IPhone 5S Review

Julian is back again for another review. This time it will be a review on the IPhone 5S. I was originally going to do a video review but due to time constraints, I chose to write it instead. Now lets get to it.

We’ve come to expect evolution not revolution from the “S” update to Apple’s iPhone range, but the iPhone 5s could be enough to buck that trend. Inside the familiar metal casing beats a new processor, the Apple A7, making the iPhone 5s the first smartphone – and iOS 7 the first smartphone platform – to transition to 64-bit; the home button has lost its square sigil but gained a biometric sensor that might be the first to actually convince owners to use it; and the camera may still be 8-megapixels in resolution on paper, but those pixels – and the way Apple uses them – are quantifiably better than before. Does that make the iPhone 5s the automatic choice in smartphones?



It may now come in three colors, but the iPhone 5s doesn’t stray too far from the iPhone 5 before it. Whether you go for silver, “space gray”, or gold, each uses the same 7.6mm thick metal casing as before and the same 4-inch Retina display screen running at 1146 x 640 resolution. Apple still refuses to go bigger than 4-inches, arguing that single-handed use still works most successfully when the screen is relatively compact. As before, then, it feels crisp and premium in the hand, the diamond-cut bevelled edges catching the light while the combination of the matte finish back panel with the shiny Apple logo and “iPhone” text looking great. Apple also now offers a leather case ($39) for the iPhone 5s, which fits tightly to the handset without the bulk many such cases add. Three capacity versions are offered, starting from $199.99 with agreement for the 16GB, and rising to $399.99 for the 64GB. Despite hopes otherwise, there’s still no 128GB iPhone option. In the box, there’s a set of Apple’s EarPods earphones, a Lightning to USB cable, and a USB power adapter.


Apple’s answer is Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor built straight into the iPhone 5s home button. It’s not the first time we’ve seen biometrics included on a smartphone – Motorola has tried it before, for instance – but so far fingerprint-based security is yet to have caught on. Touch ID looks set to change that track record, though, thanks to a combination of inspired placement and near-zero effort implementation. Rather than mounting the sensor on an edge somewhere, Apple has integrated it into the home button: the physical control owners already use to wake the device. Scanning times are almost instantaneous, and you don’t have to be careful about what angle you press it at. In fact, we’ve been able to successfully unlock our phone holding it upside-down. Using Touch ID requires some registration, and Apple recommends you do it for more than one finger since if you cut or mark your fingertip, the sensor might not read it successfully. You’re walked through it during initial setup, though you can also access the registration through the settings page. First, you’ll need a PIN code as usual – that’s in case the biometrics doesn’t work, but is also required the first time you unlock the iPhone 5s after you restart the phone, or after 48 hours of idle time – and then it’s a case of repeatedly tapping your fingertip onto the sensor until iOS has built up an understanding of the fingerprint. Once you’ve done that, you do the same with the edges of your fingertip, which helps the iPhone 5s recognize you even if you come at the sensor from an angle.  Up to five fingers can be registered, either all your own or a mixture of prints from different people you want to have access. Right now there’s no way to assign different access privileges depending on whose finger it is that’s recognized, though it’s not hard to imagine an iPad that uses Touch ID to seamlessly log into different user accounts. Once that’s done, suddenly unlocking your iPhone becomes incredibly easy. Touch ID is magical in how simple it makes using the iPhone 5s. Press the home button and you’re looking at the homescreen; it’s actually cutting down on even more taps compared to an PIN-free device, since now you don’t have to swipe the unlock bar either. We haven’t had a single occasion where someone else could unlock the phone with an unregistered finger, and nor have we had to resort to the PIN code.



Impressively, the iPhone 5s took just 2 min 24 sec to output a 5 minute, 1080p Full HD video, while a 720p version took just 1 min 28 sec. In contrast, the iPhone 5 took 4 min 23 sec with the 1080p video, and 2 min 4 sec for the 720p. Even the iPad 4, with its powerful A5X chip, took considerably longer with the same tasks: 4 min 17 sec to output the 1080p video, and 3 min 57 for the 720p version. A SunSpider score of 470.0ms (lower is better) means the iPhone 5s completed the test in half the time it took the iPad 4, and almost half the time of the iPhone 5, which ran it in 848ms. In the new 64-bit version of Geekbench, a synthetic test of processor and memory performance, the iPhone 5s scored 1,374 in single-core testing, and 2,389 (updated) in multi-core testing; Geekbench also confirms the handset’s 1.3GHz CPU clock speed and 1GB of memory. Unsurprisingly, then, the iPhone 5s feels fast, no matter what you throw at it. iOS 7 whips between apps with alacrity, and even heavy inboxes and big multimedia files don’t cause the smartphone to slow down.


On paper, the iPhone 5s’ iSight camera is 8-megapixels, just like before. However, not all pixels are created equal. The smartphone world has split off in several directions when it comes to cameras, with some chasing higher and higher megapixel counts, while others opt for bigger individual pixels or treating clusters of pixels as single points. Apple’s approach is to go for bigger pixels and grab more light. Compared to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s has 15-percent larger pixels than before, and the aperture of the lens has increased too, to f/2.2. Together, that adds up to a third more light captured in each shot, versus the outgoing phone. It’s not the first smartphone to take that approach, though Apple perhaps strikes a better balance between pixel size and resolution. It’s not the first smartphone to take that approach, though Apple perhaps strikes a better balance between pixel size and resolution. HTC, for instance, opted for a relatively small number of big pixels in the HTC One, but while they’re individually larger than in Apple’s camera, you only get half the overall resolution. Nokia’s Lumia 1020 opts to cluster groups of pixels from its 41-megapixel camera together, producing a 5-megapixel image, but if you want the full resolution there’s a lag of a few seconds as the Windows Phone churns through the data.Apple’s other hardware change is the new True Tone flash. We’ve seen phones that have two LEDs instead of one, but the iPhone 5s gets two different colors of LED. For the first time on any camera – not just a smartphone camera – it’s now possible to mix together white and amber light according to the ambient lighting of the scene. With more than 1,000 tone combinations for the iPhone to choose between, the promise is an end to sickly skin tones where the traditionally cool LED flash of a smartphone camera doesn’t match warmer ambient lighting.


Beyond the new interface design, the key features include quicker access to settings and notifications with the new Control Center and Notification Center, accessed from anywhere in iOS 7 with an upward or downward swipe respectively. There’s also a new multitasking interface which now shows a preview of the app’s current status rather than just its icon. Safari has been considerably improved, spending more time in full-screen mode to make the most of the 4-inch display. A new tab view makes navigating between open pages more straightforward, and the split address box and search box layout in iOS 6 and earlier have thankfully been replaced with a single, unified box that cuts down on mis-taps. The other big change in iOS 7 is what you get free. Those who buy a new iOS 7 device – rather than upgrading their existing device – will find free copies of Apple’s own iWorks suite (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) along with iPhoto and iMovie waiting for download. That’s almost $40 of content-creation apps.


The iPhone 5s supports UMTS/HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and LTE, with up to 100Mbps support, network-depending; select models get CDMA/EV-DO Rev.A. All have WiFi a/b/g/n (2.4/5GHz) – though not 802.11ac – Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and GPS/GLONASS.

Unfortunately, even with more band support in a single device, the proliferation of LTE network frequencies across the globe means that Apple still can’t produce just one version of iPhone 5s that works on all of them. In total, there’s support for 37 bands, with five different variants depending on carrier and geography.Despite the faster chip and increase in LTE bands, Apple claims battery life is on par with what the iPhone 5 delivered. The iPhone 5s is rated for up to 10 hours of 3G talk time or up to 250 hours of standby, or alternatively up to 8 hours of 3G web-browsing (or 10 hours over either LTE or WiFi). Up to 10 hours video playback or up to 40 hours audio playback is suggested from a single charge.


The iPhone 5s is the best iPhone so far, by a long shot. Apple is notorious for describing its products as “magical”. The magic of the iPhone 5s is in how usable its improvements are. The updated camera is both fast and capable, with the True Tone flash proving itself to be no gimmick, while the Touch ID system feels like the first biometrics system that actually stands a chance of succeeding in the mass market. Would we pick the iPhone 5s over the iPhone 5c? In a heartbeat. The camera, convenience, and performance increases make that a no-brainer decision for smartphone power users. That trifecta of talents also makes a strong case against the top-tier Android devices, too: Apple still dominates the market for hand-friendly phones with flagship performance. The iPhone 5s may be Apple’s evolutionary stage, but the combination of usable technological advances and the benefits of iOS 7 add up to a supremely compelling device.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter year end awards of 2013

Today the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards were announced and here are the results. The ones listed as “1.” are the ones that won the category


1. HIROSHI TANAHASHI (348) 3.488

2. Kazuchika Okada (153) 2,168

3. Daniel Bryan (139) 1,444

4. John Cena (58) 925

5. C.M. Punk (31) 520

6. KENTA (13) 133

7. Shinsuke Nakamura (2) 51


1. GEORGES ST-PIERRE (569) 3,215

2. Ronda Rousey (110) 1,414

3. Jon Jones (48) 1,211

4. Cain Velasquez (41) 861

5. Anderson Silva (12) 732

6. Chris Weidman (3) 85


1. HIROSHI TANAHASHI (470) 3,237

2. Daniel Bryan (205) 1,894

3. Kazuchika Okada (126) 1,760

4. C.M. Punk (10) 374

5. Negro Casas (18) 275

6. Shinsuke Nakamura (22) 245

7. Antonio Cesaro (16) 163

8. Katsuyori Shibata (11) 137

9. Prince Devitt (3) 133

10. Tomohiro Ishii (1) 132


1. CAIN VELASQUEZ (354) 2,062

2. Jon Jones (70) 878

3. Johny Hendricks (45) 512

4. Chris Weidman (23) 502

5. Georges St-Pierre (51) 488

6. Vitor Belfort (34) 449

7. Demetrious Johnson (41) 447

8. Anthony Pettis (3) 373

9. Urijah Faber (26) 282

10. Ronda Rousey (29) 281


1. GEORGES ST-PIERRE (351) 2,699

2. The Rock (220) 1,915

3. John Cena (115) 1,533

4. Hiroshi Tanahashi (35) 562

5. Brock Lesnar (15) 309

6. Ronda Rousey (34) 305

7. Anderson Silva (2) 155

8. Daniel Bryan (1) 63



2. Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate (106) 875

3. Hirooki Goto vs. Katsuyori Shibata (1) 634

4. C.M. Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (23) 623

5. C.M. Punk vs. Paul Heyman (82) 535

6. Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz (38) 447

7. The Shield vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan (44) 358

8. Negro Casas vs. Rush (52) 334

9. La Sombra vs. Volador Jr. (2) 171

10. C.M. Punk vs. The Rock (6) 142



2. Goldust & Cody Rhodes (72) 1,152

3. Young Bucks (94) 1,035

4. Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer (47) 705

5. Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov (10) 312

6. Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian (7) 258

7. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish (26) 247

8. Jack Evans & Angelico (12) 205

9. Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka (11) 204

10. Jimmy & Jey Uso (2) 196


1. ROMAN REIGNS (323) 2,013

2. Tomohiro Ishii (51) 757

3. Goldust (89) 577

4. Lance Archer (19) 439

5. Adam Cole (35) 425

6. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (46) 285

7. Magnus (29) 272

8. Big E Langston (10) 213

9. Cody Rhodes (9) 203

10. Taryn Terrell (19) 199


1. PAUL HEYMAN (310) 2,150

2. C.M. Punk (206) 2,054

3. The Rock (55) 573

4. Mark Henry (24) 472

5. Chael Sonnen (39) 354

6. John Cena (19) 311

7. Bray Wyatt (23) 273

8. Bully Ray (13) 254

9. Daniel Bryan (31) 229

10. Dean Ambrose (2) 207


1. HIROSHI TANAHASHI (181) 1,425

2. The Rock (236) 1,382

3. John Cena (76) 1,078

4. Daniel Bryan (134) 1,025

5. Shinsuke Nakamura (82) 925

6. C.M. Punk (13) 482

7. Brock Lesnar (2) 129

8. Minoru Suzuki (8) 122

9. Negro Casas (16) 115

10. Chael Sonnen (2) 98


1. DANIEL BRYAN (362) 2,269

2. Hiroshi Tanahashi (157) 1,314

3. Antonio Cesaro (34) 787

4. Blue Panther (58) 517

5. Zack Sabre Jr. (47) 443

6. Kazuchika Okada (2) 425

7. Shinsuke Nakamura (62) 363

8. Prince Devitt (36) 352

9. Davey Richards (4) 163

10. KENTA (10) 135


1. KATSUYORI SHIBATA (306) 2,187

2. Tomohiro Ishii (134) 1,330

3. Kevin Steen (107) 1,099

4. Togi Makabe (59) 767

5. Brock Lesnar (85) 629

6. Bully Ray (56) 575

7. Minoru Suzuki (22) 210

8. L.A. Park (19) 186

9. Roman Reigns (16) 154

10. Masato Tanaka (10) 145


1. KOTA IBUSHI (416) 2,777

2. Ricochet (186) 1,788

3. Adrian Neville (96) 1,224

4. La Sombra (88) 890

5. Sami Zayn (9) 404

6. Mascara Dorada (42) 388

7. A.R. Fox (25) 289

8. ACH (22) 246

9. Samuray del Sol (12) 228

10. Rey Cometa (3) 192


1. RANDY ORTON (164) 1,145

2. Ryback (104) 900

3. HHH (102) 651

4. The Miz (62) 564

5. Big Show (19) 501

6. Alberto Del Rio (28) 425

7. Magnus (31) 304

8. Curtis Axel (14) 177

9. Eva Marie (10) 120

10. Ken Anderson (8) 119


1. ANTONIO CESARO (296) 2,027

2. Dolph Ziggler (149) 1,427

3. Tomohiro Ishii (49) 652

4. Chris Hero (32) 521

5. Daniel Bryan (52) 364

6. Tyson Kidd (29) 308

7. Sami Zayn (8) 224

8. Tomoaki Honma (1) 194

9. Yoshi Tatsu (26) 153

10. Austin Aries (20) 128



2. Ultimate Fighting Championship (110) 1,942

3. World Wrestling Entertainment (14) 1,136

4. Dragon Gate (2) 558

5. PWG (3) 302

6. Ring of Honor (5) 212

7. CMLL (11) 209

8. Glory (11) 60


1. WWE NXT (172) 1,837

2. WWE Raw (113) 1,210

3. Dragon Gate Infinity (83) 844

4. Ring of Honor (81) 812

5. The Ultimate Fighter (77) 660

6. WWE Total Divas (38) 393

7. WWE Smackdown (31) 372

8. New Japan World Pro Wrestling (46) 297

9. CMLL (15) 272

10. TNA Impact (16) 263



2. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Tomohiro Ishii 8/4 Osaka (153) 1,497

3. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada 10/14 Tokyo (142) 1,151

4. Brock Lesnar vs. C.M. Punk 8/18 Los Angeles (76) 829

5. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan 8/18 Los Angeles (34) 556

6. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii 8/2 Tokyo (14) 451

7. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kota Ibushi 8/4 Osaka (33) 338

8. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada 1/4 Tokyo (39) 252

9. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hirooki Goto 6/22 Osaka (11) 229

10. Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk 4/7 East Rutherford (15) 212


1. GILBERT MELENDEZ VS. DIEGO SANCHEZ 10/19 Houston (345) 2,298

2. Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson 9/21 Toronto (189) 1,835

3. Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann 3/3 Tokyo (82) 723

4. Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler 11/9 Long Beach (1) 629

5. Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks 11/16 Las Vegas (41) 302

6. Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva 7/6 Las Vegas (34) 251

7. Matt Grice vs. Dennis Bermudez 2/23 Anaheim (14) 238

8. Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks 3/16 Montreal (2) 209

9. Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche 2/23 Anaheim (6) 202

10. Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano 4/13 Las Vegas (13) 166


1. YOHEI KOMATSU (58) 906

2. Konosuke Takeshita (118) 902

3. U-T (146) 879

4. Sho Tanaka (86) 769

5. Enzo Amore (47) 361

6. Charlotte (17) 352

7. Mojo Rawley (33) 306

8. Ryotsu Shimizu (4) 301

9. Hitoshi Kumano (22) 185

10. Andrew Everett (11) 112


1. PAUL HEYMAN (659) 2,730

2. Zeb Colter (44) 1,187

3. Gedo (2) 566

4. Vickie Guerrero (1) 328

5. Brad Maddox (10) 244

6. Ricardo Rodriguez 195

7. Maria Kanellis (9) 144

8. Stephanie McMahon (1) 121

9. Konnan (9) 113

10. Truth Martini 105


1. WILLIAM REGAL (173) 1,460

2. Joe Rogan (106) 1,160

3. John Layfield (92) 817

4. Shimpei Nogami (123) 686

5. Kevin Kelly (59) 634

5. Mike Goldberg (61) 428

6. Nigel McGuinness (45) 393

7. Michael Cole (10) 370

8. Jose Manuel Guillen (43) 299

9. Michael Schiavello (25) 274

10. Mike Tenay (19) 198


1. TAZ (124) 1,334

2. Jerry Lawler (137) 1,315

3. Michael Cole (121) 992

4. The Miz (98) 725

5. John Layfield (93) 716

6. Tony Dawson (29) 274

7. Alex Riley (3) 118

8. Mike Tenay (8) 117

9. Michael Schiavello (6) 109

10. Kevin Kelly (4) 80


1. NEW JAPAN G-1 8/4 OSAKA (334) 2,517

2. New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 1/4 Tokyo Dome (286) 2,251

3. WWE SummerSlam 8/18 Los Angeles (88) 799

4. New Japan Invasion Attack 4/7 Tokyo (36) 438

5. UFC 166 10/19 Houston (37) 422

6. New Japan Dominion 6/22 Osaka (27) 315

7. WWE WrestleMania 4/7 East Rutherford (22) 186

8. Dragon Gate Kobe Festival 7/21 Kobe (25) 178

9. New Japan King of Pro Wrestling 10/14 Tokyo (2) 169

10. New Japan G-1 Climax finals 8/11 Tokyo (1) 135



2. WWE Survivor Series 11/24 Boston 134

3. WWE Night of Champions 9/15 Detroit 31



2. Antonio Cesaro Giant Swing 273

3. Daniel Bryan Busaiku Knee 64

4. Adrian Neville Red Arrow (sky twister) 31

5. Shinsuke Nakamura Bom a ye 25

6. Katsuyori Shibata Corner Dropkick 22

7. Daisuke Sekimoto Dead Lift German suplex 18

8. Yujiro Takahashi Tokyo Pimps 17

9. Hiroshi Tanahashi High Fly Flow 13

10. Tommaso Ciampa Project Ciampa 12

Roman Reigns Spear 12



2. TNA treatment of Jesse Sorensen 180

3. CMLL not delivering Atlantis vs. Guerrero mask match 35

4. WWE false advertising talent 34

5. HHH burying the roster in promos 28

6. Daniel Bryan/HHH/Randy Orton storyline 27

7. Dana White criticizing GSP after his fight 26

8. El Hijo del Santo blaming hurricane for canceling the Wagner vs. Park vs. Santo mask match that was never going to happen 25

9. WWE firing Jim Ross 22



2. WWE Raw 113

3. WWE Smackdown 61

4. WWE Total Divas 29

5. WWE Main Event 18

6. Bellator Rampage 4 Real 10



2. Randy Orton vs. Big Show 11/24 Boston 126

3. Kane vs. Bray Wyatt 8/18 Los Angeles 118

4. Eva Marie & Jo Jo & Natalya vs. Aksana & Mendes & Fox 10/7 Pittsburgh 19

5. Mark Henry vs. Ryback 11/24 Boston 19

6. Natalya & Naomi & Cameron & Bella Twins & Jo Jo & Eva Marie vs. Fox & Aksana & Lee & Snuka & Mendes & Kaitlyn & Summer Rae 11/25 Uniondale, NY 13

7. Naoya Ogawa vs. Kazuyuki Fujita 12/31 Tokyo 12

8. Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Shields 6/15 Winnipeg 9



2. TNA vs. Aces and 8s 98

3. Total Divas vs. WWE Divas 77

4. A.J. Styles vs. Dixie Carter 74

5. Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority 70

6. Brock Lesnar vs. HHH 44

7. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston 37

8. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton 34

9. Hulk Hogan vs. Bully Ray 23

10. Kane vs. Bray Wyatt 18



2. All Japan Pro Wrestling 158

3. CHIKARA Pro 110

4. Ring of Honor 30

5. World Wrestling Entertainment 29

6. Bellator MMA 11


1. GEDO & JADO 643

2. Joe Silva 142

3. Hunter Johnston 43



2. The Bullet Club 141

3. The Shield 139

4. Daniel Bryan 62

5. Shinsuke Nakamura 32

6. Bad Influence 18

7. Aiden English 12

8. Fandango 10


1. ACES & 8S 129

2. Heel owner Dixie Carter 99

3. Los Matadores 69

4. The Miz as babyface 64

5. The Authority 46

6. C.J. Parker 38

7. Fandango 36

8. Antonio Cesaro yodeling 34

9. Joseph Park 22

10. Bad News Barrett 20



2. The Hardcore Truth by Bob Holly & Ross Williams 203

3. The Squared Circle by David Shoemaker 50

4. The 50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All-Time by Larry Matysik 41

5. Three Count by Jimmy Korderas 34



2. Legends of Mid South Wrestling 215

3. Barbed Wire City 115

4. For All Mankind 85

5. War Games 38

6. HHH: Thy Kingdom Come 32

7. Best of In Your House 25

8. History of the WWE 19

9. Fake It So Real 13

Money in the Bank Anthology 13

Sources: Wrestling observer Newsletter, pwinsider.com

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Julian Cannon is here for another movie review. This time it is a supernatural horror movie I have just seen last week, Paranormal Activity: The Marked ones.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is a 2014 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Christopher B. Landon. It will be released on January 3, 2014 in U.S. theaters. It is a spinoff of the Paranormal Activity horror movie franchise. It is also Landon’s second directorial effort after Burning Palms and the first to be shot in found-footage style.

RELEASE DATE: January 3, 2014


Andrew Jacobs as Jesse

Richard Cabral as Arturo

Carlos Pratts as Oscar Hernandez

Gabrielle Walsh as Marisol

Jorge Diaz as Hector

Catherine Toribio as Penelope

Noemi Gonzalez as Evette

Gigi Feshold as Natalia

David Saucedo as Cesar Arista

Julian Works as Pablo

Molly Ephraim as Ali Rey

Chloe Csengery as Young Katie

The fifth entrant in the Paranormal Activity found-footage series picks up its home video cameras, moves to a new location, and introduces a new set of characters with the same old problem: how do you make a movie about things that go bump in the night a compelling experience for audiences that have already seen all your old tricks?

The makers of this film decided to approach the story from a different cultural perspective. Officially titled Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, I think it’s fair to call it PA: Cuatro y Medio, reflecting its setting in a working-class Latino neighborhood in Oxnard, California. Rather than the spacious suburban dwellings depicted in the first four films, the action takes place largely in two apartments in a small but typical two-storey complex. On the second floor, Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) lives with his sister Marisol (Gabrielle Walsh) and their grandmother. Jesse has just graduated from high school and received a video camera as a present, which is the only justification the film needs for everything to be presented from a (very) shaky-cam point of view.

Jesse and his best friend Hector (Jorge Diaz) hear strange sounds coming from an apartment on the ground floor, prompting them to snake a camera down through the ventilation ducts in time to catch a glimpse of a naked woman being painted with an odd symbol (a triangle inside a circle) on her belly. Anna (Gloria Sandoval), the woman who lives there, has long been suspected of being a bruja, or witch, but her subsequent murder, apparently at the hands of her son, Jesse and Hector’s schoolmate Oscar (Carlos Pratts), catches everyone off-guard, especially when Oscar ends up dead as well.

Curiosity leads Jesse and Hector to sneak into the dark apartment, leading to Jesse becoming one of the titular “marked ones.” He begins acting strangely and then, well, the “paranormal activity” part of the title becomes manifest, and it’s off to the races, so to speak, except that the action is doled out in a haphazard manner, with the story stumbling forward like a drunk in search of the floor

The screenplay is credited to Christopher Landon, who also wrote the previous three installments and directs this one as well. His scripts have been more interested in fleshing out the demonic mythology conjured up by the original  film’s writer/director, Oren Peli, than in spending much time tending to the characters. That’s fine. If the picture builds tension over the course of its running time or at least depicts unexpected moments of fright, the more sustained, the better.


For my money, the first film and Paranormal Activity 3 did that very effectively, while the second and fourth installments fell down badly, the latter resorting to a series of cheap fake scares. This time out, Landon adds welcomed intentional levity to early scenes and eliminates the knee-jerk “boo!” cheats. And the decision to explore a Latino environment — complete with  snatches of conversations in Spanish without subtitles — is a good one, though  the story falls back on less-welcome cultural stereotypes in search of a good scare. By the time the ending rolls around, veteran viewers of the first four films  will either appreciate the multiple nods in their direction or roll their eyes in disbelief. I’m afraid that I broke into laughter at its narrative contortions. While I appreciated the attempt to reach out to Latino audiences and explore new territory, the film gets lost in its own mythology and is unable to stand on its own, failing to generate any suspense, much less horror.

PLOT: 7/10


CAST: 5/10



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5 Reasons why wrestling fans should get the WWE Network

Once again WWE has surprised the WWE Universe. Last week at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vince McMahon along with other notable WWE superstars and personalities officially announced the launch of the WWE Network.


The specific details of the Network have been rumored for months, but with the irresistible force (the inclusion of all 12 WWE pay-per-views – including WrestleMania) meeting the immovable object (the “No way, Seriously??” price point), shit just got real. The 24/7 Network + Video on Demand service is the first of its kind.

After listening to the highly entertaining and informative press conference, it is clear that the WWE Network is a monumental step on how wrestling fans will consume content.

Here are five reasons why the WWE Network is a must have for any wrestling fan around the world:

#1: 24/7 LIVE FEED

A 24/7 network that is strictly wrestling. It’s a wrestling fan’s dream come true. You’ll feel the same adrenaline-pumping emotion when you watched Hulk Hogan body Slam Andre the Giant for the first time in front of 93,000 screaming fans.

No more NCIS before RAW or Sharknado (it’s not the worst movie in the world) before SmackDown. The WWE Network will have wrestling related content streaming all day every day, not to mention pre-shows, post-shows, behind the scenes action and interviews from superstars at RAW and SmackDown every week. Never before has there been so much content available to the WWE Universe.


Not a fan of Total Divas? Have no fear; there is no doubt that the WWE Network will have at least one exclusive series tailored just for you. Here is a brief run-down of each series announced at the press conference:

Legends House: A spin-off of MTV’s Real World – 8 former WWE superstars and personalities such as Roddy Piper, Mean Gene Okerlund and Pat Patterson will be living under one roof.  Of course, a camera crew is there to catch all of the hilarious, emotional and heart-stopping moments that these Legends endure in their everyday lives.

WrestleMania Rewind: With WrestleMania Rewind, the WWE Universe will get never-before-seen interviews and reactions from past and present superstars that have performed at the “Showcase of the Immortals”. Superstars such as Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton talk about their all-time favorite WrestleMania moments, Shawn Michaels talks about “the perfect match” he had with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 and Andre the Giant has a sit-down interview after his match with Big John Studd at WrestleMania 1. These are just some of the things that will be showcased on this series.

WWE Countdown: WWE Countdown is a one hour long series that will feature the top…well, whatever you can think of really. The very best matches, factions, catchphrases, villains, entrances, finishing moves, couples, managers, tag teams, divas and moments are just some of the categories highlighted at the press conference.

Monday Night War: Ah, of course, the Monday Night War. Everything you want and need to know about the battle between WWE and WCW will be featured in this series. Get exclusive reactions from superstars such as The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels as they witnessed the fight right in front of their eyes. Did they honestly think they were going to go out of business? Find out by tuning in!

NXT: What better way to scout future talent and get behind a new favorite superstar than by watching WWE’s extremely popular developmental program NXT? Finally, wrestling fans will have an easily accessible, hassle-free way to watch the young superstars of tomorrow showcase their talents and try to make a name for themselves as they climb the ladder for a spot on the main roster.



Get ready for more 80′s, 90′s & 2000′s wrestling action than you can handle. The WWE Network will have over 100,000 hours (4,166 days) of WWE, WCW and ECW footage, including every WWE, WCW & ECW PPV in history – as well as every single episode of RAW, SmackDown that has ever aired.

It would take you 11 years to watch all the footage the WWE Network has to offer – and that’s just what will be available at launch.

The WWE Universe will also have access to replays of RAW, SmackDown, Main Event, Superstars and NXT each and every week with just the simple click of a button.


One of the main reasons why the WWE has sold me into subscribing to the WWE Network is their dedication and vision when it comes to showcasing past and present PPVs. With the WWE Network, not only are you going to get all 12 monthly PPVs, but you will have the chance to relive every single WWE, WCW and ECW PPV in history.

In the mood to watch some old Mania’s before WrestleMania 30 airs? Just type “WrestleMania” in the search box and you will see a list of all 29 events. The same goes for any other PPV your heart desires.  That’s right, no more typing in “watch Royal Rumble 2002 for free” into the Google search engine.

Oh, what’s that? I haven’t convinced you into buying the WWE Network yet? The next category might change your mind.



This one is the proverbial Stone Cold Stunner that seals the deal and wins you your first WWE Championship in front of 90,000 screaming fans – with your 22 year old fitness-model girlfriend eagerly waiting for you backstage.

For just $9.99 per month, this is what you’re getting if you subscribe to the WWE Network:

  • A 24/7 live stream of WWE programming
  • Over 100,000 hours of archives and exclusive footage
  • New series such as Legends House, WrestleMania Rewind, WWE Countdown and the Monday Night War(s)
  • All 12 monthly PPV’s
  • Every single WWE, WCW and ECW PPV in history.
  • Every episode of RAW and SmackDown in WWE history

It is astonishing how cheap the WWE Network is going to cost considering all of the content that will be displayed on a 24/7 basis.  Instead of paying over $600 a month for PPVs every year, you’re paying just $9.99, and that’s one hell of a bargain if you ask me. The WWE could have charged $20-$25 a month and Twitter still would have blown up. Come on, this is a no brainer for wrestling fans.

At launch, the WWE Network will be available on virtually any platform, including WWE.com, iOS, Android & Kindle devices (via the WWE App), Playstation 3 & 4, XBOX 360. Support for XBOX One and Smart TVs is coming this summer. All you have to do is sign up at WWE.com, follow the simple instructions and you’re all set. It really couldn’t be easier.

As John Cena announced out at the press conference, the WWE Network will officially launch on February 24, 2013 at 11:05pm directly after Monday Night RAW has concluded. The WWE has struck gold with this idea and the network will truly be a one of a kind experience and will change the entire landscape of the professional wrestling industry


Also to note out, According to a report from F4Wonline.com, WWE sent out a memo stating that  footage of Benoit will be allowed to air on its new network, but with a caveat.  There will reportedly be an advisory played before every piece of video he  appears on.

For the FAQ, click on the link here http://www.wwe.com/help

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros Preview

It was recently announced that the first part of Metal Gear Solid V which is titled Metal Gear Solid V:Ground Zeros, will be released in spring 2014. It will be released in retail or by download for the price of $29.99. The reason MGSV is split into two games is because MGSV: Ground Zeros is the prologue to the upcoming MGSV: The Phantom Pain which is the main game. Also, the development of the main game is taking too long as stated by the developers so the fans can get this game to play while the main game will be completed soon. Hideo Kojima made a statement about the game’s size. Kojima stated that the main game is 300% larger than the prologue. Even though Ground Zeros is smaller, the area it takes place in is still very large in my opinion. Also, the new voice actor for snake Kiefer Sutherland, will do both MGSV: Ground Zeros and MGSV: ThePhantom Pain. Now lets get to the preview.




Ground Zeros will have the storyline mission that will lead into the main game once it releases. Outside from the story, there are many extra ops missions to complete. Some gameplay changes and additions have been either added or removed. The alert phase has been reworked so that you can be spotted from any angle. The newest addition called “Reflex Mode”, slows down the time for a few seconds for you to take out the guard before a base wide alert goes off. This mode was added for first time players but this feature can be turned off. The other new addition is the IDroid device. This device is the pause menu and you can call for an chopper, get mission information and more options. It is also you’re map for the game. The tagging feature replaces the radar from the past games. It was put in for the player to see the guards and items and more things very easily and from a far distance since this game is an open world game. The bullet drop feature has been added for more realism to the weapons you are using. It is also a feature that makes sure that you are in the right range when you are firing a weapon. For example, you will know you are in the right range once the crosshairs of that weapon turn from white to red. It will take some time to get used too but I am looking forward to this. The CQC (close quarters combat) has also been reworked. In past games, it was not as realistic as it is in this game. This time you can steal enemy weapons and use it against them. Also, the hand to hand combat is exactly how CQC is supposed to be. Quick, Fast and effective. Another thing I want to mention is the ability to call for choppers. In MGS Peace Walker, you can call for airstrikes and care packages but in this game, you can call for a chopper to pick you up at one location to go to another or to use it for combat. However, in Ground Zeros, You can only call for one chopper per mission (see the reason why on the story preview below). Once it is destroyed, you will have to use you’re head for another option on how to escape or to go somewhere else. In MGSV: The Phantom Pain, you can call for as many choppers you want. The final part of gameplay I will mention is the alert phase. When you are playing in the night, it is less likely you will get spotted but however, if the guards see something suspicious or wrong (for example, another guard is knocked out or hear you’re footsteps while you walk or sprint or etc), the alert phase begins and they will use their flashlights to search for you. When this happens, it means that you are closer to getting spotted and if you are spotted, the guard will call for a base wide alert. In the daytime, you will have a high chance of getting spotted. The guards will not always stand in the same spot as the AI have been advanced from past games. There will also be times where the guards will work in teams. For example, if guard A tells guard B to cover a location in the area, guard B will go there but he will let guard A know when he will either go to another location or come back to meet up again. There will be more dialogue to ease drop when the guards talk but this is what I saw in one of the gameplay trailers. Another example is when two guards are patrolling an area, snake can hold a guard hostage. If you hold him for too long, the other guard will notice and will try to look for him. That is another way an alert phase will begin. I almost forget to add this but when the base wide alert happens, you will have to use everything and everything to take the enemies down or escape the area because it will not go to the caution phase since that has been removed .It will not only be the soldiers after you, it will also be choppers, tanks and more.



This is known based off the trailers and interviews from Hideo Kojima. This part of the game takes place in 1975 and it is the sequel to MGS Peace Walker. Due to the ending of MGS Peace Walker, Big Boss (Naked/Punished Snake) and Kaz Miller, the leader and commanders of MSF, are now a target and a threat to the entire world. The Cipher (The Patriots) agent Paz, survived the battle from the previous game, have been found and captured by XOF leader Skull Face. She knows too much information from Big Boss and she has been hiding information from both Cipher and Major Zero. Skull Face, under the orders of Zero, wants to interrogate Paz to the whereabouts of MSF and Big Boss. Chico from the previous game as well goes on his own to rescue Paz but ends up being captured by XOF and Skull Face and is now being held in Camp Omega. Meanwhile at the same time, there were rumors that MSF was holding weapons of mass destruction so there is an inspection going on at Big Boss’ base (this is the reason you can only use one chopper per mission in this part of the game, it would be too suspicious to send out many choppers during the inspection). The mission for Snake is to rescue Chico and Paz  and get out of Camp Omega in Cuba. A few more scenes shown in various trailers is that Paz is getting a bomb removed from inside her stomach, the surprise attack on MSF  from XOF, and Big Boss falling into a coma. I believe that will be the end of the prologue once Snake falls into the coma so when he wakes up in 1984 (the year MGSV: The Phantom Pain takes place), that will be the beginning of the second part of the game that should be released by the end of next year. The special edition of the game will come with a figure of Snake, and the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker novel. This novel is for the players who have never played the game to read about the events of the Peace Walker Incident. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeross will come out in spring 2014 for the PS3, Ps4, Xbox 360 andXbox One



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Metal Gear Timeline part 4 (MGS1: The Twin Snakes, MGS2: Sons Of Liberty)


  • (JANUARY 1, 2000)- Major Zero will not let The Patriots to be run by the next generation so he sets up four AI’s and one core AI. Those AI’s are GW,TJ,AL,TR, with the core AI, JD. (Think of it as a digital Mount Rushmore). Those AI’s make the decisions of the state of the world including presidents, wars, weapons, medical, and more. During this time, Eva and Ocelot plans to break away from The Patriots and to retrieve Big Boss’ body.
  • (FEBURARY 2000)- George Sears ( Solidus Snake) becomes the president of the United States and Liquid Snake becomes the new leader of FOXHOUND. The Members he recruited for his upcoming rebellion against The Patriots are Ocelot, Physcho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Decoy Octopus, and Vulcan Raven.
  • (2003)- Para-Medic dies in a lab explosion caused by Gray Fox. This Explosion was planned by Eva.
  • (2004)- Big Boss’ DNA was starting to be used for the Genome Soldiers
  • (FEBURARY 2005)- Kaz “Master” Miller has been killed in his home by an unknown assailant. Also, during the mission briefing between Solid Snake, Roy Campbell and Naomi Hunter, Hunter Injects Snake with nanomachines and the FOXDIE virus


256px-Metal_Gear_Solid_cover_art         256px-Ttsbox

(2005)-SHADOW MOSES INCIDENT: After threatening to launch a nuclear strike with the American-developed Metal Gear REX Liquid Snake, Who is now the leader of FOXHOUND, demanded that the U.S. Government hand over the remains of Big Boss and $1 billion dollars, issuing a deadline of 24 hours. The Genome Soldiers of the NGSF (Next Generation Special Forces) had been subject to advanced gene therapy, involving the use of Big Boss’s “soldier genes” to enhance their combat skills and senses. Big Boss’s DNA was considered to be a highly secretive and sensitive project and the U.S. government could not allow this information to be revealed to the public due to the controversial nature of the genetic enhancement of soldiers. The DNA was also considered a priceless treasure to the U.S. military, and the government could not allow it to fall into the wrong hands. Solid Snake must infiltrate Shadow Moses to rescue the DARPA chief Donald Anderson (The Patriots member Sigint) and Kenneth Baker. Once he finds Donald (who is Disguised by FOXHOUND member Decoy Octopus), he tells Snake about the Metal Gear REX project that is being held in one of the other buildings. moments later, He gets a “heart attack” and dies (the real Donald Anderson died due to Ocelot’s torture). Snake meets Meryl for the first time as they both take down a horde of soldiers until Physco Mantis appears to take control over her as she is escaping. In a few rooms ahead, Snake meets Ocelot for the first time while he saw Kenneth Baker tied up to a wall with C4 explosives around him. Snake and Ocelot have a gun duel until Gray Fox appears and cuts off Ocelot’s right arm. Ocelot then fled as Kenneth baker tells Snake that he has to find Hal “Otacon” Emmerich. When Snake finds him, he encounters Gray Fox ( Snake did not know that he survived the events of the Zanzibar Land Disturbance). Snake defeats Fox as he escape. Otacon tells Snake about Metal Gear REX and he had no idea that it was being used to strike the United States. Snake tracked down Meryl, but she only had one of the three detonation override keys on her. Heading to the REX hanger by way of the Communication Towers, Psycho Mantis took control of Meryl using his psychic powers. Snake had to knock Meryl out in order to save her. Snake proceeded to defeat Mantis who read both their minds, mentioning that he and Snake had a shared suffering, and predicting a great turmoil that awaited he and Meryl. On their way to the towers, Sniper Wolf shot Meryl and used her as bait to lure Snake out. Snake, devastated, headed back to the armory to get a PSG1 Sniper Rifle in order to battle Wolf. Finding one, he immediately headed back and managed to out-snipe Wolf. Snake was then captured and tortured by Ocelot who took the launch data Baker gave to Snake. Snake resisted the torture, knowing that if he gave in, Ocelot would kill Meryl. Solid Snake was then put in a cell as he found the real body of Donald Anderson. He eventually escapes thanks to Otacon and he then battles Liquid snake while he is using the Hind D, Vulcan Raven and Physco Mantis and Sniper Wolf. All of which he killed except liquid. Once Snake finds REX, Liquid took control of it and used it to battle Snake. During the battle, Gray Fox appears again but Liquid killed him while he tried to defend Solid Snake. Snake then destroys REX and him and Liquid have one final battle on top of REX in which Solid Snake won. Him and Meryl escape the facility as the mission is over. Meanwhile, Ocelot has a phone conversation about the entire event to the President of the United States George Sears (Solidus Snake) and that he has a plan with the data retrieved from Metal Gear REX.




  • (MARCH 2005)– Naomi Hunter is arrested and sent to prison until Ocelot breaks her out 3 weeks later. Also, Ocelot sells the data of Metal Gear REX on the black market in the entire world. This resulted in every nation making a pirated version of the weapon.
  • (JUNE 2005)– Solidus Snake “resigns” as the President of the United States. In reality, The Patriots fired him due to suspicion of him trying to break away from the group. He then forms Dead Cell with Vamp, Fortune and Fatman.
  • (2006)- Ocelot has Liquid Snake’s arm grafted in place of the one Gray Fox cut off as a plot to rescue Big Boss’ body and free him.
  • (LATE 2006)– Solid Snake and Otacon formed Philanthropy in order to stop the construction of pirated Metal Gears.
  • (JANUARY – MAY 2007)– Raiden goes into VR Training. In April, He met Rosemary. Meanwhile, Olga Gurlukovich gave birth to her daughter but she was kidnapped by agents of The Patriots



(JULY 2007)- TANKER INCIDENT: Solid Snake heads to the USS Discovery in Manhattan to find out if the rumors of a new type of Metal Gear is being developed. Some time after he went on the ship, he battles Olga. He assumed that she was working for the Patriots. Snake then heads to the bottom of the ship after the battle and he finds out that the United States are using Metal Gear RAY to counter all of the other Metal Gears. After Snake takes photos and send them to Otacon to leak on the internet. Ocelot appears and told the head of the Marine Corp that “he was taking Metal Gear back” to The Patriots (in reality, to Solidus Snake). Ocelot proceeds to kill him and Sergei Gurlukovich. Before he hijacked RAY, Snake encounters him but suddenly, Due to the arm he grafted from Liquid’s body, Ocelot has been possessed by the soul of Liquid snake. Liquid told Solid that he was “drowning in time” (referring to the FOXDIE virus) and that he will sink with the ship. Liquid leaves with RAY as Snake is presumed dead while the tanker sunk.




  • (LATE 2007)– Emma Emmerich leaves the NSA and is recruited by The Patriots to do work on one of the AI’s, GW
  • (2008)- Sundowner retired from the military and began working for Private Military Companies

(APRIL 2009)-BIG SHELL INCIDENT: Raiden and Solid Snake head to the Big Shell separately but they do eventually meet after Raiden meets Vamp for the first time. Raiden is also unknowingly used by The Patriots S3 plan in order to provide data to the Patriots AI, GW. Raiden then encounters Fatman as he planned to blow up the entire Oil Rig until Raiden killed him. Raiden then meets Richard Ames during a hostage Situation that was Being led by Ocelot and Solidus. Richard tells him about the 12 supposed “members” of The Patriots. Also, as he was telling Raiden about why the Big Shell was actually there, Ocelot killed him and Raiden escapes. After the battle with Fortune and Vamp, Raiden and Snake meet up again along with Otacon. Otacon wanted Raiden to Find Emma so she can upload the Virus to try to shut down GW. After she did, Vamp killed her as Raiden battles him again until he got away. Everyone finds out that Big Shell is actually holding Arsenal Gear on the very bottom that was being sanctioned by Solidus Snake. Snake comes up with a plan to get onto Arsenal gear by having Olga knocking Raiden out just for Solidus to find him so Snake can sneak on. After a few run ins and the battle against copies of Metal Gear RAY. Solid Snake, Raiden, Fortune and Solidus Snake have a confrontation until Ocelot appears. Ocelot tells everyone that the entire incident was planned by The Patriots to recreate the Shadow Moses Incident and to see who is the perfect soldier (in this case, Raiden). Ocelot proceeds to kill fortune in self defense and he becomes Liquid Ocelot once again when Liquid possessed him. Liquid plans to take The Patriots down and told them all that he will meet them again before he left with Metal Gear RAY.  Arsenal Gear then crashes into Manhattan moments later and then Raiden and Solidus have a sword battle until Raiden kills him. After that, Snake and Otacon reviews the data from GW and it reveals the 12 “members” of The Patriots. It turns out that all 12 members were dead for at least 100 years and one of them was the biggest contributor. To note this, the 12 members are actually the first group of The Philosophers, The Wisemen’s Committee.

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Metal Gear Timeline part 3 (Events in the 1980’s to the 1990’s, Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)


  • (1985)- VR Training is researched and developed.
  • (MID 1985)– Big Boss meets Frank Jaeger again and his adopted sister Naomi Hunter and takes them both back to America.
  • (1987)- The lord’s resistance army insurgency begins in Uganda and Drebin is kidnapped by the Guerrilla Forces and is forced to fight as a child soldier.
  • (1988)– During the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein launched the AL-Anfal campaign. During this campaign, Sniper Wolf’s family was killed due to the airstrikes.
  • (MID 1989)– Sundowner became involved in the Invasion of Panama.
  • (NOVEMBER 1989)- Big Boss establishes the mercenary nation state and fortress of Outer Heaven in South Africa.
  • (DECEMBER 1989)- Jack (Raiden) participates in the Liberian Civil War as a child soldier recruited by Solidus Snake. During this time, Solidus killed his parents and raised Jack. Also, Jack developed his ” Jack The Ripper” persona.
  • (1990)– Big Boss returns to the United States to take control of FOXHOUND once again to start his war against Zero. Also, Frank Jaeger is awarded the title of fox and is renamed Gray Fox. Meanwhile, Zero and The Patriots/Cipher does not know yet that Big Boss returned to America.
  • (1991)-Solid Snake joins the army and is sent on a mission to infiltrate west Iraq during the Gulf War. Liquid Snake joins the SAS and is also send on a mission in the Gulf War to destroy SCUD missile launchers. During the mission, he is captured and became a POW and is declared missing in action. Sundowner also participated in the Gulf War.
  • (1992)- The athlete who would become the mercenary Running Man, completes the 100 meter dash in 9.69 seconds in the Olympics.
  • (1994)– Liquid Snake is rescued by the United States from Iraq.
  • (EARLY 1995)– Solid Snakes Joins FOXHOUND, Unaware that Big Boss is his father while he is also his commander. Meanwhile, Big Boss kidnaps and orders Dr. Madnar to develop Metal Gear TX-55


metal gear

(1995)- OUTER HEAVEN UPRISING– The United States learn that Outer Heaven is developing Metal Gear TX-55. They contact FOXHOUND (unbeknownst that Big Boss is still the commander) to send their highest ranking soldier to take it down. Big Boss sends in Gray Fox  but he gives him misinformation and lead him to traps so he can get captured in Outer Heaven. Big Boss then sends in Solid Snake to do the mission. Snake meets  Gray Fox for the first time and after he rescued him, Fox gives Snake the information of  where the Metal Gear is. Soon after, Solid Snake runs into the Outer Heaven Mercenaries. They are, Shotmaker, Machinegun Kid, Fire Trooper, and Dirty Duck. He defeats them all in different locations and then he goes to the lower level in Outer Heaven. As soon as he reached the basement. Big Boss tells him to abort the mission but he refused. The goal for Big Boss is to delay the mission so the Metal Gear can be finished so he can go to war against Zero. Solid snake destroyed TX-55 by using plastic explosives. Then he encounters Big Boss. Big Boss revealed to Snake that he is both the commander of FOXHOUND and Outer Heaven and he led him to traps on purpose. Even for his advanced age, Big Boss battles with Snake But Snake got the victory here. Snake escapes Outer Heaven before NATO bombs the fortress. Meanwhile, Big Boss escaped also along with many of his mercenaries. Snake completes the mission and he is now a full fledged member of FOXHOUND.




  • (1996)- Roy Campbell becomes the new commander of FOXHOUND. Kaz Miller is now the sub-commander
  • (LATE 1996)- The Liberian Civil War ends.
  • (JANUARY 1997)- Huey Emmerich commits suicide by drowning himself in the family pool after he found out about his wife’s affair with Hal Emmerich.
  • (JULY 1997)- Big Boss and his soldiers participate in the mercenary war to have central Asia gain their independence from Russia by force. As a result, He becomes the president of Zanzibar and he builds another Fortress over there.



(1999)- ZANZIBAR LAND DISTURBANCE: A major oil crisis affects the global economy as Asia is the only country in the world that has the highest amount of oil. Dr. Marv creates the OILX program that will produce synthetic oil. Big Boss kidnaps Marv and he forces him to not only give up the OILX program, but to help Big Boss develop Metal Gear D. Big Boss plans to hold the entire world hostage with the oil supply and the OILX program unless The Patriots give up the location of Zero. The United States countered this by giving Roy Campbell and Kaz miller (now known as “Master Miller”) the order to send in Solid Snake to stop him. Once Snake defeats running man and Black Ninja, he finds out information about Gray Fox, who is still a soldier for Big Boss. Meanwhile, he also defeats Red Blaster, Four Horsemen and Jungle evil before learning that Dr. Marv attempted to kill him. Solid snake kills him in self defense as he goes to the next room to find out that Gray Fox is controlling Metal Gear D. After it was destroyed, Snake and Gray Fox have one more battle in the minefield in which Snake defeats him. The next battle for Snake is Big Boss. Big Boss dropped a piece of news to him. He told him that he is his father. Snake and Big Boss have a fierce battle until Snake use a combination of a spray can and a lighter to make a flamethrower to defeat him. After Snake escaped and finished the mission, he goes into Alaska for his retirement. Meanwhile, Zero and The Patriots recovered Big Boss’ and Gray Fox’s bodies. Zero put Big Boss’ body in a nano-machine storage facility in order to shut his body down. and Gray Fox was being experimented and reconstructed  by Para-Medic. Soon, he was reborn as a cyborg ninja.




Metal Gear Timeline Part 2 (MGS: Peace Walker, MGS5: Ground Zeroes, MGS5: The Phantom Pain)

Please note that the information from Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain is based off the trailers, the website and information that I already know. The games are currently unreleased as they will come out in 2014.



(1974)-PEACE WALKER INCIDENT: Big Boss and Kaz are given an old offshore oil rig to act as the base of MSF (Militaires Sans Frontieres). After Big Boss went through a training routine with his soldiers, they are contacted by Vladimir Zadornov and Paz to find out what the CIA is doing in Costa Rica. During this time, Big Boss saves Chico and Amanda from the AI sentinels. Later, they discover an AI weapons project that was being sanctioned by Hot Coldman. Then Big Boss headed to Huey Emmerich and he explained to Big Boss about the four AI Weapons and the Peace Walker Machine. The four AI weapons are Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon and the Peace Walker itself. Big Boss destroys the first 3 weapons, but he is then captured by a woman who idolized The Boss, Dr. Strangelove. She interrogated Big Boss about the reason for his involvement resulting in The Boss’ death 10 years ago. Eventually, Big Boss escapes from the prison and go to battle Peace Walker. Peace Walker was completely incapable of launching a nuclear weapon by itself, only launching out of self-defense, as part of the theory of deterrence. However, it could be tricked into launching a nuclear weapon into a country if supplied with false data, which could depict an imaginary Soviet nuclear attack on the U.S. It could also transmit this false data to third parties, such as NORAD. This was the result of it possessing covert channels to NORAD’s early warning system made of DSP satellite-mounted infrared sensors and an array of surveillance radar stations across America, meant for human decision making, due to Peace Walker being required to act autonomously. After the battle was finished, Big Boss, Kaz and Emmerich come up with an idea to build their own Metal Gear for MSF. They did this by using parts of the AI weapons that was destroyed. Strangely, Zadornov leaves MSF 7 times and when Big Boss found him the 7th time, he killed Zadornov in self-defense. This was an diversion for Paz to hijack Metal Gear ZEKE and to launch a missile to the United States for only MSF to get blamed for the attack. Also, Paz revealed to Big Boss that she was a double agent for Cipher (codename for Zero and The Patriots). She orders Big Boss to rejoin or else not only she will launch the attack for MSF to get blamed, but to reveal to the world that Big Boss is holding weapons of mass destruction. Big Boss defeats her but she fell out of Metal Gear into the ocean, to which Big Boss assumes that she is alive. In the end, MSF and Cipher are now searching for her.






(1975)- OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: XOF commander and Cipher agent, Skull Face, captures Paz after she was found by a fisherman, who saw her drifting in the Caribbean. Skull Face also captured Chico after he went looking for her and they are both being held in Camp Omega. Paz is being interrogated about the location of MSF. Meanwhile, the UN has picked up on the rumor that MSF is holding weapons of mass destruction so there is going to be an inspection that will take place over there to see if the rumors are true. The mission for Big Boss is for him to rescue Paz and Chico in Camp Omega before she tells Skull Face about MSF. When Big Boss arrived, he saved Chico and Paz but had to preform emergency surgery to remove a bomb that has been placed inside her stomach. When Big Boss returns to MSF, their base was attacked and destroyed by the XOF unit. Some time later, Big Boss falls into a coma.




  • (1976)- The Les Effants Terribles’ project is aborted
  • (1977)- Kaz Miller and MSF discovered an abandoned underground nuclear facility owned by the South African government, This Facility later becomes the fortress of Outer Heaven
  • (1979)- Ocelot participates in the invasion of Afghanistan while working as a GRU Spetsnaz Operative. During this war, he learned interrogation and torture techniques. Rebels who feared him gave him the name “Shalashaska”
  • (1980)- Hal Emmerich is born
  • (1983)- Jack (Raiden) is born



(1984)- THE HOSPITAL ESCAPE: Big Boss awakens from the hospital with his left arm missing and replaced with a hook and some debris on his head. The doctor informed him that he has been in a coma for 9 years. Some time later, the hospital is attacked by either the XOF unit or a new group called ” Those Who Don’t Exist.” Ishmael, who claimed that he has watched over Big Boss for 9 years, aided Big Boss for the escape. During the escape, many hospital patients were killed. Big Boss also sees hallucinations of Volgin and a flaming whale. Also to note out, a young Psycho Mantis appears as well.



RESCUE MISSON: Moments after the escape, Big Boss meets up with Ocelot so they can leave the area. Some time later, Big Boss’ hook on his left arm was replaced with a prosthetic arm that was similar to Zadornov’s. The next mission for him is to go to Afghanistan to rescue Kaz Miller, who has been captured. After the rescue, a new unit called Diamond Dogs has been created. Kaz Miller and Ocelot proceeded to torture a female sniper named Quiet, and Huey Emmerich. Ocelot and Big Boss found out about a plan from Cipher. Their plan is to build a weapon system that has the power to surpass Metal Gear.


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Metal Gear Timeline Part 1 (MGS3:Snake Eater, MGS: Portable Ops, Les Enfants Terribles’ Project)

Julian Cannon is back again for a new blog. This time it is a 5 part post about the Metal Gear video game series timeline. To clarify, the games have been released but, just like the Star Wars movies, it has been released out of order. I am here to put the video games in order along with major events that happened in the Metal Gear universe. So sit back and get ready because this will be a long one. And finally, all the information I gathered are from the video games, comics and other media. Time to start.  


  • (1918)- The United States, Russia and China form The Philosophers. The first group under The Philosophers are called The Wisemen’s Committee.
  • (1935)- John (Naked Snake/Big Boss) is born.
  • (1942)- The Manhattan Project begins.
  • (1944)- The Joy and her Cobra Unit led the United States to victory in World War II. After that war, she gets the title of The Boss and her son Ocelot is born.
  • (1945)- The Philosopher’s Legacy (a massive amount of money collected from World War II) goes missing and laundered through banks in countries around the world.
  • (1962)- President John F. Kennedy disobeys The Philosophers for the cover up of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • (1963)- The Philosophers assassinated President John F. Kennedy.



(1964)- VIRTUOUS MISSION: A young Naked Snake is hired to work for FOX, which is lead by Major Zero. The Boss, his former mentor, is also in command for this mission. Snake’s mission is to rescue the scientist, Dr. Sokolov, and to escape the lab with the nuclear weapons. Snake then meets Ocelot for the first time and they had a small battle until Snake knocked him out. As they cross the bridge, The Boss stops Snake and announced to him that she has defected to the Soviet Union. Here is also the first time that we see Volgin and The Cobra Unit. The Boss takes Snake down with CQC (close quarters combat) and toss him off the bridge. Volgin then launches the bombs to set off the explosion at the lab.



OPERATION SNAKE EATER: Two weeks later, The United States ordered Major Zero and Naked Snake to eliminate The Boss and her Cobra Unit or else FOX will be disbanded and Snake and Zero will be arrested for the attack since the weapons were made in the US and someone needed to get blamed for the bombing of the lab in Russia. Snake returns to the Jungle in Russia and to then to the lab to meet Eva for the first time. Eventually, he battles with Ocelot again until he escaped. Next up, it was time for Snake to take down the Cobra Unit. They consisted of The Fear, The Fury, The End, The Sorrow and The Pain. He killed every member and he goes to the facility that is not only the location of Sokolov, but is also the location of the Shagahod that he was forced to develop. Snake is then captured By Volgin and Volgin proceeds to torture Naked Snake for his reason being there. During the interrogation, Snake looses his right eye due to an accidental shot by Ocelot. Snake then escaped, battles Volgin and destroyed the Shagahod, and find his way to The Boss. She Explained to him the reason why she turned on the US, which was to collect the Philosophers legacy. Snake wins the battle and then he killed her. Over in the united states, Snake is very upset about what he did and has a lot of remorse for killing her. He is then given the title of Big Boss as The Boss is forever branded as a traitor. On the post credits scene, Ocelot has a phone conversation with Zero and revealed that he was a triple agent for Zero, the KGB, and the United States. He also revealed that the Legacy Eva took from the Boss before the final battle was a fake and Ocelot has only one half of the legacy. the conversation ends with Ocelot Thanking Zero for not giving up his cover.




  • (1966)- Big Boss encounters, defeats and rescues Frank Jaegar (Gray fox) during the Mozambican War Of Independence. Frank is later sent to a care facility. From there, he is kidnapped by the philosophers.
  • (1968)– Eva went missing during the Vietnam War.
  • (EARLY 1970) – Major Zero disbanded FOX.



(1970)- SAN HIERONYMO TAKEOVER: 6 Years after Operation Snake Eater, Big Boss’ former unit FOX, broke their allegiance with the CIA and went renegade. Big Boss himself was targeted by the FOX unit, which send armed soldiers to attack and capture him. 12 hours later, Big Boss awoke in a prison cell in Colombia, where he was interrogated by LS, Cunningham. Cunningham was attempting to find and locate the other half of The Philosophers Legacy to which Big Boss kept responding that he had no idea where it was.Once the torture is finished, snake meets a young Roy Campbell for the first time and plans an escape. When they do escape, snake gets in contact with Para-Medic and she tells him that he and major zero have been arrested for treason against the government. Snake then vows to end the former FOX unit by forming FOXHOUND with Roy Campbell.  With this new unit, they have recruited soldiers from south America as well as encountering the old ones from FOX. Some time later, Big Boss finds Frank Jaeger (Gray Fox) and the two of them battle in a fist vs sword match. After the fight, Frank joins Big Boss’ rebellion and a character named Gene was revealed to be the new leader of FOX. To complicate matters, Gene has also convinced most of the Russian soldiers stationed at the base to join their side by simply taking over the chain of command belonging to a former Red Army unit, which was secretly stationed inside the Colombian territory. In order to complete his mission, Big Boss must persuade enemy soldiers to join his ranks due to the scale of his mission. Snake and his squad defeat the top members of the FOX unit and eventually they make their way into Gene’s guesthouse. Snake learns many things on his way. Cunningham was working for the Pentagon and wanted Snake to push Gene into launching a nuke at Russia to tarnish the CIA’s reputation and to prolong the Cold War. Gene was actually aware of this plan from the beginning due to information from Ocelot. Gene really wanted to launch a nuke at America to destroy the Philosophers and to make his nation of soldiers, “Army’s Heaven”. Snake destroys an experimental model of the ICBMG (the Metal Gear model) codenamed RAXA and eventually defeats Gene, destroying the finished ICBMG model afterward. After Gene is defeated he gives Snake the funds, equipment, personnel, and all other information regarding “Army’s Heaven”. On his return home, Snake is awarded for his actions, he then establishes FOXHOUND worldwide  afterwards. Elsewhere, Ocelot kills the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) and takes documents containing the identities of the Philosophers in an effort to “end them” and the other half of the legacy. In the post-credits epilogue, Ocelot speaks with Major Zero  on the phone, they are plotting to use the Legacy to fulfill their own agenda. Ocelot actually wanted the trajectory data of the nuke to point to the DCI, in order to black mail the DCI into giving Ocelot the documents containing the true identities of the Philosophers. Ocelot agrees to join his new employer’s project under the condition that Snake/Big Boss participates as well .this leads to the creation of The Patriots.




  • (MID 1970)- The Patriots go into effect. The first members are Zero, Big Boss, Sigint, Para Medic, and Ocelot.
  • (1971)– Big Boss finds Eva in Hanoi after she went missing. She becomes a member of The Patriots.

LES EFANTS TERRIBLES’ PROJECT (1972)- Due to his much lauded military career, Big Boss was made an icon and figurehead for the newly formed Patriots organization, a secret cabal that strove to increase its influence and power over the United States in the early 1970s. Fearing Big Boss’s departure due to ideological differences, Zero required insurance that the group’s icon remain, and that the genetic legacy of the so-called “Legendary Soldier” be safeguarded. Zero used Big Boss’ DNA to clone him and Eva served as the surrogate mother. 9 months later, Solid and Liquid Snake were born. Solidus Snake was born some time in that year. Once Big Boss found out about the project, him and Zero had a falling out. Big Boss then left the United States and The Patriots to drift around the entire world.


(LATE 1972)- Big boss and FOXHOUND participate in the Colombian civil war where he meets Kaz Miller. They both later form a new unit called Militaries San Frontieres (translated to “soldiers without borders”).

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Movie Review: The Hunger Games:Catching Fire

Julian Cannon is back with another movie review. And sorry I was late with this one, I was really busy the whole week. Also follow me on twitter @julianexcalibur and check out my show on dailymotion.com/thedarkfoxshow Where I talk about wwe topics, top 10’s, video game reviews and movie reviews. I have done over 20 episodes on Facebook and I got very positive feedback so now I have 6 episodes on that channel so expect more on the way every week. Now let’s get to the review of The Hunger Games : Catching Fire


RELEASED: November 21, 2013

DIRECTOR:Francis Lawrence
WRITER:Simon Beaufoy, Michael Arndt
CAST: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks
RUNNING TIME: 129 minutes

Gore is upped a notch – or 12 – but the message is as dark and dystopian as The Hunger Games.

After The Hunger Games burned a Mockingjay-shaped mark on filmgoers, the pressure was on for I Am Legend director, Francis Lawrence, who took over from Gary Ross.

Fortunately, Catching Fire is bigger and grittier, slaying us in all manner of malicious ways – poisonous fog and man-eating monkeys included.

But first we begin in a near-identical setup to the first, with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) back in District 12 and President Snow (Donald Sutherland) plotting something sinister.

He isn’t happy with the District 12 lovebirds and the currant coloured mess they left following the last games. Leaving the Capitol comforts to pay ‘The Girl on Fire’ a visit, Snow informs Katniss that their rule-bending win caused a stir in some of the districts. Rebellion is in the air, and he leaves her with a sinister threat of the district’s destruction that weighs heavy on her shoulders as she leaves for the Victory Tour in an attempt to convince Panem of her ‘love’ for Peeta.

The performances from the main three have stepped up a gear in the interim, with Lawrence and Hutcherson convincingly portraying the struggles of returning to life after participating in a public bloodbath, as well as the mental and physical preparation needed to gear up for round two.


Liam Hemsworth as Gale is granted a touch more screen time in the build up to what should be a lead role in the next instalment, and newbie tributes, particularly Johanna (Jena Malone), Finnick (Sam Claflin) and Beetee (Jeffrey Wright), manage to make a deep impression in spite of the non-stop action. Another noteworthy addition is Philip Seymour Hoffman as new Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee. The Oscar-winner brings gravitas to the role and steals scenes from Sutherland’s increasingly one-note Snow.


Bigger, better and more garish than ever, the Capitol scenes are breathtaking, its grandeur made obvious due to sweeping exposition shots, brilliantly juxtaposed against shaky and guerrilla techniques used within district-based scenes. But where Capitol colours have brightened, the overall tone has darkened, sticking firmly to the page when it comes to blunt hierarchical messaging.

Public lashings provoke a very real reaction, and when the Quarter Quell commences, the knife-throwing and axe-wielding is more brutal than first time round, though it’s still hampered by it 12A classification.

Inevitably, Catching Fire feels rushed in parts (the book is 400 pages-long), but choices regarding what to ditch, including the novel’s heavy wedding focus, were probably the right ones. A little more time could have been dedicated to the tributes, but with so many strong leads already fighting for screen time, it’s probably best audiences aren’t persuaded to bond too much; we know what happens to those entering the arena.

Author Suzanne Collins’ vision for the clock-shaped battleground, with its 12 sinister segments, has been brought to the big screen brilliantly by Lawrence; the game itself keeping you gripped right up until the moment Katniss fires that fateful arrow. This new tropical setting and its dangers are much more arresting than the forest, and the tension is so palpable that you’ll need a shoulder rub after to relieve it.

The cliffhanger conclusion will undoubtedly split opinion, leaving novel novices dangling in frustration, while fans of the book will appreciate the almost identical finale, right down to Gale’s final revelation, which we’ll keep quiet for the sake of those now running off to power through the trilogy’s pages.

I give this movie a 9/10