Review – Fatale

By Bill Liston

Fatale is the eagerly awaited new series from Eisner Award winning author Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips and brought to you by Image Comics.  Fatale is a crime noir story with hints of cults, monsters which spans from modern times to the 30’s.

The prologue starts off with Nicolas Lash attending the funeral of Dominic Raines a successful writer who just passed away.  During the funeral we are introduced to a mysterious lady named Jo, who’s grandmother had a relationship with the departed Mr. Raines.  After, Nicolas is going through his inheritance when he discovers Dominic’s first unpublished novel.

After that, all hell breaks loose with shootouts, car chases, corrupt cops and a murder scene that is truly horrific. All of this has to be connected somehow but only the groundwork is laid out if the first issue. Nothing is really given away in the first issue, but you will end the issue speculating on what will happen next.   My biggest speculation is that Jo is not who she seems and how they are going to connect her to the 1956 story that is introduced in the first issue.  Can’t wait to see if they address it more in the February Issue.

This is the first title I have read from Ed Brubaker or Sean Phillips as I am very new to comics. Safe to say it won’t be my last.  From what I have heard this team delivers high quality.   The art is good, but nothing that jumps off the page and wows you.  That said,  the visual style definitely “sets the mood” for the story is yet to come.  I have heard excellent things about Brubaker and was more or less “sold” on reading this when I saw the trailer at New York Comic Con.  Brubaker’s writing is spot on providing believable dialogue and the thoughts that are going through the main characters heads.

At the end of the book Brubaker tells explains how he came up with Fatale and comments that if this is your first look at the team to look at the back page to discover more of their work.  Looking at the covers or Sleeper, Criminal & Incognito it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.

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