Review – Dead Man’s Run Issue 1

By Bill Liston

Ever since NYCC I have been pumped to read the first issue of Dead  Man’s Run and it is finally here.  I loved the preview issue (review here) and issue 1 is no different.  The story centers around Sam Tinker and his Sister Juniper who are thrown into Hell, which in this case is Andrew Jackson Federal Corrections Facility in California.  Now all Sam has to do is find his sister and escape.  That will be easier said than done as Tinker meets his old prison boss (Captain Romero), a female warden and a prisoner named Morazzi who is “hell” bent on killing Sam.

Greg Pak’s version of Hell is interesting for a number of reasons.   This is a Hell that is dark, depressing and in the preview issue had Fire and everything that you perceive Hell to be.  Pak adds a level to Hell in that he explores what Hell “means”.

This Hell is a place where people are punished for what they have done and where “everyone down here deserves to be here.” Additionally, the warden points out that “this is where justice, so long denied in the world above, is finally delivered to those who have sinned.  This is where life gains its meaning and creation earns its moral force.”  I am so excited to see where Pak is going with this.

As the story goes, it is solid, well written and for me is making me think about the meaning behind the story as well as enjoying the ride.  I am intrigued by the relationship’s between Tinker, the warden, Captain Romero and the cast of characters that Tinker will meet along the way.  But I am even more interested in the relationship between Tinker and his Sister Juniper who he describes as the “only innocent in Hell”.

The Artwork by Tony Parker and Coloring by David Curiel are impressive.  Some of the panels just “jump off the page” with the highlights being Sam being dragged to Hell, a prisoner being “detained” by a prison guard and an action scene that takes place early in the book.

You can preview Issue 1 and 0 Here on Aspen’s site.

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