrestlemania 24)

Triple h vs Randy orton (wrestlemania 25)

Test vs Eddie Guerrero (wrestlemania 17)

Undertaker vs Kane(wrestlemania 20)

Scott hall vs Steve Austin ( wrestlemania 18)

Kane vs the great khali (wrestlemania 23)