Wrestlemania Monday – The Raw After Mania Review by Chris Vint!

The Raw after Mania had one of the most insane cards of the year. What do you remember from the Raw after Mania? I’m sure one of these moments mentioned will trigger a memory. 

We hear from various superstars about certain moments that mean something to them, but more importantly we see some superstars making their debut on this prestigious Monday Night Raw.

We follow Apollo Crews on his journey from NxT to finally getting a chat with HHH and being told that he’s making his debut on Monday night. This means a lot to Apollo, as you see him break down in tears knowing that he’s made it to the main roster. 

Enzo and Big Cass are a tag team that may not even been there for long! You hear Cass talk about how he was almost fired and that the only reason he was kept there was for his height. Triple H was the reason Enzo was in NxT after seeing him in a YouTube video. Enzo makes no bones about the fact that if it wasn’t for Triple H, he wouldn’t be there. The story of the rise of these two is really something. If you don’t tear up when they hear that they’ve made it to the main roster, well, you can’t teach that! The ovation these guys get on their debut makes their journey all worth it!

I was lucky enough to be there in the Izod Centre when Dolph Ziggler cashed his money in the bank in against Alberto Del Rio. The crowd that night was electric and seeing him win was utterly fantastic. 

It’s a moment I’ll never forget, and, of course, who can forget Fandango-ing! That music was all around the place! These moments are on the set.

Wrestlemania 30 – Daniel Bryan is the new WWE Champion and the crowd chants, “You deserve it!” This is where you can plainly see him get overwhelmed by this and also laughing at us!

Raw also saw the return of The Ultimate Warrior and this would be the last time we would see this man ever. Sadly, the next day he passed away. I was walking on the way to Wrestlemania 30 and bumped into the legend who kindly posed for photos with us. A great man gone too soon and the speech he gives on that RAW is even more poignant now. 

This set has some awesome segments such as Ric Flair’s retirement speech and Shawn Michaels’ one as well. These are heartfelt speeches, again, by two legends who will never be forgotten. Goldberg made his WWE debut on the Raw after Mania and there are many more memorable moments on this set. 

Check out Wrestlemania Monday from WWEDVD.co.uk here and it’s a set I would highly recommend – https://www.wwedvd.co.uk/wrestlemania-monday-p-12348.html?osCsid=e0c47388b8bd36425561d272d775341d

Money in the bank anthology review

Money in the bank anthology review

Was this the match that used to steal the show at wrestlemanias? Is it something that should make a return to wrestlemania? Well that’s up for debate but Wrestlemania is where the money in the bank first started and it’s at Wrestlemania 21 that we see the first money in the bank match that the host The Miz introduces us to and tells us about the revolutionary concept.

The very next year this great match returned and maintained being an integral part of wrestlemania until wrestlemania 26. Some fantastic winners of the briefcase such as CM Punk, edge and the shocking Jack Swagger that no one saw winning!

We now have a match that became its own ppv in 2010 with a briefcase for either show, one for Raw and one for smackdown. Kane still is the only man who won the briefcase and successfully cashed it in that very night against Rey Mysterio.

I also like the fact that this anthology also includes this years matched from the 2013 money in the bank ppv which saw Damien Sandow and Randy orton succeed.

The blu-ray exclusives also have each and every cash in from the winners, whether it is the host himself, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler or Rob Van Dam.

The matches are far too crazy for me to write about but whether it’s Shelton Benjamin running up a ladder, Jeff hardy jumping onto a helpless edge lying on a ladder or seeing Chris Jericho come so close only for CM Punk to snag his leg in a ladder rung, it’s all here and much more. If you’ve never seen a mitb match, you owe yourself this great pleasure.

Previously we have had the ladder match 1&2 sets released but this is one of the best sets that I’ve watched and a real good watch with like minded wrestling fans.

The release date for this great set is 4th November and you can purchase it directly here – http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/straight-mitb-ladder-match-anthology-p-11761.html?osCsid=0a9d88f88c117cc507a81c31456dd560. Only £22.99 on blu-Ray or £19.99 on DVD.

Make sure you stay up to date on their site wwedvd.co.uk as there is giveaways, offers and upcoming items you can pre-order!

A Tribute to Lou Scheimer MOTU Chronicles commentary #4

Yesterday a great man sadly passed away and his name was Lou Scheimer.  He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She-Ra Princess of Power and Bravestarr are a few of the better know properties that Mr Scheimer worked on. Due to this, I had an awesome childhood and made so many wonderful friends in adult life due to He-Man.

I briefly talk about how the work Mr Scheimer did got me to where i am today and to thank him for his legacy that will remain with us all forever.

After that is “The Region of Ice” commentary with James “Busta Toons” Eatock and please head over to http://bustatoons.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/farewell-lou-scheimer.html to read James’ fitting tribute to the great man.

Thank you Mr Scheimer for everything, you truly did have the power sir!


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What the shell – video game chat!

More turtles talk on this new podcast. Sadly Mike Lacey is absent from this episode as….well I’ve used all the humorous ones!

Dylan, Suine and Chris sit down and talk about their favourite video games that included the turtles in a half shell. A review of the upcoming psn game will happen soon as well.

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What the Shell Interviews – Interview with Scotty Riggs

Dylan and Suine sit down and conduct an interview with a very passionate TMNT fan called Scotty Fields.  Scotty is undergoing a TMNT film and you should see the work that goes into the film.  There is so many great things that Scotty has done on his indiegogo page which you can see here and you can also contribute to the great cause and help Scotty raise his $30,000 goal.  There is a list of goodies you can get from contributing here – http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/blood-brothers-fx-presents-a-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-fan-film

Dylan and Suine ask Scotty some questions about the film, what is the storyline of the film, who was the hardest character to make and much more.

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Wrestleshock Episode #20 – Top 5 Feuds

Hey all and welcome to another episode of Wrestleshock.

In this episode we have the return of Mike Lacey as Mike and Chris sit down and go through another top 5 list drawn up by you! Before they get to the submitted lists, Chris talks about the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come which you can now pre-order at www.wwedvd.co.uk. The trailer is in the audio as well!

There are so many feuds to go through but Mike and Chris go through your list and talk about a particular rivalry that pops up from everyone’s list.  We will hopefully be doing more of this.  Before the show ends, Chris unveils who wins a Blu-ray copy of The Top 25 Wrestling Rivalries courtesy of WWEDVD.CO.UK and Mike unveils who wins the DVD of the same title.

Make sure to stay tuned as Ben Reid (RealbenreidNew) on Youtube and Operation Retroshock’s own Allan Price submit audio versions of their top 5 feuds!

Thanks again to all who took part sending in emails to be read out in this podcast!


Wrestleshock Reviews #22 – Best of MSG and Payback 2013

Hey guys

Welcome back to another episode of Wrestleshock Reviews and this time Chris is joined by Allan Price as we have a couple of reviews coming your way.  The first review is the Best of Madison Square Garden which is out 9th September and you can order it here – http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/payback-2013-p-11754.html?osCsid=d02503bcefe9df7253dfd21f14099dfb.  Chris goes through the listing of the blu-ray and what are the top moments on this fantastic set available to order through www.wwedvd.co.uk.

The second review is one Allan goes through the WWE ppv Payback which was headlined by Ryback vs John Cena in a three stages of hell match.  you can order it here – http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/payback-2013-p-11754.html?osCsid=d02503bcefe9df7253dfd21f14099dfb.

No Holds Barred is also available to pre-order through the site and you can win a Hulk Hogan signed sleeve, so listen to the end of the podcast for the details and here is the link – http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/holds-barred-p-11763.html

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What the Shell Reviews – Series 1 Season Finale!

Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of What the Shell. This time you are joined again by the four co-horts Dylan Cook, Mike Lacey, Chris Vint and Suine Hallock

The guys sit down and actually commentate on episodes 25 and 26 of the season 1 spectacular Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yes season 25 and 26 are the final two parts of Season 1. What happens in the finale? WIll Mikey name another villan?

The audio is in the background for the two episodes so hopefully this will help all who are not watching the episodes while listening. Follow the guys on Twitter – Dylan – @happymonkeyshoe, Mike @mlacey91, Chris @Vinto316, Suine @Suine_hallock and the show @TMNTShell. Don’t forget we are on facebook www.facebook.com/tmntclassics

TNA One night only x-travaganza – out now!!


Since TNA Wrestling began, it has been defined by the X-Division, a group of high-risk, aerial flyers who do whatever it takes to win. TNA Wrestling presents “ONE NIGHT ONLY: X-TRAVAGANZA!”

Past, present and future collide as TNA bring back the best of the best to face each other head on with their current X-Division and future champions.

In the second of TNA’s new PPV scruture, X-TRAVAGANZA will match TNA’s top X-Division wrestlers against some of the top free agents around the world and will also feature some of the promotion’s most popular X-Division specialty matches, including the Ultimate X Match. Join TNA for a night of X-treme action featuring your favorite X-Division face-offs, with Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Sonjay Dutt, Zema Ion, Petey Williams, Doug Williams, Anthony Nese, Puma, Mason Andrews, Rubix, Kenny King, Matt Bentley, Jimmy Rave, Rashad Cameron, Kid Kash, Sam Shaw, Alex Silva and the last meeting ever of Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn.


Including an incredible look back at TNA’s 10 year history, TNA’s One Night Only X-TRAVAGANZA is available from the 22nd July 2013 online at www.amazon.co.uk and www.TNADVD.co.uk.

“A Friend in Need” commentary #2 – MOTU Chronicles

Hello all and welcome to the another Masters of the Universe Chronicles Commentary. I hope you enjoyed the first one.
In this, the second of many bonus episodes on Operation Retroshock, Chris and He-Man cartoon expert James “Busta Toons” Eatock commentate on “A Friend in Need”. I hope that some rock stars hear the moral at the end of the show. So if you have the DVD, why not join us by popping it in your player. All you need do is press the play button on your DVD remote when we instruct you to! The audio of the episode is in the background so you will hear what we’re talking about regardless.