Wrestlemania Monday – The Raw After Mania Review by Chris Vint!

The Raw after Mania had one of the most insane cards of the year. What do you remember from the Raw after Mania? I’m sure one of these moments mentioned will trigger a memory. 

We hear from various superstars about certain moments that mean something to them, but more importantly we see some superstars making their debut on this prestigious Monday Night Raw.

We follow Apollo Crews on his journey from NxT to finally getting a chat with HHH and being told that he’s making his debut on Monday night. This means a lot to Apollo, as you see him break down in tears knowing that he’s made it to the main roster. 

Enzo and Big Cass are a tag team that may not even been there for long! You hear Cass talk about how he was almost fired and that the only reason he was kept there was for his height. Triple H was the reason Enzo was in NxT after seeing him in a YouTube video. Enzo makes no bones about the fact that if it wasn’t for Triple H, he wouldn’t be there. The story of the rise of these two is really something. If you don’t tear up when they hear that they’ve made it to the main roster, well, you can’t teach that! The ovation these guys get on their debut makes their journey all worth it!

I was lucky enough to be there in the Izod Centre when Dolph Ziggler cashed his money in the bank in against Alberto Del Rio. The crowd that night was electric and seeing him win was utterly fantastic. 

It’s a moment I’ll never forget, and, of course, who can forget Fandango-ing! That music was all around the place! These moments are on the set.

Wrestlemania 30 – Daniel Bryan is the new WWE Champion and the crowd chants, “You deserve it!” This is where you can plainly see him get overwhelmed by this and also laughing at us!

Raw also saw the return of The Ultimate Warrior and this would be the last time we would see this man ever. Sadly, the next day he passed away. I was walking on the way to Wrestlemania 30 and bumped into the legend who kindly posed for photos with us. A great man gone too soon and the speech he gives on that RAW is even more poignant now. 

This set has some awesome segments such as Ric Flair’s retirement speech and Shawn Michaels’ one as well. These are heartfelt speeches, again, by two legends who will never be forgotten. Goldberg made his WWE debut on the Raw after Mania and there are many more memorable moments on this set. 

Check out Wrestlemania Monday from WWEDVD.co.uk here and it’s a set I would highly recommend – https://www.wwedvd.co.uk/wrestlemania-monday-p-12348.html?osCsid=e0c47388b8bd36425561d272d775341d