​XPV ® RC Skateboarding Mikey

XPV ® RC Skateboarding Mikey

Booyakasha! It’s Radical Control with the all-new XPV® RC Skateboarding Mikey. Watch as 
Mikey does amazing skateboard tricks and self-rights when turned over. Check out his 

awesome style as he performs incredible moves such as wheelies, 360s, one-footed spins and more! Mikey even comes equipped with over 10 radical sound phrases.

Requires 5 C and 2AA batteries (not included)

Jakks does RC cars right and this guy here is a must for all TMNT fans and RC enthusiast alike! 


The co-creator of Alternative Mindz ent. with my wife Crystal Alternative Mindz has been around since circa 1994 we have gone through so many changes over the years but thanks to Shakil and Billy we are closer to our goal.