With six million kids suffering from a food allergy in the US, it’s no wonder so many parents are worried about trick or treating this Halloween. 

So what can parents do? Switch Witch helps little one’s deal with having to give up any potentially dangerous loot. Similar to the beloved Elf on a Shelf, this tricky witch stays at home and will make candy disappear from those who don’t behave but her spell can also help to remove any harmful candy overnight. 

The concept was developed by award winning author Audrey Kinsman. The idea came about when one of her own sons was trick-or-treating. After seeing his disappointment in knowing that he would not be able to eat most of the candy due to a food allergy, the idea of “Switchcrafting” the candy he was allergic to came to life.  Partnered with The Teal Pumpkin Project, this toy/book combo set helps bring awareness to kids with allergies and help promote a better Halloween experience for all. 


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