Retro video game review:the legend of Zelda, a link to the past

If you never experienced A Link to the Past, or if you didn’t experience it when it first came out over a decade ago, you might not get what the big deal is about this title. For those of you who were lucky enough to get the opportunity to play A Link to the Past, you probably would agree it is a wonderful game, especially considering when it came out.Also to point this out, according to the zelda timeline, this game takes place right after the ocarina of ime,in the timeline, it follows link in the path that branches to “the hero of time is defeated”


At heart, A Link to the Past is just a blend of the original Legend of Zelda with a dash of The Adventure of Link. You navigate Link through Hyrule and the dungeons via a top-down view and choose your equipment via an item sub-menu. You can initially explore much of Hyrule, but to progress on to later areas, you must aquire new items which you get from the dungeons. The Super Nintendo allowed for a much more complex game system, which can be seen in the vast amount of items Link can utilize, the enormous dungeons with multiple levels, the plethora of enemies on screen attacking Link and the challenge of tough puzzles.
Just start with Link’s primary weapon, the sword. Link can now use it in so many ways; he can swing it normally, he can charge it up to unleash a spin attack, he can hold it out to poke at things, he can dash with it and he can shoot out swirling lasers from it. Many of the classic items made a return, like the boomerang, bombs and bow and arrows, but some of the new ones became staples of the series. Who can forget the Hookshot, the Bombos Medallion, the Magic Cape or the Bug-Catching Net?

The overworld is laid out in a way where Link can initially peak around in every single area, but he can’t necessarily access all he sees. Boulders block his path in the mountains, while stone statues barricade the way into the Desert Palace. I wonder how many people got stuck trying to reach the Tower of Hera, a puzzle which forces the player to finally enter the Dark World for the first time. Besides the essentials of the overworld, there are tons of secrets hidden throughout the land. Heart containers, rupee caves and fairy fountains are aplenty in Hyrule.
However, the true beauty of the game comes from the dungeons. Masterfully designed, and probably unmatched even today, the dungeons in A Link to the Past were both challenging and numerous. More than just pushing blocks, killing all the enemies or bombing a wall like in the previous installment, A Link to the Past made the player truly think in order to progress. Items had to be used to their full potential in order to advance onward. Those lucky enough to survive the dungeons were rewarded with extremely awesome boss battles. You may have heard this already, but each boss truly feels unique.

The ease in which you control Link is the crux of this masterpiece. If you played the original installment, you already know how to operate the sword and your special item. Additionally, the extra buttons are put to good use. The A Button will later on allow you to utilize the Pegasus Shoes, an item which makes Link dash at full speed. Link could also access a graphic map instead of a plain and blocky grid-map. Bottles allowed Link to store items like magic potion or fairies. The hookshot could be used to pull Link across long distances, or pull distant things to him. Bombs could not only blast enemies and walls, they could blast Link and hurt him (which is actually a blessing if you know how to exploit it). All future Zelda games owe their gameplay to this installment.


A Link to the Past was made relatively early on in the life cycle of the Super Nintendo, which many would label as a first-generation title. Even still, the graphical achievement in this game was superb. The SNES showed off its ability to render layers and scale objects. This is crucial for all of the dungeons and several areas of the overworld. The animations of Link as he traverses Hyrule makes it hard to believe how convincing he looked in the NES games. Enemies came to life; just knock a guard off the edge into a pit.
The overworld truly felt like it flowed together extremely well, as opposed to the blocky nature of the previous installments, in which the world radically changed at the advancement of a single screen. Players will also notice that even though the screen “scrolls over” at edges, that the screens themselves will actively scroll with Link to give the effect of a larger on-screen area. The graphical power of the SNES also allowed for NPCs to exist in the game, along with a sprawling town in the form of Kakariko. Hyrule felt alive.

In sharp contrast, the dungeons in the games were each very unique and had a very dark and grim feel. The Desert Palace had sand across much of the floor. The Swamp Ruins had water running through it. The Ice Palace gave our hero trouble as he slid across the slippery surfaces. The entire game just felt so massive and alive thanks to the excellent work the graphical design team did for A Link to the Past. Sure, by today’s standards, Four Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap make A Link to the Past look a bit dated. But not that dates. Even amongst next-generation two-dimensional games, A Link to the Past still holds its own.


Sure, The Legend of Zelda established the famous Zelda theme. But it was A Link to the Past that established nearly every other great Zelda tune fans have come to love. Would you like us to list off some of the great hits? How about the soothing melody of Kakariko Village, the powerful charge of the Light World theme (yes, it’s just another version of the original game’s overworld theme, but it still rocks), the elegance of the Fairy Fountain theme, the majesty of Hyrule Castle’s them or the power of the Dark World theme?
Just about every song in this game went on to become a fan favorite, and many of them have been used over, and over … and over again in later installments. But it’s not just the soundtrack. It’s the sound-scape. The sound effects in this game were pretty good. Though the sound of Link swinging his sword sounded a bit goofy, and the loud bang made when dashing into a wall is a bit overexaggerated, many of the other effects were nice. Take that sword and tap it against wall. Notice the ping it makes, especially when you do it to a weaker section of the wall with a crack. Blows against armored foes made a clang. Arrows impacting against a surface made the pop you would expect.

Alright, so maybe by today’s standards, the effects are a bit weird and unrealistic. But this is a fantasy game, and one that is over a decade old. I don’t think I’ve ever heard somebody tell me that the sounds in the game annoyed them or detracted from the game at all. It is just too bad that wit the re-release on GameBoy Advance a few years ago, Nintendo had to add in those horrific yells of Young Link from Ocarina of Time. Even still, the sounds give the game a fantasy tone, which is sufficient.

Challenge, Fun and Replay Value

A Link to the Past probably will frustrate gamers who grew up in the three-dimensional era, but those who somehow missed this gem the first time around who are familiar with two-dimensional adventure games should really find themselves at home with this title. Sure, some of the puzzles will make your brain hurt or cause you to check GameFAQs, but that’s pretty much a requisite (well, at least once in each game) of a Zelda title. The boss battles, should you actually find out the key to their weakness (cough, dungeon items, cough), become a bit more manageable.
But this isn’t like the newer titles, in which Link can withstand one-hundred blows before dying. Some bosses will take down Link in as little as two-to-three blows. So be prepared to try again frequently on most dungeons. However, the challenge never gets to the point of frustration, and most will find the challenge a welcoming element for those pampered by the built-in game aids in future installments. Also, unlike its three-dimensional brothers, doing everything in A Link to the Past won’t take up the rest of your lifetime.

Simply collecting the extra heart containers, finding all the upgrades and locating all the items is the only requisite of this title. No trophy or statue hunting. No excessive heart container collecting. No Skulltula or Mask collecting. Everything is very manageable and very rewarding for the time it takes to accomplish. The pace of play is very good, with the story developed very loosely in game to drive the player on.

Final Verdict

This is like the Bible of Zelda. If you haven’t played it, you don’t know Zelda. If you have, you get it. The graphics and two-dimensional gameplay may turn off fans who grew up on Ocarina of Time (or joined the bandwagon then). But if you liked The Minish Cap, you will love this game. If you can get over your graphic obsession, you will find that A Link to the Past is truly a great game, and you will finally understand why fans frequently call out its name when the discussion of best game ever is thrown around.

Gameplay: 10.0
Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 8.0
Challenge, Fun and Replay Value: 9.0
Final Score: 9.1

WWE: Night of champions preview/predictions

“Quick story: I wanted to save money, so I went to a friends house & started watching a WWE ppv. I started to notice it was kind of pixely, so I asked what cable company he uses. He informed me he was streaming it. Now, I didn’t leave because it is my friend. I did watch the ppv in it’s entirety. When I got home, I called my provider and ordered the ppv, then went to bed because I give a crap about the company and I support it.”

– Darrin, wrestling fan

Quick column today! I have tons of NFL football to watch Sunday afternoon. Then WWE Night of Champions will begin. For those PAYING for the show tonight, enjoy it! For those licking your lips, ready to illegally stream the show, you have nothing to say afterwards. Gotta pay to play folks…remember that.

WWE Divas Match: Layla vs. Kaitlyn

Hey, how is that Eve-triple threat rumor going? I thought she might take Kaitlyn’s place? Remember the big “botch” finish? Yeah, usual non-sense. Honestly, this match does not matter much. If Layla retains, good for her. The crowd has barely reacted to her in months. If WWE wants to throw a curve ball and give Kaitlyn some shine, I would have no problem with that. In the end, Eve is the best diva right now – not Layla or Kaitlyn.

WWE US Title

First of all, I do not like the fact that somebody will wrestle twice in one night. Whoever wins the pre-show battle royal will later challenge Antonio for the US Title. That is not needed at all. Smart money has Brodus Clay winning, but again – it doesn’t matter. Antonio should retain here. The ONLY way that does not happen is if Ryback comes out and wins the gold in 30 seconds.

WWE IC Title Match

The Miz will defend the strap against Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, and Rey Mysterio. I can’t imagine Botch-Cara or Rey winning. That leaves just Rhodes and Miz. Honestly, it is a toss-up. When in doubt, go with the champion.But then again, my bet is on Cody Rhodes

WWE Tag Team Titles

Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth is an intriguing battle. It is a shame that Kofi/Truth never really got going as a pair. Right now, it seems that WWE is determined to put the titles on Kane/Bryan. Their act is getting “hot,” and people are enjoying. Add in the titles, and another WACKY “partners that hate each other” story line will begin. My hope is that no matter who wins, the Prime Time Players get the next title run.So my pick is for Kane and Bryan

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Hey, isn’t Orton supposed to be gone? I could have sworn the “dirt sheets” have repeatedly told us about this big break for Mr. RKO – odd. He is still around and doing well.

I hate to repeat myself, but this match shouldn’t matter who comes out as the victory. It will be a great match, no doubt. My first instinct is that Orton wins in a hard fought battle. That may still happen, but I will go with Ziggler. The two have traded wins for awhile – interesting to see where both men go this Fall…

World Title Match: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

I can’t imagine a Del Rio title run. Maybe that is why the Brogue Kick has been banned? Maybe that is what will cost Sheamus his gold? Maybe that will be the big story going forward? Maybe! However, I don’t care. Sheamus can win here and move on…FINALLY! He is in need of a new opponent right now.

Will Ziggler cash in?

That seems to be the buzz.

A lot of fans think that Del Rio will win in a cheap manner. Then Sheamus will use his Brogue Kick (because he already lost the title and doesn’t care), and Dolph will run in and beat Del Rio for the gold.

Whether Ziggler cashes in now or in a few months, it is coming folks! His World Title victory is coming any time now…get ready.

WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. John Cena

The main thing to watch during this match is who is aligned with Paul Heyman by the end of the night. We know Puck is with him. However, it will be fun to see more people join in.

Does Big Show become a “Paul Heyman guy” too?

What about Jack Swagger doing the same?

In any event, I think Heyman helps Punk keep the gold. I do NOT like disqualifications on pay-per-view, but that tactic CAN work in rare instances. This may be one of those times to pull a cheap DQ finish on PPV. As stated many times, I see Punk vs. The Rock at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. Then Rocky defends against John Cena at Wrestle Mania 29. By hook or crook, Punk leaves the arena as WWE Champion.

top 10 boss battles from square enix rpg series

here is my top boss battles from the square enix developer series.

10 Emerald / Ruby Weapon (FFVII)

Sure, those were the hardest optional boss fights I had ever done as a kid. Quite possibly the only really good hard hidden boss fights I could remember from back then too. But they definitely deserve a mention. I hate to say it, because this game was so amazing, but if you played, and beat FFVII, as many times as I did, with as many different combinations of sneaky tactics (7777), and (4-x Cut) (Phoenix – Final Attack) then you know you just simply had too many options to be “overly” amazing in those fights. I would love to see a remake of FFVII (only with better graphics, keep everything else the same, and add a few more challenging fights) They might want to take out the W-Item glitch though, 99 megalixers makes things wayyyy too easy.

Plus Vincents Death Warrant, and Cait Sith’s Limit Break Death, too many cheap alternatives.


9. son of sun (chrono trigger)

This will be a fairly gimmicky fight, you’ll only want to attack the flames surrounding the Son of Sun and hope you hit the right one, since it will counter-attack with Flare if you try to hit the center. The individual flames will also counter-attack with fire if you hit the “wrong” one. It’s advised that you equip the Red Mail to absorb fire, as many Ruby Armors as you bought, the Red Vest, and the Taban suit if you have Lucca and picked it up from Taban. If you hit the right flame, it will do damage to the center sphere, and keep attacking it until it shuffles, then try for another one. After you hit the correct flame enough times, the Son of Sun will lose its fire and turn into a moon stone. If you have fire resistant equipment this battle should be easy enough.

8. Omega MK-II(final fantasy 5 advance)

this version of omega is only in the GBA version of final fantasy 5 and it is very harder than the original.I say that because  at the start  of the battle, he will use barrier change(which is now known as shift change) to change its weakness so using magic straight forward is useless because it has auto reflect. another annoying attack other than wave cannon it does is “circle”. that will not only kill your character but it will remove them from the battle. it took me about 10 minutes to defeat him with the rapid fire/dual-wield combo, but the dragon kiss mix will work if you have the mix command. once he is defeated, he will drop the force shield so get ready for a battle


7.Sephiroth(kingdom hearts 2)

if you have played kingdom hearts 2 and went against sephiroth and kept loosing, then i was at the same spot until last week( 8/2/2012). when i finally beat him, i felt so relieved. even at level 99 you will still loose the battle depending on the equipment you are using. the first move he will always use will be flash(which was renamed oblivion in dissidia final fantasy), which means he will dash towards you with an slash from his sword.Also he is very fast and has other spells like meteor,stigma and shadow flare. his most dangerous attack is heartless angel which will reduce your hp to the 1 digit. i have spent years off and on trying to beat him and when i did,he dropped the  3rd strongest sword in the game which is the “one winged angel”. ign and other video game websites voted this battle as the hardest in the kingdom hearts series.

6.feral chaos(dissidia 012 final fantasy)

this is a fighting game with rpg elements so it counts. anyways, if you have played the 3rd part of the story up until the end, then you are going to have a brutal battle. its your 5 men vs a level 130(yes 130,no joke) feral chaos.Feral Chaos fights very much like his original counterpart: his melee Bravery combos are fast and difficult to avoid. He is equipped with the attacks Vicious, Erupt and Spew for Ground Bravery Attacks, and Destroy, Splinter and Raid for Midair Bravery Attacks. He has access to all his HP attacks. Feral Chaos mostly only uses Spew and Splinter from range, and Erupt or Raid when the player is directly above or below him. Feral Chaos most frequently uses Destroy to attack, and may use it several times in succession. He frequently Wall Rushes the player with either Destroy or Vicious, then follows up with Deus Iratus or Ventus Ire.The player should dodge as soon as possible to avoid being drawn into this combo. Feral Chaos will similarly call his Garland Assist to Wall Rush the player, then combo it with Deus Iratus or Ventus Ire. Because the player’s EX and Assist Gauges will be depleted if they are hit with an HP attack, the player may as well use EX Revenge or Assist Change to break Chaos’s HP attacks if they connect to avoid damage, as they will lose their EX/Assist charge either way. Fortunately, all of Feral Chaos’s HP attacks have considerable end lag, making it the optimal time to counterattack. The player can also block Destroy to stagger him, but this is risky since he may follow up Destroy with Deus Iratus or Ventus Ire instead of another Destroy.Also,Feral Chaos’ Shinryu Verus summon, like the original Shinryu, can be summoned multiple times in battle. It has four effects, all of which activate after a 20 second timer: the player and Feral Chaos swap Bravery, the player’s Bravery falls to 0, the player’s Bravery is locked, and Feral Chaos’ Bravery is tripled. Because they have 20 seconds warning to these effects, the player has a chance to plan for them.In battle, the 99.9x booster will all but ensure Iai Strike will activate, instantly doing 9999 Bravery damage. The player must then use an HP attack that inflicts Wall Rush. The damage will read “9999 + 9999”, but due to the Sniper Eye accessory and the booster level the Wall Rush damage will actually exceed the damage limit to do far more than ten thousand damage. Then, Exp to Bravery will instantly restore the player’s Bravery to many thousands of points again. The player repeats this strategy until Feral Chaos is defeated.also to note, his HP is over 130,000 so be prepared.

5. Lavos(chrono trigger final battle)

This battle is very complex, so you have to understand your enemy before attempting to kill it. It works like this: there are three bits, but the middle bit looks like a humanoid. This should make you believe that he’s the main target, but he isn’t. In fact, it’s the right bit that you need to focus on destroying. Once you take it out, you defeat Lavos. The only problem here is that the right bit’s physical and magic defense is maxed at the start of the fight. Also, the left bit constantly heals, while absorbing magic attacks (however it can’t withstand more than a few physical attacks).

A suggested minimum level for this fight is 45. With a lot of practice, it’s not hard to solo Lavos with any character at level 55+.

When one bit goes down, the right bit will shortly lower its defense to charge up “Active Life”. This move completely revives all destroyed bits. After that, the right bit’s defense will soon return to maximum, so you have to repeat the process. Sound simple enough? Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the MIDDLE bit. This main body likes to warp in time a lot, and each time it does it acquires a devastating new attack. These include the most powerful magic and physical attacks in the game, which can kill your entire full-HP party in one hit if you’re unlucky.

In spite of that, this can be an easy battle if you know what to do. Start with the bit on the left. Crono’s Confuse, Frog’s Leap Slash, Robo’s Uzzi Punch, or Ayla’s Triple Kick will take it out (or a combination of two). Don’t even worry about the Middle Bit unless you know it’s about to unleash an “Ultimate” attack (in which case you’ll want to prepare healing). The bit on the right is what you need to destroy. Use all of your most powerful attack once it lowers its defense. One thing to notice is that techniques that are amplified by low HP, such as Frog Squash and Dino Tail, will hit all bits for a lot of damage. Just after reviving a character, such as when he/she has 50 HP, you can deal out about 2000 physical damage.

Lavos can cough up some brutal attacks (both magic and physical), so make sure you have someone who can heal well, or have plenty of MegaElixirs handy in your inventory. Eventually the destroyed bits will be restored. The left bit can heal the middle bit, so destroy it and go back to the “Active Life” bit. Once you’ve destroyed the bit, you’ve beaten the game. Now sit back and enjoy the ending!!


4.safer Sephiroth(final fantasy 7)

i recommend that you do this battle with your party up to at least level 70 because his attacks will KO you.but whoever cheated to win this battle, well you better do it again..his HP depends on what have you done on the battle before this one..pretty much without meeting the requirements, his HP will be around 230,000.anyways, he has powerful attacks such as havoc wing,shadow flare, and pale horse.his well most known attack is supernova(i learned the planets that way when i was a kid lol) which has a long animation that shows the other planets that the meteor destroyed including the sun.when you do beat him, you will get one final battle between himself and cloud which is arguably the best final encounter scene in video game history(well to me the scene with big boss and the boss from metal gear solid 3 was the best haha).And this battle was memorable for the one winged angel theme in the background


3.neo shinryu(final fantasy 5 advance)

along with omega MK-II,this version of shinryu is on the advance version of final fantasy 5.neo shinryu starts the battle with mighty guard but if you dispel it, that will be a huge problem,it has attacks such as tidal wave,malestorm,doom, and many more and all are over 7000 damage.Neo Shinryu also has two hidden targets, responsible for his so-called “high miss rate”(which means that the attack shows but the damage wont display,therefore pretty much the attack just miss). These absorb multitarget attacks as well as Rapid Fire, and cannot be killed. That means the party should use single target attacks.A cheap method to beating Neo Shinryu(which i found on youtube) is to have a party of Master Dragoons Dual Wielding Dragon Lances, and have everyone Jump constantly. The dragon should go down in 4 jumps if they all hit. An alternative is to use the Apollo’s Harp, which will do 9,999 to Neo Shinryu if it successfully hits.


2.Goddess(final fantasy 6)

final fantasy 6 is my first final fantasy i have ever played and i have to say, the battle against the 3rd warring triad statue goddess is very tough, she has the lowest hp out of the other 2,but she is no joke at all..she will counter any regular attack with overture which forces the target to take all physical damage for the Goddess. Also She uses Thundaga, Thundara, Flash Rain and Quasar, a rare blue magic spell that does non-elemental damage to the party.when she is damaged in a total of 8 times, she will use a very dangerous spell called cloudy heaven. that will give your party a 20 sec timer above their head(which cannot be removed under any circumstances).When the number reaches “0”  or if the target dies before then,the targets will become zombie and the effect will last until the end of the battle. the only way to counter this is if you equip your party with a safety bit because cloudy heaven is treated as an instant death rather than a status attack. she was a pain in the ass but yumalisca from final fantasy 10 is far worse

1.Ultimecia(final fantasy 8 final battle)

i have chosen this one because i broken 2 controllers trying to beat her and my parents got pretty mad at me for that, anyways she is the witch that controls time and the final battle will make you want to hate going against her in the first place.Ultimecia can cast Flare, Holy, Meteor, and Ultima, Dispel any positive statuses the party cast upon themselves, instantly kill GFs, remove an entire spellstock from any character’s inventory (even if it is junctioned to a stat), and reduce the entire team’s HP to 1 with her Hell’s Judgement spell. Once she reveals her lower half, she draws Apocalypse from it and begins to cast it upon the party. Apocalypse is a spell even more powerful than Ultima, and it can cause damage in the range of 8,000 HP or higher. If the party is not protected by Shell or invincibility, or have HP levels at 9,000 or above, the battle could end in an instant when Apocalypse is cast.When Ultimecia’s lower half is revealed, she will only use Hell’s Judgement, Destroy Stocked Magic, Absorbed Into Time,” Draw” Apocalypse,Shockwave pulse, and Apocalypse. She will often cast Draw Apocalypse after using Hell’s Judgement. During this time healing the entire party or use holy war, because she may cast Apocalypse instantly after drawing it, which could end the fight quickly.Also if one of your party members are dead and you do not revive them in time, they will be removed from the battle for good.the best way to beat her is use your strongest limit breaks. from squall’s rezokuken-lionheart. to irvine pulse ammo shot limit break..just go all out after you have max out your invertory because if you do not have enough magic/items, then you are pretty messed up for this battle.


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WWE RAW 9/10/2012:concern over lawler after the heart attack

Sadly, I have to discuss Jerry “The King” Lawler, and the heart breaking situation that took place live on Raw.

He had competed in a match, teaming with Randy Orton to face Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk to begin the second hour. His team even won the match. A little while later, the commentary went quiet during the Kane/Bryan vs. Prime Time Players match. I noticed it but didn’t think much of it. Then I realized that the live crowd (which had been loud all night) was silent and staring off to the side.

A few minutes after that, Michael Cole held back tears as he informed everybody of the situation.

Immediately, I turned my laptop on as my heart started to race. Something was going on, and I wanted to know every single update available. Normally, I stay off Facebook/email, etc etc. until AFTER WWE shows end. Not tonight – I spent the rest of Raw searching for any more information out there.

The rest of Raw suddenly became irrelevant. Lawler and his health was the most important thing, not some “wins” or “losses” on WWE TV. The updates began with bad news, followed up by encouraging news, followed up by better news. As I type this, there are some very scary details.

Lawler likely suffered a heart attack. He was “clinically” dead for 20 minutes. Luckily, there was medical staff at ringside ready to help him back to life. Had this taken place hours later in a hotel room, he likely would not have made it. Imagine this taking place when he was alone? Wow… Thank you to WWE for having those men/women so nearby. Without them being so close and ready to go, we may be mourning the loss of a wrestling legend Tuesday.

That being said, he is still NOT in the clear just yet. All signs point to him being in stable condition. However, still keep him in your prayers and thoughts. As with all things, immediate questions will pop up. Right now, there is no point in nit-picking WWE and/or Lawler’s decision making.

On that point, kudos to Michael Cole. Everybody (not me) seems to hate on this guy. I understand his role in the company. He does his job…and does it well. Last night on Raw, he proved it once again. For him to be able to get through Raw had to have been tough. I know I couldn’t have done it. Nice job Cole!

The show continued on without commentary as a sign of respect for Lawler. WWE kept viewers aware of what was going on. Plus, Jerry does not drink or do drugs. The only “warning sign” so far is that he had a long weekend of travel due to his schedule. As most know, he wrestles nearly EVERY SINGLE WEEK either in WWE or an indy show around the world. Him having a match last night or days before likely had nothing to do with it. The man has wrestled every week for 40 years – it could just have been a “normal” health scare.

Again, the man did not drink or do drugs. Plus, he has wrestled every single week for the past 40 years. A lot of folks think he wrestles a few times a year – that isn’t true. In WWE, he rarely wrestles. However, make no mistake, the man stayed active and kept busy inside the ring for the past 40 years straight. He continued to perform worldwide, despite being limited in WWE appearances. Nothing was out of the ordinary for any fingers to be pointed. It happened. We all hope and pray for the best. After everything is known, we can all go from there.

Wrestling: 5 tips for going to a wwe/tna or any wrestling event

Hey Guys, I am back for another post. The last time I went to a WWE house show was in madison square garden back in march. It was worth my 90 bucks so here is some tips for attending an event.

5. Follow The Product

Did you know that Bret Hart will be on Raw this week?

Do you know that CM punk and Paul Heyman are teasing something for this monday?

How many fans know that a 95 pound girl – AJ – is running Raw now?

This is what I mean. Of course, the diehard fans will know what is going on. However, not everybody there keeps up with the story lines. Lots of them are just there to enjoy a show. By following the product, It will be much more engaging and an enjoyable show with knowing what’s going on.

4. Leave Your House Early

Trust me! I have been to well over 40 wrestling shows. From small shows from ECW when I was a kid, to WWE pay-per-views, you have to be ready to go.

Upon the doors to the arena opening, it is just pure chaos. I hope you are ready for thousands of fans all running to their seats. It may seem like I am exaggerating here, but I am not.

I have been to a lot of WWE events, and all but two  have I  been early and on time. The few that I was running late were not very fun to deal with. Not fun at all…Add scanning tickets, getting a drink, using the restroom, getting food (I usually don’t), and you have a lot more on your hands.That is not even considering the huge crowd around the merchandise stands! The newest (or best) shirts always sell out BEFORE the show even begins. It sounds redundant, but leave your house early and avoid all of this rush!

3. Signs/Posters

Who doesn’t love “Sign Guy?”

When going to a WWE show, make sure you have some creative ideas for signs. A poster can not only add some fun to the show, but it can land you on TV!

That is a very cool thing to think about. In front of millions of people, you could be replayed in video packages and in WWE Magazine photos for years to come.

Of all the events I have gone to, only a few times have I gone without a poster. More often that not, I make up a few nice “quotes” a few hours before the show and write them on a big poster. Very cool!

2. Pick Your Poison

When going to a WWE event, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. The last thing you want to do is bring a “Negative Ned or Nelly” and be sitting next to him/her  for over three hours.

That can’t be fun.

Every move creates a negative comment under their breath. Every rest hold brings out a loud “boring” chant. Every finish warrants a “cynical, insulting” response. As always, there is a fine line between freedom of speech and ruining a show for others around you.

How do these people EVER enjoy a Wrestling show?

I often wonder. In my case, I have a lot of positive energy surrounding me in life. Thus, I have no doubts the WWE show is going to be a great time!

1.Don’t forget your tickets!!

Every time I go to see a sporting, musical or any other entertainment event, there is only one concern. Just one to worry about!

“Do you have tickets?”

You can get into a show without a poster. You can get into a show if you are late. You can get into a show if you are alone. You can get into a show if you do not follow the product.

However, you NEED a proof of purchase (ticket). It may sound like the most obvious choice, but it is also the most important.

No ticket, no entry!


Wrestling: Top 10 most underrated wrestlers from the 2000-2009 decade

Hey i am back for another post. I am going to list the top 10 most underrated wrestlers of the 2000-2009 decade. Now i have received some messages from a group on my facebook to discuss this topic so if anybody from the IWC(internet wrestling community) wants to be critical, well go right ahead.

10.Lance Storm(2000-2004)

Yes i had to put him on number 10. In 2000, Lance left ECW for WCW over a pay dispute. When he soon arrived, he captured the WCW united states,hardcore, and cruiserweight titles and held them all at the same time(nobody has ever held 3 belts at once again until Kurt Angle in 2007) and many speculated that he would get the world title. he had a match against Booker T and he did not win the title, but he became a big factor during the rest of his WCW run. when WWE brought WCW, Storm quickly joined the alliance and captured the intercontinental championship.Soon in 2002, he has formed the un-americans stable with Test and Christian on smackdown and captured the tag team titles two times. Now in many fans minds, he should have been ready for a world title match but he was sent back to raw on a trade and in 2003, he was rarley on television after he lost the tag team belt.

9.Shelton Benjamin (2004-2008)

Ok.  now this wrestler is on my list for many reasons.As soon as Shelton Benjamin was drafted to raw and beat triple H in a one on one match, he SHOULD have got his push right there because he beat him again the next week. But he couldn’t because Chris Benoit was the world champion that time. However, he did went against Randy Orton for the intercontinental title at Bad Blood 2004 in a great match but failed to win..he eventually got a match against chris jericho and won the belt. On both of the money in the bank ladder matches in 2005 and 2006,Benjamin did alot of memorable spots that will not be forgotten. and during a match against WWE hall of famer Shawn Michales,  he took the best sweet chin music i have ever seen, Benjamin went for a springboard and jumped to only get caught with the superkick in mid-air. He did pick up the  intercontinental title numerous times and eventually the united states title, but i never understood why he was not pushed for any world title until ECW in 2009..

8.Rob Van Dam(2001-2006)

Yes he is mr. monday night and mr. ppv, Rob Van Dam. when ECW came into the alliance in 2001, he was the most over wrestler and the only non- heel wrestler on the stable because the fans were aware of him in ECW. While he was with the stable, he captured the hardcore championship  numerous times and had memorable  matches with jeff hardy. On one smackdown in late 2001, he challenged the alliance leader Steve Austin to a match and did the unexpected and beat Austin in the match. His first shot at the WWE championship was at no mercy in 2001 against Kurt Angle and Austin but failed to win. Latrer in 2002, he wrestled his first wrestlemania and defeated William Regal for the  intercontinental title and went on to feud with the returning Eddie Guerrero.This feud was very unique because both of their finishing moves are the frog splash. They both traded victories and he would FINALLY get his chance at the world title picture by entering the king of the ring tournament. he would loose to Brock Lesnar in the finals but he went to unify some belts..RVD is the last person to have held the european and hardcore championships and also he would compete in the very first elimination chamber( i was in that arena that night and i never forgot it)..From 2003-2004, he would get some shots for the world title but would not win it..he did became the world and WWE tag team champion with Kane,Booker T, and Rey Mysterio. Now my question is that how someone with great mic skills and great wrestling ability would only get a shot about 3 times a year in that time period. In 2005, RVD got injured and would get sidelined for a year and in 2006, he returned and won the money in the bank ladder match. He would also defeat Cena for the wwe championship(yes the match where the full scale anti-cena crowd has emerged).Two  later on ECW on syfy, he would also be the new ECW champion making him the only wrestler to hold both the WWE and ECW world championships at the same time.However, he and Sabu got arrested and he had to drop both the titles which got the fans agry at arenas and the internet.No matter what anybody says, RVD proved that he was “the whole f’n show” from the moment he went out the curtain, until the bell rings.

7.Matt Hardy (2002-2005)

Now you can like him or hate him because of his reputation on the internet, but i always thought that Matt Hardy was the better technical wrestler than his brother.In 2002, Matt was traded to smackdown and he soon went to a new gimmick. Matt Hardy Version 1.0. This would include him bringing up his mattitude slang. Also everytime he made his entrance, the first thing you would see on the screen on your tv, would be the website on his on server and when he came out, it was like watching youtube on your tv. Plus it would show some facts on the side screen about him. Now he would eventually team with his best friend Shannon Moore and he got more tv time. He would win the cruiserweight  championship from Billy Kidman in no way out 2003. And at wrestlemania, he would defend his belt against Rey Mysterio and win. He also feuded with him for the few months.And in june 2003, he would wrestle him again but this time it was the main event on smackdown for that title on the line in which he lost. he then went on for a short small feuds with Chris Benoit and Zach Gowen, but he has not got a chance for the world title. So he then was sent to raw in order to be with his girlfriend Amy “lita” Dumas. Soon he would get a shot but his pushed stopped in 2005 due to him being fired for acknowledging that lita had an affair with Edge. When the news broke out, several fans would boo her out the arenas at raw and house shows. I liked matt i just wish he was pushed more.


6.Booker T (2001-2005)

Can you dig it…sucka!!!!. yes Booker T lands in number 6. the night he debuted as the 4 time wcw champion, he attacked Steve Austin at the main event of the King of the Ring PPV. Also he has injured his hand in the process. Then the invasion started and he lost the WCW title to Kurt Angle and won it back the next week.With this victory, he became the 5 time WCW champion.After dropping the belt to The Rock, he started to be used less during the invasion. He however, won the tag team belts with test in 2001 and wrestled the main event at survivor series that year. For a few months in 2002, he was put in the midcard level and got his first wrestlemania match against Edge. After that, he didnt get any wwe title matches but he did won the hardcore championship in a UK tour event. This was also the time when you ask yourself, how can someone like him have so much success in WCW, but yet he didn’t get a push for a world title until the end of the year?. Well that is WWE politics for you. in 2003, he feuded with Triple H, which to me was his best feud since Steve Austin back in December 2001. During this feud, Triple H would make some controversial marks to Booker T(still searching for the video). He has lost the match but did put on a great show. His next step was for the intercontinental championship.He and Christian went for the belt back and fourth. in 2004, Booker T was drafted to smackdown. He turned heel when he stated that smackdown was for the minor leagues and raw is the place where the big boys play. he also mentioned Big Show and John cena in his promo as well.Right there was when i THOUGHT that he should have got the push. he had a match against the Undertaker, and eventually won the United states championship. He then finally got a shot at JBL’s wwe championship once in survivor series, and again in a fatal 4 way in Armageddon in that year but failed to get the title. in late 2005. He would go on to feud with Chris benoit in a best of 7 series for the united states championship. This series was some of the best matches on smackdown ever. And this series was the first step to his major push in 2006.

5. John Morrison(2007-2009)

John Morrison is one of the best pure athletes in wwe history but yet just like alot of the wrestlers, he was not used right most times. In 2007, he became the ECW champion. A few weeks later, he went from johnny nitro to John Morrison. The first thing you would notice is that he resembled the late Jim Morrison. he had the look of a 70’s rock star and he wrestles of a mix between shawn michaels and rvd. The whole summer he held the title until the beginning of september(he was suspended for 30 days for being one of the 10 wrestlers caught using steroids). After that, he and the miz would capture the tag team belts and they would have a weekley show on called “the dirt sheet”. The show was well received by fans and they would eventually win the world tag team titles in 2008. When the team split in 2009, Morrison was sent to smackdown with a decent push but he wouldn’t win the big one. However, he beat Rey mysterio for the  intercontinental title in which that was the best match i have seen from Morrison. He has all the tools to be a future world champion. Lets not see that happen in that other wrestling company at orlando where hogan is being the emperor.

4.  Montel Vontavious Porter(MVP)(2007-2008)

MVP came into wwe in 2006, but his best years are from 2007-2008. he had great mic skills and he was not bad in the ring.his first wrestlemania was against Chris benoit. and he later won the united states championship against him on judgment day on that year in a 2 out of 3 falls match.(quick note, MVP is the only wrestler in the world to have won two straight falls in this type of match)MVP later gave credit to benoit for improving his ring skills in a 2011 interview. Also in 2007, he feuded with Matt hardy and later became tag team champions(while he was a US. champion,) and the defended it several times until Matt got injured. in 2008, MVP became the longest united states champion in WWE history. He would loose the belt to matt hardy and after that, he was put back into the mid card  level.He would only get one shot at the world title but he lost in unforgivin 2008 in a scramble match. After that, his loosing streak began and it was just sad for someone with so much momentum to be de-pushed very fast.


3. Molly Holly (2002-2004)

I bet nobody expected a WWE Diva to be on this list. Molly Holly was The hurricane(Shane Helms) manager from 2001-2002. When the WWF changed to WWE due to a lawsuit, she returned to raw a few weeks later, changing her entire look in the process. She went from a Blonde, to a autumn brown(i like blondes damnit lol). she also had a new gimmick. She was a   self-righteous prude diva, meaning that she  was appalled by the other WWE Divas continually using their “assets” and degrading themselves. During this gimmick, she would often refer to herself as being “pure and wholesome.” This led to a feud with the then-Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, which culminated in her winning the championship at King of the Ring in June 2002.During the feud, Jerry Lawler also began to poke fun at Molly, which Holly later revealed it genuinely hurt her feelings. Molly Holly,  however, initially did not mind the storyline when Stephanie McMahon approached her with the idea. The feud with Stratus continued for several months, and Molly later brought in Victoria as an enforcer to help deal with Trish. She would finally drop the title back to Stratus at Unforgiven in September 2003. At wrestlemania 20 in 2004, she lost her belt to Victoria in a hair vs hair match. She had her head completely shaved bald(in which she later revealed that it was her idea). She would eventually leave the WWE because it was reported that she was beginning to become disenchanted with WWE, who began to focus on looks rather than wrestling ability. She also hated that her character had become a villain, but that is not the direct cause of her leaving the company. Holly, however, stated that all of the a forementioned reasons are incorrect, but she would like to keep the real reason she left WWE private. Now she is also the innovated the move “the molly-go-around” and if she was in the wwe right now, The divas divison will not be all about dancing around in the ring.

2.William Regal(2006-2008)

This guy is a tremendous wrestler and even though his fighting style is old school he still has some classic matches. William Regal has been in the spotlight before but through the years he’s been down graded to a fool and has not been on TV much or competed in the championship matches. He has been king of the ring but its time for this guy to get a WWE championship or World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He was even kept out of the list of WWE’s best Talkers. In 2008, he became the general manager of raw. on one episode, he cut of the live feed on one of the main event matches in which caused an outrage with many WWE fans at home. Now i dont think any heel will go that far again. in 2009, he was sent to ecw where he feuded with christian. he had many title match opportunities But he never won it. in my eyes, william regal is one of the best wrestlers to have never won a wwe or world heavyweight title.

1.Christian (2003-2005.2009)

in 2003, The rock and Christian had a backstage segment and christian stated that he will be the new people’s champion. The next week, he won the IC title. and on that monday, he has cut his long hair and referred to his audience as his peeps. now at that point i knew that his push started. he feuded with booker t and rvd for that belt and he would team with chris jericho until wrestlemania 20 where they both went against each other and christian picked up the victory in that great match.later in that year, his mic skills started getting better every week and he would have a short feud with shawn michales. in 2005, he competed in the first money in the bank ladder match but did not win, then in june, he would get a shot for the wwe championship but didnt win. so he was sent to smackdown and he didn’t win the belt either. christian was the heel that time and he started to get a cult following and his fanbase on the web was starting to take notice to him, i think if he never left wwe in 2005 for tna, he would have been world champion within a few weeks. he returned in wwe in 2009 but he didnt win the money in the bank, However, he did win the ecw championship, but many fans felt that it was not enough and i had to agree with them because he deserved a wwe or world title at the time he returned.Christian is also one of those guys just like cm punk,dolph ziggler and many more, want to see holding the belt. he did in 2011 but both of his reigns were short. lets hope soon again he can hold it longer than a month

WWE: Retro feud: CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy

2009 was the year where raw was turning into Saturday night live because of the media guests hosts and Smackdown has become way better that raw. Jeff hardy was on the top of the mountain on smackdown along with edge, the undertaker and more.  at Wrestlemania 25, cm punk has become the only person to win the money in the bank ladder match for 2 years straight. on the wwe draft a few months later, he was drafted to Smackdown and had a short feud with Umaga and went on to Jeff Hardy.the feud started when after Jeff won the world heavyweight title from edge in a ladder match at extreme rules. cm punk took advantage of the situation and cashed in his money in the bank and defeated Jeff Hardy(i should also note that Jeff became the first wrestler in the WWE to kick out of the G.T.S during that match) to become the new world champion.His heel turn didn’t begin yet because punk was slowly doing it. so 3 weeks later at the bash ppv, they had their rematch but it was declared a no-contest due to cm punk selling the “eye injury” on that smackdown, cm punk started to bring up Jeff Hardy’s past drug issues.

cm punk would cut promos about him being straightedge(sound familiar, look up his ROH promos) and about him bringing up Jeff Hardy’s firing in 2003 for failing a drug test. the feud went on to cm punk and Jeff Hardy attacking each other on Smackdown for a number of weeks and Jeff hardy got the upper hand when he re-captured the world title at night of champions.a few weeks later on Smackdown, cm punk had a rematch clause, and Matt hardy was the special referee. Jeff won the match and cm punk brutally attacked him again. then teddy long gives him a rematch at SummerSlam in a tables,ladders and chairs match.Matt hardy who was a heel at the time turned face, and the next week at Smackdown, there was a 6 man tag match putting cm punk and the hart dynasty vs John Morrison and the reunited hardy boys in which the Hardy’s and Morrison won. then on Sunday at SummerSlam, cm punk did the unexpected and won the world title for a 3rd time(then the lights went out and went on with the undertaker choke slamming punk)   and on the following Smackdown,punk said exactly what he was going to do and banish Jeff away forever in a steel cage match. Jeff’s final image was when he went to the ramp and cm punk hit him over the head with the title. it was also reported from the dirt sheets that both punk and Jeff did not like each other at all in real life, whenever they are backstage, they would not talk to each other and punk always wanted to kick his ass. in a late 2010 video posted by both the Hardy’s (see video at the  link)  Jeff take some shots at punk. but look where punk is and look where Jeff is LOL. but anyways, this was a great feud and won the award for the best feud of the year by the wrestling observer newsletter.

WWE summerslam 2012 preview and predictions

Here’s what should happen:

Antonio Cesaro becomes new U.S. Champion in a 5 minute Santino-style spot fest where he hits everything but still loses to the challenger due to shenanigans. Then I do fist pumps for several hours.

Here’s what will happen:

See above, but Santino overcomes shenanigans to retain, I throw my remote through my TV and hate everything for the rest of the night.

Winner: Santino

Cesaro has owned Santino in non-title matches on SmackDown. That means logic would dictate that he’d walk out the new champion. Right? Wrong. It’s one of WWE’s Favorite things to do, having champions lose non-title matches. The sad part is that they could put the title on Cesaro, push him and make the title matter but they won’t. Santino is a comedy character that shouldn’t be carrying a title.


WWE Tag Team Championships: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil)

The fact that R-Boom have been tag champions this long tells me two things:

1) Creative has nothing better for either of them to do, and probably never will again.

2) Creative have no real plans for the tag belts other than “Let the black guys wear them,” and when someone asks “Which black team?” and another guy says “I dunno, flip for it.”

I think that The Prime Time Players are an ok team , and I don’t really care that A.W. is gone because Young and O’Neil made me laugh before he was in the picture. I really don’t think they need him as much as everyone else thinks. Besides, it’s time for new blood to carry those belts.

Winners: The Prime Time Players

AW or no AW it doesn’t matter to me. The Prime Time Players seem like the more permanent team so they should win. Hopefully that’s the case and we finally get a good tag division again.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

I think is right on the money; lose on TV, win at the PPV. Mysterio doesn’t need the IC title like Miz does, because he doesn’t really need to re-establish his credibility. As unfortunate as it is to say, Miz needs a crutch until he can stand on his own two feet again, and the IC title is that crutch right now. Mysterio is a good foil for Miz right now, and it’s a good feud that’ll give these guys something to do. It has legs. Three legs mind you, but an Intercontinental title feud is never a bad crutch to have.

Winner: The Miz

Good booking by WWE getting two guys and a title on PPV that should be on PPV. If former WWE Champions are going to hold and contend for the Intercontinental Championship then it should be treated like a big deal and this is a good start. If given 15 minutes this could be great but Miz should retain. Rey could walk away champ but Miz really needs a long winning streak to build back his credibility after losing basically from WrestleMania XXVIII up until he won the Intercontinental Championship.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Readers of the Smacking Of Smackdown will know I’m no fan of this feud, but I love Bryan and I like Kane enough to where I think this match will be fine to watch. There’s no such thing as a bad Daniel Bryan match, there just isn’t. Don’t argue with me on this, because you’re wrong. No, stop it. Stop it. No, no, listen to me, just listen:


You’re wrong.

What happened with the Charlie Sheen involvement? Are they so scared that he may not show up if they advertised him that they just dropped the whole thing together or will he actually be there? I’m not sure. They’ve made it a point to say “anger management” on Raw every week as a way to plug Sheen’s TV show, but there’s been no mention of him being at Summerslam since they teased it at Raw 1000 on July 23.

I really hope Daniel Bryan wins this. Kane is in his mid-40s. He has turned heel and babyface about a dozen times in his career. He doesn’t need wins. Bryan’s out of the World and WWE Title picture right now. He should be at that level. If they do a post match angle with Sheen at ringside that’s fine, but don’t let it affect the match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Chris jericho vs dolph ziggler

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

What a simple yet effective story. The young, hungry upstart questioning what the old veteran lion has left in the tank. Both men have something to prove in this match. Jericho wants to show he can still hang at an elite level and Ziggler wants to prove he belongs at an elite. This has match of the night written all over it and I’m very excited to see it. This should be a passing of the torch moment and that’s what I expect. > Columns > The John Report: WWE Summerslam Preview
Posted by John Canton on 08/18/2012 at 11:00 AM
John: Welcome to the TJRWrestling WWE Summerslam Preview. There are eight announced matches including the pre-show, which is more than the usual four or five announced matches that WWE usually has at PPVs. This could also be the first WWE PPV of the year where the WWE Title match may go on last. I thought that would happen at Money in the Bank, but it didn’t end up happening.

Joining me for the preview as always are TJRWrestling’s resident Smackdown reviewer Andrew Johnson and our former Smackdown writer who is now a retro PPV reviewing kind of guy, Christian Michael. Let’s roll.


United States Championship: Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro (Pre-show)

Andrew: Here’s what should happen:

Antonio Cesaro becomes new U.S. Champion in a 5 minute Santino-style spot fest where he hits everything but still loses to the challenger due to shenanigans. Then I do fist pumps for several hours.

Here’s what will happen:

See above, but Santino overcomes shenanigans to retain, I throw my remote through my TV and hate everything for the rest of the night.

Winner: Santino

Christian: Cesaro has owned Santino in non-title matches on SmackDown. That means logic would dictate that he’d walk out the new champion. Right? Wrong. It’s one of WWE’s Favorite things to do, having champions lose non-title matches. The sad part is that they could put the title on Cesaro, push him and make the title matter but they won’t. Santino is a comedy character that shouldn’t be carrying a title.

Prediction- Santino Marella retains

John: I think they need to book a title switch at one of these pre-show matches, so why not here? Santino does nothing for the title. He would be popular with the fans whether he had it or not. The US Title is booked so poorly that it’s basically useless these days. Get the title on Cesaro here. Perhaps it would freshen up the US Title a bit.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro


WWE Tag Team Championships: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil)

Andrew: The fact that R-Boom have been tag champions this long tells me two things:

1) Creative has nothing better for either of them to do, and probably never will again.

2) Creative have no real plans for the tag belts other than “Let the black guys wear them,” and when someone asks “Which black team?” and another guy says “I dunno, flip for it.”

I love The Prime Time Players, and I don’t really care that A.W. is gone because Young and O’Neil made me laugh before he was in the picture. I really don’t think they need him as much as everyone else thinks. Besides, it’s time for new blood to carry those belts.

Winners: The Prime Time Players

Christian: AW or no AW it doesn’t matter to me. The Prime Time Players seem like the more permanent team so they should win. Hopefully that’s the case and we finally get a good tag division again.

Prediction- The Prime Time Players become the new champions

John: It’s a shame that AW’s firing garnered so much attention because it has taken away from the fact that the tag team division in WWE has improved greatly in recent months. I think there’s been a push to make it better since WrestleMania. Over four months later here we are. The PTPers have done a good job of developing their gimmick as cocky heels who think they’re on their way to something great and at Summerslam they have a chance to prove how good they are. I think the Kingston/Truth team was put together to give some credibility to the division because they feature two long term babyfaces, but long term I doubt they will team together that much. I think it’s time for the titles to change hands.

Winners: The Prime Time Players


Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

Andrew: John has a standard rule that I don’t always think is correct but in this case I think is right on the money; lose on TV, win at the PPV. Mysterio doesn’t need the IC title like Miz does, because he doesn’t really need to re-establish his credibility. As unfortunate as it is to say, Miz needs a crutch until he can stand on his own two feet again, and the IC title is that crutch right now. Mysterio is a good foil for Miz right now, and it’s a good feud that’ll give these guys something to do. It has legs. Three legs mind you, but an Intercontinental title feud is never a bad crutch to have.

Winner: The Miz

Christian: Good booking by WWE getting two guys and a title on PPV that should be on PPV. If former WWE Champions are going to hold and contend for the Intercontinental Championship then it should be treated like a big deal and this is a good start. If given 15 minutes this could be great but Miz should retain. Rey could walk away champ but Miz really needs a long winning streak to build back his credibility after losing basically from WrestleMania XXVIII up until he won the Intercontinental Championship.

Prediction- The Miz retains

John: There’s not much heat in this feud. It’s happening because Miz needs a credible opponent that most fans will think has a chance to win even though in reality that person (Mysterio) is very unlikely to win. Putting the IC Title on Miz is about building him back up after booking him so poorly since his run as a main event level guy over a year ago. Mysterio will give him a good matchup, but Miz will get the win after about ten minutes of action.

Winner: The Miz


Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Andrew: Readers of the Smacking Of Smackdown will know I’m no fan of this feud, but I love Bryan and I like Kane enough to where I think this match will be fine to watch. There’s no such thing as a bad Daniel Bryan match, there just isn’t. Don’t argue with me on this, because you’re wrong. No, stop it. Stop it. No, no, listen to me, just listen:


You’re wrong.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Christian: We’ve seen this match 100 times over the summer. It can be good but it’s not fresh. I don’t know what, if any role Charlie Sheen will play in the match so it’s hard to figure a winner. If he’s there he’ll likely cost D-Bry the match. If he’s not there, Kane will still win since they like having Bryan lose all the time now.

Prediction- Kane

John: What happened with the Charlie Sheen involvement? Are they so scared that he may not show up if they advertised him that they just dropped the whole thing together or will he actually be there? I’m not sure. They’ve made it a point to say “anger management” on Raw every week as a way to plug Sheen’s TV show, but there’s been no mention of him being at Summerslam since they teased it at Raw 1000 on July 23.

I really hope Daniel Bryan wins this. Kane is in his mid-40s. He has turned heel and babyface about a dozen times in his career. He doesn’t need wins. Bryan’s out of the World and WWE Title picture right now. He should be at that level. If they do a post match angle with Sheen at ringside that’s fine, but don’t let it affect the match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

Andrew: I’m not going to go on about how much potential this match has to be the show-stealer because I’m sure Christian and John both have plenty of hyperbolic statements already lined up. Also, John also wrote a whole column about it, so there’s very little I can say here that wouldn’t be just a rehash of what he’s already written. I’ll just say this; if Santino retaining doesn’t make me throw my remote through my TV, a disappointing Ziggler/Jericho match will. Which I don’t think is possible, but good news is if Santino wins, I won’t have to find out.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Christian: What a simple yet effective story. The young, hungry upstart questioning what the old veteran lion has left in the tank. Both men have something to prove in this match. Jericho wants to show he can still hang at an elite level and Ziggler wants to prove he belongs at an elite. This has match of the night written all over it and I’m very excited to see it. This should be a passing of the torch moment and that’s what I expect.

Prediction- Dolph Ziggler

John: I already wrote a fantasy booking style column as it pertains to what I want to see in this match. Will it happen? Probably not. In short, here’s what I wrote there. Sheamus beats Del Rio early in the show. Barrett comes out, he destroys Sheamus. Ziggler cashes in Money in the Bank. He becomes World Champion. Ziggler vs. Jericho then becomes a World Title match later in the show. Ziggler retains.

I threw it out there as a possibility because the obvious result of this match is too easy to call. That’s a Ziggler win. I want something more to remember this feud by because Jericho’s reportedly gone from WWE again as of Tuesday, so I want them to give us a memorable moment we will never forget.

You won’t get complaints from me, though. The only way I would complain about this is if they got less than ten minute because it needs to be between 10-20 minutes in order to give us the kind of exciting action we expect to see from guys like this. They’re two of the best workers in the company, so I think this is likely the match of the night as long as they get a chance to have a special match based on how much time they are given.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio


I wasn’t on board for Del Rio/Sheamus revisited at first, but I think the build for this has been much stronger than it was for Money In The Bank. This is the best thing to come out of a car theft since Josh and S.A.M. For the first time these two have a legitimate beef with each other that is more than just about the championship. As lame as it sounds, this whole feud is about respect. Sheamus feels disrespected by Del Rio because he mentioned he isn’t rich and Sheamus has feelings too and oh my God guys they hurt so bad right now, so he stole Del Rio’s car as penance. And Del Rio’s mad because…well his car was stolen. I think that’s reason enough.

It’s a better feud than they had a month ago, and the match will be solid. It’s going to be fun.

Winner: Sheamus

Yawn. That’s my reaction to the match. Honestly, it bored me at Money in the Bank and without adding a stipulation to it, I don’t know what they can do differently this time. It’s not like they’re not trying on TV but it’s just not working for me. Booker T took away ADR’s title shot and a week later gave it back to him at Sheamus’ demand. It shows how badly the Champion wants to get his hands on the challenger. Remember at MITB Sheamus beat him rather easily. You don’t think that’ll happen again now that Del Rio has got the Celtic Warrior’s blood boiling? For a major PPV like SummerSlam I just wish they would have done something different.


Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

I have about a zillion problems with this match because I can see where it’s heading and I hate it. For some reason the WWE is paying Brock Lesnar a billion dollars (or whatever, I’m not good with math) to come in and fake-break a bunch of arms and then lose for the next 12 months or whenever the hell he shows up. I don’t see this match ending any way other than Triple H gaming up all over Brock and taking this guy who is a legitimate MMA fighter who is trained to break arms and ankles and wreck shop and using his powers of COO’ing and winning.

In a real MMA fight if Brock had Triple H in an arm bar Hunter would tap in 5 seconds because arm bars hurt and you want to use it to wipe boogers from your giant nose. But, since this pro-wrestling where everyone’s arms are like f**king steel bars, Triple H will use his willpower and his determination to stay in the hold for 20 minutes and then reverse it or something and find a way to pedigree everyone in the building.

I dunno. I just think if you’re going to pay this asshole to be a legitimate arm-breaking monster, you should just let him be a legitimate arm-breaking monster.

Winner: Triple H

Christian: The song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” was the theme song for the 2001 edition of SummerSlam and it would be a fitting description of what this match figures to be. There’s no stipulation attached but one would figure this is more likely to resemble a bar fight than Angle/Michaels from WrestleMania 21. HHH’s family and best friend have been involved so he’s out to avenge their honor. While Brock is just looking to destroy one of wrestling’s last active legends. I want this to be a competitive fight for about 15 minutes and then Brock just destroys Hunter in the end making him look like the unstoppable bad ass that he’s supposed to be.


WWE Championship: CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

I genuinely have no opinion on this match, because I don’t think a three way is necessary. I was really hoping for Cena/Punk again, but this is the hand we’re dealt because Big Show is still Mark Henry for now, and Mark Henry is a smiling Touter who is going to come back and not be Mr. Hall Of Pain anymore because WWE needs at least two smiling fat guys for one mean one.

I don’t know how I got to talking about Mark Henry here, but whatever, that’s what you’re going to get.

Winner: CM Punk

It’s amazing how adding one man to the match can kill any excitement you had for it. We all know the classics Cena and Punk are capable of but with Big Show there that’s not likely to happen. I’d really like to know what it takes to earn a WWE Championship match these days. When’s the last time Big Show won a match? 1999? Cena became the first person ever to unsuccessfully cash in MITB but you never hear anyone mention it. MITB is supposed to be used to get a guy over the hump and into the main event. RAW’s match was such a waste this year. They used it as an excuse to get Cena back in the title hunt but that wasn’t necessary. He’s John Cena. All he has to do is ask for a title shot. He doesn’t need a briefcase to be a top contender. Things like that annoy me to no end.

Punk’s been on the heelish side since RAW 1000 because he feels despite being WWE Champion the spotlight isn’t on him, and he’s right. Punk’s been champ since November so you have to figure any day could be the day for him to lose it. Add in the fact that Cena is in the match and Punk doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the title, it almost seems likely. It would fit in with the new direction of Punk’s character where he can moan and groan about losing the belt without losing the match. The only thing throwing a curveball in the equation is that The Rock is lurking at Royal Rumble. Do they want to do Rock/Cena II knowing Rock would go over again? Or do they want Rock to face the by then 14 month reigning champion? I know they could switch the title again before the Rumble but why would you have Punk hold the title this long just to start switching it like a dirty pair of underwear again? But, like I always say, when in doubt pick Cena.


Final Thoughts

I am definitely interested in Summerslam. I’m most interested in the Jericho/Ziggler and Lesnar/Triple H matches while the finish of the main event (assuming WWE Title goes on last) has my interest as well. While I don’t know if it will top Extreme Rules as my PPV of the year, it could be very close to that. We’ll find out on Sunday night.

Jeff Hardy: then and now..and “test run” with certain wwe wrestlers

I wrote a little bit about this a few months ago, so I will repeat a few points right off the bat.

WWE loves to give talent a “test run” in the main event scene before giving them a real run at the top. They have been doing this for years and are continuing the stance in 2012. I will simply list a few examples.

While it was under the elder McMahon, Hulk Hogan was given a “test run.” Remember, he fought Andrew the Giant well before Wrestle Mania III. The man passed with flying colors, went to do other business, and Vince McMahon knew he could trust him. A year later, Hulkamania was running wild folks.

Ultimate Warrior was given a few “test runs” as IC champion and teased some major feuds for him. Obviously, fans were ready for him to take the top spot. At WM VI, they trusted him enough to be one of the few men to beat Hogan clean and win the title.

Shawn Michaels feuded with Bret Hart over the WWE Title at Survivor Series in 1992. Not 1997! Earlier in the decade, HBK was given his “test run” as IC champ and some matches near the top of the card. He did great, so WWE trusted him with the top spot. Years later, the company was all about Shawn.

The Rock, Stone Cold, and many others all got little “tastes” of the main event scene before being given the ball officially. WWE must know if guys can be trusted on top. You rarely see somebody just thrown into the main event and STAY there. Here are a few recent names to think about folks:

Alberto Del Rio – he got a “test run” leading into WM 27. He did great, so WWE trusted him with the title months later. As we saw, Edge beat him, Del Rio built himself up a little bit more, and got his moment at Summerslam later on in the year.

John Cena – in 2003, he was given a little bit of a run against Brock Lesnar. He did a fine job, went on to feud with Underaker and Kurt Angle afterwards, then started his rise to the top. WWE knew they could trust him after he passed his initial “test.”

The Royal Rumble is often used for “lesser known” talent to get a shot at the WWE or World Title. I won’t name names, but just look at the Rumble history. Take a look at the title matches! Clearly, some of those are not major matches – just a way to “test” guys out in the main event scene for a few months.

Dolph Ziggler got a chance last year against Edge to shine. Since then, he has been a constant mid-card to upper mid-card to SOON main event wrestler. All because WWE gave him an opportunity, and he did well. Again, I could go on and on, but the fact remains. From Randy Orton to CM Punk, most big names are given a little “test” before officially given the main event spot.

Others tried but failed. William Regal was pushed to the moon in 2008 and was hugely over as a heel, in great shape, and firing on all cylinders…then failed his 2nd Wellness test.

Carlito, Chris Masters, Shelton Benjamin, and MANY others were given a chance. Even The Brian Kendrick was in a WWE Title match on PPV! Either fans did not buy into them or they flopped for others reasons. Nonetheless, WWE was giving new stars a chance to shine.

That brings us to Jeff Hardy.

Hardy had some successes during his first WWE run, but this a new ball game. When he came back to WWE in 2006, it was clear the company had big ideas for him. He was given some vignettes, and major buzz was around his return. Within a few months, he was the IC Champ. After a nice run, he and Matt Hardy had a fun tag team title run in 2007. That was a “nostalgia” run which was destined to be very short-lived.

During all of this, WWE had to be very hesitant in “pushing” Jeff too much. Obviously, it was because of his past drug/behavior issues. Some fans love to just ignore these things, but you can’t. When you run WWE as a publicly traded company, somebody’s life style is a huge, huge factor. By the time, Hardy was catching on with the fans again in 2007, WWE had no choice but to give him a chance.

In 2007, the following stars got injured and/or missed time: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho (already gone), Ric Flair, John Cena, Undertaker, Edge, and many more. WWE HAD to give a new star a huge run to the top of the card. Their roster was becoming thinner and thinner. Hardy was worth the shot.

In a rare sight, he defeated Triple H clean at Armageddon 2007 to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. With Randy Orton in the middle of a long title reign, Jeff had no shot of winning the gold. However, this was all about gauging the audience’s reaction to Jeff Hardy as a main event player. If it bombed, no big deal. He would be moved back down the card. It it caught fire, WWE knew they could always go back to him down the line.

In the weeks leading up to Royal Rumble 2008, the video promos and actions of Jeff Hardy MADE him into a star. During that time-frame, he was a made man. The fact is that Orton was not going to lose his title just a few months away from WM24. With John Cena coming back later on that night, Hardy had to lose. While some cried foul on that decision, it was a MAJOR win for Hardy. He proved he could hang with the “big boys.” he was no longer just some bit player in WWE. Jeff was a major player that money could be made from down the road.

After yet another suspension and a WWE Draft in the summer of 2008, he was moved to Smackdown for the push of his lifetime. Again, he was not just given the title on his first chance. He had to EARN it. He had to FIGHT for it. He had to scratch and claw for it. Losing time after time to Triple H on pay-per-view may seem ridiculous, but it was something that HAD to be done for this story to be properly told.

Fans were just dying for him to get the title at this point. In yet another rare sight, Jeff Hardy defeated Undertaker on a Smackdown episode in late 2008. The momentum was gaining. Fans were loving his chase. People wanted something “new” for the Blue Brand. When Armageddon 2008 rolled around, Edge was defending his WWE Title against Triple H and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match. This was the final PPV of the year and just the right time to pull off a ‘shocking’ move.

Jeff Hardy pinned Edge to win the WWE Title.

It was never going to be a long reign. It was never going to be some huge run. It was always going to be a nice, little moment for Hardy fans that dragged fans into the following year. Hardy was not going to main event a WM event. Again, his history and tainted past would not headline WrestleMania. However, Hardy was champion. WWE does this kind of thing a lot to close December.

You saw it with Daniel Bryan last year. He was given his “test” with the World Title and did a good job. In 2009, Sheamus was given the WWE Title for a short “test run” on the top. Look at where those two are now…top of their game.

In late 2008, it was Hardy’s turn. Again, his title run was never a long-term project. It almost reminds me of Austin Aries in TNA right now. The momentum was just so large, it had to be done despite other plans. As most remember, Hardy lost the title to Edge a month later. Jeff went onto feud with Matt (brother) for a few months before going right back to the main event scene. Now, WWE TRUSTED him. He had passed his tests with flying colors. No more need to beat around the bush…Hardy was OVER!

He feuded with Edge once again to win back the WWE Title to begin the summer. After that, he had an epic feud with CM Punk where they traded the title back and forth up to Summerslam and Hardy’s final WWE match days later. It may seem like I am over-exaggerating when I state this, but I am dead serious…

In mid-2009, Jeff Hardy was one of the top stars in the entire industry. Behind John Cena, Undertaker, and DX, Jeff Hardy was THE man on WWE TV. If you did not live through that year, you would think I am lying. I’m not. Just three years ago, he was in the main event scene (closing PPV events as well), selling more merchandise than over 95% of the roster, as over as any other top star, and WWE Champion.

That is what makes today so sad to see Jeff Hardy in an Orlando sound-stage in front of 1,000 NON-paying tourists each week for 1.0 television ratings. My, oh my…

wrestling observer newsletter awards 2011(for the people who never read the results)

The awards are based on the time frame from December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2011.





1. HIROSHI TANAHASHI (417) 2,718 (new japan pro wrestling)

2. C.M. Punk (248) 2,102 (wwe)

3. John Cena (68) 946

4. Masaaki Mochizuki (9) 493

5. Randy Orton (2) 388

6. L.A. Park (51) 326 (cmll)

7. Mark Henry (8) 269

8. Averno (9) 191

9. The Rock (9) 188

10. Davey Richards (14) 185


1. DAVEY RICHARDS (201) 1,511

2. Hiroshi Tanahashi (165) 1,112

3. Daniel Bryan (104) 948

4. Prince Devitt (5) 785

5. El Generico (67) 598

6. C.M. Punk (43) 452

7. Akira Tozawa (19) 363

8. Averno (49) 359

9. Eddie Edwards (22) 353

10. Dolph Ziggler (14) 351


1. THE ROCK (319) 2,222

2. Georges St. Pierre (244) 2,035

3. John Cena (53) 1,244

4. C.M. Punk (2) 273

5. Anderson Silva (10) 211

6. Jon Jones (11) 146

7. Cain Velasquez 51

8. L.A. Park 40


1. JOHN CENA VS. C.M. PUNK (190) 1,551

2. Randy Orton vs. Christian (74) 747

3. Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards (61) 701

4. Blood Warriors vs. Junction Three (75) 673

5. Kevin Steen vs. ROH (56) 485

6. Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller (45) 458

7. Briscoes vs. All Night Express (8) 352

8. Sanada & Soya vs. Sekimoto & Okabayashi (16) 344

9. Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck (41) 295

10. Mark Henry vs. Big Show (17) 145


1. GIANT BERNARD & KARL ANDERSON (233) 1,678 (new japan pro wrestling)

2. Mark & Jay Briscoe (174) 1,632

3. Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi (87) 894

4. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (104) 674

5. Young Bucks (41) 425

6. Prince Devitt & Ryusuke Taguchi (19) 362

7. Cima & Ricochet (13) 311

8. Bobby Roode & James Storm (29) 295

9. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (23) 215

10. Manabu Soya & Seiya Sanada (2) 116


1. DOLPH ZIGGLER (224) 1,478

2. Mark Henry (86) 828

3. Ricochet (79) 527

4. Cody Rhodes (24) 419

5. Zack Ryder (9) 314

6. Tetsuya Naito (28) 295

7. Wade Barrett (10) 236

8. Seiya Sanada (6) 196

9. Tama Tonga (19) 191

10. Kyle O’Reilly (2) 161


1. C.M. PUNK (338) 2,594

2. The Rock (178) 1,381

3. Chael Sonnen (137) 1,360

4. Kevin Steen (23) 490

5. Mark & Jay Briscoe (3) 361

6. Steve Austin (29) 228

7. The Miz (7) 161

8. Mark Henry (3) 112

9. Bully Ray (2) 106

10. Nick Diaz 92


1. THE ROCK (315) 1,906

2. John Cena (53) 1,151

3. C.M. Punk (81) 978

4. Hiroshi Tanahashi (51) 863

5. Georges St. Pierre (19) 359

6. Kevin Steen (26) 271

7. Chael Sonnen (26) 231

8. L.A. Park (15) 145

9. Clay Guida (2) 128

10. Zack Ryder (3) 126


1. DANIEL BRYAN (263) 1,829

2. Davey Richards (247) 1,655

3. Prince Devitt (30) 910

4. Yuji Nagata (29) 590

5. Eddie Edwards (13) 568

6. Zack Sabre Jr. (37) 254

7. Dolph Ziggler (3) 166

8. Kurt Angle (6) 154

9. Mike Quackenbush 106

10. C.M. Punk (4) 89


1. KEVIN STEEN (161) 1,082 (pro wrestling unplugged)

2. Togi Makabe (89) 718

3. Mark & Jay Briscoe (63) 626

4. Sheamus (50) 545

5. Bully Ray (45) 517

6. L.A. Park (94) 499

7. Sami Callihan (49) 487

8. Masato Tanaka (25) 461

9. Mark Henry (59) 452

10. Randy Orton (32) 186


1. RICOCHET (116) 1,473 (cmll)

2. Kota Ibushi (131) 1,092

3. Pac (125) 992

4. Evan Bourne (59) 600

5. Prince Devitt (38) 472

6. El Generico (42) 393

7. Sin Cara (35) 383

8. Rey Mysterio (23) 224

9. Mascara Dorada (2) 221

10. La Sombra (17) 197


1. CRIMSON (127) 1,011 (tna)

2. Mason Ryan (54) 756

3. Kevin Nash (97) 735

4. Mr. Anderson (83) 727

5. Jeff Hardy (34) 477

6. HHH (32) 369

7. Sin Cara (39) 328

8. Matt Morgan (6) 174

9. C.M. Punk (14) 114

10. Randy Orton (5) 112


1. DOLPH ZIGGLER (119) 942

2. Daniel Bryan (112) 840

3. Alex Shelley (82) 741

4. Tyson Kidd (31) 622

5. Drew McIntyre (35) 376

6. Yoshi Tatsu (15) 277

7. Jack Swagger (6) 237

8. Christian (24) 217

9. John Morrison (2) 157

10. Chris Masters (27) 153



2. New Japan Pro Wrestling (275) 1,935

3. Dragon Gate (44) 914

4. Ring of Honor (61) 846

5. World Wrestling Entertainment (15) 659

6. CHIKARA Pro (41) 584

7. PWG (18) 580

8. Bellator (1) 239

9. All Japan (2) 110

10. CMLL (5) 108


1. WWE SMACKDOWN (188) 1,790

2. Ring of Honor (214) 1,603

3. Dragon Gate Infinity (108) 1,092

4. Ultimate Fighter (64) 838

5. Bellator Fighting Championships (43) 648

6. WWE Tough Enough (45) 404

7. WWE Raw (12) 360

8. CMLL (9) 197

9. WWE Superstars (15) 196

10. TNA Impact (2) 145


1. JOHN CENA VS. C.M. PUNK 7/17 CHICAGO (333) 2,292

2. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards 6/26 New York (112) 1,362

3. HHH vs. Undertaker 4/3 Atlanta (51) 890

4. Jun Akiyama vs. Suwama 10/23 Tokyo (75) 808

5. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Yuji Nagata 4/3 Tokyo (39) 538

6. Kota Ibushi vs. Ryusuke Taguchi 6/10 Tokyo (15) 343

7. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tetsuya Naito 10/10 Tokyo (6) 305

8. Kevin Steen vs. El Generico 12/18/10 New York (14) 183

9. Averno vs. La Sombra 9/16 Mexico City 107


1. DAICHI HASHIMOTO (552) 3,018

2. Uhaa Nation (23) 650

3. Takumi “Sho” Soya (24) 509

4. Obariyan (17) 315

5. Archibald Peck (15) 242

6. Fenix (3) 235

7. Dragon Lee (11) 185

8. Tommaso Ciampa (15) 111

9. Mike Dalton (2) 78

10. Dark Dragon 72


1. RICARDO RODRIGUEZ (335) 2,357

2. Vickie Guerrero (191) 1,910

3. Jim Cornette (44) 532

4. Karen Jarrett (31) 430

5. Barrister R.D. Evans (6) 269

6. John Laurinaitis (14) 227

7. Truth Martini (8) 185

8. Michael Cole (11) 126

9. Ric Flair (7) 120

10. Teddy Long (6) 117


1. JOE ROGAN (214) 1,386

2. Kevin Kelly (77) 1,058

3. Michael Schiavello (113) 983

4. Jim Ross (112) 952

5. William Regal (65) 733

6. Mike Goldberg (22) 355

7. Scott Stanford (7) 344

8. Jimmy Smith (16) 242

9. Josh Matthews (6) 219

10. Nigel McGuinness (5) 188


1. MICHAEL COLE (568) 3,133

2. Booker T (37) 1,201

3. Jerry Lawler (27) 861

4. Taz (8) 334

5. Mike Tenay (7) 159

6. Josh Matthews (12) 124

7. Matt Striker (1) 92

8. Mauro Ranallo (2) 85

9. Gus Johnson 54

10. Todd Grisham 37


1. WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 7/17 CHICAGO (374) 2,391

2. UFC 139 11/19 San Jose (40) 700

3. ROH Best in the World 6/26 New York (32) 542

4. ROH Final Battle 12/18/10 New York (15) 483

5. PWG DDT 4 3/4 Reseda (24) 378

6. UFC 129 4/30 Toronto (19) 274

7. WWE WrestleMania 4/3 Atlanta (12) 197

8. K-1 World Grand Prix 12/11 Tokyo (29) 188

9. New Japan G-1 Finals 8/14 Tokyo (4) 180

10. CHIKARA High Noon 11/13 Philadelphia (11) 129





2. TNA Turning Point 11/13 Orlando 55

3. WWE Capitol Punishment 6/19 Washington, DC 20

4. TNA No Surrender 9/11 Orlando 19

5. WWE Night of Champions 9/18 Buffalo 18

6. WWE Vengeance 10/23 San Antonio 14

7. TNA Against All Odds 2/13 Orlando 12

8. AWE Night of Legends 10/15 Fisherville, VA 10



2. Daniel Bryan LeBell lock 127

3. Randy Orton RKO 55

4. Daisuke Sekimoto German suplex 35

5. Prince Devitt Bloody Sunday DDT 31

6. Akira Tozawa delayed German suplex 29

7. Evan Bourne shooting star press 27

8. Kota Ibushi double moonsault 19

9. Pac 360 shooting star press 18

10. AR Fox Lo Mein Pain 18



2. TNA sending Jeff Hardy out while under the influence on PPV 178

3. Perro Aguayo Jr. faking cancer 140 (AAA promotion)

4. WWE never letting up on twitter during Raw 43

5. matt hardy teasing suicide video on youtube 25

6. Jarrett/Angle feud putting up custody of kids in match 22

7. Michael Cole burying talent in commentary 15



2. WWE Raw 197

3. WWE NXT 88

4. Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling 15



2. Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole 4/3 Atlanta 199

3. Kevin Nash vs. Ricky Morton 10/15 Fisherville, VA 35

4. john cena vs the miz 4/3 atlanta 9



2. Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler 94

3. Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross 81

4. Sin Cara Azul vs. Sin Cara Negro 48

5. Winter & Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky 32

6. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan 29

Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff vs. Dixie Carter 29

8. Samoa Joe vs. Pope 19

9. Edge vs. Kane 16

10. Sting vs. Immortal 15


1. TNA 564

2. WWE 67

3. AWE 14

4. Strikeforce 13

CZW 13

6. Urban Wrestling Federation 12


1. GEDO & JADO 287

2. Joe Silva 223

3. Mike Quackenbush 128

4. Hunter Johnston 109

5. Gabe Sapolsky 26

6. Konnan 20

7. Vince McMahon 10


1. C.M. PUNK (anti corporate wrestler)160

2. Archibald Peck 107

3. Zack Ryder (long island ice z)83

4. Briscoes 51

5. Kevin Steen 35

6. Alberto Del Rio 33

7. R-Truth 31

8. Sin Cara 19

9. Mark Henry 16

10. Fake Sin Cara 12


1. MICHAEL COLE (heel commentator) 298

2. Zack Ryder(long island iced z/internet sensation) 52

3. Eric Young 49

4. Cody Rhodes (the mask gimmick) 31

5. Johnny Curtis 25

6. John Laurinaitis 19 and chrismon 19

8. Hunico 18

9. Fake Sin Cara 10



2. Stan Hansen “Last Outlaw” 154

3. John McCarthy “Let’s Get It On” 51

4. Jerry Jarrett “The Best of Times” 28

5. Joe Laurinaitis “The Road Warriors” 18

6. Brock Lesnar “Death Clutch” 10



2. Wrestling Road Diaries 143

3. Memphis Heat 128

4. History of WrestleMania 22

5. Steve Austin Bottom Line 13